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The INFO-MAGAZINE for car dismantlers ISSUE 13 JULY 2014

SEDA fair retrospectives ...

INTRODUCED We present three new SEDA products


FAIR EXTREME IFAT 2014 - SEDA Demo on 3000 m2




Munich, Germ any

CARS, Doncaster, UK TECMA. Madrid, ES


CARSDoncaster, UK





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Spai n 1


SEDA KippLift 600

Schritt 1: Auto fixieren Step 1: Secure the car

Dear readers, Today we want to introduce you Andreas Bergmann, the new editor of the Liquidity Magazine. The graphic designer has taken on this task by Andreas Rieser and will present topics related to SEDA in the future. In this issue we report on the recent trade shows and provide you with new products that will make your job easier.

Schritt 2: Auto drehen heben Step 2: Turn and lift

INTROD Jumboline

In this sense: Have fun with the current Liquidity.

Andreas Rieser Andreas Bergmann Head of Marketing Design / Marketing

The brand new SEDA JUMBOLINE Platform solution offers proven quality at zhe highest level. A galvanized steel platform with a static vehicle ramp for up to 3.5 Tons are used as primary components and as a basis for the integrated drainage system. Fitted with our tank drilling machine, swing arms, fuel quality control and double diaphragm pumps, ensuring that all fluids can be drained safely and efficiently from vehicles. The Jumboline complements the existing range of mobile systems by SEDA.



n und


Schritt 3: Auto drehen 90°, z.B. lösen vom Motorträger, Ausbau Kat, Tank, usw. Step 3: Turn the car 90°, e.g. disengage from engine bearer, removal cat, etc.

Schritt 4: Ausgangsstellung des Fahrzeuges, Platzierung der Ausbauhilfe Step 4: Starting position of the car, placement of the removal equipment


Schritt 5: Auto anheben zum Ausbau des Motors, der Achse usw. Step 5: Lift the car to fitout the engine, the axle, etc.

SEDA presents new products

The new SEDA 2-Cylinder Refrigerant Evacuation Machine TR21E is especially suitable for flammable R-1234yf. • TÜV-Nord CERT approved • Self-cleaning valves • Build-in filter at suction part • Indestructible case • Handle for easy handling • Overflow sensor

L-52310 SEDA Refrigerent TR21E

The new SEDA fluid and swarf cleaner WLFS216 is the perfect solution for the extraction of liquids with dirt or metal particles from the floor, catchment areas or bins. Contaminated liquid is stored and particles are filtered out.

N-52425 SEDA Swarf Cleaner WLFS216

The new SEDA Urea liquid suctrion device. What to do with numerous end-of-life vehicles come for recycling with „AdBlue®“ technique which have a urea tank? In collaboration with automobile manufacturers SEDA has recognized this problem and developed a simple extraction system for urea. As a mobile suction unit, it is easy to transport to the vehicle. With an electric, specially for AdBlue® designed diaphragm pump (therefor to be performed before drainage!) suction is done with a tube through the tank inlet. L-51108 SEDA Urea liquid suction device 3


World‘s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management

Vehicle storage r recycling ”We make ca ional!” more profess






Fair Extreme

SEDA presents on 3000 m2



ho was able to visit us at the IFAT in Munich would have experienced something. Together with the BDSV SEDA presented a car recycling and draining demonstration in the open air area of the fair. Numerous spectators witnessed the complete processing of an ELV from storage, drainage, right through to crushing and that 4 times a day! BMW demonstrated their dismembering excavator, which actually carries out the work in their Recycling and Dismantling Centre. We offered extensive information on the procedure and settlement of ELVs, numerous industry professionals and of course our SEDA team of experts answered your questions and showed you new possibilities for your business.



At CARS in Doncaster

At TECMA in Madrid


CARS, Doncaster, UK TECMA, Madrid, Spain

CARS, Doncaster, England

TECMA, Madrid, Spain

SEDA was also presented at the CARS in England. The newly launched trade show now takes place every two years and is more focused on car dismentlers than before. The show took place at MotorHog in Doncaster, the largest ELV recycler in the UK and a satisfied SEDA customer who has a total of ten depollution units at Doncaster alone, as well as additional SEDA equipment in daily use.

Together with our partner Re-Source and a new Spanish dealer Tim-Tech, SEDA was represented at the TECMA in Madrid. Here we presented, among other things, our new Jumboline platform, which was well received.



Our new dealer contact: Tim-Tech S.L.U., Mr. Mickael Francois, 46021 Valencia, Phone +33 254 761842

Save the dates

More fair dates


• 19.-21. August 2014 Exposucata Sao Paulo, BRA • 16.-18. September 2014 RWM Birmingham, UK • 1.-2. October 2014

 Day of german car recyclers Hohenroda, DE

World travel

Our globetrotter Marketing Assistant Sebastian Raubinger and his girlfriend have departed in 2014 to discover the world. Those who would like to accompany them on their travels can do this via their web diary They are currently on Bali on the go!

• 14.-17. October 2014 Poleko 2014, Poznan, PL • 5.-8. November 2014 Ecomondo Rimini, IT • 25.-28. November 2014 Pollutec Lyon, FR Wish you a safe and happy return to our SEDA TEAM!

Foto: Alex Schelbert


Team SEDA In each issue we feature a member of the SEDA family. This time it is Peter Kaltenegger, who has been with us for many years. Today he holds the position of the Deputy Director and can usually be found in the Alpine in his spare time. SEDA Elbrus-Team 2007 Peter & Martina

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SEDA RSX 105 The catalyst is considered to be one of the most profitable parts of an ELV. With the hydraulic scissors of the SEDA RSX 105 you can remove the catalytic converter and exhaust systems in a few seconds. If interested, please contact your importer.


-10% L-50348 SEDA RSX 105


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Publisher: SEDA-Umwelttechnik GmbH Schwendter Str. 10 A-6345 Kössen/Österreich VAT-Nr.: ATU56621622

• We present new SEDA products • New Best Practiceexample • and much more

Editorial staff: Andreas Rieser Andreas Bergmann

Publishing date: September 2014

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Seda liquidity 13 en screen  


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