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Blast, Roll and Water Activated Escape Lighting

Crew Survivability Maximized 2012

AEROGLOW - The Advanced of vehicle safety lighting


ounded in 2005 AeroGlow Limited is able to draw on the skills and expertise of a team of Industrial Engineers and Medical/Scientific professionals to provide user-safety and safety related products for both land and air vehicles. In association with many UK and US agencies, AeroGlow remains committed to developing innovative technology to counter the still growing threat of IED attacks across the world. AeroGlow has achieved an impressive reputation since its inception 7 years ago, mainly due to the dedication of its four-man team, all of whom boast a wealth of experience within the sector: Ross Kilby - Managing Director: Aside from having a background in medicine; as a keen pilot, Ross formed AeroGlow to promote visual safety equipment to the aviation industry. During this time, he worked closely with fast jet & helicopter pilots at MoD Boscombe Down, refining various products which aided in-flight safety. One of these products was an Emergency Egress Lighting System for one of the RAF’s fleet of helicopters. It was here that Ross & Neil Ham started to work closely together. Neil Ham - Technical Lead: Neil has spent much of his professional career as an Emergency Egress subject matter expert and adviser to UK MOD and US DoD. His experience varies from managing live underwater egress trials to assessment of open water helicopter sink rate and canopy jettison trials. Since leaving MOD Boscombe Down Neil has brought his unique experience to AeroGlow Ltd and has made a successful transition into the defence supply sector. Neil holds an MSc from Kinston University and is an active researcher and product developer. . Anthony Davis - Operations Manager - Before joining the company Anthony previously worked for QinetiQ as a Commercial Manager responsible for delivering multi-million pound contracts on time. Since joining

AeroGlow Ant has achieved huge success in dealing directly with customers, implementing bespoke contracts and ensuring the client gains the maximum benefit from their investment. Keith White - Business Development Lead - Having spent 32 years in the Army working as an Engineering Officer, Keith has first-hand experience of the life threatening situations our troops face every day. Towards the end of his military service, Keith worked as the Requirement Manager in the Protected Mobility Team at Defence Equipment and Support where he produced the Systems Requirement Document for the Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle currently in use in Afghanistan. A UK-based company, AeroGlow also uses a number of dedicated sub-contractors all of whom are based in the UK: Business Development Manager Keith White commented:” We take pride in the fact that our products are all designed and built in the UK.” The company’s diverse range of safety related products includes: · Vehicle Escape lighting · Aircraft Escape lighting · Blast Activated Lighting · Roll-over Activated Lighting · Water Activated Lighting · Blast Recording Systems · Attitude Warning Systems · IR Illuminators · Tactical / Ground Lighting The company’s Hatch Lighting and Orientation System (HaLO) Escape Lighting System came about in 2008 as a direct result of a request from the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to meet its requirement for a system to assist emergency egress in its MRAP vehicles in Iraq & Afghanistan following several severe incidents involving vehicles rolling into water. “We derived a system requirement to meet SOCOM’s needs by taking the basic principles of aircraft escape lighting systems and translating these principles into a robust system tailored to the needs of an armoured fighting vehicle.” During an incident involving vehicle rollover, impact from blast, or ditching into

designed to warn crew of vehicle attitude limits.

water, crew may be subjected to possible physical or mental injury caused by vehicle impact, as well as: · Partial or total disorientation within the cabin space due to vehicle movement and/or physiological impact. · Lost or impaired visibility of exits, handles, and other escape components due to smoke, water and possibly plume from fire suppression devices. · Panic, and overwhelming desire to escape; thus increasing chaos within the cabin environment resulting in possible competition/collision with other escapees. · Asphyxiation, impacting all of the above and limiting time for escape. With over 1500 of the company’s latest innovative HaLO Hatch Lighting & Orientation System currently supplied to the US Armed Forces, and having won a contract to fit 1000 for UK forces, the company has certainly cornered the market in the US and UK. However, Keith explained the company’s future plans included extending its database of clients worldwide. “AeroGlow has improved post IED survivability and duty of care to front line troops with our latest innovation HaLO, it provides a blast, roll and water activated escape lighting system, which automatically illuminates vehicle exits and hatch mechanisms during and following IED attack or accident.” More recently AeroGlow has been able to refine the knowledge gained in HaLO’s live blast trials to develop an Attitude Warning System (AWS)


ogether with a Blast Event Recorder - similar to the ‘Black Box’ in a plane, this system is ideal for use in fighting vehicles. The “post event” data gives vehicle manufacturers and operators vital information which can be used in the future to reduce blast / rollover injuries. Both systems can be configured to any platform. Keith added: “Developed in response to a published US Govt requirement for a system to warn vehicle drivers when they are approaching or exceeding vehicle roll over limits, AWS can be used alongside HaLO and the Blast Event Recorder or stand alone. The System gives precision indication of pitch and roll attitude. Complex algorithms and digital filtering are employed for highly accurate positional data without unwanted ‘noise’. The system also has a lateral g indicator at the bottom of the unit to manage cornering forces.” Having been designed to meet (where required) DefStan 0970; Mil Standard 810F (testing), NATO STANAG 3870, MILPRF85676A, HaLO has been thoroughly ‘tried and tested’ having undergone scientific underwater escape trials, 12 Government led ‘live’ blast trials, as well as being operationally tested, including Tank main armament firings to eliminate the possibility of inadvertent activation. Patented both in the UK and USA, HaLO hosts a tried and tested (TRL 9) sensor suite to include activation by water, blast, and roll-over. HaLO is in-service with platforms including: US RG33, RG31, AUV, MATV MRAPS, and the UK Protected Mobility Fleet including the Ocelot variant - Foxhound. Due to its unique design various

intellectual property rights protect the HaLO system including: UK patent GB2472090B; US patent US8253337; European patent pending EP2278566; and EC registered design numbers 001593153-01;-02; and -03. As you would expect from such a quality-conscious organisation, AeroGlow has achieved accreditation to quality standard ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100 Revision C covering the design, project management and supply of specialist aviation and vehicle safety lighting devices and associated equipment for military and civil applications. AeroGlow regularly receives commissions to design and supply bespoke tactical lighting products for military and commercial customers; which include capabilities such as tactical lighting in white, black (IR), and red spectrums, safe route markers to guide vehicles through pre-surveyed routes and IR illuminators for on-vehicle video/situational awareness systems. “We have the expertise to design an individually tailored tactical lighting system to meet your specific requirements.” When asked what gave AeroGlow the ‘edge’ over its competitors Keith went on to say: “Our product range not only offers you the opportunity to avoid what could be fatal accidents in a military environment, but they also provide necessary vital information for occupants in the vehicle to survive should an incident occur.”

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im Noest – Managing Director of Lodge Service Intelligence is the brainchild behind a facial recognition surveillance product that is taking the UK and global market by storm. Face Alert - took over 4 years of research, 30,000 plus lines of code and incorporates a cutting edge algorithm design, coupled with state of the art bespoke hardware – it is the most innovative surveillance product on the market! Face Alert is different because unlike other surveillance technology, it does not require the user to look directly into the camera. In a corporate situation, it automatically enrols your visitors as they pass through camera detection zones, and in real – time, it creates your own signature database, without anyone ever needing to know. Face Alert, a standalone system, enrols every person that passes through the camera view instantly identifying and alerting you to people you may need to know about, with 5 different alert types that can be customised to suit your business needs. These are: Red, Amber, Green, Blue and Purple. Red could be used for those identified that are a threat in a shopping centre for example – displaying anti- social behaviour or the person concerned is a major shoplifter. The system is of great benefit to security staff in this circumstance, as it helps mangers of security teams to allocate resources appropriately to the level of threat. For instance someone who has an amber level alert may only need one security guard to make sure that they leave the shopping centre with minimal assistance, whereas a known offender with a red level of alert may need more security staff to escort him/her off the premises, because they have a history of displaying anti-social behaviour. Face Alert helps security staff to stay safe… At the other end of the scale, Purple Alert could be used for VIPs – so that staff can be alerted to their arrival and the appropriate corporate hospitality put in place. Other benefits of Face Alert are numerous, including being able to view your system in real time from any Internet enabled laptop, PC or tablet device from anywhere around the globe, and view real time automatic enrolments, latest matches and alerts. Search your enrolments – instantly search by time and date – or even by the unique enrolment ID.


Benefit from Instant Watch List Alerts – real time notifications direct to your mobile phone, PDA or PC, providing full details of the alert including the latest captured image, and the previous image at point of initial enrolment. Also - Instant Audio Alerts – upon detecting a flagged ID - Face Alert automatically sounds an alert to notify of the detection. Additional alerts are relayed to management, control room or a variety of tablet / handheld devices. Well-designed Bespoke Hardware – a partnership with Dell has allowed Lodge Service Intelligence to develop a bespoke range of high specification servers built to extract the best performance and reliability from the software. High Capacity Storage – the system can hold up to 200,000 automatic enrolments, the system will restart and recycle enrolments, maintaining processing and storage capacity at optimal and manageable levels. The system stores records for up to 28 days and these are accessed by searching times and dates. Multi person matching – Lodge Service Intelligence has incorporated advanced multi- person technology , allowing simultaneous enrolments and matching in the cameras view – keeping you aware even at busy times. HD Video Technology - High Definition facial recognition cameras are custom calibrated to deliver the highest quality images into the software without loss of detail. Share watch list users- quickly and securely transports your watch list database, or even a single record to other Face Alert database systems. Allowing you to share information – each record is less than 300kb – so it can be easily mailed.

Face Alert can be used in many areas where there is a small or high amount of human footfall, such as shops, shopping centres, offices, warehouses, large corporations, stadiums, stations, etc. Speaking to Neil Williamson – Sales and Marketing Manager at Lodge Service the other day about Face Alerts competition in the market, he explained the following… ‘ I would like to say that the main players in the market at the moment are Accenture, Human Recognition Systems, Omniperception, iOmniscientIQ and a newer company – NEC. All of the above systems apart from ours and Omniperception don’t use infra-red so our accuracy is much higher because of this. Also, our interface is miles ahead of anything else on the market and the actual user experience is much better. Our real advantage over the companies mentioned, is speed of recognition and accuracy. ‘ A programme called Inside Out London - BBCs Regional (London) Television programme reported on Face Alert in November 2011, it can be found on YouTube .com A mock trial of human against machine was played out during the report – find out who won! Lodge Service UK Brook Point, 1412 High Road London , N20 9BH Telephone: 0800 289 080 Fax: (0) 20 8446 6602 Email: Website:

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“Making t EXTREME

PROCOM SY U nder the umbrella of its’ mother company PROCOM A/S, a

privately owned company

founded in 1980, PROCOM SYS-

TEMS LTD boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the manufacture and supply of high quality antennas, filters and combining equipment, which it has gained over the past 30 years. By drawing on the skill and expertise of a dedicated team based in Herne Bay, Kent, the Company today has become acknowledged as a market leader in communications solutions; with more than 90% of the company’s total production being exported to countries throughout the world. PROCOM liaises closely with a number of large international customers within the industry and within the public emergency forces such as Ministries of Defence, police forces, fire-fighting brigades and civil defences. The Company’s products and solutions cover the following applications: Base & Marine Antennas: These are well known for their high quality and stablility under extreme working conditions. GPS Antennas: Including its’ GPS Combimount, which is setting industry standards with high-gain noise amplifier and a unique mounting concept. Mobile Antennas: Available in both permanent and temporary installations, the Company’s mobile antennas cover a broad range of applications; together with a comprehensive variety of cables and connectors to meet all requirements.


the World Smaller....Even Under CONDITIONS”


Unit 5B, Altira Park, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 6GZ Tel: +44(0)1227 743099 Website:

Portable Antennas: These comprise

areas within radio communications. With

and materials, by careful constructions and

end-fed, helical, flexible and rubber design.

our in-depth knowledge of antennas and

extensive QA-procedures, quality is built

filters making PROCOM the perfect partner

into our products from the first develop-

for MOD and Government sectors.”

ment and up through the complete produc-

Filters: Comprising Duplex, Band-pass, Band-reject, Low-pass and High-pass, the

tion phase.”

Company’s filters include both cavities and

“The ability of the Procom product to

As you would expect from such a quality-

helical resonators using high-quality com-

handle extreme strains has been a crucial

conscious organisation, PROCOM is a mem-

ponents combined with an extensive QA

factor in our success in further developing

ber of FSC, BMEA and the British Marine

system to ensure unparalleled performance.

our co-operation with professional custom-


ers within wireless 2-way radio communicaThe company also manufactures Multicou-


plers with built-in adjustable gain including

Michael concluded by saying: “PROCOM’s success is among other things based on our

receiver Multicouplers, RX Power Splitters

“From our production facilities in Denmark

R&D-departments, which each has a staff of

and low noise Amplifiers.

we supply both standard equipment and

engineers and technicians with significant

custom-made equipment used in com-

technical experience within the areas anten-

Available as cavities or hybrid for transmit-

munication systems, where the demand

nas, filters and combiners.

ting equipment, the Company’s Combiners

is for high quality and top-performance

are available with either single or double

even under extreme conditions. Added to

The mission of our R&D-departments is to

isolators. PROCOM’s range of Combiners

this, the fact that our products have a large

develop, improve and refine our products so

include TX Combiners, Couplers, Dummy-

degree of handmade components, which

that they always represent the best possible

loads, Attenuators, as well as Power Dividers.

are thoroughly tested to provide stability,

solution for our customers.”

Defence Product Lines - G-CXL & SB:

function and durability, has also been a key

Having for several decades designed tailor-

factor in enabling the company to maintain

If you have a particular project that requires

made antennas, filters and combiner solu-

its’ leading position in the marketplace.”

a specialised solution or would like further

tions for defence units world-wide, PROCOM recently launched two new product lines

information on the company’s products “By meticulous selection of components

please contact us

especially designed for defence units. The GCXL line comprising base station antennas and marine antennas and the SB line comprising steel-band antennas for portable equipment. Find out more about these new lines at In a recent interview the Company’s Sales Director Michael Hudson outlined the secret to the company’s year-on-year success: “By drawing on our technical expertise and continuously developing range of bespoke products, we have been able to successfully supply cutting-edge communications solutions in some of the most demanding


Leading the Way in Water Purification Solutions To Military Forces Worldwide Since its’ inception in 1987, H2Onics has built up an impressive reputation as a leading provider of Water Treatment Solutions such as reverse osmosis purifiers, magnetic water conditions and pentek water filters to meet the needs of its client base worldwide; with Ultra Violet (UV) equipment being of particular interest to the Military forces. A division of D.J. Enterprises, H2Onics is today acknowledged as a leading water treatment supplier in the UK; having supplied water treatment products to over 50 countries for Governments, Industry and Consumers over the past 20 years. With access to three warehouses in the UK, one in the North and one in the Midlands and a third in the South, the company boasts a combined total of over 6,000 line items related to the treatment of water; thereby ensuring supply requirements are rarely an issue: “If you don’t find what you are looking for on our website, just give us a call and we will try our very best to source it for you!” In a recent interview H2Onics’ founder David Chater-Jack outlined how the company is able to support clients throughout the UK, as well as to other countries he has visited including the North African desert, Thailand/Cambodian border, Cyprus, Sardinia, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Hong Kong, Germany: “After service we worked with UK’s largest defence equipment manufacturer, promoting the equipment of the 11 companies within the group to Governments in Africa and the Far East.” When asked what benefits the Military gained in using the company’s revolutionary stainless steel Ultraviolet Water Purifiers, which are able to destroy waterborne micro-organisms, he replied: “Our new range of improved stainless steel ultraviolet water purifiers have an even longer life, look considerably better, have higher-pressure ratings and benefit from a proven reliability status. As well as providing bacteria-free drinking water for industry, farms, homes and restaurants etc, they have become widely used in the armed forces worldwide, where maintaining safe, clean drinking water for troops in the field can form a vital factor in maintaining a fit and healthy fighting force. “ With two thirds of your body weight made-up of water and 85% of your brain consisting of water, it goes without saying that drinking good quality water is vital to your wellbeing. As well as quenching your thirst, water also plays an important role in your digestive system, as well as helping control your weight; with cold water increasing your metabolic rate and keeping your mind clear. Little wonder then, it’s recommended that we drink an average of 8 cups of water per day. H2Onics Anode House, Unit 14, Berkeley Crescent,Frimley, Surrey GU16 8YN Tel: +44 (0) 1252 837267 Fax: +44 (0) 1252 837267 Email: Website: Also see:

TYRE PROTECTOR Security Industry emag

Sealing Punctures...........Supporting the Environment........Saving Lives


t best, punctures are inconvenient.


Sealing Punctures.........Supporting

t worst, they are life threatening.

Tyre Protector is a revolut punctures. It is used by tyre m effectively:-

At best, punctures are inconvenient. • Instantly and permanen g. n i n e t a e r h t e f i l re • Reduce puncture related a y e h t , t s r o w t A • Extend the life of tyres.

he truck in the above picture lost control after suffering a front wheel blow-out. collided with the white van in the picture below. Both drivers survived but the an driver spent many months in hospital.

• Reduce operating tempe Thanks to Tyre Protector, they are now avoidable. •

Improve fuel efficiency.

The truck in the above picture lost control after suffering a front wheel blow-out. It • Maintain air pressure. collided with the white van (above centre). Both drivers survived but the van driver • Improve safety. spent many months in hospital. •

Potentially save lives

Tyre Protector is a revolutionary product that can significantly reduce punctures. It is used by tyre manufacturers and distributors globally and will effectively:• Instantly and permanently repair punctures. • Reduce puncture related downtime.


Protect the environment

A tyre 'blow out' or puncture can it happens to a military vehicle INTERNATIONAL has devel proven to be superior to the many in the UK and America since the


the Environment........Saving Lives

tionary product that can significantly reduce manufacturers and distributors globally and will

• Extend the life of tyres. • Reduce operating temperature. • Improve fuel efficiency. ntly repair punctures. • Maintain air pressure. • Improve safety. d downtime. • Potentially save lives • Protect the environment by extending the life of tyres.

A tyre ‘blow out’ or puncture can have devastating consequences - even more so erature.


when it happens to a military vehicle in a combat situation. Now TYRE PROTECTOR INTERNATIONAL has developed a revolutionary Tyre Sealant that has been proven to be superior to the many other similar products that have been available both in the UK and America since the 1940’s. Made available to the public in June, 2003, Tyre Protector’s unique Tyre Sealant was the result of many years of research, development and testing, as the Company’s CEO and Managing Director Paul Butterworth explained in a recent interview: “Having spent many years in the commercial vehicle industry I became only too aware

t by extending the life of tyres.of tyre sealant products available on the market at the time of the poor performance and decided to draw on my expertise in the field to develop one that would address

n have devastating consequences - even more so when those limitations.” in a combat situation. Now TYRE PROTECTOR loped a revolutionary Tyre Sealant that has been y other similar products that have been available both e 1940's.

Security Industry emag

A tyre ‘blow out’ or puncture can have devastating consequences - even more so when it happens to a military vehicle in a combat situation. Throughout the development stages, Paul worked with some of the leading chemists in the UK and commercial tyre users around the world; ensuring that Tyre Protector addressed all of the shortcomings of similar products and outperformed them in every way. The results of Paul’s efforts have surpassed his expectations and in less than ten years Tyre Protector is available in over forty countries. Paul’s objective was to produce the most effective sealant product available and when the managing director of Continental in Norway described Tyre Protector as “astonishing” Paul knew that he had reached that objective. When asked what made Tyre Protector stand out from other similar products, Paul replied: “Our product is far more effective and we have been able to demonstrate this through feedback and accreditation from our customers. If our sealants do not perform as stated, we will remove them and return the customers investment. That is the measure of our confidence in our product. To my knowledge, we produce the only sealant that is used extensively by tyre manufacturers and distributors and produce the only sealant that has been approved for use in underground mining operations. Tyre Protector is a remarkable product. It will immediately repair a tread area puncture up to 12mm in diameter. The repair will last for the life of the tyre. Additionally, many tyre blow-outs are caused by under-inflation, usually as a result of slow punctures or poor maintenance. Under-inflation generates excess heat. This is where Tyre Protector can provide invaluable support by helping to keep tyres at the correct pressure and temperature. Tyre Protector contains rust and corrosion inhibitors that will protect steel and alloy rims and will not damage the steel belt within the tyre. Additional benefits include extending the life of tyres, reducing their operative temperature, and improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.”

“If our sealants do not perform as stated, we will remove them and return the customers investment. That is the measure of our confidence in our product.” Given that the product is kept in an airtight container, it’s lifespan is indefinite. Inside a tyre, it lasts for the life of the tyre. Chemically inert and water soluble, Tyre Protector does not affect the components of the tyre and will therefore not affect the manufacturer’s warranty. As you would expect from such an environmentally-conscious organisation, Tyre Protector is fully biodegradable and non toxic. Furthermore, as it extends the life of tyres, allowing tyres to be retreaded, thereby reducing the number of tyres going for scrap, which is an environmental concern. Paul added: “When Tyre Protector was developed it was important to create an environmentally friendly product. All of the ingredients used are non-toxic and biodegradable. The product is fully water soluble and may be washed away with water, thereby enabling commercial tyres to be re-used by way of retreating or re-mixing.”


Therefore, it comes as no surprise to learn that in 2005 Tyre Protector was awarded ISO 9001 accreditation, an Internationally recognised, prestigious award for quality. It is an International Standard, in use worldwide as the benchmark for Quality.

Tyre Protector is a remarkable product. It will immediately repair a tread area puncture up to 12mm in diameter. The repair will last for the life of the tyre. Suitable and beneficial to the users of almost every pneumatic tyre, Tyre Protector regularly receives recognition and accreditation from around the world and is used extensively by government departments, the military, emergency service vehicles, plant, construction, mine and agricultural vehicles, commercial vehicles, taxis private motorists and motorcyclists. Having the vision and foresight to see the enormous potential in this rapidly growing industry Paul remains committed to building a successful global business based on the highest standards of honesty and integrity. The testimonial below is typical of the many commendations TYRE PROTECTOR INTERNATIONAL regularly receives from satisfied customers: “We have had installed this product into our tyres since June 2003 – a total of 7 cars in the county of Agder south of Norway. Our experiences are very good, as we haven’t had any puncture on any of our tyres that has been rolling 200.000 km. When we changed into winter-tyres 2 weeks ago, we discovered that several tyres had nails and screws that had penetrated them, but without any puncture or airloss as a result. We do not know how long the vehicles had been driven with these nails in the tyres.Our tyredealer just removed the objects from the tyres. “We have also discovered that the tyres last much longer than ever before, as we do not have to control the air pressure anymore. The pressure is maintained at a constant level on the tyres that has been filled with Tyre Protector.” Best regards, Securitas Verdi, Inge Holland. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: TYRE PROTECTOR MANUFACTURING LTD Unit 66, Mochdre Industrial Estate, Newtown, Powys SY16 4LE Tel: +44 (0) 1686 650327 / Fax: +44 (0) 1686 650233 Email: Website:

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G e n e r a l Featu r e on T yr e Seal ant and Punct ur e D ow n t im e Solu tion s. Being in the line of fire from the enemy whilst trying to change a tyre on a military vehicle is I would imagine one of the scariest scenarios of anyone’s lives – even if they are army trained. Tyre companies came out with some of the first ‘ get you home tyres’ , earlier on in the 20th century and a well-known tyre company brought out the first fabric tube within a tyre, which had a secondary chamber that slowly released air into the outer tyre - in 1934, five years before the advent of the Second World War. Much later on in the 1970s, British Leyland – who caused so much controversy during that decade, had a light bulb moment realising that the run flat tyre they had been manufacturing could be used as a selling point. It was a unique wheel design that kept the tyre seated on the rim, and had sealant and re- inflation built into the wheel / tyre unit. However, the need for special wheels was the stumbling block for the investment - to make the dream a reality, and it didn’t work. Along came the OKO Group in 1978 who demonstrated to the military that their product was cost effective and worked, by sealing several holes if needed and quite large holes at that, without the need to stop and change a tyre. Thereby delivering precious cargoes in the time allotted and without putting army vehicle crews at risk of being injured or worse… Tyre sealants are the best solutions to puncture downtime issues - proved time and time again…


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