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The App Evolution: Best apps for Android Swinging on trees with one game to listening to heart bumping tunes on the music player, everyone loves a good app and there are tons of good ones that will make everyone happy. If you are one of the users who prefers the android, then you will love seeing what some of the best apps for the android are. Below are some of the apps that everyone should know about.

Instagram If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, then it might be time that you finally do. With Instagram, you can share photos with all of your friends or browse photos that your own friends have put onto Instagram. Not only is it great for sharing all of your pictures, but you also can add filters to all of your pictures. Instagram can double as not just a photo sharing app but it can be the app of choice you use for taking pictures that you want to keep. Instagram is definitely an app that you will want on your android.

Google Chrome If you haven’t already made the switch, you are definitely going to want to. Google Chrome is by far the best browser you can have on your phone. From the connectivity you get through signing in with your Google account to the simplicity and awe that you get when using it, you are absolutely going to want to make sure that you replace what you are using and download Google Chrome.

AccuWeather When you decide where you want to go, you are going to want to know what the weather is like there. Nothing is worse than going on a walk through the park on a date and being snowed on. You are going to want to know exactly what the weather is like and when it is coming. AccuWeather has a wonderful app that not only shows you everything you need to know about the weather, but it also boasts the ability to share those conditions on your different social networks. If you want to warn your friends about the thunder storms that are approaching, then this is the app for you.

Google Play Music Google play music wasn’t always meant to be a great app, it was designed to be a basic app for basic purposes but the designers have taken it to a new level. With Google Play Music, you can not only share music and listen to all of your music on the cloud but you can also discover music through this app. You will never want to leave home without it.

Castle Clash No phone is complete without some good games to go with it. Castle Clash is definitely an addicting game that you won’t want to put down. With amazing reviews, Castle Clash allows you to build up your fortress and even fight other fortresses that other android users have built. If you are into plundering and conquest then this is definitely an app for you.

The Next Great App There are already tons of really great apps out there but with electronics constantly evolving, everyone wants the next greatest thing. You could be the maker of the 2014’s greatest app. Joining an android app development company or becoming a professional in android apps can definitely become your best career choice. Do a little research, and find out if it is for you.

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Swinging on trees with one game to listening to heart bumping tunes on the music player, everyone loves a good app and there are tons of goo...