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Enjoying the National Past Time For those who are lucky enough to live in a college baseball town, one summer should not pass without taking advantage of the relatively cheap and fun entertainment provided by a warm evening in a ball park watching the national past time. For some, this is not a difficult thing to enjoy, while for others a night at the ball park watching the local college team play ball seems like a drudgery that can easily be passed over in favor of a television show or expensive movie. But the reality is that often for the same price or less as a ticket to the movies would cost, a person can spend an evening outside in comfortable confines of a collegiate ball park and pass their time with friends and quality entertainment. Still, the thought of spending a couple hours watching baseball sounds dreadfully boring to some. If, however, these people could learn to enjoy an evening at the ball park they would find that they could add yet another activity to their list of summer time fun. And yes, learning to enjoy a live baseball game is possible.

The Spirit of Baseball One of the first and most important tips for those who have a desire to learn how to enjoy watching a live ball game is get into the spirit of it. Harboring a bad attitude will never result in an enjoyable time, so lay aside any negative feelings towards the game or the location or whatever it is that annoys and simply try to get involved. For example, if you live in Arizona State territory, get decked out in Arizona State apparel and pretend to be a diehard fan. This should not be too difficult as Arizona State has a historic baseball program and produces quality ball clubs year after year. But whatever the local team is in the area, a person who is trying to enjoy a new thing like a live ball game should strive to do their best at getting involved. Once this happens, every other aspect of enjoying your night at the ball park will come easier. Some practical tips for how to enjoy an evening at the park include taking pleasure in the company of friends and roaming the park itself. Because baseball often has periods of limited action followed by

great rushes of hurried athleticism, the game gives itself over for great opportunities to mingle and converse with friends while simultaneously watching the game.

Baseball Stadiums Can Be Fun! Likewise, most ball parks are themselves an interesting venue that can be explored and traveled while the game is still going on. Mini-games, food venders, gift shops, museums of team history are just some of the fun and interesting things that a spectator can discover by simply taking a stroll around the park. But most of all, if a person really wishes to enjoy watching a live baseball game, learning the intricacies of the game will provide the most entertainment while spectating. It is difficult if not impossible to admire and receive satisfaction from observing a smooth flowing double play if a person knows exactly how difficult it is to field and throw a baseball. Getting out on a Saturday afternoon and playing baseball will allow for greater appreciation and admiration for the athletes on the diamond. Enjoying a baseball game is easy if a person will take the time to learn how to do it, and by so doing will allow for yet another inexpensive and amusing activity to be added to their list of summer fun. Photo Credit: Brian Talbot, Nathan Rupert, Joe Penniston

Enjoying the National Past Time  

For those who are lucky enough to live in a college baseball town, one summer should not pass without taking advantage of the relatively che...