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Forensic analysts use rugged mobile technology to collect evidence in harsh environments

A solid piece of evidence can be the difference between freedom and time

Data Duplication’s clients consist of law enforcement organizations, digital

behind bars for a person charged with a crime — and a just verdict often

forensic service providers, forensic consultants and forensic analysts.

depends on the field workers and analysts who uncover that evidence.

These professionals encounter a wide variety of working conditions and

New technologies make it possible to not only track and store important data electronically on users’ devices, but also for analysts to extract that evidence from mobile units. Seized devices, especially cell phones, often hold a huge amount of data — including conversations, contacts, photos and locations — that can be used to either incriminate or vindicate the accused. But gathering this data and interpreting it correctly can present a challenge: Data-extraction methods sometimes require several types of software, multiple computers and inconvenient setup, which is a lot to contend

environments in their work outside the office — including fluctuating temperatures, rain, wind and dust. The mobile technology they use in their investigations has to be able to hold up to tough conditions, and it also needs to be accurate, efficient and easy to use. “We used to offer non-rugged tablet options to our clients,” says Andy Ridgway, Sales Engineer at Data Duplication. “Those tablets were unreliable so a rugged option was needed.” A durable mobile solution that could handle rugged environments while still supplying the sophisticated technology capabilities their customers needed out in the field was required.

with when timeliness is critical and worksite environments are anything

A rugged, mobile solution

but gentle. Even though engineers have made huge improvements

Oxygen Software soon chose the Algiz 7 rugged tablet from Handheld in

in technology’s ability to extract data, few tools are able to apply these

order to create a field-ready version of its Oxygen Forensic Kit, a package

advanced collection capabilities out in the field.

that combines hardware and forensic analysis software from Oxygen

Uncovering clues in tough environments Because of the variety of environments detectives and analysts encounter, fast and reliable forensic data collection requires robust, durable and portable technology solutions. The team at Data Duplication Limited, a

Software. Oxygen Software is a developer of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile and smartphone devices. Its Oxygen Forensic Suite is designed to extract and examine the maximum amount of data from mobile phones — including data deleted by the user.

United Kingdom-based supplier of digital forensic hardware and software,

“The analysis can include anything from basic phone data such as

often hears requests from its customers to provide solutions that meet

contacts, calls and SMS messages to geo positioning information that

these needs.

shows where the phone has been located. Deleted data is also extracted


Security industry E-mag - March 2014  

Security industry E-mag - March 2014

Security industry E-mag - March 2014  

Security industry E-mag - March 2014