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“Our customers often ask us to recommend a solution that can be used in the field to extract and analyze important information. They work in offices and out in the field, where all types of conditions are possible — rain, dust, temperature shifts, drops,” Ridgway says. “This kit is a complete and effective solution that meets all these needs.” Uncompromised reliability and convenience The Oxygen Forensic Kit is a straightforward, durable and capable mobile solution for field data analysis. Using the kit is easy, right from the box: The customer connects a mobile phone to the Algiz 7 unit with a cable or Bluetooth, chooses which data to view, and waits for the unit to extract it. Once extracted, the selected information can be analyzed, either immediately on the mobile unit or later in a lab. The user can view contacts, messages, photos, applications, geo-positioning information, Web browsing along with data from pre-installed and third party applications. Additionally a Communication Statistics section allows an examiner to easily find out who the owner has called the most and if more than one phone is being analyzed, the software can help find possible connections between them,” Ridgway says. Oxygen Forensic Kit Rugged is the only complete solution available on the market that allows not only extraction, but also analysis of the extracted data in the field. The solution is also expandable with any Windows software, thanks to the Algiz7 Tablet PC running Windows 7. Handheld’s Algiz 7 is a brawny rugged tablet with a brilliant 7-inch widescreen touch display. It’s compact, weighing only 2.42 pounds (1.1 kilograms) and measuring just 5.56 x 9.5 x 1.57 inches (144 x 242 x 40 millimeters), yet it features some impressive rugged specifications: It’s IP65 rated and it meets MIL-STD-810G military testing standards, which means it can withstand any harsh environmental condition, from drops, extreme temperatures and vibrations to humidity, dust and water. But besides needing to be rugged, a complete, field-ready solution also must be convenient. The Oxygen Forensic Kit comes with Windows 7 Ultimate, Oxygen Forensic Suite and Bluetooth drivers installed and configured. It requires no other forensic hardware and no additional

history and more from the phone, including deleted information — exactly the types of evidence that may be needed to help crack a case. But with help from the ultra-rugged Algiz 7, solving crimes is the only type of case-cracking Data Duplication’s customers will be experiencing from now on. This sturdy mobile solution eliminates costs associated with broken units, such as downtime and repair expenses. “Our customers say they can spend more time working, instead of making the tool work,” Ridgway says. “The Oxygen software turns the Algiz 7 into an all-in-one rugged forensic extraction and examination tool, with the durability and reliability the customers requested.” Challenge Track down a mobile technology tool for forensic data collection that works just as well in the field as it does in the office. Solution Strengthen investigations with the Oxygen Forensic Kit, a data-analysis package from Oxygen Software that runs on Handheld’s rugged Algiz 7 tablet. Result A technology solution that can tackle tricky analysis in tough environments, minimizing repair costs and maximizing investigators’ time.

settings or installations to operate, and it allows not only data extraction but

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also viewing and analysis right at the worksite. The only cables required are

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the included set of phone connector cables.


Security industry E-mag - March 2014  

Security industry E-mag - March 2014

Security industry E-mag - March 2014  

Security industry E-mag - March 2014