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SilverShield Debuts Self-Service Kiosk For Unmanned Visitor Registration At ISC West 2019


any business owners struggle with the challenge of securing their facilities while containing the cost of manned security personnel. One answer to this is unmanned visitor registration kiosks. In April at ISC West 2019, provider of cloud-based, multiplatform solutions SilverShield Safety & Information Systems offered business owners an answer with its version of the unmanned visitor registration kiosk. The SilverShield Kiosk is integrated with the SilverShield Visitor and Incident Management System so that organisations

are able to screen and check in visitors and guests without an officer present. The kiosk allows visitors to register themselves using a Mac or PC computer, iOS or Android device. The process is fast and easy: users enter their credentials manually or scan their valid IDs or SilverShield Quick Badge. Once a visitor’s details are entered, the SilverShield Kiosk notifies a Kiosk Monitor (this may be a system administrator or security guard) that a visitor has completed check-in. The Kiosk Monitor can then decide to allow access or deny access. If a visitor’s details match those on any watchlist or sex offender registry, the Kiosk Monitor may send silent alert notifications to any stakeholders the organisation chooses. If the visitor denied access becomes a threat, the Kiosk Monitor can initiate additional internal or external alarms they feel are needed such as Alert Security or Hard Lockdown. “Our Self-Service Kiosk helps organisations secure all of their entry points so they know who is on their premises at all times, even those entry points that are unmanned,” said Robin Baker, CTO, SilverShield. “Even a single uncontrolled entrance could otherwise compromise the safety of the facility.” “The SilverShield Self-Service Kiosk ensures that all visitors are correctly checked in, screened and badged,” said Baker. “It’s one more way that SilverShield Systems helps keep your facility safe and secure.” sst


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Security Solutions Today • May / June 2019

3/5/19 11:25 AM

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Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019  

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019  

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019