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Building a Relationship of Trust with Clients Trust is the number one virtue you can have with a customer. When you can trust a customer to pay his bills, you will gladly schedule him for any appointment he requests. When she is inconsistent, you are much less likely to help her out when she comes knocking. You want to be sure that your services will have proper compensation.

Mutual Trust between You and Your Client You therefore want to trust your customer. The more you trust them, the happier you are when they want to come back. The same concept applies for the customer you have learned to trust. They want to be able to trust you to fulfill your appointments. Should you schedule an appointment with them for 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, you had better make sure you are there at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday. The more inconsistent you are with your schedules, the less likely they will want to come into your office if they can find someone else who will be there. Losing business is a huge deal. You lose one person; you also lose all of their friends and family. Even if their friends and family are not your current clients, they could have been. You lose the opportunity for referrals in the future. You can see why it's important to build the trust that you expect with your clients. Be there when you say you're going to be there.

Work With your Client Make room for them if there's room to be made. With traditional methods of scheduling, it is easy to make an appointment and then forget about it before you have a chance to write it down. When the day of the appointment comes, you often have too many schedules to fit them in and have to reschedule. This can be a huge breach of trust as your client leaves the office with the impression that you do not care about them as much as you pretended to earlier. It’s understandable that mistakes happen though, and you should not beat yourself up over every incident. However, you should try to do your best to avoid letting it happen again.

Online appointment scheduling software can help you minimize mistakes. It allows you to set one permanent schedule that is easy to manipulate. The calendar also cannot be double booked, preventing simple mistakes like forgetting to schedule the appointment from happening again. Online appointment scheduling is easy and even your clients can take part in setting their own schedule. Show clients you care with online appointment scheduling. You are sure to never double book when you use it. Online appointment scheduling is easy, consistent and cheap. It will show your clients that you care and build their trust in you. As discussed earlier, you want to build their trust in you. They are the immediate source of a paycheck as well as a potential source for future ones. They can multiply your income by several fold if you treat them right. Something as simple as this can help you improve that image to all of your customers.

Building a Relationship of Trust with Clients  

a good relationship with your clients is key to a good business

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