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Schedule for Summer Learning Adventures

2014 Summer Learning Adventures • Classes meet Monday through Friday. • Classes are held at the Cargill Learning Center. For your child’s safety, please enter the building for drop off and pick up. Sorry, parents are not allowed to join the fun! • Limited Summer School T-shirts will be available for only $10 plus tax. *You must call 266-8213 to preregister before sending in your payment!


A limited number of scholarships are available for 1.5 hour classes on a first-come, first-served basis for students who otherwise could not attend. Go to and click on Learning Adventures and Summer School for scholarship rules and application form. There is a limit of one scholarship per person. You may not preregister for a class until the scholarship application has been completed and returned to the education department.

Education Fees: • 1.5 hour classes • $55 for members • $70 for nonmembers • 3.5 hour classes • $90 for members • $105 for nonmembers * Sign up for three or more classes and receive $5 off your total.

Cat Tails Discover the amazing members of the cat family, including the tigers at the Slawson Family Tiger Trek. May 26–30, 8:30–10:00 • June 23–27, 10:30–12:00


Creature Count One nose, two legs, three spots, four hooves … what else can we count? May 26–30, 10:30–12:00 • July 23–27, 8:30–10:00

Stay at the Zoo by registering for care between summer school classes. Children ages four and above can enjoy activities and Zoo walks during this time. A snack and animal experience will be provided in all care after 8:30. There is a maximum of 15 children per session. Early drop-off/lunch time: 7:30–8:30 or 12:00–1:00 $35.00 each session per child for five days Between classes: 10:00–10:30 $18.00 each session per child for five days


(must be toilet-trained and ready for preschool) Shapes Alive Shapes are everywhere you look. Join us for games, crafts and scavenger hunts to find shapes around the Zoo. June 9–13, 10:30–12:00 • July 14–18, 8:30–10:00 Down on the Zoo Farm Everyone knows that cows, pigs, and chickens live on farms, but why? Join us to explore our domestic friends. June 9–13, 8:30–10:00 • July 14–18, 10:30–12:00

4 & 5 YEAR OLDS Animals A – Z Take home a craft you make each day, and see lots of animals along the way. June 16–20, 8:30–10:00 • July 21–25, 10:30–12:00 Three Little Pigs Folktales come alive during this class where we explore popular animal childhood folktales. June 16–20, 10:30–12:00 • July 21–25, 8:30–10:00 Growing Up Does a mother frog do the same thing as a mother wallaroo? Find out soon! June 2– 6, 8:30–10:00 • July 7–11, 10:30–12:00 Wild Wardrobes What they wear does make a difference. Learn about the fur, feather, scales, and skin coats worn by the animals at the Zoo. June 2– 6, 10:30–12:00 • July 7–11, 8:30–10:00

Kindergarten Critters For children entering kindergarten Your almost-kindergartener will have a wonderful time learning about animals and nature as they refresh themselves on classroom etiquette and kindergarten fundamentals. August 4–8, 8:30–12:00

6 & 7 YEAR OLDS Animal Super Senses Scan the horizon, sniff the air, put your ear to the ground, and learn about some animal super senses. May 26–30, 8:30–10:00 Claws, Paws and Jaws Why do cats need claws, paws and jaws? What’s the difference between big and small cats? May 26–30, 10:30–12:00 Dig It Do you love to play in the dirt? So do many animals! Discover all the crazy things animals do while playing in the dirt. June 9–13, 8:30–10:00 • July 7–11, 10:30–12:00 Nature Nut Amazing creatures live right under your nose. Learn more about the animals that call Kansas home and how you can invite them to your backyard. June 9–13, 10:30–12:00 • July 7–11, 8:30–10:00 The ABC’s of Conservation There are animals that are becoming endangered or, even worse, extinct. Learn about animals facing these dangers with fun hands-on activities and lots of time in the Zoo! July 14–18, 8:30–10:00 • July 28–August 1, 10:30–12:00 Bare Necessities All Zoo animals need the same things—can you guess what? July 14–18, 10:30–12:00 • July 28–August 1, 8:30–10:00

8–10 YEAR OLDS Asian Odyssey We will learn about animals in the Slawson Family Tiger Trek as well as the people and other animals that call Asia home. May 26–30, 8:30–10:00 • June 16–20, 10:30–12:00 Who’s at the Zoo? Do you know what watusies, mantellas, and screamers are? Come learn about the great animals you never may have known! May 26–30, 10:30–12:00 • June16–20, 10:30–12:00 Zoo Detectives Who’s that cunning predator that left only feathers and prints behind? June 2–6, 8:30–10:00 • August 4–8, 10:30–12:00 Don’t Bring that in the House! Slugs, bugs, snakes, and lizards—expore all the animals that your parents won’t let you bring home. June 2–6, 10:30–12:00 • August 4–8, 8:30–10:00 Animal Myth Busters—HALF DAY CLASS From slimy snakes to quill-shooting porcupines, investigate animal myths and “bust” a few in the process! June 23–27, 8:30–12:00 • July 21–25, 8:30–12:00

North American Prairie June 9–13, 10:30–12:00 • July 28–August 1, 10:30-12:00 Amphibians and Reptiles July 21–25, 10:30–12:00 • August 4–8, 8:30–10:00 Australia/South America Mammals June 2–6, 10:30–12:00 • June 16–20, 10:30–12:00 Veldt (elephant, giraffe, rhino, hippo) June 16–20, 8:30–10:00 • July 7–11, 8:30–10:00 Downing Gorilla Forest June 23–27, 8:30–10:00 • July 14–18, 8:30–10:00 Australia/South America Birds July 7–11, 10:30–12:00 • August 4–8, 10:30–12:00 Veterinary Care June 2–6, 8:30–10:00 • July 21–25, 8:30–10:00 Zooniversity—For 13 year olds. Members: $165, nonmembers: $180 OR members: $120, nonmembers: $135 Saturdays. Join us for an in-depth look at what keepers do on a daily basis by spending 3 weeks of your summer with us. Students will be working directly with animals in the Farms, developing public speaking skills, and exploring all areas of the Zoo. June 9–27, M–F, 8:00–12:00 • June 30–July 18, M–F, 8:00–12:00 July 21–August 8, M–F, 8:00–12:00


Zookeeper Apprentice Program (ZAP)—Freshman Team For ages 14 and older. Members: $165, nonmembers: $180 OR members: $120, nonmembers: $135 Saturdays This is the first year of a four year program for teens at Sedgwick County Zoo. All students 14 years and older will start as freshman learning about basic animal husbandry as well as how zoos work. In ZAP freshman year, students will learn what it takes to be a zookeeper by working alongside keepers in our Farms as well as assisting with weekly special projects throughout the Zoo. June 9 – 27, M–F 8:00 – 12:00 or 1:00–5:00 June 30 – July 18, M–F, 8:00 – 12:00 or 1:00–5:00 July 21 – August 8, M–F, 8:00 – 12:00 or 1:00–5:00

Junior Zoo Keepers Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a zookeeper at the Sedgwick County Zoo? Get ready for a brand new adventure focusing on different animal areas. We will explore the diets, cleaning and enrichment in areas all over the zoo! Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes. Farms June 9–13, 8:30–10:00 • July 28–August 1, 8:30–10:00 Jungle June 23–27, 10:30–12:00 • July 14–18, 10:30–12:00

Registration Information: 1. Preregister by calling the education dept. at 266-8213 between 8 a.m. and noon. 2. Pay over the phone by credit card OR fill out the form completely and mail with payment to 5555 Zoo Blvd., Wichita, KS 67212-1698. Registration is not complete until payment is received. 3. Payments must be postmarked no later than seven days after preregistration. We reserve the right to cancel any preregistration or to charge a $2 late fee to individuals whose registration forms are not received on time. NOTE: For the safety and comfort of other participants, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a fever or who is noticeably sick.

Winged Wonders Learn about some of most the most unique and fascinating members of the animal kingdom while helping with hands-on projects. July 28–August 1, 8:30–10:00 Art with the Animals Have fun experimenting with a variety of media and art techniques and learn how they apply to the Zoo and our animals. July 28–August 1, 10:30–12:00

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*Limited edition Summer School T-shirt are available to purchase for only $10 plus tax

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Go to for a complete list of frequently asked questions. Program Cancellations In the event that a class is canceled by the Zoo, you will be notified one week before the class is scheduled to start and will receive a 100 percent refund. Refund processing takes three to four weeks. A credit can also be issued for another class. Credits are redeemable immediately. Participation Cancellation If a refund or a credit is needed, contact the education department no later than seven days before the start of the scheduled class. After contact, we will be more than happy to refund a maximum of 75 percent of the original program fee. If cancellation is made less than seven days prior to the first day of class, no refund or credit will be issued. Class Sign-in and Sign-out Sign-in and sign-out will take place inside the Cargill Learning Center in front of the appropriate classroom. In order to provide a secure environment, you MUST come inside to sign your child in and out and be prepared to show a photo ID. If you will not be the one picking your child up, we need to know in writing who will be picking up your child. The person picking up your child must be prepared to show a photo ID before your child will be released to them. Children will not be released without these two items. Please let us know if there are people to whom your child CANNOT be released. If you are going to be late dropping off or picking up your child, please let us know. If you are more than five minutes late, you will be charged for a Play Care Session. If you arrive after 5:35 p.m. to pick up your child in the evening, you will be charged $1.00 per minute you are late. Do I Need to Fill Out Any Paperwork? Yes, besides calling to register or sending in your registration form, you must also sign a permission form and provide emergency contact information. This form is available online at—click on Learning Adventures and then under Summer School, look for Summer School Permission Form. This form will also be available at the Cargill Learning Center at the Zoo. What Is Play Care? Play Care allows students a chance to extend their experience at the Sedgwick County Zoo and gives working parents some leeway in dropping off and picking up children. Play Care is open to all children ages 4 and older. While in Play Care students will enjoy time inside the Zoo, visit Sedgwick County Park, watch age-appropriate movies, play games, feed the ducks or fish and much more. This is not structured education time, but students will have lots of fun and learn more about animals and nature in the process. A snack and animal experience will be provided in all care after 8:30. There is a maximum of 15 children per session. May I Stay With My Child? Sorry, classes are developed for children. Our teachers are very skilled at making your child feel comfortable while at the Zoo. If your child cannot remain in class without you, please wait another year before enrolling. May I Enroll My Child in a Class for Another Age Group? With proper justification, older students may be allowed to attend class for younger students, but younger students are not allowed to attend classes developed for older students. Our classes involve exciting, hands-on learning that is age appropriate. What Should My Child Wear? We do a lot of walking in some of the classes, so comfortable closed-toe shoes are recommended. We suggest students wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. We take plenty of water and cooling down breaks on hot days. My Child Needs to Take Medication. How Should I Arrange for This? The Sedgwick County Zoo is not responsible for administering medication. Please consult a pediatrician so medication can be administered outside of class. It is important that you notify us of any special needs or medical conditions your child might have.

Creature Campouts Join us for an overnight outdoor adventure. Each year’s theme is different for these exciting camping adventures. This year we will be camping with a Zoo in the Sky theme. We will be talking about constellations inspired by animals. We would like to thank our friends at Papa Johns for helping to sponsor these great overnights! All campouts take place on select Friday and Saturday nights, beginning at 5:30 p.m. The adventure includes dinner, a guided tour, activities, an animal encounter, a flashlight tour and a bedtime snack. In the morning, the excitement continues with continental breakfast and a 9:30 tram ride. All campers need to bring their own tents, sleeping bags and flashlights. The campouts are designed for families with children ages 5 and older. Any youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Cost is $30 per person for members and $35 per person for nonmembers. Space is limited at each of the campouts, so call soon to register. We must have your payment at registration to reserve your place. We can accept credit card payment at the time of your call, or you can come in person to register and pay by cash. No mail-in registrations will be accepted. For more information or to register, call the Education Department at 266-8213. We have added more dates this year, so decide which wild night is best for you! Creature Campout Shirts will be for sale for $10 plus tax per shirt for those that camp out with us.

April 25 • May 9 • May 23 • June 28

Nocturnal Adventures

Are you looking for an exciting activity for your scout, church, or school group but do not want to mess with camping equipment? How about spending the night at the Zoo? Groups will meet education staff at 6:00 p.m. in the Cargill Learning Center and participate in an exciting evening of games, tours, and special animal visitors. Groups will sleep inside, so no tents are needed. You bring a sack dinner. A bedtime snack and morning juice is provided by the Zoo. Fees are $25 per person. Sleeping areas are: Cargill Learning Center, The Downing Gorilla Forest, North American Prairie Overlook, and Slawson Family Tiger Trek. There is a minimum of 15 participants. However, for bookings under 30 people, we reserve the right to combine groups similar in age and gender. A non-refundable deposit of $150 is due at booking. Be advised that during evening hours, there is no guarantee you will see some of the animals. To schedule your Nocturnal Adventure, contact the education department at 266-8213 a minimum of two weeks in advance.

2014 Summer Learning Adventures  
2014 Summer Learning Adventures  

The 2014 Summer Schedule for Summer Learning Adventures at Sedgwick County Zoo.