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Shot Tracer Launches Outdoor Gunshot Detection Sensor


hot Tracer Technologies has extended its gunshot detection solution to the outdoors.

systems via contact closure (Hawk AP) or wirelessly via IP integration (Hawk IP).

The innovator in affordably priced gunshot detection solutions debuted its Hawk Outdoor Gunshot Detection Sensor at ISC West 2019. Hawk extends the detection capabilities and cost-effectiveness of Shot Tracer’s gunshot detection solutions to exterior locations.

Upon detection of a gunshot, Hawk AP immediately sends a contact closure alert to the facility’s alarm panel indicating whether it was a single or multiple gunshot event. Hawk IP sends alerts of detected gunshots’ time, location and number of shots fired over Verizon (USA) or Vodafone (Global) wireless services to user-designated individuals including the local police and medical facilities. This eliminates the need for any additional external monitoring services. A PAN Wireless option is also available to pair Hawk IP sensors with other wireless sensors.

By automatically detecting and pushing notifications of gunshot activity from the instant an incident begins to unfold, Hawk empowers security personnel and first responders to best manage active shooter situations before a facility is breached. Hawk is as easy to install as a smoke detector with analog and IP configurations available to integrate with virtually any security system available. Hawk integrates with security, alarm, surveillance and access

Shot Tracer Technologies first developed its Shot Tracer gunshot detection solution in 2010 in response to the shooting death of a Montana Highway Patrol officer. It delivers the highest accuracy and largest detection footprint per sensor available with

Shot Tracer Hawk™ Outdoor Gunshot Detection Sensor

critical data providing first responders with the information needed to protect people, property and assets. Said Allan Overcast, CEO and President of Shot Tracer Technologies, “Every second counts in an active shooter situation and Hawk’s ability to detect gunshots from outdoor locations in real-time allows security and personnel to react to unfolding active shooter situations before an assailant enters a facility.” Shot Tracer Hawk Outdoor Gunshot Detection Sensor will be available June 1, 2019. sst

Video Assurance Service Helps Firms Manage Security Videos


any small and medium-sized businesses do not have dedicated staff to manage their video systems. This often results in failures going unnoticed. This gives rise to gaps in the video record, also called ‘missing video evidence’. Unfortunately this missing video evidence often isn’t discovered until it is too late, when it is needed for investigation or for compliance purposes.

automated diagnostics and offer customers recommendations on how to fix it. Viakoo teams with partners to resolve the problem either remotely or onsite. Customers receive a weekly summary report. The service is currently offered by Viakoo in partnership with Stanley Security and PSA Security Network.

Viakoo, the security industry’s only provider of service assurance and IoT applications management solutions for physical security systems, offers the answer to this with its new Video Assurance Service.

A key customer segment is very small and medium-sized firms. Video Assurance Service equips small and mediumsized end users with the ability to identify security risks and vulnerabilities in real time and solve those risks in a quick and efficient manner while mitigating future weaknesses.

With Video Assurance Service, Viakoo will provide the oversight, automatic problem detection and continuous

The service is also targeted at integrators looking to deliver managed services and build recurring monthly revenue. sst

May / June 2019 • Security Solutions Today

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Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019  

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019  

Security Solutions Today: May-Jun 2019