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Three Great Ways to Market for Dirt Cheap For businesses around the Salt Lake Area that are either new or struggling to stay afloat, one of their most important focuses is attracting attention. They want to stick out in some way, let their presence be known to any and all people.

Effective Marketing They are looking to have effective marketing in Salt Lake City. The only trouble they run into is that all of the traditional ways of gathering business are gone to them due to expense. Traditional advertising often includes paying for a newspaper, radio or television ad to create awareness. It could also mean printing and using a billboard for several months at a time. Other times it means sponsoring an event or team that a lot of people notice. For instance, security systems sponsor BYU football and everywhere you see something about BYU football, you often see something with their name and logo on it. All of these techniques are great, effective and build a clientele for you. The only problem with this traditional type of marketing in Salt Lake City is that it costs money. Many of these businesses do not have the money to afford such costly ventures. Creating ads and buying space to display or pay for them often costs thousands of dollars. The cheapest ones will cost “mere” hundreds, but they are often cheap displays with a very small audience. These businesses need cheap and efficient ways to market themselves.

The Many Opportunities of Cheap, Effective Marketing Fortunately for them, there are many opportunities for cheap, effective marketing in Salt Lake City. First, create a useful handout. This is not to say that a handout listing your services and prices isn’t helpful to your reader when they’re interested in buying. The only problem is, when they receive an ad handout, it isn’t what they are looking for. What they are looking for are tips or insights that can help them in their own lives. For example, if you provide dry cleaning services, create a pamphlet that tells them how to get the worst stains out of their clothes. Include sections about tomato sauce, grape juice and gravy. Slap your company’s name and logo at the top and then give them out whenever you can.

People will hold onto your pamphlets and remember you better when they think about cleaning their clothes. In this way you can create top-of-mind awareness without costly advertising. Next, try to hijack the news a little bit. Write letters to the editors of local publications. Write to your newspapers and businesses. These publications are often starving for content and could use good, interesting things to talk about. If you submit an interesting letter, you might just be printed in ink for thousands of people to see, increasing your exposure and reputation at the same time. The best part is that it is free marketing in Salt Lake City.

Networking at Public Meetings Finally, you should network at conferences and public meetings. Find ways to draw good attention to yourself. Make a useful comment in a town meeting. It could help instigate a conversation after the meeting is over. Bring lots of business cards to give interested people and hand them out like candy at conventions. Be interested in what others do too and grab a few of their cards, because you never know when one of them will come back to you for service. If you are looking for professionals to work on your web design in Salt Lake City, come visit our office or give us a call today.

Three Great Ways to Market for Dirt Cheap  

For businesses around the Salt Lake Area that are either new or struggling to stay afloat, one of their most important focuses is attracting...

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