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With Smart Buildings, New Possibilities Emerge Every Day W

e all spend a huge part of each day in buildings but they are largely inefficiently ran. Most buildings operate on multiple systems for lighting, heating and security, and all these systems are administered independently of each other. By and large, buildings waste energy, are not optimal in space usage and are expensive to run. Furthermore, with so many assets to manage, extensive technologies, increasingly sophisticated system landscapes and complex data, facility managers are inundated with information and often feel overwhelmed.

Systems for Robert Bosch (SEA) Building Technology division. “Smart buildings are the way forward because they improve manpower efficiency, provide real-time sensing and feedback, help reduce  operational  costs  through  preventive  maintenance and enable many value-added  services and  applications, many of which are still in development as this is a relatively new field.” Bosch’s wide portfolio of products for  buildings ranges  from  connected home appliances, IoT sensors, fire detection systems with remote service, video surveillance with intelligent analytics, connected thermotechnology solutions and more. The smart building offerings go beyond hardware to include the Connected Building  Services software and Bosch IoT Cloud. 

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Humans And Buildings: Connected To Work Together For leading smart building solution provider Bosch, the answer is obvious: create connected buildings. With its smart building solutions, Bosch seeks to connect buildings so they can interact with humans. The goal: to deliver easier-to-manage buildings that perform better while providing greater energy. “New possibilities  emerge  every  day,” said Michael Goh, Director of Sales ASEAN, Security and Safety


Smart buildings collect data from these operational systems and independent sensors to drive insights that add value beyond ensuring security and facilitating access. For example,  by  fusing  data collected from a video surveillance/video analytic system, access control system and building management systems, building owners can find key insights and trends pertaining to energy usage in relation to human traffic for a particular space in the building.   By supplying data on buildings and their technology, Bosch’s solutions for commercial buildings will help facility managers and owners to always make the right decision.

May / June 2019 • Security Solutions Today

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Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019  

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019  

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019