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World’s First Palm Vein Authentication System Deployed At Korean Airports


assengers travelling on domestic flights in Korea can now verify their identity just by holding out a hand, boosting travellers’ convenience and reducing congestion. Since March 27, the Korea Airports Corporation has deployed a palm vein authentication system at all 14 domestic airports under its jurisdiction to ease congestion. The palm vein authentication from the Fujitsu Group has a track record of use by banks in their ATMs and corporations to control access to PCs. After checking in, users who have registered their palm vein patterns in advance can confirm their identity instantly by just holding out a hand and ticket over the gate. They will not have to show their citizen ID card, which, in the past, was necessary to confirm the passenger’s identity. This automating of the identification process increases the accuracy of passenger identification and significantly shortens the time required for the process. The domestic airports under KAC’s jurisdiction (a total of 14 airports) are currently used by about 32 million people per year. Korean citizens over the age of 14 travelling on domestic flights must have their identity checked before passing through boarding security. Previously this was done onsite by showing a citizen ID card to security personnel. Because visually

confirming a passenger’s identity takes time, this process could lead to congestion in the airports. In addition, passengers who had not brought their citizen ID cards were not able to board their flights, which mars customer experience at the airports. For these reasons, KAC decided to deploy a personal identification system based on palm vein authentication. The system first began operation on December 28 2018, and to date it has been used over one million times, with 160,000 individuals having already registered their palm vein patterns.

How It Works Travellers register in advance at registration devices installed in airports to use the palm vein authentication system. The registration will link their palm vein pattern with their citizen ID number, name and phone number. After they have registered, travellers simply need to scan a barcode on their ticket and then confirm their identity by holding out their hand at the newly installed identity confirmation gates.

Features Of The Newly Deployed System Delivers greater security with high accurate identification rate. The identification process is highly accurate as it identifies individuals with biometric data. It is also sanitary, due to its contactless operation. Greater convenience with smooth personal identification process. Having their identification verified instantly through the simple action of just holding out one’s hand over the gate elevates the boarding experience for passengers. It also means they can board even if they had forgotten to bring their citizen ID card. Reduction of congestion within airports. By automating the process of confirming passenger identities, congestion is significantly reduced. The Fujitsu Group is currently in discussions with KAC to expand palm vein authentication to self-service checkin systems and self-boarding gates, to further improve airport services. sst

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