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Online Scheduling Helping Service Men and Women To win a war, your actions have to be precise and well thought out. A Sloppy performance could mean the difference between winning a battle with the advantage of surprise and giving the enemy enough warning to get ready for you. A great example of military precision bringing success in a war situation is the capturing of Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011. A Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi, knew the whereabouts of the famous leader of the Al Qaeda terrorists.

Information He betrayed that intelligence to the U.S. government, allowing them the opportunity to accomplish their decade long pursuit of capturing the man behind the dreaded 9/11 attacks. The military prepared a plan of action. Their plan was to take a few of the country’s finest SEAL teams and land them by helicopter into the compound purported to be the current residence of Bin Laden and his family. The seals were then on a time crunch to get into the house and make their move before he had the chance to escape. Every move was carefully calculated to infiltrate the premise in just under 40 minutes. SEALs studied the plan until they knew it back to front and got ready to put it into motion. The morning of the 2nd arrived and the SEALs were ready to go. They hoped into the helicopters and got to work. As soon as they had landed, they were on the ground running, surrounding the compound and penetrating. Within 40 minutes they had cleared out two building in search of Bin Laden. They found him and he began to give battle. The SEALs quickly took him down and took him back to the helicopters. This military victory marked the end of a very long war against Al Qaeda. It was executed with precision planning and professional work.

Planning and Scheduling The military plans and schedules nearly every battle in a similar fashion. Soldiers live on schedules, and they need the most up-to-date ones to make them effective. Live updating, online scheduling software could be of great use to military leaders that are planning a course of action. They need to be able to predict where their soldiers, teams and regiments will be at all times to make their movements the most effective.

Online scheduling software offers them the opportunity to coordinate movements from all over the world. Not only that, but it allows a military officer in Afghanistan be able to live update a schedule around the workings of officials in Washington. Online scheduling offers the military a tactical advantage. Leaders in Washington can see live updates as to where their units are and plan accordingly. They can then provide new destinations and appointments from afar to guide their actions without words or audio transmissions. Imagine how useful online scheduling could be to the military. War is an unfortunate part of our existence. For centuries it has dominated the lives of many service men. Some have only known war, and those that have not lived in one, they have certainly lived during one.

Online Scheduling Helping Service Men and Women  
Online Scheduling Helping Service Men and Women  

Technology has greatly enhanced how warfare is executed and yet another technological advance has happened that is going to greatly help tho...