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Writing a Performance Work Statement Properly When you are drafting a performance work statement, you should be sure that you know how you are going to write it properly. It is integral that the performance work statement is written properly and submitted in a timely manner, to ensure the project goes smoothly. The entire performance work statement should be structured around the purpose of the work. When you are writing the performance work statement, you may want to work with someone that is experienced writing these documents for the contracted work that the government puts out.

Developing the Performance Work Statement As you are developing your performance work statement, you should be sure that you start by laying out the requirements for the project in clear and specific terms. The outcomes of the project need to be measurable, so you can understand if they were fulfilled or not. There are some common mistakes that are made when someone first starts writing performance work statements. Try to avoid writing about the way in which the work needs to be done, because this is not part of the contract, you are only going to measure the outcomes. Each company that you are going to contract with may have a different way of reaching the outcomes. The only responsibility you have is ensuring that the outcomes were reached and that you are able to measure them to prove that the outcomes have been fulfilled properly.

Performance Work Statement Tips It is also easy to become broad and general with the statements of work. The contractor and the contracted need to have very precise statements of work so there is no wiggle room in the end, when the results of the project are measured. When you are describing the requirements for the project, you will want to describe them by talking about the results that are required. There are many different results that you can be shooting for, and you should nail them down quickly in the performance work statement. While you are working on the measurability of your results, you may want to specify the timeliness, quantity or quality of the work that is being done. You will have to lay out what happens if these requirements are not met by the end of the contract.

Sometimes, there will be situations in which you will want to lay out incentives as well. When you lay out the incentives, you can be sure that they are also quantifiable and it is easy to understand when they become applicable and how they are going to be given. After you have written your performance work statement, it can be very beneficial to have it edited more than once. When it is edited multiple times, you can be sure that there are no errors that will muddle the meaning of the performance work statement. As you continue to gain experience writing performance work statements, you may find that you do not require as many revisions. Until then, do not be afraid to ask for help to ensure that you have gotten everything correct.

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