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All-In-One Drone Service For Autonomous Security, Safety And Inspection Missions


eading provider of on-site autonomous drone solutions for critical infrastructures and industrial sites Percepto has launched an all-in-one aerial solution for autonomous security, safety and inspection missions in Australia. Percepto is a recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award. The Percepto Sparrow drones deliver fully autonomous real-time human/vehicle detection and tracking, thermal inspection, gas/oil leak detection, 2D mapping, 3D modelling and fence and property patrols - all without need for a pilot or an onsite operator. The solution delivers value across a diverse range of industrial and enterprise applications in sectors including mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, utilities and port and sea terminals. The solution is suited to any large-scale enterprises looking to improve security, increase productivity and reduce safety risks and operational costs. Organisations using the Percepto solution are better aware of events taking place, allowing them to be proactive and more efficient in addressing risks and operational needs. The drones are equipped with high-definition thermal cameras to enable day and night operation. They can perform in hostile weather conditions including rain, snow and dust. When deployed in the field they take off on demand or at scheduled times and navigate pre-defined routes. Once the mission has been completed the Sparrow returns to its base station - a highly secure enclosed weatherproof box - where automated post flight checks and fast battery charging are completed, ensuring the drone is primed for the next flight. The system is the only ‘drone-in-a-box’ solution that is powered by computer vision and AI, and that provides communications over LTE. sst

Ultrasonic Speaker That Releases Focused Beams Of Sound


eurotechnology has launched an ultrasonic directional speaker that focuses and constrains sound to a narrow beam for tens of metres. Listeners in the path of the beam are immersed in the music or speech projected by the speaker but just steps away no sound can be heard.

Neurotechnology is a developer of high-precision algorithms and software based on deep neural networks and other AI-related technologies. Built on Neurotechnology’s patentpending ultrasonic transducer technology, the Focusonics speaker

is ideal for situations where sound reproduction needs to be localised to a certain area while quiet is maintained elsewhere. These scenarios include targeted public address and warning systems, promotions in retail showrooms or trade shows and displays in art galleries or museums.

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Security Solutions Today • May / June 2019

3/5/19 11:25 AM

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Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019  

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019  

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019