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Produced by : Mick & Kim Workman, Mike Parker, Chris & Mel Wilson, Marilyn Butt, with watercolour above by Julian Crawford






Away Photo by Bob Cooper

February & March 2014 A SeSaME Production. No 14

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10 Dealing with Snow 16th March 10. Advertise in the Sedgeberrow Post 11th May th 13. Astaria String Quartet 13 July th 14 Sept 15. Bird Builders 16. Sedgeberrow School News Do Support Our Advertisers 17. Tiddesley Wood Open Day You will see that a good mix of people 18. WI Events have responded to our offer of advertising 20. Know your Petrol Prices space in the 2014 Sedgeberrow Post, showing us the services that they offer. 21. Chancel Repair Liability Without them we could not afford to pro- 23. Footpath Warden‟s Report duce this newsletter, with its splash of 24. Muppet Here colour and information for the village. Thanks to them all. 26. Colouring Competition Winner So please do your bit. 27. British Legion Consider what they are offering very seriously and when you respond make 29. Sesame Seeds

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sure that you let them know that you 30. Parish Council Report heard about them here, between the pages 31. Home Energy Survey update of our village newsletter. All paper used in the Sedgeberrow Post has been sponsored by Kim & Mike Workman, courtesy of Dunn & Dusted. This publication is printed on recycled paper

32. 200 Club News 34. Flood Group Latest News 35. Start of the Bowls Season 36. Village Hall Bookings

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Do You Lack Rhythm? If so, that’s maybe why you might miss getting an article into the Sedgeberrow Post on time. We have to admit that the increased gap, caused by being bi-monthly, makes timing a little complicated for article and minute writers. It does though significantly reduce the pressure on the time commitment of the busy twenty two villagers who generously arrange the rhythm of their lives around dropping the Post onto your doormat.

You can get rhythm though! Please look at these 2014 copy deadlines:

16th March, 11th May, 13th July, 14th September, 16th November Take the floor, swirl into action, plot and plan your meetings so that you are left with time to catch the Sedgeberrow Post. Pen your articles with an eye on those magic dates.

Submitting Material For Publication Your Village Needs You Have you any experiences you wish to share, a skill that could please our villagers? Do please us all by submitting articles, recording your events and most importantly, hitting our bi-monthly deadlines. If you are a local villager you will have a choice of a double A5 page spread, a single A5 page, a half page and a quarter page. We can help you estimate how many words you will need for each size. Talk to Mike, who will help you sort out how much space you will need. (01386 881863)

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The Field A Country Newspaper

Sedge Warbler pic. copyright of P&H Harris.

May 7th

The Sedge Warbler


It can be fascinating to unearth old magazines. This Field as shown above, with its Art Deco colour front-piece, black and white photos is a gem. Its one shilling price and size (10 inch by 15 inch) clearly indicate a target audience of the landed gentry. Turn the pages and you can consider “Country House Topics” and view “Sporting and Residential” properties that are for sale. There are three pages of adverts featuring game birds and waterfowl, two page spreads of riding, fishing and shooting gear, with a full page picture of his Majesty the King, Edward VII wearing the uniform of Air-Marshal. Then come the pages containing articles of current interest. After the articles come more general adverts, automobiles, AGA cookers, holidays etc. The adverts I seek out are the ones that show pictures of old automobiles. A full page devoted to the 1938 Hudson shows how strongly the Americans were selling their modern life style to the UK at that time. No British car takes up so much selling space in the magazine, though the tagline “Where the best people forgather you will invariably find an Alvis,” seems to be pitting old style against new in this Ad. And then for the present reader with the benefit of hindsight there is wonder at what isn‟t there. If it wasn‟t for the presence of a new book review of Viscount Lymington‟s “Famine in England” titled “Agriculture and Defence - a book to make every Englishman think” the reader can find no suggestion of the hidden, dark sides to 1938. There is a half page advert (its top half shown above) extolling the joys of “Summer Holidays in Healthy, Happy Germany” presented by the German Railways Information Bureau. They extol the virtues of Bad Homburg, favoured resort of Edward VII, concluding “And you won‟t be plundered. Living is very reasonable.” Anyone from Thomas Cook, who advertise the “Pleasing Diversity to be found holidaying in Czechoslovakia” on the other half of the page, who read this in 1939 might wonder at the audacity of the “you won‟t be plundered” by-line. Contd


The book reviewer reveals, almost as an aside, that the whole nation is focussed on re-armament. He goes on to complain that “whilst vast sums of money has been allocated to various defence forces and the re-armament campaign in all its branches has been speeded up little or nothing has been done about food”. He says “furthermore I think that the next war-however much I hope that there will not be one-will be a war that affects civilian population as much as it does the actual combatants, to some degree we shall all be combatants-every man, every woman, every child, without food we shall be useless.” It‟s sobering to read a 1938 publication and try and put yourself in the shoes of people for whom the future is just another day, when you know that 40.000 Jews fled Germany in that year, and to find that the greatest truth of what lay ahead had to be revealed in an insignificant book review. It‟s said of the Jews who stayed in Germany despite every thing, "they expected the worst, they did not expect the unthinkable”. A response that we may consider possible in us now when faced with difficult choices about extreme weather.

In association with Evesons of Worcestershire. For a monthly email reminder - contact Mike Parker Don’t miss out! Next Delivery Dates are: Thurs 13th February and Thurs 13th March.

Make sure that you buy regularly as a member of Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group, as come the crunch at any time, because of supply and weather conditions, loyal members will be prioritised.

Reminder: Minimum delivery is 500 litres, so check that your tank will easily take that amount. It’s important because our Oil Buying Group pays 1000 litre rates for 500 litre orders, which are normally at least a 1p a litre more. 1. Check the dates - see below. 2. Phone on 01905 775920 or by email to 3. Remember: If you order after midday of the day before delivery, you will NOT be eligible for the reduced price. Check your tank levels regularly. 4. You must say you are part of the Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group. 5. Give full delivery name and address. 6. Payment can be made either at time of ordering but certainly within TEN days of delivery, either by cheque or by phoning in with debit card details. 7. Sign up with SeSaME for an “email - order date reminder” if you lead a busy life. 8.The price is not fixed until two days before delivery, as market prices change every day. 2014 Delivery Dates. Thurs 10thApril, Thurs 8th May, Thurs 12th June.

Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy SeSaME. Website: – Email: Contact: Mike Parker (Chairman) Tel: 01386 881863


Advance notice Saturday 1st March

at imaGine Market Place, Evesham. Transition Evesham Vale (TEV) and imaGine Open Meeting. 2.00 – 5.00pm An opportunity to discuss the issues, consider our priorities, and plan the way forward for both TEV and imaGine.

Sedgeberrow Wordsearch Find all the words on the right in this topically themed Wordsearch

The idea for this Wordsearch comes to you courtesy of Lindsey, a Villager and Post Advertiser (see page 13). If you have any ideas to share about what would be good to see in the Post, please let us know. (Editor)

How well do you know your village? Where was this picture taken then? (Pictures & idea courtesy of Peter Loomes) See page 32 for the answer.



Watercolour by Pam Cuthbert. 2003

The Sedgeberrow Village Website: If you are a village group who would like to keep people up to date with activities on a page that you control on this website, contact Mike Parker at or on 01386 881863. Courtesy of our own Chris Wilson, we are offering villagers access to their own page, via their own unique password, enabling them to update their own written material, with a nominal charge of ÂŁ5 a year to cover administration costs. We hope that people will come forward to cover many facets of village life.


Crazy Hair


Professional Hair Design We specialise in bathroom renovations, minor heating installations and general service and repair. Feel free to call to arrange for a free quotation on 07850151199 or 01386 882167

Ample Free Parking



Sedgeberrow Parish Church News Benefice of Hampton, Sedgeberrow & Hinton on the Green. Priest in Charge: Revd. Mark Binney as at Hampton Vicarage on 01386 424235. Churchwardens: Ann Banks 881623 and Doreen Hayes 881965 Drawing by John Livingstone

February and March February


Feb 2nd 9am Holy Communion Feb 9th 11am All Age Worship Feb 16th 9am Holy Communion Feb 23rd 11am All Age Worship

March 2nd 9am Holy Communion March 9th 11am All Age Worship March 16th 9am Holy Communion March 23rd 11am All Age Worship March 30th Mothering Sunday. To be announced

Church News A very warm welcome and a Happy New Year to you all from Sedgeberrow Parochial Church Council (PCC) Our last two Coffee Mornings have been very well supported with the December one having the Christmas Trees on display. Both the Carol Service and the Crib Service were well attended, the Children enjoyed taking the Nativity characters up to take their place in the Stable. Candles were again lit over Christmas in memory of loved ones. The loss of revenue from the 200 Club will see the Church struggle for funds. If you would like to make a donation in lieu of the 200 Club you can by contacting the Treasurer on 01386 881623 and your donation can be Gift Aided. Bingo support seems to be waning with attendances down. The Churchyard has looked good in 2013 so we hope the weather will be kind to us this year. Thanks to Neil for keeping it looking nice and tidy. (Congratulations to Neil and Fiona who had a baby girl on Dec 28th, a sister for Emily)

Coffee Mornings: Coffee Mornings will start again on March 27th 10am till 12noon.


Dealing with Snow One winter morning a couple was listening to the radio over breakfast. They hear the announcer say, “We are going to have 8 to 10 inches of snow today You must park your car on the even-numbered side of the street, so the snowploughs can get through.” Norma‟s husband goes out and moves his car. A week later while they are eating breakfast again, the radio announcer says, “We are expecting 10 to 12 inches of snow today. You must park your car on the odd-numbered side of the street, so the snowploughs can get through.” Norma‟s husband goes out and moves his car again. The next week they are again having breakfast, when the radio announcer says, “We are expecting 12 to 14 inches of snow today. You must park ............” Then the power dies. Norma‟s husband is upset, and with a cross look on his face he says, “Norm, I don't know what to do. Which side of the street do I need to park on so the snowploughs can get through?” With the love and soothing in her voice that some women who have been married for years exhibit, Norma says, “Why don't you just leave it in the garage this time darling?” (Source unknown but last line is wise counsel, if you live on Main St. Editor)

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All adverts that are booked for issues starting from February/March 2014, will also appear at no extra charge on the village website, under “Local Traders” on the menu list. View Please email advert material to: We can afford to include some colour in your advert for a logo or small section. If however you wish to have full colour throughout we will need to negotiate with you on the price.


Hard Pressed-Village Ironing Service Sedgeberrow Based Driving Instructor

Need more time at home or work? Lots of ironing to do, but no time to do it? I accept all orders, large or small at very competitive prices. Ironing can be collected and delivered back to your door.


Call Lucy today for a friendly, efficient service.

Telephone: Home 01386 881505 Mobile 07808 476412

01386 882353 or 07542748742

Email Shirley at:

Preferential Rates for Sedgeberrow Residents


Dunn and Dusted Contract Cleaners Professional carpet cleaning using hot water extraction. Your carpets can look as good as new with our latest state of the art equipment. We carry out a survey of your carpet to determine fibre content and construction to ensure the correct chemicals are used to achieve optimum results. Fully insured. Landline: 01386 882902 Kim mobile: 07974 191 648 Mike mobile: 07854 872 343 11

Contact details of your key elected members. Maureen Pratt – Chairman of Sedgeberrow Parish Council Tel: 01386 881637. Email Clerk: Jacqueline Shields. Parish Councillors: John de Paris, Darren Farmer, Richard Hunt, Alan Stow.

Still Awaiting Photo

Roma Kirke – District Councillor Woodpeckers, 9 Hands Orchard, Great Comberton. Liz Eyre – County Councillor 150 High Street, Broadway, WR12 7AJ Tel: 01386 854807. Mobile: 07801816755

Harriett Baldwin – Member of Parliament for West Worcestershire. The House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. For caseworkers and advice surgery: Call Malvern Office to make an appointment on 01684 585165

Chimney Pots Chimney Services

Chris Hurley -Woodburners and Liners fitted -Bird Guards and Pots fitted -Pointing and Repairs -Gutters cleaned -Broken roof tiles replaced 01386 841808 07969 423020

Parkers Paraffinalia “keeping old lamps aflame” Want to know more about your paraffin lamp? Do you .like complete, old lamps of your own for a kind mellow light and help in power cuts? Then call on Mike. 01386 881863 or 07949 200207 I collect and restore all kinds of old oil lamps, like Tilley, Hinks and Wells Unbreakable lamps. I am also quite happy to help you with queries about ways to restore or find parts for your lamps and give talks about early lighting. Email: Website:


The Astaria String Quartet ———— Dinner recital at


Dumbleton Hall Hotel.

THURSDAY 20th March 2014. 7 for 7.30pm The Astaria String Quartet will perform Haydn's "Prussian" Quartet and Smetana's Quartet No 1 "From My Life" followed by a two course dinner plus light music during coffee. £28 advance booking only. Seating arranged at tables of 6-10 (individuals and group bookings welcome) Email to ask for menu or phone 01386 881240 ext.306 To go on series mailing list or for menu/queries: email

Ohmpride Electrics

Beauty by lindsey Sedgeberrow 01386 881 841

Extra sockets, downlighters, security lighting. New consumer units to current specification. Testing and certification. Free estimates. Part P and 17th edition qualified.

Please call Pete on 01386 882212,

Lindsey is a fully qualified vtct beauty therapist and has worked in the beauty industry since 2003. The salon is peaceful, relaxing, private and professional.

01386 881 841 OR 07801 629756 Treatments Include:

Waxing, manicures, pedicures, Gel varnish, facials, nonsurgical face lifts, Organic Facials, electrolysis, tinting, massage Inc deep tissue & Indian head Caci, Jessica, Geleration, SpaRitual, Guinot, Anne Borlind

07899 778725.

Gift Vouchers, Pamper Parties


Sedgeberrow Village Stores - 01386 882989 We stock Fresh Bread, Milk and Vegetables, Groceries & much more. Fresh Meat now available. Sunday opening from 2nd February, 8 am to 12 noon. Sundays papers available. Put your orders in now. Call in, ring or email me at:

7am-5.30pm Mon to Fri & 8am-1pm Saturday


Structural engineers in action Whether you‟re a „bird person‟ or not, this is stunning!!! Not to detract from the sheer magic of it, but in practical terms, how MANY trips would a bird have to make with that tiny little quantity of mud/clay it could carry? (and how far from the nest is the source?) If you take the construction of a circular bowl in your stride as instinctive – how the heck does the bird come up with the windbreak/ entrance design that shields the eggs/chicks from the elements – and at what point in fashioning the bowl do they start to construct it? Not a British bird, but then we are learning to make our houses more environmentally friendly, so there is still hope for us. Pictures courtesy of Annette Dawson


News from Sedgeberrow CE First School 01386 881391 The Spring Term began well with everyone returning to school refreshed after their Christmas break. During the first week in January we took the whole school on our annual post-christmas visit to the pantomime. This year it was „Aladdin‟ at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham. The children spent the week in school learning about pantomime and benefited from a pre-show workshop from the theatre so they were well prepared and thoroughly enjoyed the show joining in with all songs and responses and generally having a wonderful time.

Eco School Green Flag Award Later this year we are due to reapply for our Eco School Green Flag Award so the committee have been very busy working together to ensure that we remain an eco -friendly school. They completed an environmental review in the Autumn and created an action plan from which we are currently working:

Action Plan  Litter: Remember to put your litter in the bins provided.  Transport: Try to walk to school, cycle to school, share a car or catch the bus to school. All of these are eco friendly but don't come in the car if possible because we don't want any more co2.  Energy: You need to turn off the lights, whiteboards and computers when you are finished in a room.  Healthy living: We will try to have a living plant in every classroom.  Waste: Remember to compost waste food so that none goes in the normal bin. Electricity monitoring is an ongoing commitment of the whole school. For the last two years we have been keeping a record of our electricity usage and charting it on the eco-board. The committee take a weekly reading and it is recorded on a chart. There is a winter target line which we try to keep below and also a summer one. Every week that we manage to keep below the line the children receive a token and when they have ten tokens each class chooses a focus for a special „treat‟ afternoon. The data enables us to make yearly comparisons to ensure that we are making the best possible savings. Last term we also joined in‟ Switch it off‟ fortnight in order to further encourage our electricity savings. The eco committee produced an assembly all about global warming and what will happen to the earth if it the gets too warm. It was a big success. Contd over page


The Eco Committee showed how the earth has the atmosphere all around it, how the sun shines on the earth and how the CO2 traps the sun‟s rays in the atmosphere and the earth gets hotter.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Advance Notice. On Thursday 27th and Friday 28th March Key Stage Two will be performing their annual show at Pershore No.8 theatre. This year it will be „Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‟ so please keep the dates and contact school nearer the time if you would like to book tickets for what should be a wonderful show. Mrs M Humphreys Headteacher

A Great Day Out for all the Family. Sunday 4th May

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. S.E. Worcestershire Tiddesley Wood Open Day. Sunday 4th May 2014.10am to 5pm The Open Day takes place in one of Worcestershire‟s most ancient woodlands just outside Pershore and regularly attracts more than 1000 visitors. As well as guided walks and activities for children there will also be a wide range of local craftspeople and artists. Website. “With around 60 craft stalls, live music, lunches and cakes there‟s something to keep everyone amused during the day”. Entrance fee: Adults £3, Children £1, free parking. Contact: Harry Green. (Chairman) 01386 710377 Also Meetings at Wulstan Hall, Priest Lane, Pershore at 7.30 PM. Admission £2. Tuesday 18th Feb 14: Changes to Planning Laws and the effect on wildlife conservation. Tuesday 18th March 14: A talk by Liz Etheridge on the Pershore wetland.


Sedgeberrow Women’s Institute

A Happy New Year to everyone. I do hope that you enjoyed your Christmas break in spite of the atrocious weather.

A last look at 2013 In December Helen held her icing class. Once again several members went to the W.I. Christmas concert where David and Carrie were the guest singers. Our Christmas meeting was a members evening which was great fun and also when we celebrated the birthdays of eight of our members. We enjoyed a Christmas coffee morning at Jacky's. Finally our Christmas Dinner at Dumbleton Hall was, as usual, a very enjoyable evening.

And now for 2014 January started with our first Book Club Meeting, and by the time you read this we shall have heard the first speaker, Ian Lloyd-Oswell. Our speaker for February will be Nicholas Clarke who will talk about The Silk Road and The Road to Samarkand. We shall be having our monthly Book Club Meeting which will be at Ella's and the coffee morning venue to be decided. Unfortunately the visit to Postlip Mill was oversubscribed but we are hoping to be successful on the next visit. In March our speakers will be Rachel Jones of Act On Energy and Mike Parker of SeSaME who together will talk about 'Home Energy Savings'. Our usual activities will take place in 2014 - coffee mornings, book club, cinema visits, skittles etc . The committee is always working on new ideas. New members are always welcome and we look forward to seeing you Many thanks also to Chris Trewick ( Mr.) for printing our programme. Ella Hardman 01386 881088



Know Your Petrol Prices! There is a service run by a Brendan McLoughlin [] who will, when asked, send you details of current prices in your area. These below are for Sedgeberrow and Cheltenham at the beginning of January 2014.

Cheapest stations within 5 miles of Sedgeberrow for Unleaded. 130.9p Vale Services Cheltenham Road, Ashton Under Hill, Evesham, WR11 7QP Shell, 2.29 miles away, last updated on 3 January 130.9p Cheltenham Road Evesham Express Cheltenham Road, Fairfield, Evesham, WR11 1LE Esso, 2.94 miles away, last updated on 5 January 130.9p Morrisons Evesham The Link, Fourpools Estate, Evesham, WR11 1DX 3.1 miles away, last updated on 6 January 130.9p Tesco Evesham Worcester Road Worcester Road, Greenhill, Evesham, WR11 4XF 4.03 miles away, last updated on 6 January Cheapest stations within 5 miles of (GL53 7BJ) for Unleaded. 127.9p Tesco Cheltenham Colletts Drive, Cheltenham, GL51 8JQ 1.8 miles away, last updated on 6 January 127.9p Morrisons Up Hatherley Greatfield Park, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, GL51 3BW 2.23 miles away, last updated on 6 January 127.9p Sainsburys Tewkesbury Road Manor Road, Swindon, Cheltenham, GL51 9SQ 3.03 miles away, last updated on 6 January 127.9p Kingswood Service Station Evesham Road, Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham, GL52 8SA Esso, 4.03 miles away, last updated on 6 January 128.9p Sixways Service Station London Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, GL52 6HZ Esso, 1.52 miles away, last updated on 6 January Can anyone answer the following two questions? 1. Why does it consistently cost 3p a litre more to deliver fuel to Evesham? 2. How come retailers, in this competitive age, keep their prices the same? ( Lesson learnt: Buy petrol if you happen to be in Cheltenham. Editor)


CHANCEL REPAIR LIABILITY From the Parochial Church Council. Sedgeberrow PCC has, for some time, been looking at the very complex matter of the above liability. The matter has been made much harder by the actions of some of the people of the village. The distribution of a leaflet to all villagers by owners of property in Sandfield Lane and its contents has caused a great deal of unnecessary worry due to the inaccuracies and misinformation it contained. This has caused division in the community at large. The PCC is at a loss to understand the motivation behind this action. The PCC, as trustees of a charity, were duty bound to investigate the liability and to come to a decision on how to deal with the problem. If they did not do so it is possible that they could be challenged for failing to take proper account of the assets of the charity. We therefore employed a company to look at this complex matter. They gave us information that the liability would only fall on the land at the end of Sandfield Lane. Because of the strictures on the timescale, we immediately had to apply to the Land Registry for the liability to be registered. The landowners were informed on 4th November of this decision and at the same time were told that it was then possible to deregister the land at no cost. At a meeting of the PCC on 11th November it was decided to apply to deregister the properties. Before any of this could be done, a circular dated 22nd November was sent to every house. Very shortly after this, the residents of Sandfield Lane obtained an opinion from a non-legally qualified vicar saying that they were not liable. We were therefore obliged to undertake further research to ascertain what the facts of the case were. It appears from research at the Land Registry that the liability does not exist, although the residents did accept it at the time. We are also able to state that the liability does not exist on any other properties in Sedgeberrow. The apparent inability of the residents to accept what they were told on 4th November has resulted in everything having to be held up, when the whole matter could have been settled in November. We are only now able to start the process of deregistering the land. This will very soon be done.


Bespoke Picture Framing Services Quiet Place, Lifford Gardens, Broadway, Worcs, WR12 7DA. Tel: 01386 881782/882268 e-mail: web:

The NEW Studio is now open for our specialist services. STUDIO Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

HOURS OF BUSINESS CLOSED 10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. CLOSED CLOSED

We offer specialist one to one services in respect of framing, canvases (all sizes), photographic enhancement, giclee printing, limited edition prints, cards taken from artists original work/ photographs etc, 35mm slide and negative printing and much more.

We look forward to being of service.


FOOTPATH WARDEN’S REPORT The recent poor weather has made the footpaths challenging to walk on, and the winter seasonal walk was consequently cancelled. However, this is an insignificant side effect of the heavy rainfall compared with the threat of flooding in the village. On this tack it is worthwhile remembering that the good husbandry of the countryside, through which our paths go, is very important for the long term management of the River Isbourne catchment. As with the maintenance of our rights of way, the support of local farmers and landowners in helping the land absorb water and drain well is essential and greatly valued. Following observations by some walkers from our village an engineer from Worcestershire County Council recently inspected the state of ditches near one of our footpaths, and will be making recommendations regarding their improvement. This highlights the value of local residents who enjoy walking being diligent, and reporting anything which seems untoward in and around the countryside within the Sedgeberrow area. The path through the woods adjacent to the River Isbourne has recently been cleared by a team of young men on probation, as part of the “Community Pay Back” scheme, and they have done an excellent job. A section of the path beyond Sandfield Farm towards Kersoe has been cutback by council contractors, and the remainder will be completed as part of the County Council‟s 2014 summer clearance schedule. The spring seasonal walk will be on Sunday 6th April at, and will start at the village hall. We will be walking to Dumbleton, before returning to Sedgeberrow via Dumbleton Mill and Wormington. The walk will be about 4 miles/2 hours long, and footwear and clothing suitable for country walking ought to be worn; also a drink and snack should be brought along too. The voluntary job of parish footpath warden will be vacant as of this May, and it would be greatly valued if someone could step in. The basic duties are to walk the footpaths regularly (perhaps every quarter), to check that they are clear and adequately way-marked. Of course if the post-holder wishes to do more, then that would be welcomed. Furthermore full support, basic equipment and training opportunities are provided by Worcestershire County Council Countryside Services. If you would like any further information about the warden’s job, or anything in this report, please do no hesitate to get in touch with me. Dave May. Parish Footpath Warden

Please contact Dave if you need further information: either on 01386 882113 or e-mail:


Hallo everyone Muppet here I‟m sorry to say that we‟ve had a bit of a disappointing time of it just lately. First we met the baby two-legs and oh dear did they make a poor impression – they made a terrible noise from one end and a dreadful smell from the other ... I‟m not sure if my delicate nose will ever recover! Secondly, for all the talk about a big fat two-legs in a red suit who climbs down chimneys and leaves pressies, it didn‟t happen here ... and I was so looking forward to chasing him back up the chimney, I even stayed up all night but still didn‟t catch hide nor hair of him. Huh! There is one bit of good news, school has started again ... „ang on a minute, I haven‟t told you about that have I? Every Wednesday evening Doofuss and I get to take our two-legs to school so that they get some training. It‟s a pretty smart idea and quite cunning as plans go. There‟s this two-legs that runs the class and, I might add, she‟s sooo clever she could almost be a four-legs. Doofuss insists she‟s Spanish „cause her name is Armada (there is something seriously wrong with his hearing – her name is Amanda!) Amanda tells all the two-legs what they are supposed to be doing (like telling us to sit or maybe stay), they do it, we do it (most of the time) and we‟re the ones to get the tasty treats. Told you it was cunning didn‟t I? Anyway fellow four-legs, if you do nothing else this year drag your two-legs to school – I promise you won‟t regret it. See you all soon Muppet and Doofuss

My Dad used to say ―always fight fire with fire‖, which is probably why he got thrown out of the fire brigade. 24

Stuart Huntley


Aerial Erection Service

BOOKKEEPING SERVICES Charlie Kench-Lucas - Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians


Are you running a small business as a Sole Trader? Struggling to find time to keep up with your paperwork? If so, I can offer you a friendly personal service keeping your paperwork and finances organised and up to date, so that you can devote more of your time running your business and have peace


of mind that everything else is under control.

01386 553151 07976606967

If this sounds like you, please contact me and we can discuss how I may be able to help.

Family Business Established 1973


Telephone : 07909 617111 Email :

Christmas Colouring Competition Winner The Winner was Jack Scarrott Aged 11, who will receive a prize of ÂŁ5, in Tokens for the Village Stores. Well done Jack. Competition created and co-ordinated by Marilyn Butt

Local in Sedgeberrow

WOODY’S GARDEN SERVICES For all your garden requirements, your local parish lengthsman... fully insured, friendly service, no job too small

Martin Woodhouse Telephone 882497 Mobile 07766 113 671 Registered & Reliable, Flexible Service with Trust. Cost Effective. 26

John & Olive Wilsher

The Queens Head Serving a fine Selection of HOOK NORTON ALES & guest beers CASK MARQUE ACCREDITED


Music on Saturdays, after 8.30 pm. . Sat 1st Feb and Sat 4th April - music with Chris. March. Sat 1st - Trisha Clark. Sat 15th - Copperliner Good Friday Karaoke. 18th April.

Fortnightly Quiz on a Sunday at 8pm. Sundays 9th & 23rd February Sundays 9th & 23rd of March The Queen‟s Head, 1 Main St Sedgeberrow,WR11 7UE Telephone 01386 881135

Sedgeberrow British Legion Womens Section Our next meeting will be on Wednesday March 5th at 7.30PM, in the Betteridge Room. The speakers will be: Rachel Jones of Act On Energy and Mike Parker of SeSaME who together will talk on “Home Energy Savings” Hostesses: P.Petri, M. Pratt. Monthly Prize: S. Andrews. The April Meeting will be Wednesday 2nd at 7.30PM Speaker to be arranged. Hostesses: D. Poyner. V. Pullee Monthly Prize: P. Barr I apologise once again for delay in programmes but due to illness we have found it difficult to concentrate on contacting speakers. February Speaker will be Tracy Sollis "Leukaemia Trust"



With the ground so wet and the fierce winds we have been experiencing it‟s not a good time to be out on the allotment. We have to be content with planning time, though it won‟t be long before we will have to be out there getting ready for the growing season. Meanwhile here below is some news about recent developments in the county. Richard Hunt. Chair

Welcome to the Growing Worcestershire Website Growing Worcestershire is a resource for local food growing for health, community, pleasure and local food security. It is governed by the concept of the triple bottom line, i.e. enhancing the economy, environmental improvement and social benefit. The launch meeting of Growing Worcestershire was held in the Worcestershire County Council Chamber at County Hall, Worcester on the Friday 8th November 2013. "Growing Worcestershire: Linking people, food and community" This project was thought up by Cllr Anthony Blagg and staff at Worcestershire County Council, although it is definitely not a council led function and prides itself on volunteers working together and help from a wide variety of organisations. Before a formal committee structure is established you can contact Anthony (preferably by email: for further details about the project or anything you would like included on the site. At the moment Anthony runs the site in his spare time.

Composting News Food waste collections in Wychavon have stopped this month following consultation as to how the Council could save £4 million pounds in four years. The Council were reported to have had 1,700 responses to their consultation about potential cuts, of whom 88% picked scrapping the £550,000 a year service as the top way to save cash. It has been described as an “expensive and underused service.” Councillor Ron Davis is described in the Evesham Journal as saying “Residents who use the service and aren‟t sure what to do with their food waste can talk to us about home composting or minimising waste in other ways.” They can go to or call 01386 565018. Editor’s Comment: One would hope that low take up of the service has been a combination of people being careful about overbuying food and having a compost bin. If you have no room for a bin why not offer to share with a neighbour? I do.


SEDGEBERROW PARISH COUNCIL Wychavon Community Grant Scheme Wychavon District Council is inviting applications for the 2014 Community Grant Scheme. These grants are available to local voluntary groups and charitable organisations for projects that aim to support initiatives that improve services and facilities for the local community and encourage local action to improve quality of life. The deadline for applications is noon on Friday 28th March. For more information and an application form contact Tracy Grubb on 01386 565168 or email

Local Policing PCSO Simon Williams, who has covered the Pershore Rural South Local Policing Area for seven years, has moved to pastures new and joined as a Police Officer in Warwickshire Police. We send our thanks to Simon for all he has done to keep our village safe over the years and wish him all the best in his new job. The village is now to be covered by PC Sean Woods, and PCSO Julie Pardoe, from the Safer Neighbourhood Team at Pershore Police Station. They can be contacted by email at or dial 101 to speak to them directly. In an emergency always call 999.

Proposed Waiting Restrictions The Parish Council has tried hard to stop the proposed waiting restrictions in Main Street, but the County Council officials are adamant that there is a need for them, stating that they are formalising what generally happens but eliminating the risk of an inappropriately parked vehicle making the road impassable by a larger vehicle. The operation date for the Traffic Order for the proposed No Waiting, Monday-Saturday, 7am-7pm is set for 13th February.

Wychavon Parish Games

In the 2013 Wychavon Parish Games, Sedgeberrow finished in 13 th place out of 34 parishes, with a total of 56 points. The angling team and the ladies darts team were trophy winners and these can be seen on display in The Queenâ€&#x;s Head.

Council Tax 2014/2015 The Parish Council has agreed to raise a precept for 2014/15 of ÂŁ9,567, so there will be little, or no, increase in the Parish Council charge on your Council Tax bills for the coming year. (Contd over)


Annual Parish Assembly

The Annual Parish Assembly will be held on Thursday 6 th March at 7.30pm at the Village Hall. This is an open meeting for all parish electors, so please come along to meet your Councillors and raise any matters that you may have concerning the village. Maureen Pratt – Chairman. Tel: 881637 Email:

Further Update on the Home Energy Survey There are plans in hand for a detailed analysis of the 225 forms that villagers returned during the survey. It will be delivered to your door, hopefully around April. It will include proposals for possible action that villagers may wish to take and give details of a Saturday afternoon/early evening, Energy Saving Event in the Village Hall. A not-to-be missed event, given the recent developments in energy costs and the extreme weather patterns of these Winter months. By then there should be greater clarity about the proposed changes to ECO money that we have heard so much about in the media. Meanwhile here are a few trends that we can expect to be considered from the forms we have received. The returns indicate a relatively high % of solid walls. We have a proportionately large number of oil buyers. Double glazing is well utilised. There could be scope for improving both loft and storage tank insulation and also improvement to thermostat usage. There has been a good follow up on fire safety checks. This is just a taster. There will be more. WATCH THIS SPACE. There should be opportunities for individual householders to reduce their energy consumption and thereby their annual heating bills. More importantly we will be exploring ways in which joint action can reduce installation costs even further.


St Mary the Virgin Sedgeberrow 200 Club Winners Drawn by Mr R Hunt Week Week Week Week Week Week Week

46 47 48 48 48 49 50

No No No No No No No

171 41 57 49 109 234 296

Mrs McGuinness Mrs C Robinson Mrs J Sollis Mr A Hacklett Mrs A Livingstone Mrs Lucas Mrs McCranor

£10 £10 £20 £10 £ 5 £10 £10

Thank you for your continued support C F Banks

Sedgeberrow Village Hall

Treasurer Wanted The village hall committee require a volunteer treasurer. If anyone in the village is interested in this role please contact: Colette Malin on 01386 881014 or further details.



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SEDGEBERROW Mobile Library Timetable Churchill Road: 9.20 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9.40am. School: 9.45 - 10.05am. Phone Box: 10.10 -10.25am. Note: The Mobile Library will now NOT be stopping at the Church The Mobile Library will be visiting the above stops on the dates listed below:-

3rd February 2014, 24th February 2014, 17th March 2014, 7 th April 2014. Enquiries about this service should be made to: EVESHAM LIBRARY, OAT STREET, EVESHAM, WR11 4PJ Tel 01905 822722,

Abbey Cleaning Services Traditional Window Cleaners Family Run Business Established 1993 Domestic and Commercial

01386 446098 33

SEDGEBERROW FLOOD GROUP Flood Warden - Richard Hunt 01386 882079 Secretary –

Good news – despite the persistently wet weather and two flood alerts over the Christmas and New Year period we have avoided any major problems in the village. This is largely due to the new bridge protecting us, without it we could well have got wet! Our sympathies go out to those properties in the south who suffered the worst possible Christmas! Lucky that our emergency siren control panel has been improved so it should now be able to cope with the surge in current needed to start it up. Thanks to John & Olive at the Queens Head pub for their patience with our many visits. We will need to test it again later in the year and will of course keep you informed through the Sedgeberrow Post and local notices. Insurance remains high on our agenda, especially in light of yet more flooding across the UK. We will update you following our next Flood group meeting in February. We have continued updating our register of those properties needing support and have also visited new residents to let them know where we can help. If you would like to be included on our register, please do get in touch with us. Richard Hunt. (Flood Warden)

―Two Eskimos sitting in their kayak were getting a little chilly, so they lit a fire in the craft. It promptly sank. Proving once and for all that you can’t have your kayak and heat it too‖ 34

Aston Somerville Bowls Club is near Evesham, surrounded by beautiful countryside. The Bowls season starts in April 2014 and we are currently looking for new members of both sexes and all ages. We would be delighted to welcome anyone to come along who may want to try the game and perhaps have never had the opportunity to see if they would enjoy playing, or maybe you are an experienced bowler looking to join a local, friendly and vibrant Bowls Club. We would love to talk to you and invite you to join us when the season starts in April. Contact Geoff Roberts 07817716018, for more information.


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Village Hall Events (MH) = Main Hall (BR) = Betteridge Room

What’s on in February 2014 1st 4th 5th th

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What’s on in March 2014

8.00pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (BR) 7.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (BR) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 6.30pm (MH)

4th 5th 11th 12th 18th 19th 25th 26th

Pilates Dog training RWBLS Pilates Dog training Pilates WI Dog training Pilates Dog training

7.30pm (MH) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 7.30pm(BR) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 6.30pm (MH)

The Betteridge Room and The Village Hall are available to hire for private parties, functions, fundraising events, meetings. For further details and bookings please contact Colette Malin 01386 881014.

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