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Making Your Photographs More Magical Flashback to the day you were a six year old, sneaking into your mom’s high heels and makeup, and staring at her wedding photos; you thought she looked like a princess. She told you how beautiful you looked, and you dreamt of the day you could actually fit into those high heels and become a princess yourself, marrying your real life prince charming. Well, you’ve finally found him, and your fairytale is coming true. You will want to be able to remember this day forever and reflect back on how magical it truly was; you need a photographer. Wedding Photography in Las Vegas can be a tricky balancing act. Each individual has their own unique taste on how they want to document their day, and whether it’s rustic, glam, or traditional, we have a team of photographers to fit your every wish, need and desire. You want to be that person that all of your friends are jealous of. They’ll look at your photos and immediately turn on a sappy chick flick, wallowing in the fact that they want a wedding just like yours. So how do you make sure the magic emanates through your photos at the end of the day? At Every Detail, we have top tips for you that will make the photo shoot go off without a hitch.

Think ahead Think about your photos ahead of time: how you want to pose, who you want in your pictures, or even whether or not you want props. Create a checklist and mark them off throughout the day, that way you can be sure you have every dream picture recorded in the books. One of the key factors for a beautiful wedding album is congruency. Make sure you have a set idea of a theme so the pictures all blend together and they can tell one great, happy story. After you decide on a theme, you need a location that will enhance it and bring your dream to life. Wedding Photography in Las Vegas creates the opportunity for a plethora of potential locations, so make sure you think ahead so you do not get overwhelmed on the day of your shoot.

is your big day, do not be afraid to tell your photographer what you do and do not like. Make sure you are all on the same page so frustrations don’t bring out that cheesy fake smile; we want to see your true happiness. Weddings are all about celebration, and the more fun you have throughout the day, the easier it will be for the photographer to capture those raw, and real emotions. So make sure you are having fun; you want to make sure you can look back at the photographs and remember exactly how you felt on the day your dreams came true. This is your big day, so make sure you smile, laugh and bask in the love of your prince charming. If you do these things, you will remember this day forever, and one day be able to tell your little girl of the day you became a princess. Photo credit: Sean McGrath, Sean Molin Photography

Making Your Photographs More Magical