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Produced by : Mick & Kim Workman, Mike Parker, Chris & Mel Wilson, Marilyn Butt, with watercolour above by Julian Crawford

Sedgeberrow Mill by George Willis Pryce, circa 1895 - 1900 Picture courtesy of Sheila Townley

February & March 2017 A SeSaME Production. No 32


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Climate Change is

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194 Countries signed

3 the Paris Climate Accord

The Sedge Warbler Sedgeberrow through the ages. Sedge Warbler pic. copyright of P&H Harris. Well, some of them!

I found it strange being reminded what life was like in Sedgeberrow in the early 1970s, when visiting “Growing up in Sedgeberrow” on Facebook, and that it wasn’t only the obvious things that have been lost which come to mind. Two shops, a local garage, a weekly youth club in the Village Hall and evening football in the school playground, children playing in the flash rolls, all spring to mind. Then a feeling of loss when the river bed was realigned to cut flooding and the flash rolls watery delight disappeared. All things that I immediately relate to. Though a memory of being told by the Chair of the Parish Council, not our current one of course, to start parking my car off road because I was obstructing the highway by parking outside my house, now seems bizzare. My then very helpful neighbours Nancy and Norman Hall obliged by allowing access to park in my garden through their yard. Eventually though I had to re-arrange my railings so that I could drive straight on to my property. I can even recall an anxiety about parking my car facing the wrong way, so that oncoming traffic’s headlights could not see the reflection from the red reflectors on its rear. I am sure that I remember road traffic officers visiting the village at night and warning villagers to park properly. How strange that times have also changed in that area. Now I myself would wish to park off road, simply just to get away from the huge number of vehicles parked on Main St. I often drive into a corner on the wrong side of the road because of vehicles parked nearby or even actually on the corner. There appear to be simply far too many vehicles nowadays for the economics of Police responsibility for monitoring rural parking to be worth the effort. Came the new by-pass and the increasingly nerve racking entry into the flow of speeding traffic on the A46. Especially first thing and going home time with the children, and cars queuing for that daily nightmare entry. Something highlighted by Ian Cameron’s report and petition-see page 19 for the roundabout that villagers were asking for before any tarmac was even laid. Do sign Ian’s petition if you agree with him. Sedge Warbler Well Established

4 The Ice is Melting

Last Six Months Competitive Tenders Order Deadline July 10th Sept 4th Oct 2nd Nov 6th Dec 4th Jan 1st

No of Orders 19 24 29 41

Total of Oil Orders 13,500 litres 17,750 litres 24,400 litres 27,800 litres

Price per litre plus Vat 31.50ppl 31.99ppl 34.50ppl 34.25ppl

Saving per Litre 4.06 pence 4.04 pence 2.30 pence 7.23 pence

Total Club Saving £548 £717 £560 £2,009

59 31

39,850 litres 21,700 litres

38.95ppl 40.50ppl

1.00 pence 5.15 pence

£398 £1,117

Club membership now covers the Villages of Sedgeberrow, Ashton under Hill, Beckford, Hinton, Dumbleton, Aston Somerville, Wormington, Childswickham, Conderton, Kemerton, Overbury, and Elmley Castle, with Membership now 227. The more members we have, the more competitive our buying power with greater savings (£11.857 last year). So do Join.

Please Note: The cut off dates from now will be the first Sunday of the Month. Next order deadline dates (by 23.00 hrs) Sunday 5th February. Sunday 5th March Sunday 2nd April Sunday 7th May.

These are the cut-off dates by which you need to order and delivery will normally follow by, or after, the next week-end, once the best value provider has been identified (500 litres are still the minimum order) Don’t delay, PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to become a member and place an order at: Once done your registration lasts for ever. Membership now 227. No Computer? There is a way. Please ring Mike at 01386 881863

Phone 01386 881863. Email: Well Established FACT

Mobile: 07949200207. Website: 5 The Earth is Warming


A Christmas thank you. Many thanks to all of those who helped with, and supported, the NSPCC Christmas events. We made a total of ÂŁ500 from the Quiz and the Coffee morning which is great! Particular thanks to Siobhan and Ian for hosting the quiz event at the Queens Head and to our excellent quiz master Alan Harris. Congrats to the School Governors team on their success too. The Coffee morning was particularly well attended too - my thanks to Sue Beasley for all her wonderful Sue Morris, NSPCC West Worcestershire.

Sedgeberrow Word-search Winter Birds

The idea for this Word-search comes to you courtesy of Lindsey, a Villager and Post Advertiser. (see page 11).

If you have any ideas to share about what would be good to see in the Post, please let us know. (Editor)

How well do you know your village? Picture courtesy of Peter Loomes See page 15 for the answer.

Well Established FACT

6 The Sea Level is rising

A Message from your County Councillor I have been working with Severn Trent over the last few years to unpick the many sewerage problems we have in the area, centring on Broadway. We are getting closer to understanding the problems. Whilst carrying out recent investigations into sewerage problems within the area, Severn Trent identified a number of issues that may cause blockages. They would appreciate your help in preventing future problems. Something well within our control. They have found that items are being flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t be, such as sanitary products, baby wipes and nappies. This is alongside liquid fat, oil and grease. One of our key problems is fat mixing with items that should not be in the sewers. Its not just a Broadway problem but just at the moment they are concentrating on Broadway because of the number of Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants cooking food. Fat, oil, grease may not appear to be a problem when it is poured down the sink, but can harden like concrete when it hits the walls of the cool sewer (even if you pour hot water down with it). Over time this builds up, causing blockages, potentially leading to overflows coming out of drains, sewers and into homes. I'm sure you would agree that preventing these types of problems is far preferable than trying to rectify a blockage and the mess that can also sometimes occur; not to mention the distress experienced by the people affected. These blockages can remain undetected for some time. The build-up of fat in sewers can also attract rats and other vermin to the area. A way to prevent this happening is to only use the sewers to dispose of just normal waste as sewers are not designed to remove other items. Please collect and dispose of fats, oils and greases responsibly. Wait for fat to cool after cooking and pour it in to an empty margarine tub or other suitable container. Clearing of sewer blockages can be expensive, time consuming and can cause traffic disruption. Should an incident occur on your private drainage system any expense becomes the responsibility of you the householder. I and Severn Trent thank you in anticipation for your continued co-operation. Together we can help protect you and our environment. Liz Eyre

Sedgeberrow Sewers at Risk. Liz Eyre’s findings are very relevant to our village of Sedgeberrow. You may remember that the June/July 2012 Sedgeberrow Post highlighted just such a problem under the headline Main St Mayhem, as the bend at Hall Farm was occupied by Severn Trent’s two-man heavy squad and their monster van, sent to move a dreaded fat block. No joy for a close neighbour either - their garage and kitchen floor swamped with sewage. Editor

Climate Change is

7 Real and Urgent

Watercolour by Pam Cuthbert. 2003

The Sedgeberrow Village Website: If you are a village group who would like to keep people up to date with activities on your own page on this website, then contact Mike Parker at or on 01386 881863. Courtesy of our own Chris Wilson, we are offering to enter villagers’ information to their own page for a modest sum, enabling them to have updated written material. We are asking a nominal charge of £10 a year to cover administration costs. We hope that people will come forward to cover many facets of village life.


Crazy Hair


Professional Hair Design

Hard Pressed Ironing Service Need more time at home or work? Lots of ironing to do, but no time to do it? I accept all orders, large or small at very competitive prices. Ironing can be collected and delivered back to your door.

Ample Free Parking

Call Lucy today for a friendly, efficient service.

01386 45553

01386 882353 or 07542748742


Bejing City in China is


8 choked with Industrial Pollution

Sedgeberrow Parish Church News Benefice of Hampton, Sedgeberrow & Hinton on the Green. Priest in Charge: Revd. Mark Binney at Hampton Vicarage on 01386 424235. Churchwardens: Ann Banks 881623 and Roger Horton 881307 Drawing by John Livingstone

Services for February and March 2017 Feb 5th 9am Holy Communion (Candlemas)

Feb 12th 11am All Age Service Feb 19th 9am Holy Communion Feb 26th 11am All Age Service

March 5th 9am Holy Communion March 12th 11am All Age Service March 19th 9am Holy Communion March 26th 11am All Age Service

Church News Coffee mornings money raised November £220 December £240 February 23rd coffee morning is at the home of Roger and Judith Horton, 63 Main Street. Coffee morning on March 23rd is at 10am in the Church. The December Bingo made £168-50p. The next Bingo is on February 11th at 8pm in the Village Hall Thank you to all who have supported the Church in any way during 2016. The Tree of Light was well supported in memory of loved ones. The Church looked brilliant over Christmas with the windows and Christmas Trees decorated. All the services were very well supported. At the Carol and Christingle service everyone had a Christingle, candles all lit towards the end of the service. The Crib service again was well supported, with Charlie telling the Nativity story and the Children taking the figures to make the Nativity Scene. It was good to have the Midnight service. Thank you to John for taking the service. Our thanks also go to Mark, Elaine, Leonard, Patrick and Nick for all their help in taking services during the past year. We would like to wish you all a Happy and Peaceful New Year Police Surgery Reminder

This will take place on the Fourth Thursday of the month 10:30 to 11.30 Sedgeberrow Church

Ancient Canadian, Arboreal

9 Forests have been cleared away

Contact details of your key elected members. Maureen Pratt – Chairman of Sedgeberrow Parish Council Tel: 01386 881637. Email Clerk: Jacqueline Shields. Parish Councillors: John de Paris, Richard Hunt, Alan Stow. Chris Devereaux-Little, Andy Thomas, Sue Morris.

Still Awaiting Photo

George Mackison - District Councillor for Elmley Castle & Somerville Ward and Sedgeberrow Parish Council area. Tel: 01386 710351. Email: Liz Eyre – County Councillor 150 High Street, Broadway, WR12 7AJ Tel: 01386 854807. Mobile: 07801816755

Harriett Baldwin – Member of Parliament for West Worcestershire. The House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. For caseworkers and advice surgery: Call Malvern Office to make an appointment on 01684 585165

FUN QUIZ NIGHT Friday 17th March 2017 7.30 for 8.00pm start

Sedgeberrow Village Hall Teams of up to 6 £2 per person Bring own drinks & nibbles

All proceeds to Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund Any queries to Sue Beasley 881868 We had a brilliant night last year so please join us again for an entertaining fun quiz. Sea Levels are Regularly 10 flooding the Streets of Miami

SEDGEBERROW Mobile Library Timetable .

The Mobile Library will be stopping at the School on the third Monday of every month 10.30 - 10.45am, on these dates:-

Mon 20th February 2016 & Mon 20th March 2017. Enquiries about this service should be made to: EVESHAM LIBRARY, OAT STREET, EVESHAM, WR11 4PJ Tel 01905 822722,

Sedgeberrow Facebook

“Growing Up in Sedgeberrow” is a group for those who grew up in the beautiful Vale of Evesham village and all those with a connection to Sedgeberrow. If you'd like to reconnect with others and share memories, this is the group for

Parkers Paraffinalia

“keeping old lamps aflame”


Want to know more about your paraffin lamp? Do you like complete, old lamps of your own for a kind mellow light and help in power cuts? Then call on Mike. 01386 881863 or 07949 200207 I collect and restore all kinds of old oil lamps, like Tilley, Hinks and Wells Unbreakable lamps. I am also quite happy to help you with queries about ways to restore or find parts for your lamps and give talks about early lighting. Email: Website:

Beauty by lindsey Sedgeberrow 01386 881 841

Lindsey is a fully qualified vtct beauty therapist and has worked in the beauty industry since 2003. The salon is peaceful, relaxing, private and professional.

01386 881 841 or 07801 629756 Treatments Include:

Waxing, manicures, pedicures, Gel varnish, facials, nonsurgical face lifts, Organic Facials, electrolysis, tinting, massage Inc deep tissue & Indian head Caci, Jessica, Geleration, SpaRitual, Guinot, Anne Borlind Gift Vouchers, Pamper Parties

Rain Forests in Indonesia 11 have been Incinerated

“imaGine” has now closed as their premises, which was leased for a

nominal rent, will now be returned to its original purpose as a commercial business. It’s sad as Transition Evesham Vale were able to channel many sustainable and community activities through its central location. Despite this change of circumstances, their excellent activities will continue of course. If you wish to know more ring Robin Walker on 07974 919175

Annual Parish Assembly

Will be held on Weds March 8th at 7:30 in the Betteridge Room, next to School Hall. This is an opportunity for villagers to air their opinions and concerns about life in Sedgeberrow - for example traffic issues, energy, flooding, play ground facilities. Members of the Parish Council, local reps from Wychavon District Council and the Worcestershire County Council will be present. There will be an update from the Isbourne Catchment Group, the New Homes Bonus scheme and SeSaME Oil Buying Club. The Worcestershire Transport Strategy officer and a member of Highways England will also talk about local transport issues and answer questions. Feel free to contact Parish Council members in advance if you seek more information. Sue Morris 01386 882423

Sedgeberrow Post Advertisements To discuss your needs, format your advert, ring 01386 881863 (Speak to Mike)

Single Issue

For 2017 - 5 Issues

1/4 page ……£7.50 1/2 page… £15.00 Full page…..£30.00

1/4 page ….. £25.00 1/2 page…… £50.00 Full page…. £100.00

All adverts that are booked for issues starting from February/March 2017, will also appear at no extra charge on the village website, under “Local Traders” on the menu list. View Please email advert material to: We can afford to include some colour in your advert for a logo or small section. If however you wish to have full colour throughout we will need to negotiate with you on the price.

Ancient Greenland Glaciers 12 are Rapidly Disappearing

Dunn and Dusted Contract Cleaners Professional carpet cleaning using hot water extraction. Your carpets can look as good as new with our latest state of the art equipment. We carry out a survey of your carpet to determine fibre content and construction to ensure the correct chemicals are used to achieve optimum results. Fully insured. Landline: 01386 882902 Kim mobile: 07974 191 648 Mike mobile: 07854 872 343 Farmers crops in India 13 totally Washed Away

Sedgeberrow Playgroup Sedgeberrow Playgroup is a small friendly group that has been running successfully for over 20 years. It has good facilities, resources and equipment. Above all it has enthusiastic and caring staff, who plan ways for each child to develop and learn in an atmosphere of warmth and fun. Children are given the opportunity to work and play on their own and co-operate with one another, and with the adults responsible for their care and education. The importance of the children learning through playing creatively and talking about their experiences is recognised, and all children have a chance to see and do fresh things every week, participating in varied activities with the support and guidance of the staff, developing and progressing at their own rate. The activities offered by Sedgeberrow Playgroup take due account of the interests, achievement and the developing physical, intellectual, emotional and social abilities of the children. Opening times Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm. Term time only. Please contact Colette Malin 07974557098

Ancient Arctic Glaciers 14 are Rapidly Disappearing

SEDGEBERROW FLOOD GROUP Flood Warden - Richard Hunt 01386 882079 Secretary –

We start 2017 with high hopes for the future along the river Isbourne with the work of the Isbourne Catchment Group and hope you will attend the Open Parish Meeting to hear more. Some of you may have read the leaflet before Christmas from Sedgeberrow Church Community Room Appeal (which was inside the Evesham Journal). It said the new room could be used as an Emergency Relief Centre. However, Sedgeberrow already has a centre which has been determined by Worcestershire County Council Emergency Planning Dept as the Village/School Hall. We have already included this in our Emergency Flood Plan where the hall will be the focal point for villagers, the Emergency Services and other support agencies. We have stores of emergency equipment and other items at the hall where we would assist those Emergency Services in supporting villagers during a flood. However, any other help that the Church can offer us in addition to this would of course be gratefully received during a community emergency. We continue our liaison with Gloucestershire County Council and Flood Warden training with a visit to Tewkesbury Fire station later this month. We are very keen to hear from you if you would like to join the Flood Group and get involved with our activities. Richard Hunt. Flood Warden

Here it is! The answer to the page 6 question <====== Photo courtesy of Peter Loomes

Climate Change is 15 Real and Urgent

Some Views of



The Great Barrier Reef - Australia Scientists say that the Great Barrier Reef is under threat from Climate change. Dr Andrew Hoey ~ Research Fellow - Ecosystem Dynamics. ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, and Dr Anne Hoggett BSc (Hons) in Zoology, Director, Lizard Island Research Station have recently studied the reef. They revealed that a continuing rise in sea temperature, combined with extreme El Nino currents, means that the living structure is struggling for survival. They recorded a water temperature rise of 1% celsius above average for the past 3 months, concluding that the prognosis for the health of the reef is poor. They found that about 2/3 of the coral on the north section to be dead and heading for an irreversible disaster for the reef’s future and the community surrounding it There are of course dissenting voices who cast doubt on the eyesight and temperature gauging skills of these specialist scientists. Despite 97% of peer reviewed studies revealing the planet has been steadily warming over decades and that emissions of greenhouse gases from human sources has caused their levels to rise to a point that is no longer sustainable. Most of us cannot get there to see for ourselves, so we have to make our own minds up. My advice is: research all the background material you can, far beyond tabloid headlines, and question people’s motives for what you are being told. Formed by live marine Corals creating calcium carbonate, which forms a hard, shell-like skeleton, the reef is home to a wide range of life, including over 1500 different species of fish, sea turtles, giant clam, seahorse, sea snakes, sea turtles, stingray, sharks and many more. Once it is completely gone and these dependents with it, its successful return is unlikely. We should be aghast that our actions have resulted in the world’s largest coral reef system, made up of around 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands, stretching for about 1616 miles in its length, being so under threat Editor

Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter 16 says “Care for our common home”


Construction Project Solutions PREPARATION OF BUILDING PLANS Construction Industry Qualified Professional providing the following Services:

Building Surveys and Asset Reports.

Planning Application Drawings and Documentation.

Detailed Construction Drawing Preparation.

Budget Cost Pricing Documentation.

(Including Listed Buildings)

Tel:- 01386 882217 Mobile:- 07976 568037 Email:- Web:-

Climate Change is 17 Real and Urgent

Worcestershire’s Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4) 2017-2030

Make sure you have your say! The Plan has been developed at a time of quite significant political, economic and social change and aims to reflect national priorities, and local needs, as set out in Worcestershire County Council’s Corporate Plan 2017-2022. An efficient, affordable and multimodal transport network is considered essential if Worcestershire is to be able to achieve its priorities, as set out in this Corporate plan: Open for Business; Children and Families; The Environment; Health and Wellbeing. The forward by Cllr Dr Ken Pollock stresses that “the performance of the transport network influences the Worcestershire economy, the local environment and the quality of life that people enjoy; enabling residents to access the services and facilities they need to enjoy a high quality of life. All our Businesses rely on this network to provide access to employees and enable rapid movement of freight, providing access to raw materials and delivery of finished products. This plan focuses on delivering cost effective improvements which will maximise the efficiency of the existing network, supporting the local economy and the environment.” Extracts from the website-Editor

Why have your say? 2030 may seem a long way off but if you consider the issues arising now from previous transport decisions - purposeful pantechnicons, rapidly rattling their way down Winchcombe road, wilfully weaving and squeezing between residents cars - parents and their children queuing anxiously to brave the Russian roulette of scarce spaces within the relentless assembly line of speeding vehicles that is the A46 at tea time - it is important to have your say as decisions are being made that will affect our community’s roads. The A46 could certainly be structurally upgraded, so how that happens will be important. Meanwhile you can sign Ian Cameron’s petition on the next page. If enough people share their concern about road junctions on the A46, we should be able to achieve some less structural solution to the difficulty of A46 access until 2030. Editor

A Massive Change of 18

action is due NOW

A46/Sedgeberrow Junctions Many people in the village will be aware that I have set up a Facebook Page and a Change.Org.petition to campaign for either a Roundabout or Traffic Lights at one of our junctions with the A46. These, as we all know, and the Hinton Cross junction are both dangerous and frightening junctions to get out of and a disaster waiting to happen. At present almost 200 people have signed the petition and are contributing to the Facebook page. However, it is apparent that many villagers do not do Facebook and some are not on the internet. Mike Parker has therefore kindly reserved this page for us to reach as many villagers as possible. If you and your family are supportive of this campaign, we are asking you to sign the petition below as we need to get as many signatures as possible to give it maximum effect. If you can, then please sign and print your name and address in support of the campaign. If you have more than 1 driver in the family that wishes to sign that's ok. Please send your replies to Ian Cameron, as below, or Councillors Sue Morris, The Croft, Winchcombe Rd and Chris Devereaux-Little, 33 Winchcombe Rd, or leave them at the Pub or School. Ian Cameron. 84 Main Street, Sedgeberrow

To Highways England Ltd. <=== Cut here I am in full agreement that the road junctions at the A46 with the B4078 at Sedgeberrow and the A46 Hinton Cross are extremely dangerous for vehicles attempting to access the A46 and are both a serious safety hazard to vehicles and their passengers. I support the demand for traffic Lights or Roundabouts at these junctions. Signed................................ Print Name.............................. Address................................................................................. ……………………………………………………………………. Age (optional).......... Date………………...

It is up to 19 All of Us

SEDGEBERROW C.E. FIRST SCHOOL “Reach for the stars” Happy New Year to Everyone The children have returned to school after their Christmas break refreshed and ready for the Spring Term, which promises to be full of the usual hard work and good fun. We had three fabulous Christmas productions for a successful end to the Autumn Term: The Reception Nativity, KS1 ‘Hey Ewe’ and KS2 Carol Concert. Children’s performances were fabulous as always and the atmosphere in school was really very magical. As we start the New Year, our school value changes from Peace to Love, and the school recognises the importance of this in our families, our school and church communities, the wider community and the world. Sedgeberrow School are really looking forward to taking part in iSing POP for the second time in February. iSing POP is Innervation Trust’s primary school singing and recording project. The children will have the opportunity to learn a specially written set of uplifting pop songs based on Christian values, record their very own album and perform a concert for their parents. All of the songs are written from a Christian perspective and cover important topics such as: Love, Thankfulness, Prayer, Friendship, Respect, Role Models, Caring for others, Social Justice and Forgiveness. It is a wonderful opportunity to bring all aspects of our community together through music. Sedgeberrow School are very proud to form a part of the wider community of Sedgeberrow Village and we were very upset to hear that some parents Contd Over Climate Change is 20 Real and Urgent

driving through the village and parking for the school pick-up were causing annoyance to those living close to the school. We issued the following statement in our recent newsletter and hope that with the help of the Community Policing Team, we can alleviate the problem.

Parking Reminder

Due to limited space, the school car park is only for use by disabled badge holders, school staff and those hiring the Betteridge Room (i.e. playgroup). We realise that the village can get very busy, especially at collection time but we do ask that parents avoid parking on the zig zag lines outside school and that they park carefully and responsibly even if that means a longer walk to the school gate. We form part of a wider community in the village of Sedgeberrow and it is important that we continue to have good relationships with everyone. The community policing team will be closely monitoring the village during these peak hours. Please drive and park considerately. Thank you for your support. There are plenty of exciting events planned for the children this half term including a Year 3 Electrocity Workshop where the children will have an opportunity to build an entire city made of Lego, complete with street lighting and running trains. Year 4 will have a Rainforest Workshop with the opportunity to get hands-on with some of the animals. The â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Friends of Sedgeberrow Schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Association have organised a magic show and a disco for the children to enjoy. Both the school and F.O.S.S. are fundraising to provide the children with an Astro Turf sports facility on the field in order that they can play grass sports all year round. We hope to have this installed by the end of this academic year. Best wishes in 2017 from the children and staff of Sedgeberrow School. Phil Croke. Head Teacher

Main Street, Sedgeberrow, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 7UF Headteacher: Philip Croke Telephone: 01386 881391 Fax: 01386 882602 Email:

Should you be 21 consuming differently?

Sedgeberrow Women’s Institute Happy New Year to you all As Ella has been quite poorly, I have volunteered ( been volunteered ! ) to write our WI report. Get better soon Ella. We all enjoyed our Christmas Celebrations and events. The Church looked lovely and very festive with our trees. Coffee Morning at Jackies with the house all beautifully decorated for Christmas was enjoyed by many of us. Our Christmas Dinner at Dumbleton Hall was a great success. Good food and good company, thank you Jackie for organising it. Sadly our Carol Singing had to be cancelled due to heavy rain and several poorly Members. We will do our best not to disappoint you next Christmas. Now it is January and a New Year and we look forward to an exciting programme for the year ahead. Our first Speaker on 17th January was Mrs Joan Bomford, an extraordinary lady who a few years ago won the Countryfile Farmer of the Year Award. As always all were welcome to join us. Book Club and Coffee Mornings will continue, and we look forward various events as the weeks go by, such as theatre and cinema visits, lunch club and days out to places of interest. We are a friendly group always ready to welcome you as a member, or just for the evening, so why not come and try us ? We meet the 3rd Tuesday of the Month in the Betteridge Room at 7.30 pm. We look forward to welcoming you. Helen King 01386 881754 You may have guessed by now that the failed arrival on your doorstep of the Evesham Journal was not a breakdown in the excellent service we have been receiving from the industrious young man quietly earning his pocket money delivering it to us. It’s goodbye, that’s it! Speaking to the Journal, the reasons are as suspected - cutbacks. Sadly we can probably put that down to progress, the digital age and competition for advertising revenue from online news sources with lower overheads. The loss of pocket money opportunities is just collateral damage. Another blow for the rurally isolated. After travelling to buy your Journal, you could share it afterwards with a less mobile neighbour. Editor

Climate Change is 22 Real and Urgent

Having Tech Trouble? Got a problem with your phone, tablet, or laptop? Solve it at the Queenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Head. Learn something new. All free and a chance for people to learn about getting the most out of their technology and share tips and hints. Come along to enjoy a warm and friendly environment, with a drink and a friendly chat. For more info contact Anna on 01386 881744

Bring Your Device for Friendly Advice Wednesday Evenings. Queen's Head. From 7:30pm Are you buying 23 Sustainably ?

Isbourne Catchment Group Update

Established to help reduce the severity and regularity of flooding events within the Isbourne catchment. Wednesday 8th March 2017. A date for your Diary Progress Update Please come along to the Parish Open Assembly on Wednesday 8 March 2017 to hear Jem Williamson, Chairman of the Isbourne Catchment Group update you on the progress of our work so far. It’s your chance to ask questions and find out how you can get involved. Group members will be at the Village Hall from 7.30 pm so see you there. Annette Dawson (ICG Secretary) High St Evesham between Oat St & Swan Lane

Brew Bear mural and interior Tel:01386 761213

Back to the 80’s

If you haven’t yet sussed out this cool coffee shop in the centre of Evesham do so when next in town - try their great cake & drinks. You can find them on Facebook too. Editor

The Pleasuredome Sedgeberrow Village Hall Saturday March 11th Tickets £7.50, to include ploughman’s buffet, bar and raffle Tickets from: Lisa James 07866654923 Clare Davis 07814188077 Kerrie Spurr 07515881601 who is selling at Sedgeberrow school gates.

Climate Change is 24 Real and Urgent

Siobhan and Ian.

The Queen’s Head 1 Main St Sedgeberrow,WR11 7UE. Tel: 01386 881135

Opening hours January to March Monday: 6pm - close Tuesday: 6pm - close Weds: 6pm - close

Thursday:12pm-2.30pm (inc senior citizens lunch time menu). 6pm - close. Friday: 6pm- close. Saturday: 12pm-2.30pm. 5.30 pm - close. Sunday: 12pm- 3pm. 6pm- close

Food available:-

Wednesday evening: 6pm-8.30pm, Thursday lunchtime: 12-2.30pm & Thursday evening 6-8.30pm, Friday evening: 6-8.30pm, Saturday lunchtime: 12pm-2.30pm & Saturday evening: 6-8.30pm, Sunday lunchtime: 12pm-2.30pm. Friday Evening's: 2 Rib Eye Steaks & a FREE bottle of house wine, (excluding Malbec) for £30

Sunday monthly evening Quiz- 29th January - proceeds to charity Singer- Pete Harrington- for Valentine's day- Friday 10th February All welcome. See you all soon, Siobhan and Ian

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Boiler Installations Boiler/ Fire Servicing General Plumbing LPG/ Natural Gas

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Landlord Safety Inspections Bathroom Installations Breakdown Repairs FREE Quotations

At INCA we pride ourselves on offering a friendly, honest and reliable service with customer satisfaction for over 10 years. Call:07970680879 E-mail: Are you investing 25 in Renewables?




Cotswold & Vale Fencing & Landscape Supplies Ltd, The Old Sawmill, Evesham Road, Toddington GL54 5DF Email: Tel:01242 620000 We are based on the B4078, 5 minutes from Sedgeberrow on the Winchcombe road . Climate Change is 26 Real and Urgent

Syrup Sponge Pudding (or could use jam, or marmalade)

Ingredients and method Serves two....ish, very indulgent!

You will need a 1 pint microwaveable pudding bowl or large earthenware mug

Put 2 tablespoons syrup, jam or marmalade into the pudding bowl.

Microwave on full power for 3.5 minutes (based on 850w microwave).

In a separate bowl, beat 2oz butter with 2oz caster sugar together. Add 1 beaten egg, and 2 tablespoons of milk. Fold in 2oz of sifted SR flour, and pour this batter into the pudding dish.

Leave for 1 minute and turn out into a dish. Carolyn Savery

MORTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BARBER SHOPS Opening Hours

Mon to Thurs. 9 am to 5.30 pm. Friday. 9 am to 6 pm. Saturday. 9 am to 4 pm. Winchcombe Barber Shop.

9 North Street, Winchcombe, Glos.

Bishops Cleeve Barber Shop.

21A Church Rd, Bishops Cleeve, Glos.

Chipping Campden Barber Shop. Unit 1, Rosay Court, High St, Chipping C.

Are you investing 27 in insulation?

Growing Season Approaching. Come and join us. SPRING is just around the corner and allotment time beckons. The picture shows three plots dug over and ready for planting and blank plots itching to have the grass removed and be taken over by new members. There are spaces available for any residents of Sedgeberrow, just

Picture courtesy Mike Parker

itching to start growing their own vegetables, nourishing rhubarb, or experimenting with the challenge of experiencing new plants that they have not grown before because their garden is too small. Contact Richard Hunt on 01386 882079 if you fancy joining us.

COMMUNITY SHOP The search for premises has been prolonged due to a shortage of any reasonably priced and available locations. Further development may require access to funding that could be available through the New Homes Bonus. We are still looking to find a suitable date, or dates, for an "Open Forum" presentation and discussions of the received suggestions around the possible use of the "New Homes Bonus". One suggestion for presentation will of course be the Community Shop. Please continue to contact me to let me know if a Community Shop would receive your patronage. Best regards Chris Devereaux-Little Tel: 01386 882217 Email:

Exploration for new Fossil Fuels 28 Should stop immediately

Chimney Pots Chimney Services

Chris Hurley

-Woodburners and Liners fitted -Bird Guards and Pots fitted -Pointing and Repairs -Gutters cleaned -Broken roof tiles replaced 01386 841808 07969 423020

Heatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Interior Solutions Female Painter & Decorator based in Sedgeberrow Interior projects undertaken. For a quote contact Heather on:

Land Line: 01386 881201 Mobile: 07855 240263 Email:

Abbey Cleaning Services Traditional Window Cleaners Family Run Business Established 1993 Domestic and Commercial

01386 830 035. Renewables can 29 save us money


The latest report from PCSO Julie Pardoe states ‘We have a few incidents to report for the last two months. On 22nd November, there was a report of damage to a vehicle and some outdoor lights in Churchill Road. On 22nd November, there was a report of a diesel theft over night from a commercial property in Winchcombe Road. Report received on 23rd December that a garage had been broken into in Bridge Meadow Close and two trials bikes had been stolen. Report received on 1st January in the early hours that a house had been entered, car keys and a purse had been stolen and a vehicle was stolen with keys off the drive in Main Street. Enquiries are ongoing.’ A Community Messaging Service is available for people who want to keep up to date with what crimes are occurring in the area. You can register for this service at The Pershore Rural South Safer Neighbourhood Team can be contacted by calling 101.

Jubilee Play Area

A new set of swings are to be installed in the Jubilee Play Area, Main Street, during February and it may be necessary to close off the play area for a few days. Wychavon Parish Games The results of the 2016 Parish Games have now been published and although Sedgeberrow entered only two events it came 20th out of 27 parishes. From the 27 parishes, at total of 1100 players took part. The angling trophy that was won by Sedgeberrow can be seen at The Queen’s Head.

Worcestershire’s Local Transport Plan

Worcestershire CC is looking to consult with residents, businesses and visitors on the Worcestershire’s Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4). The Plan focuses on delivering improvements to our transport networks to increase capacity and operational efficiency, as well as improving user access to travel information. It also includes a scheme to upgrade the Evesham A46 corridor to ‘expressway’ standard (dual carriageway with limited exits). The Plan documents can be seen at and the Plan and paper copies of the questionnaire are available in Evesham Library. The consultation runs until 17th March.

Worcestershire Minerals Local Plan

Worcester CC is preparing a new Minerals Local Plan that sets out site allocations and will be used by the County Council to guide where mineral workings should be developed and to make decisions about planning applications for mineral extraction and processing in the County. The consultation document can be viewed at

Contd Over

The Great Barrier Reef 30 is Dying Now

Western Power Distribution

Western Power Distribution operates the local electricity network of overhead lines, underground cables and substations, has launched a series of new bulletins to keep everyone informed during severe weather incidents that could impact the local electricity network. To sign up please register at: Contact-us/Register-for-storm-updates.aspx. When registered, you will then be contacted once in advance of an expected severe weather incident, periodically during the incident itself (e.g. every 4 hours) to provide performance updates, and once after the event has passed. If you have a power cut, call 105 or 800 6783 105.

Council Tax

The Parish Council has set its budget requirement for 2017/18 at £10,600. This will be made up of a precept of £10,053 plus Government Council Tax Support Grant of £547. To calculate the Band D Council Tax charge, the sum is divided by the Sedgeberrow Council Tax Base figure of 368.15 (this figure is re-calculated every year and changes due to additional properties or single person/disabled discounts or empty properties). The Band D Council Tax charge for Sedgeberrow will be £27.31, that is an increase of 47p on last year.

Annual Parish Assembly

The Annual Parish Assembly will take place on Wednesday 8th March at 7.30pm at the Village Hall. All registered electors of the Parish are welcome to attend to meet your local Councillors, to hear the Chairman’s Annual Report, and to discuss and ask questions on Parish matters.

Maureen Pratt – Chairman. Tel: 881637, Email:

The Pershore Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)

are available to contact via email at (Please do not report crimes via email) Telephone via the local police number 101or follow us on Twitter @PershoreCops Pc 2886 Paul ACASTER PCSO 6427 Julie PARDOE PCSO 40162 Steven TINKLER

Villagers be aware!!

There has been an unprecedented number of criminal activities in the village and surrounding area over the last 2 months. These have included car theft, unauthorised entry of homes resulting in theft, bikes stolen from garages, theft of commercial diesel from vehicles. All of which means we should be careful and vigilant about taking care of our own property and keeping an eye on our neighbours' premises if they are away. Insulation can 31 save us money

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. S.E. Worcestershire Meetings at Wulstan Hall, Priest Lane, Pershore at 7.30 PM. Admission £2. Bird food available for sale. Refreshments available. Non-members always welcome.

Fleas, Flukes & Cuckoos. Tuesday 07/02/2017 Join SE Worcs local group and speaker Harry Green for an interesting evening. Tantalised by the title? Come along to this indoor meeting to find out the connection. Trustee Harry Green will unravel the links for you… Celebrating the return of the Polecat. Tuesday 14/3/2017 Join expert Johny Birks and SE Worcs local group in celebrating the return of this secretive mustelid

Tiddesley Wood Annual Open Day. Sunday 30th April 2017

Tiddesley Wood Log & Wood Chip Sales Sat, 04/02/2017 - 10:00am - 1.00pm Sun, 05/02/2017 - 10:00am - 1.00pm Sat, 04/3/2017 - 10.00am - 1.00pm Sun, 05/3/2017 - 10.00am - 1.00pm The Log Sales Barn at the north of the reserve. Tiddesley Wood - the Harry Green Reserve, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2AD Contact Rob for more details. Phone. Tel: 01905 754919 Email:

Hedgehogs Ahoy. Sorry they are not actually about. It’s just that they need your help to keep snuggled down. Vale Wildlife are in desperate need of newspapers for the hedgehogs they are looking after. You can drop clean newspapers off either at Mike Parker’s, 76 Main St , or Mel Wilson’s at The Paddock, Sandfield Lane.

Mel Wilson

194 Countries signed 32 the Paris Climate Accord

It is up to 33 All of Us

Sedgeberrow Sustainable & Manageable Energy Catchup. SeSaME Oil Buying Club.

Current Club Membership is now 227. Our January 2017 order for 21,700 litres gave overall savings of £1,117 for members that month Dividends for the first year of 12 villages using the SeSaME Oil Buying Club have now been circulated. Not only does the club help reduce the footprint of heavy vehicles onto our rural roads and benefit villagers with competitive prices. For every litre of oil purchased through the Club we receive a 0.25p dividend, which the Club passes on to local village initiatives, according to the yearly total of litres ordered in the village.

Recipients of the year 2015/16 dividends were:

Ashton under Hill Social Centre - £93.25. Aston Somerville Village Hall £22.50, Beckford Nature Reserve - £63.50, Childswickham Memorial Hall £4.00, Dumbleton Village Club - £27.75, Friends of Elmley Castle Church £6.88, Hinton Parochial Church Council - £28.50, Kemerton Conservation Trust - £4.75, Overbury Village Hall (From Overbury & Conderton) - £106.25, Sedgeberrow Post - £306.50, Wormington Village Society - £1.75. Hopefully these will increase next year as more people cotton on to taking control of their energy usage, not only benefitting themselves, but also their local community SeSaME Oil Buying Club will be issuing a press release later in the month.

Renewable Energy and Insulation

Sedgeberrow did well to conclude its initial investment in insulation and energy generation before Westminster’s apparent and unheralded turnaround to a new lukewarm approach in the low carbon energy sector. 18 private houses have entered this year with new external wall insulation and they will have reaped both the financial and comfort benefits of that over the last few weeks. Sadly there are as yet no signs of opportunities to capitalise on past achievements and worse, there are ominously negative signs: Energy Solutions Malvern, the approved County installer, with many countywide projects under its belt, who installed Solar Panels on the School and Village Hall, as well as Air Source Heating in the latter, has now ceased trading. Claiming that “there is not enough work to make the business viable, with the lack of a creditable strategy from Government to deal with greening our economy, and its us and Mike Parker (SeSaME Chair)

Climate Change is 34 Real and Urgent

Contd Over

Walk in a Customer Walk out a Friend Enjoy our Quality Locally Sourced Food Opening Hours - Sun. Closed Shop

Post Office

Mon. 9-4 Mon to Sat. 8-5 Wed. Closed at 1pm Tues to Fri. 9-1 Sat. 9-12.30

Closed for Lunch from 1 to 2 pm

Fresh Local Organic vegetables Cotswold Quality Deli Produce Daily bread from Local bakery French Bread and pastries on Thursdays and Saturdays Cotswold Free Range Eggs Local Organic Honey

To place your orders Call us on: 01242 620201 Or visit us in the Store. 10 Blacksmith Road, Alderton GL20 8NW our children who will pay the price.â&#x20AC;?

What steps can you take?

Well there are ways that are not only within our capabilities but present practical solutions that once you know about them you will want to make them happen.

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Get together with other people and support each other to do it? SeSaME has been offered the opportunity for individual villagers to attend interactive sessions that will explore ideas about what you could do to reduce your personal carbon footprint in the areas of home energy, waste, water, consumerism, food and transport. A chance to think about what makes carbon reduction hard for you and what you can gain from doing it. The opportunity to come up with plans and targets for reducing your carbon footprint. To join a group of like-minded people to work and have fun with. Sedgeberrow will be one of other communities taking part, as a joint venture with local Quakers. Leicester Transition will provide the material and training for local group facilitators in our village. To learn more contact Mike Parker â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 01386 881863

It is up to 35 All of Us

(MH) = Main Hall

Village Hall Events

What’s on in February 2017

11th 21st

Church Bingo 8.00pm (MH) WI 7.30pm (BR)

(BR) = Betteridge Room

What’s on in March 2017 8th Parish Council Annual Assembly 7.30pm (BR) 11th The Pleasure Dome Band. (Hinton on the Green Fundraising event) 7.30pm (MH) 15th Parish Council 7.15pm (BR) 17th Quiz in aide of pancreatic cancer 7.30pm (MH) 19th Church Bingo 8.00pm (MH) 21st WI 7.30pm (BR)

The Betteridge Room and The Village Hall

Available to hire for private parties, functions, fundraising events, meetings. For further details and bookings please contact Colette Malin 01386 881014.

Local I.T Domestic & Business Support

Server & Network Installations WiFi & Mobile Advice Virus/Spyware Removal Custom Office Support Scenarios Competitive Rates Maintenance Contracts Tel: 01684 273118 Mob: 07788 922534

Your IT Solution Maltec

Horse Rugs

Dog Bedding & Coats

Stable Rug Wash. from £7

Dog Coat Wash.

Turnout Wash.

Dog Bed Wash. from £5

from £8


Turnout Wash and Dog Coat Wash and Reproof. from £14 Reproof. from £6

*** Free Local Collection *** Call Natasha: 01684 273118 or 0776 6141994

Equine & Canine Laundry Service

Climate Change is 36 Real and Urgent

Feb mar2017  
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