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STAFF Teacher Rosa’s class in Dublin Castle. Check out more pictures sent in by SEDA students on pages 10-11.

SEDA students have Olympic fun in London

Dozens of SEDA students travelled to Britain last month to enjoy the London Olympics. Some of them have shared their stories with SEDA News.


he Olympic Games in London last month attracted millions of people and among them were dozens of SEDA students who took advantage of Dublin’s proximity to the host city and travelled to Britain to see the Games. For most of the students it was an exciting holiday, but at least one had a very different experience – Denis Miranda took the time out of his studies at SEDA to work at the Olympics as a cameraman. Denis was employed in the crew of TV Record – a Brazilian TV network which had exclusive rights to broadcast this year’s Games. The SEDA student covered training sessions of Brazil’s national team in the Crystal Palace and also witnessed the visit of

Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, to London. “I had worked with Record before I came to Ireland, and they asked me to join their crew in London,” Denis said. “I think they picked me because of my English skills. My course in SEDA helped me a lot. I could easily communicate with everyone in London and I was one of the few people in my TV crew who spoke English well so I often acted as an interpreter for the rest of the guys”.

“A big party” But for most SEDA students the Olympics was a fun-filled holiday. Among the

many students who enjoyed the games was Rafael Fradique. “The trip to the Olympics was amazing, though quite tiring because we travelled a lot between the different cities,” he told SEDA News. “Me and my friends only went to football matches, although I wish I had seen other sports like swimming and athletics”. Rafael said he travelled along with three more SEDA students and another friend. They visited Manchester, Cardiff and also watched a game of football at London’s Wembley stadium.

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FESTIVALS Oktoberfest, Arthur’s Day, Culture Night, GAA final and more! Pages 8 & 9


A word from the editor Welcome to the September issue of SEDA News! This month marks the end of summer in Ireland, so get ready for longer nights and colder weather. But then if you’ve experienced Irish summer, chances are, you won’t even notice much of a difference, at least not for a while. It may be November or December before you’ll start feeling seriously colder, so there’s no need to worry just yet! Our main story is last month’s London Olympics, or more precisely SEDA students’ adventures there. Many of our readers enjoyed the Games, but a special thanks goes out to Rafael Fradique, Carlos Akiyama and Denis Miranda who shared their stories and photos. Also last month a number of SEDA students were spotted walking around the centre of Dublin covered in blood and with their entrails sticking out, acting like a bunch of zombies. Now this wouldn’t be a story at all if it happened on a Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, right after last orders in Dicey’s, but, funny enough, they were doing it on a sunny Saturday afternoon... We couldn’t let this one pass and covered the “zombie apocalypse” – a big cheers to Carolina Danieletto who supplied the gory photos! In this month’s paper we also interview the ever-smiling SEDA teacher Jane Brennan. Have you ever wondered why Jane smiles so much? It could be because she knows so many languages – ten and counting! Check out the article about SEDA’s multilingual genius on page 5. As part of our series on SEDA students from different countries and backgrounds we interview one of the school’s mature students, 68-year-old Luis Fernando Salazar. Luis only stayed in SEDA for a month, but is fondly remembered by students and staff alike. It is hard to believe that the trip to Ireland was Luis’ first time away from home in nearly 20 years. He told SEDA News that he greatly enjoyed this experience, especially learning together with so many young people. Another story we cover this month is the nasty business of scams which many foreign students in Ireland fall victims to. In this issue you can read about fake job offers and fake (or stolen) bank cheques which some SEDA students have got in their post. More scams will be exposed next month. As usual on pages 8 and 9 we have the low down on all the interesting shows and events (mostly beer festivals) that are happening in Dublin this month and next. And on page 12 you’ll get another dose of essential Irish slang that will get you talking like a native. And if you’re feeling competitive then you can try and answer questions on Irish food and drink on the same page. The winner will get a cool prize! I wish you a very pleasant read and, remember, if you have any photos, food recipes, essays, ideas, comments or criticism you can always get in touch on

SEDA News editor Viktor Posudnevsky


Irish athletes win five medals at London Olympics Ireland’s Olympic team won five medals at last month’s Olympic Games in London, four of them in boxing.

The country’s biggest triumph came

when 26-year-old boxer Katie Taylor from Bray, co Wicklow, beat her opponent, the Russian Sofia Ochigava, to gain a gold medal. Irish boxer John Joe Nevin won silver, while boxers Paddy Barnes and Michael Colgan got bronze. Another bronze medal was achieved by the Irish equestrian Cian O’Connor in showjumping. The Irish Paralympic team did even better than the country’s Olympians, winning eight gold, three silver and three bronze medals. This year’s Paralympic squad became the most successful Irish Paralympic team in the last 25 years, with cyclist Mark Rohan winning the gold medal twice. Ireland has participated in every single paralympics since the first one in Rome in 1960. Its most successful year was 1984 when the team brought home an impressive 66 medals.

New visa for students who came to Ireland before 2005 Non-EU students who have been living and studying in Ireland since before 2005 can now get a special extension visa for up to 2 years. The new rule was announced by Ireland’s Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) last month. According to regulations adopted by INIS in January 2011, non-EU students can only stay in Ireland for a maximum of 7 years if they are doing a degree course and 3 years if they are learning English. But INIS has made special provisions for those who exceeded the 7 year timeframe on the date of introduction. To be eligible for the special extension visa the student has to show that they registered their residence and began studies in Ireland on or before 31 December 2004. The student must also prove that he or she lived in Ireland continuously since 2005 and show one P60 certificate that has been acquired within the previous three years. Those granted the Student Probationary Extension will get a stamp 2 and their status will continue to be that of a student. But the following residency conditions will apply to the probationary period: • The eligible student will not be required to be registered or enrolled in an academic

course of study. • The eligible student will be permitted to work for a maximum period of 40 hours per week without being required to hold a work permit. • The eligible student will be required to maintain private medical insurance. • The eligible student will be required to reside in the State without drawing on publicly funded social assistance programmes (e.g. supplementary welfare allowances, medical card, jobseeker supports etc.) • The eligible student will not be permitted to apply for reunification with family members who are resident outside the State. • The eligible student must be of good character and must demonstrate that they are law abiding. At the conclusion of the two year probationary period the eligible students can apply for a Stamp 4 permission to reside in Ireland. Questions on the Student Probationary Extension can be addressed by email to

Ulster Bank to pay €25 for customers’ troubles

Ulster Bank has announced a compensation scheme for its customers who were affected by a month-long IT crash during the summer. Because of the technical difficulties at the bank some 600 000 clients could not access their accounts online or use the ATM and had to queue outside bank branches. The bank has vowed to compensate them for the inconvenience by a scheme which consists of: • A €25 payout to personal current account holders forced to use branch banking more often than normal during the crash; • Ulster Bank vowed to waive fees, charges and surcharge interest for three months; • It will also cover out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the period, topped up by 20pc extra (but the maximum top-up is €120); • Savers will get some extra interest on their deposits. But the offer was criticized by many clients, consumer groups and even politicians. Labour Party senator Lorraine Higgins said the compensation scheme was “insulting and derisory”.

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3,800 people from 115 countries were granted Irish citizenship during a special ceremony at the Dublin Convention Centre on August 30. Because of the large number of “new Irish” the ceremony had to be held in three separate time slots. The participants had to pledge their loyalty to the Irish State after which they were given their certificates of naturalisation. Ireland’s Minister for Justice Alan Shatter presided over the ceremony and welcomed the new citizens to “the Irish family”.

apocalypse hits Dublin!

Gas and electricity prices on the rise

Blood-soaked SEDA students took part in the Dublin Zombie Walk last month

The living dead are coming to get you!

All the pictures were taken by Carolina Danieletto. Check out more photos on page 11. Pieces of flesh sticking out, gaping wounds, sliced eyeballs and blood everywhere... Around 10 000 people dressed as zombies walked from St Stephen’s Green Park to Temple Bar in Dublin last month, and some of these living dead were SEDA students! You can try and recognize someone you know in the pictures sent to us by Carolina Danieletto who was also a zombie on the day. The Dublin Zombie Walk is an annual flashmob-style event which attempts to raise money for charity. The Walk was announced on Facebook and this year it was held on August 4. The day was warm and sunny and a good crowd turned up for the parade. Organisers say they started the Walks in order to attract young people and get them fundraising, but the event is now popular with people of all ages – there was even a 70-year-old zombie taking part! Many people also brought their

kids and even pets along. The parade was followed by a team of cleaners who tidied up the streets and mopped up the blood left by the zombies. The event was hugely popular, with thousands of photos uploaded on Facebook and virtually all of Ireland’s media covering it. There was an after party in The Button Factory and all the zombies had a great time. The parade also raised money for the Irish Cancer Society and Barnardos. It is only the second time the zombie parade was held in Dublin, but the earliest Zombie Walk ever took place in 2001 in Sacramento, California. If you missed the event last month don’t worry as Halloween is just around the corner (it is celebrated on October 31) and there will be plenty of zombies, ghosts, witches, vampires and other frightening creatures walking around the streets of Dublin fairly soon!

3 3800 people get Irish citizenship

Bills for electricity and gas are set to rise as Ireland’s energy regulator approved new hikes in tariffs. The Commission for Energy Regulation granted Bord Gais, the country’s biggest gas provider, permission to raise prices by 8.5%. The new rates will be implemented next month and will be the third price rise for residential gas customers in a year. Bord Gais says it had to raise rates for households because of the increase in wholesale gas prices. Ireland imports 99% of its gas from the UK. Electricity will also get more expensive as ESB/Electric Ireland, the biggest electricity provider in Ireland, has announced an increase of 5.9%. The new rates will also be implemented from next month. Other gas and electricity providers, such as Airtricity or Flogas, are expected to follow suit soon.

Almost 4000 are homeless in Ireland

This zombie came all the way from Alcatraz

Almost 4000 people were homeless in Ireland and 59 men and women were sleeping in the streets when the last Census was carried out in 2011. The Census also found that 503 children under the age of 18 were without a permanent home on the night. Four out of ten homeless people were in emergency shelters, with nearly 1,000 in long-term accommodation. Others were in transitional or mixed accommodation. Almost three-quarters were male and more than 60pc were in the Dublin region.

Ryanair boss calls passenger an “idiot” Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary called a 35-year-old mother-of-two an “idiot” after the woman complained that she had to pay the Irish airline 300 euro for printing her family’s boarding passes. Suzy McLeod from Britain paid the charge for herself, her husband and their two children after she had failed to print their boarding passes. The woman later made a complaint on Ryanair’s Facebook page:

“When flying from Alicante to Bristol yesterday, I had previously checked in on-line but because I hadn’t printed out the Boarding Passes, Ryanair charged me €60 per person!!! Meaning I had to pay €300 for them to print out a piece of paper! Please ‘like’ if you think that’s unfair.” The post got over half a million “likes” in just two weeks. But commenting on McLeod’s complaint at a press conference Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary

said: “Mother pays £200 for being an idiot and failing to comply with her agreement at the time of booking... Thank you Mrs McLeod but it was your f***-up”. Ryanair’s terms and conditions, to which every customer has to agree before booking a flight, state that there is a penalty charge of 60 euro if the passenger does not print their own boarding pass.



Now you can buy or rent Jobs and careers events your books in SEDA in Dublin this month From this month course books for all levels are available in SEDA. Students have the option of either buying or renting the books for the duration of their course. Renting a book costs just five euro, and the student can have the book for as long as they like. But those wishing to rent are also required to pay a deposit of 25 euro. The deposit will be given back once the book is re-

turned to the school (provided the book is in good condition). Books are available to buy or rent from the reception. “Since January this year we have been trying to implement a system of mandatory books for every student,” said SEDA’s director of studies Carol Cregg. “It’s better for students as it is very easy to lose photocopies, while the book stays with you for the duration of the course and you can take it home with you when you finish your studies”. “It is also better for the environment as less paper and ink is wasted on photocopies. In order to make the system work better we now have books available in SEDA, and if you cannot afford to pay for a book then you can rent one. Great news!”

Two career and employment fairs will take place in Dublin at the end of September. Career Zoo is coming to The Convention Centre (Docklands, Dublin 1) on Saturday, 22nd September (10 am to 6 pm) and Jobs Expo will take place in Croke Park Stadium (The Hogan Suite) on Friday and Saturday, September 28 and 29. Admission to both events is free, but online registration is required on and www. Career Zoo, a regular event in Dublin, is one of Ireland’s biggest fairs for professionals and graduates looking to advance their careers. Visitors will be able to speak to leading employers who are hiring for jobs in Ireland now, talk to course providers and find out about various upskilling and conversion

programmes. There will also be information on starting your own business in Ireland as well as career workshops and seminars. Visitors to the Jobs Expo will get the opportunity to meet employers recruiting for roles both in Ireland and abroad (the Work Abroad Village). There will also be emigration and visa advice providers, start your own business experts, free CV, careers and interview skills guidance at the event’s Career Clinic as well as postgraduate and professional qu a l i f i c at i on providers and a host of seminars.

SEDA students have Olympic fun in London From page 1

“The atmosphere at the venues was awesome, like a big party,” Rafael continued. “Everybody was celebrating, doing the “wave” even if their team was losing. Outside the venues it was even better. After the matches, there would always be a big celebration with music. The games were very well-organized and safe. The British definitely know how to hold a big event. The queues weren’t too long and all the staff were very friendly. Even the London Underground, which was supposed to be overloaded, didn’t have long delays. In the streets we could see policemen everywhere and the volunteers were very helpful”.

Bumping into Sir Bobby Charlton But Rafael’s most lasting memory was a chance encounter with the legendary

English footballer Sir Bobby Charlton: “In Manchester while everybody was celebrating after the match, I saw Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager, and Sir Bobby Charlton, the legendary England and Manchester United player, leaving the stadium surrounded by security. They passed right in front of me and I almost bumped with Sir Bobby Charlton. I am a Manchester United fan, and it was completely out of this world! I’ll never forget it!”

Amazing organisation Carlos Akiyama is another SEDA student who had a great time at the Games. Carlos’ cousin lives in London and when he was planning his trip he found out that three of his friends would be in Britain during the Games. “I got to London by ferry and train and succeeded in getting tickets to see two competitions: Greco-Roman wrestling, and women’s football, which was taking place in Coventry,” Carlos said. “The organisation of the Olympics was amazing, with so many people welcoming visitors and showing them around. I was

Carlos Akiyama is making friends with London policemen (and women) outside an Olympic venue

also impressed with police officers who were very friendly and gladly posed for pictures. I was really happy to have visited the Games and I brought back many photos and even more wonderful memories of the British capital”.

Work experience But another SEDA student Denis Miranda didn’t have much time SEDA students at the Olympic Games in London to see the actual Games as he worked as a camerpresenters. It was a great experience and it aman for the Brazilian TV network Record. will look amazing on my CV”. Denis said he was based in the Crystal Palace where his country’s national team was Denis said he now plans to apply for training. camera jobs at the 2014 football World Cup which will take place in his native Brazil. “If somebody got injured or if something With his English skills and experience of else happened I had to be there to film it,” working in London behind his belt, getting Denis said. “So I couldn’t leave to see the a job at the World Cup shouldn’t be a difgames, but I got to shoot interviews with the ficult task! greatest Brazilian athletes.. I also got to work with some of my country’s most famous TV

Rafael Fradique got to see a game of football in Manchester and even bumped into Sir Bobby Charlton!

Denis Miranda (right) worked as a cameraman for Brazilian TV during the Games



Get to know Jane:

SEDA’s multilingual phenomenon

Ten and counting! Seriously, that is how many languages JANE BRENNAN can understand. The friendly teacher tells SEDA News she is obsessed with linguistics and plans to write the next big English (or French) course book for schools. Where are you from and how did you start working in SEDA? I am from North Dublin, Dublin 5, and I started working in SEDA last February, so I’ve worked here for 18 months already – time flies when you’re having fun! Before I came to SEDA I had been teaching French privately for about 5 or 6 years, preparing Leaving Cert students who wanted help with their exams. After that I did a course to be an English teacher and started here. At the moment I teach beginners, elementary, preintermediate and intermediate levels. Did you live in France to learn French? Yes, I did. I lived in the South of France for a while which was lovely. I also have a BA in French from Trinity College Dublin. After getting my degree I went straight into Masters in Trinity again and I studied Medieval Languages. I did Old English, Latin, Old French, Middle English, Middle French and really loved it! I’m actually going back for another Master’s next year! This time I will study Applied Linguistics. I am doing this course because I eventually want to write language books. My life plan is to write the next big English or French language course book for schools – that’s what I want to do! What do you like about working in SEDA? The best thing is the people I meet every

day. The students are fantastic and it’s such a fun place to work in! Everyone’s always really happy and friendly. All the teachers work really hard and everybody works together. I’m a big people person and I’m happy that I get to meet people from all over the world. Actually after talking to some Brazilian students I have started studying Portuguese. I’m a beginner, but I can already understand a lot! What other languages do you speak? I speak English and French fluently and as I said I’m a beginner in Portuguese. I also have a bit of German and recently I got a diploma in Irish sign language for deaf people. Hopefully in future I may do some interpreting work with the deaf. I’m also learning Russian at the moment. I can read most European languages and understand them, but I can’t speak them all. I have a thing about languages and am a little bit obsessed with them! I know, I’m a massive nerd! Did you travel much to learn all these languages? I haven’t travelled to as many European countries as I would like. But I’ve been to America a few times because my sister lives there. I’ve been to France more times than I can count – it’s my favourite place in the world! I’d love to live in France my whole life, especially in Paris, which is an amazing city.

What do you like to do when you’re not working or learning languages?

When she’s not learning languages or teaching at SEDA Jane Brennan loves to cook, bake and travel.

I love to cook and I love to bake! I spend almost every weekend baking breads, cookies, fudge and other stuff. And I try to cook a proper dinner every day. I’m a vegetarian, so it’s a bit difficult: I can’t just buy something in a takeaway, I usually have to make dinner myself. But it’s great fun and one of my favourite things to do. I’m also obsessed with cooking programmes on TV. What’s your favourite food? I love Mexican food. I really like food that is really spicy! What kind of music are you into? I love classic rock and folk music like Neil Young – he’s my favourite. I went to Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Dublin recently which was amazing! He’s my idol. Which places in Dublin would you recommend students to visit? A lovely place to go is Clontarf – it’s in Dublin 3 and you can get the DART there. There is a lovely seafront, there are also many restaurants and shops, and it’s a beau

tiful walk. But I think one of the nicest places in the world is Howth because of the gorgeous scenery, seals in the harbour and so on. It’s really cold though, so I would advise to wear warm clothes! I honestly think the Irish Sea is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. What about France? Which cities and places would you recommend to visit there? If you have the time go to the South of France! It’s just 3 hours on the train from Paris – very easy to get to. You can go to cities like Avignon or Nice. I lived in Aixen-Provence near Marseille, which is also a lovely place to visit. All the Provencal cities are so beautiful! The people are very friendly, but they generally don’t speak anything but French. So I would advise to have at least a few words in French before you go to the South of France. It’s great to visit in the summer, but it gets very very hot – about 40 degrees! So the lovely time to go would be September and October. You would get the nicest weather.



It’s never too late to learn, says 68-year-old SEDA student Luis Luis Fernando Salazar (68) and his friend Maria da Graca Balsanti Camargo (62) came to Ireland from Brazil to do a course in English. Luis is a retired engineer and the journey to Dublin was his first foreign trip in almost 20 years. He tells SEDA News about his experience and the enjoyment of studying with younger course mates. Tell me a bit about yourself. What do you do in Brazil? I am from Sao Paulo and I am an engineer. I graduated as a metallurgical engineer, but I have worked for insurance companies all my life. At the moment I am retired, but I still do some work for a large international company. My job is to visit the ships that dock in Santos, a big port in the state of Sao Paulo, and examine the machinery that was damaged at sea. I have a son who is also an engineer and a daughter who is a lawyer. She works for the largest bank in Brazil. Why do you need English? I have to speak English in order to communicate with the crew on the ships that I visit. I learned English on my own in Brazil and I have a huge vocabulary because I read English books since I was a teenager. But I find it very hard to speak in English. That is

why I decided to do a course in Ireland. What did you think of your course in SEDA? I was very happy with the course and I really enjoyed the company of young people. For an older person like me it’s very good to sit in class with young people and to hear about their problems, find out what they think about various things. It’s very interesting! From now on I intend to take more trips and visit other places. Last time I went abroad was 19 years ago!

didn’t travel for a long time. I used to stay on my couch all the time watching TV. I rarely left the house, so my family found it hard to believe I was serious about going to Ireland. What did you do outside of classes?

Young at heart: Luis and Maria in Dublin

How did your family react when you told them you were going away to learn English?

Every weekend I visited different places in Ireland and Europe. I went to France and England, visited London. Since I was a teenager my dream was to see the British Museum and I am happy I finally fulfilled it.

When I told my daughter that I was going to Ireland to learn English she didn’t believe me! She said: I will only believe it when you actually go there. That is because I

What did you think about Ireland? I loved Ireland! I feel that Irish people are more kind and attentive than the English. The English are way more reserved. I

was also surprised by the good will that the Irish people have to help foreigners. What are your plans for the future? I want to continue improving my English, but I would like to go to another country – maybe Britain or USA. It’s been 19 years since I went to USA. I want to visit New York and San Francisco again. I know a language school in San Francisco and I’m planning to spend a month there. It’s never too late to learn English!

Our student writing competition continues! SEDA News publishes some of the entries we got for our student writing competition. The competition is now in its final round! To enter just write about your first impressions of Ireland and send you text to


Don’t get fleeced! Scams and how to avoid them


There are many scams that target foreign students in Ireland and SEDA News explains some of the most common ones. In this issue we will talk about fake job offers and stolen cheques, while more scams will be exposed in next month’s newspaper.

The Adams family seeks an au pair Many scammers offer fake jobs to students in an attempt to obtain money from them. This summer SEDA student Mayara Montanari uploaded her CV on a website for au pair opportunities and soon got an e-mail from a London-based couple who introduced themselves as Dr Justin and Amanda Adams. The email read: “My wife and I work with the World Health Organization. We are posted over here from Want to work as an au-pair in London earning £1800 a the USA after series of month plus £200 a week as pocket money? Be careful – training. We are originally it’s a scam! from Queensland, Auswould have to pay for her flight and travel tralia. I am a Medical Doctor by profession expenses. “Dr Justin Adams” wrote that the and my wife one of the Executive secretary payment would have to be made directly [sic] of the World Health Organization”. to the UK Home Office which would then “The Adams family” said they liked Maprocess the girl’s travel documents and yara’s CV and offered her a monthly salary visa. He asked Mayara to contact the Office of 1,800 GBP and 200 GBP a week on top by sending an e-mail to: ukba-homeofficeof that as pocket money to look after their two children. She would also be provided At this stage the SEDA student began with live-in accommodation, a laptop comto have doubts about the job and sought puter and internet connection, the e-mail advice. She spoke to Tiago Mascarenhas said. In return she would have to work just at SEDA student support. “You could see 30 hours a week. Mayara was thrilled with straight away that it was a scam,” Tiago told the proposal and replied to the e-mail, saySEDA News. “The offer was too good to ing she would be happy to move to Lonbe true and the e-mail and phone number don. The next day she got another e-mail were obviously fake”. from the family which read: “Dear Mayara, Hope you are doing great today. We are so happy to read from you again. I trust you don’t know how much your mail means to our family. We shall be looking forward to welcome you to your new home... We love you and will do anything within our reach to make sure that you come and work for our family. Feel free to call me on the number below anytime okay [sic]. Have a blissful day over there”. The e-mail contained a British phone number which Mayara could ring in case she wanted to speak to the family in person. But the e-mail also said that Mayara

According to him, the number was not a proper British phone number, but instead a “redirect” number, which would redirect all calls to Nigeria, where the scammer was obviously based. The e-mail of the “UK Home Office” was also fake as it was registered on the free webmail server london. com. All the real Home Office e-mails end with “We get many reports from our students about scams like this one,” said Tiago Mascarenhas. “We advise them not to enter into correspondence with these people and delete their e-mails”. Fake job offer scams are exposed on many websites, one of them is www.

Cash a cheque and get your share... before the bank gets you A type of scam that often affects foreign students in Ireland involves fake or stolen bank cheques. Students get an envelope which contains a signed cheque, sometimes for several thousand euro, and a letter offering them a job as an au-pair or a housekeeper. The letter says the student can cash the cheque at a bank and keep part of the money for themselves as an “advance payment”. The student then has to meet the sender and give them the rest of the money, after which they can start the job. But this unusual way of offering someone a job is just another scam, says SEDA student support worker Netania Gomes. “I’ve dealt with several stories like this involving cheque for two or three thousand euro,” said Netania. “One of our students thought he was smart so he decided to cash the cheque and keep all the money to himself. But the next day the bank called him and said his account was frozen until he paid the money back. The reason was that the cheque was not valid”. All the cheques sent out to students in this fashion are fake or stolen. The bank

Fraudsters often send fake or stolen bank cheques to unsuspecting students clerk may not see it the minute the cheque is lodged, but soon enough this becomes apparent and the bank goes after the person who cashed the cheque. The scammers cannot cash the cheques themselves for fear of being caught so they use unsuspecting students to do it for them. “It may seem like a crazy scheme to make money, but it probably worked a few times if they’re still doing it,” said Netania Gomes. According to her, several students brought such cheques to SEDA after getting them in the post, and the school handed the cheques over to gardai.

The €5 recipe Every month SEDA News brings you recipes of tasty dishes which you can cook for as little as 5 euro (or even less!)

Irish breakfast Ingredients: 6 thick slices bacon 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 4 eggs 2 small tomatoes, sliced 1 1/2 cups whole mushrooms 4 slices prepared soda bread Directions: Lay the bacon slices in a single layer in a large frying pan. Fry over medium heat until they be-

gin to get tinged with brown. Fry on both sides. Remove from pan, but save grease. Melt butter in pan. Crack eggs into pan, being careful not to break yolks. Place tomato slices, mushrooms, and bread in pan. Fry gently, stirring mushrooms and tomatoes occasionally. Keep everything separate. Turn bread over to brown on both sides. When egg whites are set, but yolks are still runny, divide everything between two plates and serve immediately.

Share your recipes! E-mail:

8 SHOWS & GIGS LEONARD COHEN September 11, September 12, September 14 Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin 8 THE DOORS ALIVE The Academy, 57 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1 Friday 14 September The Doors Alive are widely regarded as the closest representation of the legendary 1960’s rock gods The Doors in the world today. Tickets: €15. LADY GAGA Saturday, 15 Sep Aviva Stadium Lady Gaga will perform her concert programme The Born This Way Ball. The Darkness and Lady Starlight will open the show. Tickets from €54.65 to €96.00. WALKING WITH DINOSAURS - THE ARENA SPECTACULAR The O2, Dublin September 16 – September 23 Watch the story of the dinosaurs’ 200 million year domination unfold as you see them walk, hear them roar and come face to face as they fight for survival and supremacy. The Chippendales Olympia Theatre 19 – 22 September The biggest girls night out ever is coming to Dublin. Tickets€27 / €28. LIONEL RICHIE Monday, 24 Sep The O2 Lionel Richie returns to Europe this autumn with his first European tour dates since 2009, and nearly 25 years since his first solo shows took place. CHRIS ISAAK Olympia Theatre (Dame Street, Dublin 2) Tuesday 02 October American rock musician will play in Dublin’s Olympia theatre in support of his latest album Beyond the Sun. Tickets: €44.05. CHERYL The O2, Dublin Thursday October 4th. Ex-Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole will present songs from her new album. Tickets are priced from €39.05 including booking fee.

Tickets to all these shows are available from Ticketmaster outlets. To book by phone call: 0818 719 300 Online booking:


Oktoberfest beer festival: Forget Munich, in Dublin you can celebrate the Oktoberfest twice!

There will be two Oktoberfests in Dublin this month – both modelled after the original beer festival in Munich, Germany. The authentic Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Germany every year for two weeks in September and October. The tradition started in 1810. Nowadays some 5 million people come to the German city to celebrate, consuming about twice as much litres of beer. But the festival is famous all over the world, with many cities holding smaller versions of it. Dublin is no exception and this year the city will celebrate the festival twice! The events are being organized by rival German breweries – Paulaner and Erdinger. The Paulaner version will take place from September 13 to September 16 from 5 pm until midnight (the closing time is 10 pm on Sunday) inside the historic Round Room of the Mansion House, which is the residence of the Lord-Mayor of Dublin. Organisers say the Round Room – a large room where Ireland’s independence was first proclaimed – will be transformed into an authentic Ba-

If you like beer definitely check out the Paulaner Dublin Oktoberfest (Mansion House, Dawson St, Dublin 2, September 13-16) and the Erdinger Oktoberfest (George’s Dock, IFSC, Dublin 1, September 20 – October 7). Free entry! varian beer hall. There will be bartenders and barmaids in traditional German dress as well as some real Bavarian music and food. Should be fun! The other festival is being organized by Erdinger, also a famous German beer-maker, and will take place inside the George’s Dock from September 20 until October 7. All the main action will be happening inside a beer tent, modelled after the famous Oktoberfest beer tents, but much smaller (the original tents in Munich can hold up to 10 000 people!) Erdinger will bring all the bartenders and bar maids from

Germany and they will be wearing traditional Bavarian clothes. Around the tent there will be stalls selling authentic German food, such as sausages, meat, pastries and delicacies like Käsespätzle (cheese noodles) or Brathendl (roast chicken). All in all there will be over 30 German speciality food producers and traders. A traditional German band Die Alpen-show will play music and provide entertainment during the festival. The Erdinger Oktoberfest will be open from noon until 12-30 am from Monday to Saturday, but will close early on Sundays – at 8 pm. The capacity in George’s Dock is limited to about 1500 people, so on busy days you may have to wait until some people leave the festival before you are allowed to get in.

Find out more on: (Erdinger version) and www. (Paulaner).

The day of drinking Guinness Thursday, September 27th is Arthur’s Day which honours Arthur Guinness, the man who founded Guinness brewery in Dublin. Although some tourists may think that Arthur’s Day is a long standing Irish tradition, the festival is actually a very recent invention of Diageo, the multinational company that owns Guinness.

The original Arthur’s Day was held in 2009 to celebrate 250 years since Arthur Guinness signed the lease to the building that is now Guinness brewery. Now Arthur’s Day is celebrated every year on the last Thursday of September.

British rapper Example. Want him to perform in The Barn House or Lowes? Then get voting...

The celebration involves raising a pint of Guinness “to Arthur” at exactly 17:59 (5:59 pm) to mark the signing of the lease on the Guinness brewery building in the year 1759. Diageo also brings world famous musicians over and organises live shows. This year the line up includes Example, Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding, Mika, Fatboy Slim, Texas and Amy MacDonald among many others.

Over 500 music events will take place in all of Ireland’s 32 counties. This year September 27 - lovely day instead of dofor a Guinness indeed! ing a single show in a big concert hall like the O2 or Vicar Street, the musicians will perform in smaller venues – local pubs. All the concerts will be free! The pubs will be chosen by vote: every person can support their favourite local pub on (until September 16) and the bars that get most votes will host the shows. So if you want Example, Tinie Tempah or another international superstar to perform in the Barn House or indeed Lowes get voting...


A one-night stand with culture

SHOWS & GIGS JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR The O2 Arena, Dublin 12 October The legendary rock opera written by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber comes to Dublin.

On Friday September 21st for one night only you can visit most museums, galleries, churches and historic sites in Ireland for free! This year Culture Night will take place in 34 towns, cities, counties and islands around Ireland. On September 21 museums, galleries, churches, historic houses, artists’ studios and cultural centres will open their doors late into the evening welcoming people of all ages to taste and sample their cultural delights for free. So if you ever wanted to visit Dublin’s Christ Church cathedral, see the Book of Kells in Trinity College and have a

look inside the Jameson distillery you can do all that in one evening and See The Book of Kells, St Patrick’s Cathedral and it will cost nothing! The same goes Jameson distillery for free on September 21! for cultural attractions in other citgramme in advance. Information about all ies such as Galway, Belfast and Cork where you can see the famous Cork City the cultural attractions that will be open to Gaol and Cork Butter Exchange for free the public as well as all the special events in on September 21. Be advised however that the various cities can be found on: Culture Night attracts thousands of people every year so it is best to plan your pro-

Ireland vs GAA final: Mayo vs Donegal Germany

If you’re interested in Ireland’s national sports (which also happen to be the most popular on the island) don’t miss out gaelic football senior final on September 23.

Next month football fans will be able to see one of the world’s strongest teams in action in Dublin’s Aviva stadium. Germany will play against Ireland in a World Cup 2014 qualifying match on October 12. Germany is the toughest team in Ireland’s group which also includes Sweden, Austria, Faroe Islands and Kazakhstan. Tickets for the Ireland-Germany match (October 12, Aviva stadium) are available from and from Ticketmaster outlets. Prices start from 35 euro.

Other Events

LATIN AMERICAN CULTURAL FESTIVAL 28 - 30 September 2012 Location: Kilkee What does Che Guevara have in common with the small town of Kilkee in the West of Ireland? It turns out that in 1961 the Cuban revolutionary visited Kilkee: the weather made him stop there while he was on his way from Havana to Prague. Che and his entourage spent one night in Kilkee’s Marine Hotel where he met the Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick. Impressed by the encounter, Fitzpatrick painted the famous portrait of the Latin American freedom fighter which you can now see on T-shirts, badges, bags and other products. But Che Guevara’s

Every September marks the end of All for victory: it has been 60 years since Mayo Ireland senior gaelic football and hurl- went through to the finals and 20 years since ing championships. The games, which are Donegal reached this level of the competioverseen by the Gaelic Athletic Association tion. The game should be really exciting to (GAA), are the two most popular sports in watch! Ireland and the final matches, which take place in Dublin’s Croke Park, attract huge attention. Forget about getting a ticket to see the finals from the stadium as the 80,000-seater Croke Park is guaranteed to be completely full. But you can watch the game pretty much anywhere – the atmosphere will be brilliant in any pub with a TV set. This year the gaelic football final will play out between Donegal The Sam Maguire Cup is gaelic football’s and Mayo. Both teams will be hungry highest trophy connections with Ireland do not end here – his great grandfather was Irish and the Cuban’s complete name should read Che Guevara Lynch! In order to honour all these historic links with Che Guevara the town of Kilkee will host the Che do Bheatha LatinAmerican Cultural Festival which will also celebrate Latin-American music, poetry, dance, film and food. DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL 27 September - 14 October 2012 Location: Various venues in Dublin City Dublin Theatre Festival is Europe’s oldest specialist theatre festival - running since 1957. This year the festival will include many different programme strands which incorporate everything from music to dance and from cutting edge theatre to the biggest shows on Broadway. Check out the programme on :


GALWAY INTERNATIONAL OYSTER AND SEAFOOD FESTIVAL 28 - 30 September 2012 Location: Galway City Each September Galway City comes alive with seafood and oysters as it celebrates the Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival. Some of the festivals’ events are: a seafood trail taking in Galway’s finest restaurants, a Taste of the Sea/Blas na Mara event showcasing Galway’s seafood heroes, the National Oyster Opening Competition and the food village at the festival marquee. There will be live bands all weekend and visitors can go on tours of Galway oyster beds and heritage workshops. The festival will conclude with a parade through the streets of Galway. To find out more log on to:

JENNIFER LOPEZ The O2 Arena, Dublin Friday, 19 October Superstar Jennifer Lopez will play her first ever show in Ireland as part of her ‘Dance Again’ world tour. Tickets from 54.65 euro. NICKI MINAJ The O2 Arena, Dublin Monday, 5 November The author of hit single “Starships” will present songs from her new album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”. Tickets €49.65 / €54.6 ANDREA BOCELLI The O2 Tuesday, 06 November The world’s most popular tenor will perform with orchestra and choir at the O2 in Dublin. Tickets from €55 to €155. WWE RAW WORLD TOUR The O2, Dublin Thursday, November 8th. Some of the wrestling superstars coming to Dublin: John Cena, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and many more! Tickets from €33.50 to €76.00. ANTHRAX The Academy, Middle Abbey St. Friday 16th November The American thrash metal band which was founded in 1981 and gained a cult following along with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer, is coming to Dublin’s Academy. Tickets from €25. ASLAN Vicar Street (Dublin 8) December 27th The Irish band Aslan are celebrating 30 years together this year and they will play material from their new album as well as old hits such as Crazy World. Tickets from 25 euro. THE DUBLINERS Vicar Street (Dublin 8) December 29th and December 30th The legendary Irish folk band will play two dates in Dublin’s Vicar Street just before the New Year’s Eve. This year marks The Dubliner’s 50th anniversary. Tickets from €39.50.

Tickets to all these shows are available from Ticketmaster outlets. To book by phone call: 0818 719 300 Online booking:



SEDA students having fun after class

Linda Matos and a friend are celebrating after making it safely over Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge in Northern Ireland

Been to an interesting place or a new country? Send your photos to: Margaret and Judy’s class in Dublin Castle

SEDA students throw a house party

Carlos Akiyama (right) and a friend at the London Olympics

Genesis Guzman and husband Alberto Suarez were the lucky winners of 2 tickets to see Red Bull Cliff Diving competition on the Aran Islands last month

Genesis Guzman and her husband Alberto Suarez in the West of Ireland



SEDA students make friends with gardai

The living dead on Grafton Street. This picture was taken by Carolina Danieletto.

Congratulations Natalia Alfonso Ancelmo!

Goodbye Vivian!

Baby zombie. This picture was taken at Dublin Zombie Walk 2012 by Carolina Danieletto.

Rafael Muniz Teixeira in Paris

SEDA’s Venezuelan students partying

Mmmm... Brains! Picture was taken at Dublin Zombie Walk 2012 by Carolina Danieletto.

Brazilian zombies in Temple Bar! This picture was taken at Dublin Zombie Walk 2012 by Carolina Danieletto.



The Irish food and drink quiz Our next quiz is about Irish traditional food and drink – see if you can find the right answers! As ever, send in your answers to and you could win a prize! 1. Which of the following is NOT a traditional Irish food? a) Coddle b) Colcannon c) Perogi

Here are the answers to last month’s quiz: 1. It rained all day 2. Brush your teeth after every meal 3. A leap year has 366 days 4. Don’t let the cat out of the bag 5. Turn off the lights 6. It’s too dark 7. She really sounds like Mum 8. He should be proud of himself 9. I have been waiting for a cab 10. Her twins were born last month 11. No matter what he says 12. My mother’s mother is my grandmother 13. Even though I went to bed late I could not sleep 14. There are ten students in my class 15. Would you like some coffee?

2. A particularly delicious speciality of the northwest of Ireland is boxty. But what is it? a) A potato pancake b) Bread made from nettles c) An apple pie 3. Which of these is NOT a traditional filling for a pie in Ireland? a) Apples b) Rhubarb c) Peaches 4. Which of these drinks is NOT a stout? a) Guinness b) Beamish c) Murphy’s d) Kilkenny 5. Which of these foods is NOT traditional to eat at Hallowe’en? a) Colcannon b) Barm Brack c) Bacon

6. What is sometimes hidden inside a Barm Brack?

8. What should you say to your friends before you have a drink in a pub in Dublin?

a) b) c) d)

a) Cheers! b) Good luck! c) Sláinte! d) You can say any of these things

A ring Some cloth A coin All of the above

7. A hot whiskey is a traditional winter drink in Ireland. Which of these things do you NOT put into your hot whiskey? a) Cloves b) Lemon c) Sugar d) Cream

Send your answers to and you can win a prize!

The Craic-tionary SEDA News guide to Irish slang words and expressions In this section we will attempt to make your life in Ireland easier by explaining some of the most common Irish slang words and expressions. Your man OR your woman – any man or woman that you are talking about

When an Irishman says “your man” (or woman) about someone he doesn’t mean to say that this person is “yours” or is in any way close to you. It is just an Irish phrase that can refer to any man or woman that is being talked about: Your man over there has a nice hat. What did your woman say? My car broke down. Why don’t you bring it to your man in the garage?

Your one OR your wan – any female that is being talked about

I was talking to your one when Joe arrived. Your wan over there is good-looking, isn’t she?

Gobshite – a person who talks a lot of nonsense (i.e. “shite” (shit) coming out of their “gob” (mouth)) or a stupid and contemptible person. That politician is a loud mouthed gobshite! Stop acting like a gobshite!

Gombeen (OR gombeen man) – a mean, underhand and corrupt person; also: moron, eejit.

Historically “gombeen” referred to money lenders during the Irish Famine who exploited the starving people by selling much-needed food on credit at extortionate rates. I’m not going to vote for that politician – he’s some gombeen man.

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