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Maqui Berry introduces new era to the emerging health medications. Herbal medicines and alternative medicines are growing rapidly with powerful solutions to health issues. MaquiBerry is the latest craze in modern health world. Amazon rainforest is contributing to the medicine inventions for centuries and still it is the source of newer inventions. What is Maqui berry? Most people are not aware of the modern craze, so that ask about it. Maqui berry is an evergreen shrub located in the region of Patagonia in the South America (Chile and Argentina). Patagonia is famous for fresh leaves and free from any sort of pollution. Trees of Patagonia are evergreen in nature and convey powerful remedies to many diseases. Maquiberry is one of the evergreen leaves the tribes are using for centuries to gain strength. The scientific name of maqui berry is Aristotelia chilensis and a member of Elaeocarpaceae family. It grows quick, up to 3-5 meter high, tall shrub in nature. It generates purple-black berries as fruits; these fruits of the shrub are the source of herbal medicine. The alternative names of maqui are Chilean Wineberry, Maquei, Queldron, Ach, Koelon, and Clon. Maqui berry consists of several healthy components useful to cure many diseases and stretch the prevention system of the body. The tribes used the stems, leaves & small berries to cure several illness factors. Scientists claimed that Maqui berry conveys highest antioxidant properties among all natural sources of antioxidants. What is antioxidant and what are the impacts of antioxidant in human body? Antioxidants are the means to fight against free radicals and reduce the damaging factors caused by free radicals. Free radicals evolve as the body cells consume oxygen. These free radicals are completely free to do anything; they often react with harmful matters inside the body. They attack body cells & vessels most often causing great sufferings to the body. The more radicals are generated inside the body the more risks of damages. Skin tissues are the subject of frequent attacks by free radicals causing aging disasters in skin cells. Young men may look older due to the attack of free radicals. Antioxidants can stop the losses of free radicals denying oxidations of most reactors. Antioxidants act as the funnel to trap free radicals and ensure proper ventilation of oxidization factors. Antioxidants fight against cancer sells growth, aging factors, body inflammation, metabolism issues and so on. Nutritious fruits are the good sources of antioxidants. Some fruits have higher concentration of antioxidants and consumed to gain huge antioxidants from small diets. Scientists in early decades believed that grapes and berries convey vast amount of antioxidants. They suggested people to take more fruits like grapes and berries regularly to stay safe from free radicals damages. Later newer fruits captured the top positions like mangosteens, goji and acai berry. Acai berry was the craze since the invention in last year, dominated the marketplace due to its high quality antioxidants materials. But recent scientific research says that Maqui berry contains almost double

amount antioxidants than acai berry. Since then the berry gained quick exposure to health issues and dominate the market. People are searching for fresh maquiberry everyday to keep them safe from several dangerous diseases. Benefits of Maqui berry: Increase metabolism: The #1 super fruit, Maqui-berry increases metabolism level of the body. It helps the metabolism system to digest diet quickly and expose more stamina. People suffering from digestion troubles can get result consuming maqui berry regularly. It helps to gain increased energy level. In early decades, athletes and players used maquiberry' as their diet to get enough strength & enhanced power. Weight loss: Maqui berry aids to loose weight quickly. It is possible to loose weight taking maqui berry regularly with little exercise. It allows quick absorption of unwanted fatty acids and aids harmful fat materials sweep away from the body. Revoke aging factors: Free radicals react and destroy skin tissues and corrupt cell blood circulation system. It results disaster in skin health causing aging issue. The skin of young people look aged, skin surface becomes wrinkled & spotted. The berry can stop aging troubles with high resource of antioxidants. It conveys highest antioxidants concentration in natural fruits and thus revokes the damages of skin disasters. It prevents free radicals to damage healthy cells & ensures proper blood circulation through the skin tissues and finally removes aging factors. 4. Reduce inflammation: The maqui-berry helps to reduce body inflammation. Due to several internal reactions & presence of numerous acids inside the body, inflammation is sued to harm physical health. Maqui berry provides high quality antioxidants that reduces the scope of body inflammation and prevents the materials responsible for inflammation. It also acts to reduce the effects of bacterial infections and used for the treatments of sore throat, fever, diarrhoea, ulcers. 5. Detoxification and cleansing: Maqui is equipped with natural healthy ingredients. It copes with several difficulties using proper distribution of the powerful ingredients. Due to daily usage of foods, our body is burdened with several toxin materials evolved from food chemicals & acids. Antioxidants can stop the toxin materials, prevent them from injuries and ensure healthy environment. The maqui berry is highly capable of dealing with this issue. It also works great for cleansing purpose. The antioxidants are extremely efficient to destroy harmful cells, acids & chemicals and keep the internal environment clean. Cardiovascular treatment: The maquiberry is heavily used for cardio-systems treatment. Oxidation compounds, acids, harmful chemicals and free radicals damage blood circulation cells, veins and heart cells. The damaged cells and tissues cause trouble in usual blood circulation process, thus blood vessels loose their normal functionality. This situation leads to chronic heart diseases and often causes stroke. The antioxidants of maqui berry fights against free radicals and damaging components. They ensure healthy environment in blood circulation systems and burn the fat cells in the heart. Inhibit cancer: Cancer cells grow due to uncontrolled production of bad cells. Free radicals are the main reasons for production of cancer cells. Cancerous tumors can generate anywhere in the body if the cells are highly incapable of preventing bad cells. Leukemia and colon cancer are the two most common types of cancer responsible for inactive prevention system. The berry can prevent the unwanted bad cells and keeps the internal environment clean. The antioxidants stop the flow of free radicals, react with free radicals & form compounds and stop further growth of affected cells. Thus, antioxidants help to reduce cancer attacks. The maqui berry is the number #1 super fruit in the world due to the healthy benefits discussed

above. You can enjoy healthier life with maqui berry.

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==== ==== Ultimate Maqui Berry ==== ====

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