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Proud Supporter of the Methow Valley Roller Girls

Five months ago, we had no idea that roller derby was really possible in Okanogan County. Five months ago there was a group of six women and one man who all decided that getting together to skate around a gym was a good idea. Five months later we are having our very first bout in Okanogan County, the Valley Vixen Showdown. This bout is the product of a very dedicated group of athletes and volunteers that have worked endlessly for a common goal. But this was not possible without the help of other Washington teams. These teams, Apple City Roller Girls and Jet City Roller Girls, have held our hand though the tumultuous process of beginning a league, and to them we are truly grateful. We are also grateful to you, our audience. By coming to our bout, you have chosen to support a new sport driven by the desire to build strong women and men athletes through competition and camaraderie. Thank you. Welcome to the Valley Vixen Showdown. Enjoy.

- Brass Chuckles, Din Mutha' and President, MVRG Basics of derby play; Teams are made up of up to 20 players, with 14 on a play roster for a bout. A maximum of 5 can be on the track at one time - one pivot, one jammer and three blockers. Bouts are played in two 30 minute periods between two teams. Derby is a hands off sport. Skaters may not use their hands to push, grab, nudge or slap members of the opposing teams. Skaters have 30 seconds between each jam to get onto the track and into formation. lf at the end of 30 seconds teams are not in formation, the jam starts without the missing skaters. The pivot and blockers must stay within 20 feet of the pack at all times. They may not block a jammer if they are ahead of or behind the pack. Tie bouts are not allowed. lf the score is tied at the end of the second period, the game will continue with two minute jams until the tie is broken. The referees have the final say in all decisions. Touching, pushing or harassing referees in any way may be grounds for leaving the game. Terms: Pack - A pack consists of two teams skating in formation. Formation - Starting formation has pivots in front, blockers in the middle and jammers in the back. Jam - The two minute period during which points are scored. There are usually 15-16 jams per period. Scoring - The jammer starts scoring points after her initial pass thru the pack gaining one point for every opposing blocker and pivot she legally passes. Jammer - The sprinters of the team. Their job is to break thru the pack and score points. Jammers have stars on their helmet covers. Lead Jammer - The first jammer from either team to legally break thru the pack. She has the power to call off the jam at any time. Pivot - Pivots wear striped helmet covers and typically skate at the front of the pack. They set the pace of the pack and sometimes take over jamming when the jammer’s star helmet cover gets passed to them. Blocker - Each team gets three blockers on the track and their job is to block the opposing team’s jammer and clear the way for their own jammer.

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Okanogan County’s Most Complete Athletic Club 568 Pine St, Omak WA


Computer Store Artistic Services Office Supplies Document Service Mobile Phone Shop Twisp, Washington


The Carlton General Store Food and Grocery 2256 State Route 153, Carlton Washington 98841


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Proud Sponsor of the MVRG

Jammer Line Your Store and Ours since 1950 212 2nd Avenue - PO Box 1310 Okanogan, WA 98840 - 509.422.4247

Proud Sponsor of the MVRG

Pivot Line

We would like to give a big thank you to the Jet City Bombers for hosting this event. The Jet City Bombers, formed in 2007, is the All-Star Travel Team of the Jet City Rollergirls from Everett, Washington. They have been representing Jet City at the regional level for the past 3 years and have competed in Nashville, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Eugene and California. They have hosted teams from Tampa, Montreal, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Kansas City and are excited to assist Roller Derby in the Okanogan Valley. Attending the Valley Vixen Showdown are skaters from: Rodeo City (Ellensburg), Jet City (Everett), Methow Valley Rollergirls, Apple City (Wenatchee) Rainier Valley (Auburn) and Walla Walla.

Special Thanks            

Jay Meacham Methow Valley Community Center Okanogan County Fairgrounds Methow Valley School District Twisp River Pub Laura Love Lisa Doran Terry Hunt All of our volunteers Jet City Rollergirls Apple City Roller Derby Omak Chronicle

97.5 FM “The Root”

Proud Sponsor of the MVRG

Penalty Box

Hand Signals and What They Mean

Apple Town Skate Down Roller Derby Triple Header

August 4th

Town Toyota Center, Wenatchee Doors open at 1pm - Bouts at 2, 4:30 & 7

Out of Play


Cutting the Track

Back Blocking

A visual warning when a player is out of play or more than 20 ft. from the pack

A signal when a player illegally uses her elbow against another

A penalty for skaters who skate out of bounds and cut back in illegally

A skater who moved out of her position and slammed into an opponents back

$10 General Admission $20 Suicide Seats VS



Low Block/Tripping

Lead Jammer

By how many fingers shown, 4 minor penalties or 1 major penalty will be sent to the box

A signal when a player has illegally blocked or tripped another skater

First jammer who legally passes thru the pack

Interested in sponsoring the Methow Valley Roller Girls? Contact BlewByU (Blue Bradley) For more information


Would you like to be a roller girl? No skating experience necessary and women of all types are welcome! (must be 18 or over and have USARS Membership)

Would you like to be a referee? We can make that happen as well (must be 18 or over and have USARS Membership)

Would you like to be a non-skating official? We will teach you! We need Men and Women of All types to make this happen.

People Just Like You!! For more information contact Brass Chuckles Thank you Laura Love for singing our National Anthem Come see the Laura Love Band w/Orville Johnson, Jen Todd, Chris Leighton Art and The Vinyard Eugene, Oregon July 4th

For info:

OPEN EVERY DAY Lunch 11:30 am – 5 pm Dinner 5 pm – 8:30 pm Weeknights, 9:30 pm Weekends, 9 pm Sun Sunday Brunch 10 am - 2 pm

(888) 220-3360

Teams will be assembled from the Rosters Below

Teams will be assembled from the Rosters Below Blewby U Shanita Penalty


Methow Valley Roller Girls

7 times

Sheena Nicholson LaRolla Bold


Phearless Diller


Raquel Rhinehart Oh Hanada!

Jet City Roller Girls

Shawna Hubbard

Jet City Roller Girls

Smith N. Messin

Methow Valley Roller Girls



Methow Valley Roller Girls Jet City Roller Girls


Apple City Roller Derby

Mia Zapatista

Jet City Roller Girls

Jet City Roller Girls

B.A.Trixie Bombshell


Methow Valley Roller Girls

Jet City Roller Girls

Mae Mae Q. Dizzy


Apple City Roller Derby

Methow Valley Roller Girls 8

Andrea Pfitzer

Apple City Roller Derby

Lenore Bussing Sakajulz

Sarah Shankland

Jet City Roller Girls

Jessica Hunter

Angi Morse

Jet City Roller Girls

Holly Busch

Methow Valley Roller Girls 422

Methow Valley Roller Girls

6% alc. by Vol

Rodeo City Roller Girls

Rumble Bee Marie


Apple City Roller Derby

Andrea Ball

Dead Girl Superstar


Apple City Roller Derby



Rodeo City Roller Girls

Kilya Easley


Apple City Roller Derby

Amy Meredith Prima Donatello

Apple City Roller Derby


T Lethal


Methow Valley Roller Girls

Colleen You OUt

Erin Flahive


Methow Valley Roller Girls

Poco Huntress


Judy Chop


Jezebel Justice Brass Chuckles


Jet City Roller Girls

Apple City Roller Derby .357

Apple City Roller Derby

Cari Bomb


Apple City Roller Derby

Methow Valley Roller Girls

Nunn Chuk


Apple City Roller Derby

Methow Valley Roller Girls

Gory B Movie


Apple City Roller Derby

Methow Valley Roller Girls

Eva Derci

Jet City Roller Girls

Methow Valley Roller Girls

Non Skating Official Referee



Big Eddie


Hurtus Kurtus




Jaques Arse


Renegade HIppy


Alota V


Lex Luther


Genghis Kwhad


Philip Bedard


Royal Crush


Valley Vixen Showdown  

Roller Derby

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