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Cloud Security Is Changing The Security Channel Partner Model

FF By Scott Robertson, Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan, Zscaler  


igital transformation and cloud security have led to a dramatic shift in how enterprises manage their applications and infrastructure. These two trends have developed into business necessities and have also changed the relationship between enterprises and their channel partners. In business, there’s always a bit of tension between a buyer and a seller. By definition, in an exchange, both sides need to feel as if they’re getting a good deal. In just about any deal, there is an agreement on a price but a difference of opinion on the actual value. For instance, when you sell your house, you’re happy to sell it for a certain price and somebody else is happy to buy it, but each side has different motivations. That dynamic tension is even more pronounced in the world of technology. With the large, complicated technology deals that companies and vendors construct, many enterprises create a partner network designed to take care of the needs of the business. But naturally, the partner network also has to take care of itself. This can lead to a delicate balance that can be all too easily disrupted when it becomes clear that the partner is taking more care of itself than of its client. Right now, these types of disruptions are happening frequently in the cybersecurity market as companies shift toward cloud-based cybersecurity services. The partner ecosystem that currently exists is dedicated to, and designed for, the world of the past where different software or hardware appliances needed to be integrated


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Security Solutions Today • May / June 2019

3/5/19 12:06 PM

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Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019  

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019  

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019