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Bring the In-laws Home with an Online Appointment Book Sometimes the hardest thing about getting anything done is getting everybody to come together on a decision. This is especially true in a big business. The more people that have a say in how a company is run, the harder it is to agree on anything. The Marketing Director will fight with the CEO on increasing the marketing budget for a new campaign.

Scheduling For Family Meanwhile the CFO twiddles his thumbs waiting to drop the bomb that he’s more worried about keeping the lights running and thinks they should cut some spending altogether. These people are labeled “the in-laws.” They’re only in the same room for special occasions and all they do is argue when they get there. It’s amazing that anything gets done at all. The in-laws pose another big problem. Not only is it hard to get them to agree on the same thing, it is even harder to get them in the same room together. These people often head huge departments that require their every waking moment to keep the wheels turning. Their schedules are slammed until the middle of next June. Scheduling a meeting for not just one, but potentially dozens of these in-laws is nigh unto impossible. More of the problem: Your first step is to call each in-law individually and find out what days and times will work best for them. After sitting on hold for a while and then listening to a few lengthy explanations on what the weather’s like in the office three floors up, you finally get a list of available days and times that will work for that person. You hang up and try the next one, only to find yourself in the same trap as before. By the time you finish, even twiddling your thumbs has become tiresome, but you finished. That’s when you hit the roadblock.

Schedules Not Lining Up Not everyone’s schedules are lining up. No matter what day or time seems good for most people, there is always one or more people who absolutely can’t make it. This meeting has to go through though, so you have to pick up the phone and beg someone to reschedule an appointment. When that is done and the meeting is scheduled, you can finally get to work.

It’s then that you realize that you just wasted three good working hours. The company just lost money and time that could have been used on something more productive. Frustration begins to seep in and you become completely unproductive for the rest of the day because you can’t get over it. Your company loses more money every second you simmer in annoyed silence. Online appointment books help solve this problem. An online appointment book is a program that allows a select group of people to see the schedules of everyone else. With each in-law’s schedule uploaded to the internet, it becomes infinitely easier to find a time that will work for most of the people that need to be there. At that point you can confidently set a time, and then contact the right people to ask them if they can rearrange their schedule to make the meeting. Creating one virtual room online that is easily accessible to everyone simplifies the scheduling process. Although the Scheduling software doesn’t make the in-laws agree any more than they used to, it at least relieves the burden of bringing them home.

Bring the In-Laws Home with an Online Appointment Book  

In this article we will discuss how Using an online scheduling software can help you in your personal life as well as your business life

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