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Using Pinterest for Business Pinterest is an incredibly popular social media platform that has swept the world during the last couple of years. If you have never used Pinterest before, it’s quite an interesting concept that has attracted the attention of millions of users around the globe. Pinterest revolves around the sharing of intriguing pictures and images, organized by category. Users can search the various genres and then “pin” (save) pictures they like to “boards”, which are personalized pages that hold everything they have ever pinned in the past. Pictures often include links to the sites they came from, making it incredibly useful to share information on how to get or make the items displayed in the picture. For that reason, some of the most shared links on Pinterest include things like recipes and clothing. As well as providing users with an intuitively easy way to scour the web community for creative ideas and concepts, Pinterest offers many business-related advantages to the companies that use it.

Market Access First and foremost, it pays to know that 70% of the users on Pinterest are female, so if your target market includes women, then this is an opportunity you cannot afford to pass up. Aside from simply marketing to women though, the structure of Pinterest makes it easy to connect with users who would be interested in what you have to offer. For instance, if you are a makeup company, putting high definition photos of models wearing your product on the “Hair and Beauty” section will display your picture to everyone who is interested in hair and beauty in general. When you compare how expensive it can be to communicate with your target market through conventional advertising, Pinterest truly becomes valuable.

Communicate with Customers As social media in kuwait influences our lives more and more, businesses that have an online presence begin to develop personalities and are treated like people rather than corporations. Corporate Twitter accounts like Taco Bell and Oreo have gained popularity through humorous tweets they send out to their fans. Pinterest offers your company a way to do this as well. By not only posting photos that relate to your business, but also searching Pinterest for intriguing pictures that relate to your industry, you can establish lasting relationships with your customers as you pin their photos. By becoming a dynamic, active personality on Pinterest, those who enjoy your products will form a firm loyalty to you.

Drive Users to your Site Pinterest refers more traffic to other websites than LinkedIn, Youtube, and Google+ combined. So take advantage of it. By posting intriguing, beautiful pictures that are linked back to your website, you can easily attract potential customers. Even if they don’t purchase anything initially, Pinterest is a useful portal for familiarizing users with your company and your website. Photo Credit:, 1.pb.blogspot

Using Pinterest for Business