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Produced by : Mick & Kim Workman, Mike Parker, Chris & Mel Wilson, Marilyn Butt, with watercolour above by Julian Crawford


S E P T 2 0 1 3

A N D Were those “the good old days?�

What were they really like? A SeSaME Production. No 11

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3. Do You Lack Rhythm?

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4. Sedge Warbler

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Do You Lack Rhythm? If so, that’s maybe why you might miss getting an article into the Sedgeberrow Post on time. We have to admit that the increased gap, caused by being bi-monthly, makes timing a little complicated for article and minute writers. It does though significantly reduce the pressure on the time commitment of the busy twenty two villagers who generously arrange the rhythm of their lives around dropping the Post onto your doormat.

You can get rhythm though! Please look at these 2013/14 copy deadlines:

15th Sept, 17th Nov 2013. 12th Jan 2014. Take the floor, swirl into action, plot and plan your meetings so that you are left with time to catch the Sedgeberrow Post. Pen your articles with an eye on those magic dates.

Cancelled Cancelled

We still have hope for next year Think about how you can get involved, have fun and support your village in 2014. We need you for it to happen. Ring 01386 881764 Sedgeberrow Post is available online. Go to & click on the Kingfisher. If you want a reminder on every publication date see below:

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From: The Sedge Warbler Estates of the Evesham Rural district Council. Sedge Warbler pic. copyright of P&H Harris.

I was fascinated to find that Kim and Mick Workman had discovered this mint copy of a tenants handbook when sorting Kim‟s Dad‟s effects. The picture itself is a work of art that belies the mundane nature of it‟s contents, though they provide a very interesting read as they outline the responsibilities and benefits of the tenancy, presented as : “An illustrated Handbook specially prepared for the use of tenants on the Housing Estate” Tenants responsibilities included replacing broken window panes and having the chimneys swept periodically. There is a long list of such obligations, all clearly explained in great detail. Nuisances to be avoided appear little different from likely ones of today, except for “certain activities” of children playing in the street – fat chance of that delight today. Noise, owners not controlling their dogs, and wild gardens impinging on neighbours are no strangers to today‟s similar woes. Interestingly, at a time when growing your own was an integral part of a family‟s lifestyle they contained a ban on building a fruit and vegetable stall without the prior consent of the council. Written permission was needed if you wished to erect an outside TV aerial. A picture of Churchill Rd, Sedgeberrow (built 1951) appears and, apart from an absence of cars, is instantly recognisable. Two pages are devoted to the delights and obligations of Electricity, prefaced in the list of rules by the statement “The Council reserve the right to wire any Council house for a supply of electricity; but nothing in these regulations shall compel a tenant to use such a supply.” They then go on to extol and praise the virtue of electricity, pointing out the fact that its use is not just confined to labour saving devices but can be used for radios etc. Under the heading: “THE GOOD OLD DAYS” – or were they” the leaflet points out that “users of these labour saving devices can claim to be as fortunate as any Victorian household was with a servant, even though now few can afford one. “The estimated electricity charge for the average house was 4.1/2d per unit (about 2p a unit) for the first 60 units per quarter and all other units at 1d per unit ( about 0.5p a unit). Safe to say now that, for electricity prices at least, those were truly “the good old days.” Sedge Warbler


Submitting Material For Publication Your Village Needs You Have you any experiences you wish to share, a skill that could please our villagers? Do please us all by submitting articles, recording your events and most importantly, hitting our bi-monthly deadlines. If you are a local villager you will have a choice of a double A5 page spread, a single A5 page, a half page and a quarter page. We can help you estimate how many words you will need for each size. Talk to Mike, who will help you sort out how much space you will need. (01386 881863)

In association with Evesons of Worcestershire.

For a monthly email reminder - contact Mike Parker Don’t miss out! Next Delivery Dates are: Thurs 8th Aug, Thurs 12th Sept. Make sure that you buy regularly as a member of Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group, as come the crunch at any time, because of supply and weather conditions, loyal members will be prioritised.

Reminder: Minimum delivery is 500 litres, so check that your tank will easily take that amount. It’s important because our Oil Buying Group pays 1000 litre rates for 500 litre orders, which are normally at least a 1p a litre more. 1. Check the dates - see below. 2. Phone on 01905 775920 or by email to 3. Remember: If you order after midday of the day before delivery, you will NOT be eligible for the reduced price. Check your tank levels regularly. 4. You must say you are part of the Sedgeberrow Oil Buying Group. 5. Give full delivery name and address. 6. Payment can be made either at time of ordering but certainly within TEN days of delivery, either by cheque or by phoning in with debit card details. 7. Sign up with SeSaME for an “email - order date reminder” if you lead a busy life. 8.The price is not fixed until two days before delivery, as market prices change every day. 2013 Delivery Dates -

Thurs 10th Oct. Thurs 14th Nov. Thurs 12th Dec. Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy

SeSaME. Website: – Email: Contact: Mike Parker (Chairman) Tel: 01386 881863


“ Please get your tyres off our toes!” “When they are walking their children to school and wielding their pushchairs, Mums and Dads can do without having to try to squeeze the chair, themselves and their independently mobile children, between a hedge or fence and an illegally parked vehicle, either private or commercial. It‟s even worse when they have to risk life and limb as they are forced out onto the road, which does happen.” Please heed this plea from a Sedgeberrow resident, one of several who walk their children to school. “If only for the children‟s sake, please trim back your hedges and stop parking your vehicles on the pavment.” (Editor)

Sedgeberrow Wordsearch Find all the words on the right in this topically themed Wordsearch Wimbledon tennis Plus one other, ace four letter, word. champion With a prize pkt grass to the first person umpire strawberries who gives the Editor the right cream hawkeye answer.


raquet Robinsons barleywater tournament love deuce Bartoli Murray

The idea for this Wordsearch comes to you courtesy of Lindsey, a Villager and Post Advertiser (see page 17). If you have any ideas to share about what would be good to see in the Post, please let us know. (Editor)

How well do you know your Village? Where was this picture taken then? (Pictures & idea courtesy of Peter Loomes) See page 36 for the answer.



Please feel free to contact me for a quote





Loyalty scheme available. Opening Hours Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm Saturday - 9am to 5pm Tel: 01242 609330 9 North St, Winchcombe Gloucestershire GL54 5LH

Watercolour by Pam Cuthbert. 2003

The Sedgeberrow Village Website: If you are a Village Group who would like to keep people up to date with activities on a page that you control on this website, contact Mike Parker at or on 01386 881863. Courtesy of our own Chris Wilson, we are offering villagers access to their own page, via their own unique password, enabling them to update their own written material, with a nominal charge of ÂŁ5 a year to cover administration costs. We hope that people will come forward to cover many facets of village life.

SC Heating And Plumbing


Crazy Hair


We specialise in bathroom renovations, minor heating installations and general service and repair.

Professional Hair Design

Feel free to call to arrange for a free quotation on 07850151199 or 01386 882167

Ample Free Parking



Sedgeberrow Parish Church News Benefice of Hampton, Sedgeberrow & Hinton on the Green. Priest in Charge: Revd. Mark Binney as at Hampton Vicarage on 01386 424235. Churchwardens: Ann Banks 881623 and Doreen Hayes 881965 Drawing by John Livingstone

August/September August

August 4th 10am Joint Benefice Service at Sedgeberrow. August 11th 10am Joint Benefice Service at Hampton. August 18th 10am Joint Benefice Service at Bengeworth. August 25th 10am Joint Benefice Service at Hinton.

September Sept 1st 9am Holy Communion Sept 8th 11am All Age Service Sept 15th 9am Holy Communion Sept 22nd 11am All Age Service Sept 29th 10am Joint Benefice TBA

Church News

BINGO DATES. September 14th - October 12th _ November 9th December 14th - all starting at 8pm.

Church Coffee Morning - 10am to 12noon, August 22nd - September 26th - October 24th - November 28th ( Tuesday December 17th with Christmas Trees) HARVEST SUPPER Will be on October 4th more details from Ann Banks 881623 CHURCHYARD COMPETITION we have entered again this year. 2 years ago we came 2nd The Tombola Table we held for Help for Heroes raised ÂŁ186


Wychavon DC Planning Meeting 28/3/13. Main St. The group of villagers interested in Sedgeberrow‟s housing and planning essentials, SHAPE for short, have been exploring the precise details regarding section 106 money referred to in the planning documents. The Planning Dept has helpfully informed us that “the section of the Committee Report regarding the S.106 agreement, required in relation to this application, identified the following planned contributions”: £5,517.84 - Highways-related contribution to assist in delivery of Worcestershire Transport Strategy. £500 - Highways-related contribution to provide bus stops and signage. Education Contribution - to be paid at the following rates: Nil - 1-bed house. £4,905 - 2- bed house. £4,905 - 3- bed house. £7,358 - 4- bed house. £1,962 - 2+ bed flats/apartments. Nil - Affordable housing. £15,325 - £21,625 - Off-site Sports Facilities - (dependent on occupancy and to go towards the South Wychavon Footballing Hub and/or Evesham Rowing Club). £13,600 - £34,000 Off-site Formal Sports provision - (dependent on occupancy and to go towards the South Wychavon Footballing Hub). £17,660 Off- site Public Open Space - (based on 2 or more bed units). £6,700 - Cycling contribution - (to contribute towards route NCN 41 in the Sedgeberrow area). £756 – Recycling. £1,500 Arts contribution. In general, any financial contributions required in relation to a development proposal granted planning permission must be compliant with the Community and Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulations. Details of this 2010 legislation and later amendments can be found at https:// The charges are set by the local council, based on the size and type of the new development. The regulations give local authorities the freedom to set their own priorities for what the money should be spent on. The regulations reward communities receiving new development through the direct allocation of a proportion of levy funds collected in their area. (15% or 25% depending on whether a Neighbourhood Plan is in place) The regulations require that the contributions (sometimes referred to as planning obligations, which can include other things like affordable housing) are: a) necessary to make the development acceptable in planning terms b) directly related to the development; c) fairly and reasonably related in scale and kind to the development Section 106 money is separate from the New Homes Bonus.


Hard Pressed-Village Ironing Service Sedgeberrow Based Driving Instructor

Need more time at home or work? Lots of ironing to do, but no time to do it? I accept all orders, large or small at very competitive prices. Ironing can be collected and delivered back to your door.


Call Lucy today for a friendly, efficient service.

Telephone: Home 01386 881505 Mobile 07808 476412

01386 882353 or 07542748742

Email Shirley at:


Preferential Rates for Sedgeberrow Residents

Dunn and Dusted Contract Cleaners Professional carpet cleaning using hot water extraction. Your carpets can look as good as new with our latest state of the art equipment. We carry out a survey of your carpet to determine fibre content and construction to ensure the correct chemicals are used to achieve optimum results. Fully insured. Landline: 01386 882902 Kim mobile: 07974 191 648 Mike mobile: 07854 872 343 11

Contact details of your key elected members. Maureen Pratt – Chairman of Sedgeberrow Parish Council Tel: 01386 881637. Email Clerk: Jacqueline Shields. Parish Councillors: John de Paris, Darren Farmer, Richard Hunt, Alan Stow.

Still Awaiting Photo

Roma Kirke – District Councillor Woodpeckers, 9 Hands Orchard, Great Comberton. Liz Eyre – County Councillor 150 High Street, Broadway, WR12 7AJ Tel: 01386 854807. Mobile: 07801816755

Harriett Baldwin – Member of Parliament for West Worcestershire. The House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. For caseworkers and advice surgery: Call Malvern Office to make an appointment on 01684 585165

Parkers Paraffinalia “keeping old lamps aflame”

Hand tied Bouquets, Contemporary Floral Arrangements, Country Main St, GL20 7AD Posies and 01386 881248 Vase filling.

Want to know more about your paraffin lamp? Do you .like complete, old lamps of your own for a kind mellow light and help in power cuts? Then call on Mike. 01386 881863 or 07949 200207 I collect and restore all kinds of old oil lamps, like Tilley, Hinks and Wells Unbreakable lamps. I am also quite happy to help you with queries about ways to restore or find parts for your lamps and give talks about early lighting.

Beckford Stores Speciality Foods & Delicatessan Post Office & PayPoint Dry Cleaning Email: Tel: 01386 881248

Email: Website:



You can also find out about Avon Cat Rescue as Chris Marshall tells us that they are having a stall on the day.

Animal Fun Facts Dog nose prints are as unique as human finger prints and can be used to identify them! On average, cats spend 2/3 of every day sleeping. That means a nine-yearold cat has been awake for only three years of its life! When rabbits are happy, they will jump and twist - this is called a binky! Marilyn Butt

I hear that Wrigleys have implemented a system at their Yorkshire factory to sell their products on-line. It's called e-BuyGum.


“Sign seen on a Tennessee highway: Take notice, when this sign is under water, this road is impassable.� 15

Help wanted for items to support the Coffee and Tea Open Day on Friday 27th September I am arranging an Open Day with Tea/Coffee etc., at the Church on Friday 27th September 10am – 4pm. A Raffle, Tombola, Crafts, Vegetables, Cakes and Wooden Bowls will be available. If anyone has any unwanted items they could let me have for the Raffle or Tombola these would be gratefully accepted. Many thanks Doreen Hayes 01386 881965

MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT COFFEE & TEA OPEN DAY AT SEDGEBERROW CHURCH FRIDAY 27th SEPTEMBER 2013 10am - 4pm Raffle, Tombola, Crafts, Vegetables, Cakes Wooden Bowls, etc. Sedgeberrow Post Advertisements To discuss your needs, format your advert, ring 01386 881863 (Speak to Mike)

Single Issue

For 2013 - 2 Issues

1/4 page ……£7.50 1/2 page…...£15.00 Full page…..£25.00

1/4 page ……£10.00 1/2 page……£20.00 Full page…..£40.00

All adverts that are booked for issues starting with February/March 2013, will also appear at no extra charge in the village website, under “Local Traders” on the menu list. View Please email advert material to: We can afford to include some colour in your advert for a logo or small section. If however you wish to have full colour throughout we will need to negotiate with you on the price


Regain Your Natural Poise

Chimney Pots Chimney Services


Chris Hurley

Can help with: -Woodburners and Liners fitted -Bird Guards and Pots fitted -Pointing and Repairs -Gutters cleaned -Broken roof tiles replaced 01386 841808 07969 423020

 

stress poor posture, back, neck and joint pain  improved performance in sport, music and other activities


general health & well being

Philippa Rands MSTAT 01386 881633

Ohmpride Electrics

Beauty by lindsey

All electrical work undertaken:

Extra sockets, downlighters, security lighting. New consumer units to current specification. Testing and certification. Free estimates. Part P and 17th edition qualified.

Sedgeberrow 01386 881 841 Lindsey is a fully qualified vtct beauty therapist and has worked in the beauty industry since 2003. The salon is peaceful, relaxing, private and professional. August

Buy 2 get one free On all waxing with this voucher* September

Free treatment manicure with any pedicure with this voucher*

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01386 881 841 OR 07801 629756 Waxing, manicures, pedicures, Gel varnish, facials, Electrical Facials, electrolysis, tinting, massage Inc deep tissue & Indian head Caci, Jessica, Geleration, Guinot, Anne Borlind Gift Vouchers, Pamper Parties *Only one voucher per customer. Cheapest item free . cannot be use in conjunction with any other offer.


Newspapers now available We are stocking Fresh Bread, Milk and Vegetables, groceries and much more

Opening Hours Monday to Friday: 7am - 5.30pm. Saturday: 8am - 1pm. Sunday: Closed Do let me know your suggestions & ideas. We would like to hear from local producers also. Please email me at: I look forward to seeing you in store! Sophie 18

Local in Sedgeberrow

WOODY’S GARDEN SERVICES For all your garden requirements, your local parish lengthsman... fully insured, friendly service, no job too small

Martin Woodhouse Telephone 882497 Mobile 07766 113 671 Registered & Reliable, Flexible Service with Trust. Cost Effective.

The Vilaseca String Quartet SUNDAY 29th September 7 for 7.30pm Dinner recital at Dumbleton Hall Hotel. The Vilaseca String Quartet will perform Haydn's " Sunrise" Quartet and Brahms' Quartet No 2 followed by light music during coffee.

ÂŁ28 advance booking only. Seating arranged at tables of 6-10. (individuals and group bookings welcome). Booking details and menu on website link to Dumbleton Hall Hotel: or 01386 881240 ext.306 or email To go on series mailing list:


Home Energy Survey to Cut Your Fuel Costs. SeSaME has joined forces with Wychavon District Council and Act on Energy to conduct a survey of our village‟s energy needs. This will helps us to utilise any potential funding resources that are available, such as the new Energy Company Obligation* and the Green Deal**. Starting this August a member of our survey team will be knocking on your door and asking you to fill in a home energy survey form with them. This form will enable us to see what energy efficiency measures you could benefit from, and ultimately the level of funding that might be available.

A completed form is important to enable us to establish levels of funding we might be able to access.

How it will work? Once all the information has been gathered, the data will be collated and assessed to see what levels of funding can be achieved and what sort of measures can be offered to you.

What could be on offer?   

Detailed assessment/ survey of your house. Potential to access funding for assisting work on some properties. An information event organised at the Village Hall, where villagers can see what is on offer and talk through their needs. A chance to meet local traders and organisations. They will be invited to the public event in the village, offering solutions to the energy needs that your survey has revealed. Villagers can make contact there with approved traders, see what types of measures can be installed and decide what could be done for them.


What we are hoping to achieve?     

Help villagers invest profitably in their homes by reducing energy costs. Improve villagers joint buying of energy and thus reduce purchasing costs. Create cost effective work for local traders in projects that reduce energy costs. Reduce our villages‟ carbon footprint. Link insulation with flood protection in affected properties.

Who is doing the survey work? A team of 15 village volunteers, complete with a survey form and information about the reasons for the questions you will be asked, will be doing the legwork. Please fill in your form with their help, even though you believe the results may not help your personal housing situation. Having first hand information for the whole village will help our efforts to reduce the heating costs of many residents: especially those with a history of old housing stock, built with poor insulation and heating sources. Mary Unwin from Wychavon District Council is providing the printed forms, together with all the related paperwork needed to ensure all our efforts are recorded and collated properly. The scope of the questions was jointly decided by all the three parties and Act On Energy created the master copy for Wychavon District Council to print the final copies.

*The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) - is designed to reduce Britain‟s energy consumption by funding home improvements worth around £1.3 billion every year until 2015. It is particularly significant for houses with no access to mains gas. The funding comes from the big energy suppliers. **The Green Deal is the policy which allows households to receive energy efficiency measures at no upfront cost and the repayments for the works are paid back via the energy savings made from the newly installed measures.


Sedgeberrow Women’s Institute Here is a quick resume of the events which took place after the last report. Sadly, we were unable to go to our 'Painting Day' at Colesbourne Park because of illness. The Clay Pigeon shoot was a great success and we did manage to score quite a few hits. Happily I did not shoot myself in the foot as I had feared. At the end of the afternoon we were each given a certificate and a cap from the shooting school. Ashton Garden Centre - We heard all about the garden centre and the future plans which are now under way. We look forward to visiting again when the building is finished. Ten members went down to the centre to plant our hanging baskets. Another enjoyable evening was held at Dumbleton Club. In June we heard a fascinating talk about how beads were made from old glass bottles. Eight of our members enjoyed a walk around Farmcote and 'Cromwell's Seat '. This was followed by a ploughman's lunch. There was no speaker in July as we were having our garden party which was held at Chris's this year on July,16th. The Book Club met on Friday, July 26th. August will be a fairly quiet month. Hopefully we shall have a coffee morning and four of our members will be going to Cheltenham for an afternoon of croquet. In September we begin our activities again. This month Ginnie Meakin will be telling us about her Alpacas, and we hope to visit her farm soon afterwards. There will be a visit to the Arts Centre to see a show. Coffee mornings and Book Club will take place as usual in October , we shall hear about " The Mills on the Isbourne ". The Group Quiz also takes place this month. As always everyone is welcome, so please come along. Ella Hardman 01386 881088




Rogue Traders Aug/Sept WRS Trading Standards are warning consumers to be on the alert for rogue traders cold calling at their properties offering to carry out roofing, garden or patio work. This follows four reports received this week where elderly residents have been approached at home by traders offering to do work on their properties. All four incidences were reported in the Evesham area at Lower Moor, Bretforton and Cleeve Prior. If consumers are approached in this way please contact your local police or Trading Standards on 01527 881395 Consumers should always take great care when they are approached in this way. You should be given seven days cooling off period to consider the quote before the work starts. If you are asked to sign a „waiver‟ or „disclaimer‟ to allow the trader to start work straight away consider whether the work is really necessary immediately or whether you need time to get further quotations. Traders should take heed of “no cold caller” notices displayed at your door and should respect the wishes of consumers when asked to leave. The law is quite clear, if you ask a salesman/trader to leave your property, they commit a criminal offence if they do not leave, or return to the property. Trading Standards advise that if you need work done to your home or garden, always get three quotations to enable you to get an idea of the going rate for a job and to choose the right trader, or ask a friend or neighbour for a recommendation. WRS Trader register has a directory of local traders who may be able to help – you can find their details at Alternatively ring 01905 765765 for further information. Bryony Fulcher. Trading Standards Officer. Tel: 01527 548210 Mob: 07951 612449 Fax: 01905 617132 E-mail: Worcestershire Regulatory Services. PO Box 866, Worcester, WR1 9DP You can also get in touch with PC 3243 Sean Woods or PCSO 6340 Simon Williams, Pershore Rural South Local Policing Team by calling 101, or emailing:

To report information anonymously please contact crimestoppers on: 0800 555111



For a great service and sparkling windows

Roger Andrews Telephone 881255 Mobile 07541 990 871


Picturesque – Art Cafe Main Street, Dumbleton. WR11 7TH. Telephone: 01386 881782 e-mail: web:

We invite you to sample the delights at Picturesque Art Café We offer a comprehensive menu and can cater for small groups by prior arrangement. We are certain you will find many tempting things to enjoy. Why not discuss your Picture Framing, Photographic Enhancement requirements on a one to-one-basis and enjoy browsing our selection of Cards, Jewellery and Gifts, all at affordable prices. We also offer: Fresh:- Buckland Local tomatoes, Large Local Eggs, Local Bread, Local Milk. ART CAFÉ Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sun/Monday


10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 3.00.p.m. CLOSED

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sun/Monday

SHOP 10.00a.m. – 5.00.p.m. 10.00a.m. – 5.00.p.m. 10.00a.m. – 5.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 5.00 p.m. 10.00a.m. – 3.00 p.m. CLOSED


We look forward to seeing you and to providing service with a smile.


FOOTPATH WARDEN’S REPORT I have been contacted by villagers who have highlighted the need to cut the seasonal growth on our rights of way. It is pleasing to know that our rural footpaths are being used, and their good maintenance is of concern. Here is a summary of the routes affected and the action that has been taken: The Acres bridleway from, Main Street to Winchcombe Road was overgrown at the edges and overhead. This has now been cleared, although the illegal narrowing of this path decades ago is an ongoing problem of which the Parish and County Council are fully aware. The first part of the footpath leading out of the village from Main Street towards Dumbleton has been cut, which should now give easier access to this historical village to village route. The section of the Wychavon Way from the school to Hall Farm has also been affected by seasonal growth, but this has now been cleared. Undergrowth on the meadow and the woodland path alongside the River Isbourne has been cut back, and it has also been put on the County Council‟s list for deeper clearance during the winter months. The stair well areas near the sewage works and A46 culvert have also been cleared and tidied up. The care of our rights of way is taken up by the Parish Council and the relevant local land owners, in partnership with the County Council. The paths mentioned above are quite close to the village itself and are in fairly regular use. However as we have about 5 kilometres of rural footpaths running through our parish, it is useful to know of any other problems, so that the appropriate action can be instigated. It goes without saying that individual responsibility must be taken for litter and fouling on paths and in public places, including of course the children‟s play areas, where dog muck has been found quite recently. Sunday 14th July A group of villagers enjoyed the summer seasonal walk in fine weather through the woods, across Ballard‟s Farm and back via Sandfield Lane. Please note that the autumn and final seasonal walk of the year will take place on Sunday 6th October at 11.00am, and will go out towards Ashton-under-Hill on the Wychavon Way, before heading back to Sedgeberrow via Dumbleton.

Dave May Please contact me if you need further information: either on 01386 882113 or e-mail:


News from Sedgeberrow CE First School 01386 881391 We have come to the end of the school year now and are able to look back and reflect on what an excellent year it has been. We began the year by moving the school office and Key Stage One classes into our extended accommodation in the main building and this made a huge difference since the school roll has now grown to 172, the largest number in the history of the school, leaving us only 8 spare places. . We are so grateful to all the parents who make the journey to Sedgeberrow each day to bring their children to us. The staff team at Sedgeberrow are simply amazing and the creative curriculum they provide for our pupils is inspirational. There have been so many exciting events and workshops over the year which have really enhanced the children‟s learning and enabled them to maintain and extend the high standards of attainment we have across the school. I am so grateful to them all for their time, their dedication and their love for the children. In June our Key Stage Two produced a fabulous show „I‟m a Believer‟ which ran at Pershore No.8 for two nights and packed the theatre out. It was based around the story of „Shrek‟ and every child took part. The children really gain such a lot from experiencing being part of a live production in a real theatre and we had so many wonderful comments and such positive feedback. There is a link on our website to some photographs. During July we held a whole school Multi-Faith Week where we had visitors in and introduced children to a variety of religions along with a main focus on prayer and Christianity. We revisited our school values during the week and have created a wonderful new display to re-focus our thinking around these values in the coming year. Year 5 have been amazing this year and we will really miss them as they move on to Middle School now but wish them all the very best for the future. Mrs M M Humphreys Headteacher


Sturdy, metal framed, opaque glass topped table, on castors which can be locked into position. Measures 95 cm x 140 cm, in excellent condition £40.00 buyer to collect from Main Street. 01386 882227.


Sandfield Lane, Sedgeberrow Alpaca farm calling. We are looking for people to do some knitting for us. We can't pay anything at the moment as we are only just starting out, but would happily arrange a visit to meet the alpacas. So if you know anyone, maybe aunty, grandma, ex servicemen etc, boys and girls, who would like to have something to do, let us know. Maybe some skilled retiree in a nursing home? Wool, patterns and needles will be provided. We are having an Open Day, either at end of Aug or in early Sept. (Date to be confirmed) To get these details when they are finalised and to find out more about the farm, go to: and click on Cotswold Vale Alpacas.

Mushroom musings. A mushroom who couldn't get a date said: "I don't know why the girls don't like me. I'm such a fungi." Stuart Huntley


KENCH-LUCAS BOOKKEEPING SERVICES Charlie Kench-Lucas - Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians

Are you running a small business as a Sole Trader? Struggling to find time to keep up with your paperwork? If so, I can offer you a friendly personal service keeping your paperwork and finances organised and up to date, so that you can devote more of your time running your business and have peace


of mind that everything else is under control.

01386 553151 07976606967

If this sounds like you, please contact me and we can discuss how I may be able to help.

Family Business Established 1973

Telephone : 07909 617111 Email :


Sandfield Farm Open Day, on a fine June day “If you missed this you missed a treat.” Rob & Emma Harrison hosted a packed Open Day at Sandfield Farm on Sunday the 9th June. You missed a treat if you didn‟t make it. Emma, a Holyfield daughter born and brought up in Sedgeberrow, rents the farm, with husband Rob, from her parents. Older calves, dry pregnant cows, bulls and heifers can be found at Sandfield Farm, as well as arable crops. Lots of conservation work takes place on the farm. Such as hedge planting, orchard replanting, a beetle bank and plantings of a mix of pollen/nectar seed wildflowers. Sandfield Farm is an important complement to Rob & Emma‟s farm work at their main base, Greystone Farm, Blockley, which they rent from Rob‟s parents and where they milk 220 cows. Any of those cows that produces milk, or calf that drinks milk, lives at their Greystone Farm. Milking takes place at 5.30 am and 3.00 pm. As well as all this, Emma will have hosted approximately 60 Group Visits to Sandfield farm this year, offering a wide range of activities. These will have included Playgroups, Schools, WI, U3A etc. You can visit the farm and the countryside around by taking advantage of the clearly defined network of footpaths around Sedgeberrow. But do mind that you stick to them and follow the country code.


Pond Dipping



Floral Decorations

Farm machinery and much more


John & Olive Wilsher

The Queens Head Serving a fine Selection of HOOK NORTON ALES & guest beers CASK MARQUE ACCREDITED


Music the first Saturday of every month, after 8.30 pm. rd

Saturday 3 August - Disco/Karoake. th Saturday 7 September - Copper Line Group.

Fortnightly Quiz on a Sunday at 8pm. th th Sunday 11 August and 25 August (NSPCC). The Queen‟s Head, 1 Main St Sedgeberrow,WR11 7UE Telephone 01386 881135

Sedgeberrow British Legion Womens Section


August 7 Monthly meeting to be held in the Betteridge Room at 7.30 pm Speaker Diane Raphael - “Diana’s own choice.” Hostesses: H.Cooke, A Crowther. Monthly Prize: D. Pinchin.

September 4


Monthly meeting

to be held in the Betteridge Room at 7.30 pm Speaker Pete Ralph - “Rural Forest of Dean.” Hostesses: B Davis, J Gillard. Monthly Prize: M Pratt. I would like to give a big thank you, on behalf of all members, to Brenda & Chris for two very enjoyable evenings in their gardens. Thank you Brenda & Chris. Sylvia



SEDGEBERROW FLOOD GROUP Flood Warden - Richard Hunt 01386 882079 Secretary –

“*Flood Re” wins out as government and insurers reach a long term agreement “The government and insurance industry have reached a long-awaited agreement over the future of insurance, for properties at risk of flooding when the Statement of Principles expires at the end of July. The new agreement, backed by an insurance industry levy, will cap flood insurance premiums, linking them to council tax bands so people will know the maximum they will have to pay. Under the terms of the scheme, known as “Flood Re”, all UK household insurers will have to pay into this pool, creating a fund that can be used to pay claims for people in high-risk homes. The proposals will be given legal backing through the Water Bill, published later today, (27/06/2103) and will last for at least the next 20 years. However the insurance industry will continue to honour the terms of the current SoP (Standard operating Procedure) agreement until the Water Bill has passed through Parliament and “Flood Re” is set up.” Mairi MacDonald. Association of British Insurers director general Otto Thoresen also said: “Insurers‟ priority has always been to ensure that flood insurance remains affordable and available for everyone who needs it. Today‟s announcement is the start of a process that aims to deliver affordable flood insurance to high flood risk households. “Getting to this stage has required compromise by both sides and there remain issues that need to be overcome. For “Flood Re” to be established successfully there needs to be an unprecedented level of partnership between the government and the industry. But insurers and the government are now working towards a shared vision, with “Flood Re” as the government‟s preferred choice.

Richard Hunt (“*Flood Re: the new flood insurance deal between government and the insurance industry”)


SEDGEBERROW PARISH COUNCIL Wychavon Parish Games: Teams from the village have been entered in the following events in this year‟s Wychavon Parish Games competition: Angling, Crib, Ladies Darts, Dominoes, and Skittles. The Angling competition will take place on Saturday 21st September and first rounds of the other events will take place at the end of August or the beginning of September. The Games have a new website: South Worcestershire Development Plan The South Worcestershire Development Plan has now been submitted to the Secretary of State for examination and an independent Inspector has been appointed to examine the Plan. The examination will be conducted in 2 stages, with Stage 1 confined to the consideration of the soundness of the proposed levels of employment, housing and retail provision set out in policy SWDP3, and Stage 2 will consider the outstanding matters relating to SWDP3, all the other policies and the site allocations in the Plan. The Stage 1 hearings will commence at 10am on Tuesday 1st October at New Road Conference Centre, Worcestershire County Cricket Club, New Road, Worcester WR2 4QQ. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe the proceedings. Following the Stage 1 hearings, the Inspector will advise on the timing and arrangements for Stage 2 of the examination. All the Stage 1 hearing statements will be posted on the SWDP website ( as soon as possible after 6th September. Proposed Waiting Restrictions Worcestershire County Council Officers have produced an amended plan for the proposed waiting restrictions in Main Street. The restrictions would operate Monday to Saturday, 7am to 7pm. A copy of the amended plan will be placed on the Notice Board for your information. The proposal is intended to rationalise parking in the vicinity of the School and The Queen‟s Head in order to facilitate the safe free flow of traffic and follows repeated issues of obstruction encountered by the local bus service. In order to allow vehicles to pass more safely in the vicinity of the village shop, the Parish Council has arranged for the highway verge to be cut back substantially and our County Councillor, Liz Eyre, has kindly agreed to pay for this out of her Divisional Fund. Vehicle Activated Sign. The Parish Council has purchased a new, portable pole mounted Vehicle Activated Speed Sign with the help of £1,000 from the New Homes Bonus


allocation. The sign will be used in Winchcombe Road and Cheltenham Road, but unfortunately the County Council has been unable to identify a suitable location in Main Street. Rights of Way Map It has been suggested that a large-scale map indicating the local rights of way could be displayed on a board in the village, particularly as the Wychavon Way now comes through the village. The Parish Council is investigating this project. Churchyard Tree The golden False Acacia tree planted in the Churchyard in January 1998 by the Parish Council in order to commemorate the Queen and Prince Phillip‟s Golden Wedding Anniversary has unfortunately died, and the Parish Council is arranging for it to be removed and replaced with another tree. Maureen Pratt – Chairman. Tel: 881637 Email:

This picture shows some of the members of Sedgeberrow “SeSaME Seeds “on their Allotment/Community Garden Project. The group formed last year, since then some of our founding members have left the village but we have been fortunate to find new ones to replace them. We are extremely grateful for the £614 New Homes Bonus which we received from Wychavon District Council and are already putting this to good use on the “SeSaME Seeds” Allotment/Community Garden Project. Tommy and Alex Baker, Ethan and Amelia Hadley and Jessica and James Pope grew these beautiful radishes at the allotment. And more besides, as well as being helpful during the boring and strenuous undergrowth clearing process. Good for them. Any parents with children wishing to be involved with their own plot can just ring: Richard Hunt of Sesame Seeds on 01386 882079.


200 Club Winners Weeks 21 to 30 Thank you for your continued support C F Banks Week Week Week Week Week Week Week

21 No 22 No 23 No 24 No 24 No 24 No 25 No

79 195 275 37 48 274 238

Mrs.R.Rencher Mrs.G.Hughes Mrs.McMullen Mrs.Chesby Mrs.A.Hacklett Mrs.Howe Miss.J.DeParis

Week 26 No 308 Mr.A.Brook Week 27 No 35 Mrs.L.Talbot Week 28 No 11 Austen Banks Week 28 No 148 Mrs. Meaking Week 28 No 236 Mr.Brooks Week 29 No 209 Mrs Malcolm Week 30 No 176 Mrs.Styles

£10 £10 £10 £20 £10 £ 5 £10

Drawn by Mrs.C.Malin

£10 £10 £20 £10 £ 5 £10 £10

Drawn by Mrs M. Pratt

We are always looking for new members. It only costs 20p per week the same as it did 23 years ago. Each week there is a £10 prize, every 4th week £20, £10 and £5 prizes, and in week 52 there is a £100 prize.


Here it is! The answer to the page 6 question.

On Winchcombe Road


SEDGEBERROW Mobile Library Timetable Churchill Road: 9.20 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9.40am. School: 9.45 - 10.05am. Phone Box: 10.10 -10.25am. Note: The Mobile Library will now NOT be stopping at the Church The Mobile Library will be visiting the above stops on the dates listed below:-

19th August 9th September 30th September

21st October 11thNovember 2nd December

Enquiries about this service should be made to: EVESHAM LIBRARY, OAT STREET, EVESHAM, WR11 4PJ Tel 01905 822722,

Abbey Cleaning Services Traditional Window Cleaners Family Run Business Established 1993 Domestic and Commercial

01386 446098 37

Some revisions to the Bus Timetable. As from 15th April 2013. First Bus To Evesham. 8.15 from Churchill Rd then 8.18 from Queens Head. Following Buses Times 10.20, 12.15, 14.15, 15.20, 17.18, 18.42. from Churchill Rd. You can reckon on about 3 minutes later for the Queens Head. Also stops at the telephone box, and at the T junction by the bridge. There are no buses on a Sunday Buses back to Sedgeberrow. From the middle Bus Stop opposite the Amber Café. These Buses will also take you to Tewksbury and Cheltenham, if you wish. Into the village. 8.48, 10.48, 12.48, 14.48, 16.15, 16.48, from Evesham. The times to pick them up in the Village are: Queens Head. 9.01, 11.01, 13.00, 15.01, 16.32, 17.01. and onwards with pickup opposite the telephone box and Churchill Rd. By-passsing the village centre and up the old A46 after stopping by the bridge 9.04, 11.04, 13.04, 15.10, 16.04from Evesham Footnotes: The route to Evesham bypasses Hinton-on-the Green, taking the Cheltenham Rd to Evesham. The 540 no longer goes up the by-pass to Davis Rd, so the Shopping complex is now out of reach for people with no other mode of transport. “What clever head thought of that one I wonder?” Perils of the 14.16 from Cheltenham back home. If you do venture into Cheltenham, then beware of the 14.16 back home from the Royal Wells Bus Station. There are two of them. One goes through the Village. The other goes straight down the new by-pass, missing Sedgeberrow altogether. It‟s best to check with the driver first. Royal Wells Bus Station departures for Evesham. 9.16 Bypass, 10.16 Village, 11.16 Bypass, 12.16 Village 13.16 Bypass, 14.16 Bypass (Sats & school holidays), 14.16 Village ( School days only.) Watch out for the “School dates only/Not on Saturdays Buses.” Not all of which come through the village. Your best bets are the 16.16 and 17.45 both of which drop-of in the village. Holidays: Normal service on Good Friday. No Service on Bank Holiday Mondays, Christmas, Boxing Day, & New Years Days. You can phone 01905 820201 with any queries. Copies of the timetable are in the bus shelter and on the village notice board Do let Sedgeberrow Post know how you get on and whether this has been helpful. Elvie Lewis, from my travel experiences.

“I tried to catch some fog. I mist.” 38

Blind Trust There's a guy with a Doberman Pinscher and a guy with a Chihuahua. The guy with the Doberman Pinscher says to the guy with a Chihuahua, "let's go over to that restaurant and get something to eat." The guy with the Chihuahua says, "we can't go in there. We've got dogs with us." The guy with the Doberman Pinscher says, "just follow my lead." They walkover to the restaurant, the guy with the Doberman Pinscher puts on a pair of dark glasses, and he starts to walk in. A guy at the door says, "sorry, Sir, no pets allowed." The guy with the Doberman Pinscher says, "you don't understand. This is my guide dog." The guy at the door says, "a Doberman Pinscher?" He says, "Yes, they're using them now, they're very good." The guy at the door says, "come on in." The guy with the Chihuahua figures, "what the heck," so he puts on a pair of dark glasses and starts to walk in. The guy at the door says, "sorry, pal, no pets allowed." The guy with the Chihuahua says, "you don't understand. This is my guide dog." The guy at the door says, "a Chihuahua?" The guy with the Chihuahua says, "you mean they gave me a Chihuahua?"


One on One Studio Evesham


6.00 - 7.00pm


Sedgeberrow School Hall

Zumba Pilates

6.30 - 7.30pm 7.30 - 8.30pm

Weds Harvington School Hall

Zumba 7.00 - 8.00pm Ab Blast 8.00 - 8.30pm




7.30 - 8.30pm

Personal Training Contact Donna to arrange training at your home, for individual and small groups at a time that suits you. Donna is a qualified Advanced Fitness Instructor. Previous to this she was a professional dancer and loves bringing the dance styles of both Zumba and Boolaka to everyone. A fun and exciting way to get and stay fit!

Vehicle Valeting Service For Evesham and the North Cotswolds Mobile: 07849 712709 Landline: 01386 761290 Email:

St Egwinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Middle School

Mobile: 07956 446954 Email:


Village Hall Events (MH) = Main Hall (BR) = Betteridge Room

What’s on in August th

7 RBLWS 13th Zumba Pilates 20th Zumba Pilates 27th Zumba Pilates

What’s on in September

7.30pm (BR) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH)

3rd 4th 10th

SUCCESS At age 4 success is . . . not wetting your pants. At age 12 success is . . having friends. At age 17 success is . . having a drivers licence. At age 35 success is . . having money. At age 50 success is . . having money. At age 70 success is . . having a drivers licence. At age 75 success is . . having friends. At age 80 success is . . not wetting your pants. Marilyn Butt

14th 17th 17th 18th 21st 24th 28th

Zumba Pilates RBLWS Zumba Pilates Church bingo Zumba Pilates WI RBLWS group Drama Quiz Zumba Pilates RBLWS Bingo

6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (BR) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 8.00pm (MH) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 6.30pm (MH) 8.00pm (MH) 6.30pm (MH) 7.30pm (MH) 8.00pm (MH)

Local I.T Domestic & Business Support

Server & Network Installations WiFi & Mobile Advice Virus/Spyware Removal Custom Office Support Scenarios Competitive Rates Maintenance Contracts Tel: 01684 273118 Mob: 07788 922534

Your IT Solution Maltec

Horse Rugs

Dog Bedding & Coats

Stable Rug Wash. from £7

Dog Coat Wash.

Turnout Wash.

Dog Bed Wash. from £5

from £8


Turnout Wash and Dog Coat Wash and Reproof. from £14 Reproof. from £6

*** Free Local Collection *** Call Natasha: 01684 273118 or 0776 6141994

Equine & Canine Laundry Service


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