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Building a Successful Start-Up The fundamentals of entrepreneurship circulate around the passion for creation. Building a business using the individual’s talent, skill, and work ethic is one of the crowning jewels of the American Dream. The spirit of entrepreneurship encompasses the courage that such an undertaking requires of its pursuers as well as the determination to see projects through. But beyond simple determination and a commitment to work, the building of a successful small business will require some practical and beneficial knowledge by the enterprising owner or owners.

Down to the Basics Basic to building a small business is a workable product. Researching and developing a product will have to do largely with the interests of the entrepreneur and the way in which they see the world. A good product or service will fulfill a need of society, one that everyone will purchase based upon a presumed want or need. Such products or services will enable the business to sell great numbers of the product because of its fulfillment of a societal need. For this reason it was stated that the development of a product will depend largely upon the enterprising individual’s view of the world and society as they will be able to spot ways to improve the society they actively participate in. In other words, a snowboarder may come up with a product that enables fellow snowboarders fulfill their need to snowboard while a computer programmer will be more likely to invent a new fulfillment to the technological work world. Because of this, while the product of a small business is obviously crucial to the eventual success or failure of the company, it is difficult to present a broad sweeping or generic guide to formulating a sellable product outside of stating that the product should fulfill a need of the targeted consumer market. One a product has been determined, however, and it has been proven as marketable, then the small business will want to focus on marketing that product for sale. Marketing is as complicated as it is easily stated—make others desire your product. The intricate weavings of the marketing tapestry can take years to understand and more to master. But the basic premise remains. A company will want to market its product to those who are most likely to purchase it.

Social Media and Online Scheduling The internet and its host of usable, and typically free, social media sites are a gold mine for small business to start their marketing campaigns. The numerous social media pages are able to disseminate

product awareness and promotions for a small company to literally millions of potential consumers while also allowing for the company to target select demographics if they so desire. This versatility in available marketing will enable growth and renewed income for any small business. While having a marketable product and the ability to effectively advertise and sell that product is the base for any small business, there are specifics to running a business that cannot be overlooked. Daily actions will equal the summation of a small business’ success and should therefore be well organized in nature. To help in this organization, a small business should consider investing in an appointment scheduling program. An appointment scheduling program will enable the organization of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that a small business will need to accomplish in order to see success.

Building a Successful Start  
Building a Successful Start  

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