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editorial Space evolves, just as we do. It changes over time, adjusting to new tastes, needs and life styles. It’s how you live it. Home is more than ever “our place”, the place we want to be and find ourselves. Values like beauty, long-lasting quality and harmony with the objects around us are more than ever important. All this is what we call “personal living”, an advanced concept of space that is able to reflect our way of being, our living style down to the smallest detail. All this inspires our creations: sofas, armchairs and furnishing items to be personalized and matched to suit individual tastes, but never failing to meet internal harmony. For the last 50 years, we’ve designed our style to make it yours. pasquale natuzzi

50 YEARS OF VALUES. ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER. The search for harmony has been our challenge over the past 50 years. It requires passion, dedication and ability to invest in authentic values: respect for our history, commitment toward our customers, trust in our resources. And on top of all of our thoughts, the intrinsic quality of all of our products: the absolute value encasing all of the others. We believe Made in Italy is far more than just a label. Being Italian means conceived, created and produced in Italy thanks to the talent, the expertise and the skillful knowledge of hundreds of professionals. We believe comfort is far more than just physical ease. Comfort is a philosophy of life, a concept of space that holds respect for the individual. This is why we do invest in developing solutions where comfort conditions are extreme and the care for ergonomic principles is utmost. We believe the name Natuzzi is far more than just manufacturing sofas. Our signature is the ultimate seal on the entire manufacturing process of our products, which is accomplished under our careful supervision in each and every link of the chain: from initial drafting to prototypes, from trend analysis to covering selection, from skin tanning to assembly and finally home delivery. Natuzzi is far more than a trademark: Natuzzi is a way of being and working. A piece by Natuzzi is far more than just furniture: a valuable piece built to last.





Surround has a modern style and is specially designed for music lovers. It offers a multisensorial experience of absolute relax thanks to the i-Pod docking station and audio kit with remote control in the corner section. This sofa shows a number of details, such as visible seams on all seat and back cushions while hand adjustable headrests improve sitting comfort. Available versions: 3 and 2 seater sofas with or without audio kit.





Avana stands out because of its elegant design and attention to details. The fine quilted seat and the metal structure round the arm are distinctive. Avana guarantees great comfort thanks to deep seat and hand-adjustable headrests. Available versions: 3 and 2 seater leather sofas.

Avana THE QUEST FOR BEAUTY. OUR DNA. The culture of beauty, the passion for the arts, the philosophy of good living, all of them belong to the history of our country. As a matter of fact, Italian style has always stood out in the world of fashion, design, architecture, furnishing and decoration. It is an innate and precious heritage, which inspires and guides all of our creations. 10


Modular sofa with dynamic design armrests and adjustable backrest to ensure maximum comfort. Fully upholstered in leather and available in extra-thick Cassidy leather, with visible seams showing its true artisan nature. Available versions: 3 seater sofa, 2 seater and sectional sofa. 12

OUR MATERIALS. TESTED QUALITY. All of our materials are selected and worked in full compliance with strict quality standards after passing over 200 quality and conformity tests. This step is crucial to the certification of product endurance, safety and durability.





A modular, contemporary style sofa. Open base marked by simple, straight design. Available versions: 3 seater sofa, 2 seater and sectional sofa, in leather, fabric and leather-fabric mix. Wood and metal feet. 16

SIGMA 50 YEARS OF LEADERSHIP. Natuzzi Group was founded in 1959. Led by Pasquale Natuzzi, today it is the largest-sized Italian firm in the furniture industry that can boast its presence in 123 countries and 5 continents.




Extremely comfortable and versatile, thus suiting any comfort or space requirement. Optional hand/power controlled relax function for all the versions as well as optional headrests increasing the seating height for absolute comfort. Available versions: 3 and 2 seater sofas, armchair and 2 seater sectional corner with bumper, which is specially designed for smaller living spaces. Zelig is available in leather and fabric. 20





Simple and linear sectional sofa characterized by the original arm design. Its generous size guarantees absolute comfort. Available versions: 3 and 2 seater sofas and 2 seater corner with bumper; in leather and fabric. 27

OUR MANUFACTURING CHAIN. A PLAIN PLUS. Our mission lies in providing our customers with the best quality at the most competitive prices. That is feasible thanks to our own direct supervision throughout the entire manufacturing process: from item design to the purchase of materials, from leather tanning to the delivery at the customer’s home.




A modern sofa with a light and streamlined design. Thanks to an innovative hand control, the back can be easily adjusted upward or downward to have the seat deepened or reduced, thus suiting any comfort requirement. The original triangular feet are in metal. Available versions: 3 and 2 seater sofas also with chaise longue, in leather and fabric. 30


DESIGNED IN ITALY. All of our models are created at Natuzzi Style Center, which boasts a team of 120 creative designers, colour specialists and interior decorators. The Style Center is the laboratory of ideas: here new products take shape, new trends are analyzed and new projects set in; here new materials are searched, from leathers to woods, from fabrics to metals, from crystals to ceramics. 33


The modern, compact and linear design makes this model ideal for smaller living spaces. Ciak is characterized by its open basis and metal feet. Available versions: 3 seater sofa, 2 seater sofa and armchair in leather, fabric, and leather-fabric mix. 35

Ciak OUR QUALITY STANDARDS. CERTIFIED. Accurate quality tests are carried out during each step of the manufacturing process and are certified ISO 9001. Compliance with strict international standards as to environment protection is acknowledged by certification ISO 14001. 36


RelevĂŠ is characterized by its essential design and special attention to details, such as the triangular feet in satin-finished nickel or the finely worked seat and back cushions. Its optional headrest increases the seating height for personalized comfort. Available versions: 3 and 2 seater sofas and 2 seater sectional corner with chaise longue, in leather or fabric. 38


OUR PASSION FOR LEATHER. A KNOW-HOW TREASURE. Our passion for leather and the decennial expertise in working such an extraordinary material have made us gain the leadership in the industry and worldwide fame. Top-rate hides are selected and worked in our tanning plants in the course of 23 different stages, thus obtaining two categories of leather that enable us to meet the needs of all of our customers: Natural and Protecta. The precious Natural leathers - extremely soft and velvety - are worked in compliance with the original characteristics of the hide: all the distinctive features as to grain, veining and colour shades can be recognized at sight and touch. Protecta leathers are coated by an invisible protective layer, which makes them durable and ideal for a practical and daily use of the sofa.





The unique base and legs, give this model a floating look, generating multiple seating solutions, with straight or inclined arms, and large and small end elements. Available versions: 3 seater sofa, 2 seater and sectional sofa, optionally complemented with chaise longue; in leather, fabric and leather-fabric mix. 42





A modern armchair for absolute relaxation with a comfortable push-back mechanism. A soft rounded design with a circular wood and metal base. Available upholstered in leather and fabric. 48



Compliance with the principles of ergonomics always results in ideas, solutions and devices specifically designed for the individual’s comfort, physical and mental. Some examples? The Body Massage technology, the Relax function with manual and electric mechanisms, the Push Back system. Last but not least, the multi-sensorial experience of music thanks to the i-Pod docking station and speakers being inset into the sofa or the armchair. 51


A modern sofa characterized by open basis, linear design and rectangular feet in satin-finish nickel. Available versions: sectional, 3 and 2 seater sofas with fairly generous sizes. Sidney can be covered in leather and fabric. 52

MADE IN NATUZZI. Natuzzi supervises the entire manufacturing process, which takes place in plants exclusively located in Italy and owned by the Group. Leather, wood and upholstery are worked with meticulous craftsman care in plants and tanneries also located in Italy.




Fashion is a relaxing ‘oasis of comfort’ marked by large, deep cushions. This fully modular sofa has been designed to create different configurations, making it the perfect solution for any lifestyle. Available versions: 3 seater sofa, 2 seater and sectional sofa, optionally complemented with chaise longue; in leather, fabric, and leather-fabric mix. 56

FASHION 50 YEARS OF VALUES. Ethics and integrity, two values that are well interpreted under Natuzzi Ethical Code, have always been the keys to any course of action undertaken by our firm. Environment protection and sustainable development are precise commitments for Natuzzi to be ever pursued in terms of social responsibility. 58



SOUND Its design has been created to provide a new dimension of comfort: physical and mental. A 3.5 mm mini-jack cable hidden in the cavity between the back cushion and the seat can be connected with any mp3 player. A 25-watt amplifier and two invisible speakers inside the back cushion turn a comfortable armchair into a stereo surround system. No need for headphones with Sound as it is designed to capture music without sound dispersion. Sound offers a unique comfort plus audio experience. It is available in leather, fabric or leather-fabric mix, also without speakers. 63


Perfect example where artisan skill and attention to detail reach new heights. This new generation sofa is inspired by chester style, an original re-interpretation of a model rightfully considered a furnishing classic. Available versions: 3 seater sofa, 2 seater sofa and armchair, in leather and leather-fabric mix. Armchair only available in leather. 64

SOPRANO OUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE. A DEDICATED SERVICE. The search for harmony through the combination of the furnishing elements is the guideline that rules our work, at any time. From the initial idea in our Style Center to the final purchase in the Showroom. Our consultants are looking forward to helping you create your very own personal living. 66



Nicolaus features maximum comfort and an exclusive Soft Touch mechanism: a simple movement changes Nicolaus seat and backrest position. Just touch the sensor on the side of the arm to vary the inclination of the cushions for optimum comfort. Available versions: 3 and 2 seater sofas, armchair and sectional sofa optionally complemented with chaise longue and Soft Touch relax function with power control. Nicolaus is available in leather or fabric. 69






Joan is a classic style armchair with push back rest mechanism. The high backrest blends with two side wings and the footrest to maximise the sensation of relaxing into a cosy embrace. Available in leather or fabric.




The rounded shape of this medium-sized sofa guarantees maximum comfort. Its extreme versatility allows finding the best suiting solution for any living space. Available versions: 3 and 2 seater sofas, armchair and 2 seater sectional corner with bumper, specially designed for smaller rooms. The relax function with hand or power control is optional with all the versions. Cult can be in leather and fabric. 76


OUR FABRICS. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COVERING. Our fabrics reflect the care for the detail and the constant research by our stylists. Raw flax, cotton, chenille, tailoring fabrics, all of our coverings - which are also subjected to quality tests in our laboratories at Natuzzi Research & Development Center - express authentic quality and suit the most different tastes. Washable and water resistant, our fabrics are available in different colours, from the lightest tints to the brightest shades; they embody the personality of our sofas, armchairs, stools and accessories and can be used to cover bookcase doors and equipped walls.


Characterized by its smooth and curvilinear design, Odessa is rich in functional details such as the original end-section, with a tray-like board also in wood. This sofa is available with chaise longue or in the space-saving compact version, in leather and fabric. 80

Odessa 82



Simple and linear, Clark is the square sofa par excellence. Ad hoc seating-to-back proportions guarantee maximum comfort, while optional headrests increase the seating height to personalize sitting comfort. Available versions: 3 and 2 seater sofas, with or without bed, optionally complemented with chaise longue; in leather, fabric and removable fabric. 84


Transitional armchair designed for absolute relaxation, with push-back mechanism and footrest welcomes you into a deep, cosy embrace. Available upholstered in leather, with wooden feet. 87


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Illustrations and descriptions of products in this catalogue are merely indicative. Natuzzi S.p.A. reserves the right to make any changes of esthetic and/or functional nature in all of its products without any prior notice and whenever such changes are deemed necessary for trading or manufacturing motivations. Natuzzi S.p.A. declines all responsibility for any printing errors and omissions.



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NATUZZI - Catalog 2010  
NATUZZI - Catalog 2010  

NATUZZI - Catalog 2010