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Maximum Forced Entry Protection Award Winning | Automatic Multi-Point Deadbolt Lock Securing The Door Each Time It Closes Applications: Main Entrance Doors Employee Entrances Rear Exits Clinic Entrances Secure Rooms Data Centers & more

Award Winning Multi-Point Locking

Securitech, the leader in multi‐point locking, has answered the call for a multi-point locking on high‐traffic doors. Designed for entrances used by staff and the public alike, storage room and other doors. Maximum protection against break-ins is provided with simple low‐pressure movement to unlock. And of course, it is fully compatible with standard, high‐security and restricted key systems (mortise cylinder). The optional electric release integrates with all access control systems. Additional models, signaling, functions and options are available.

Four Point Deadbolt Projection Against Break-Ins

• Instant deadbolt locking each time the door closes • Stainless steel deadbolts project 1 full inch • The door is bolted to the frame; three positions on the lock edge, and one on the hinge edge • Stainless steel thru-bolt plates enhance forced-entry resistance • No bolt projects into the saddle, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring durability.

Fully Mechanical Operation • No power required to lock or unlock

Complete Code Compliance

• Depressing the interior lever seamlessly retracts all three bolts simultaneously. • Meets ADA requirements for single motion exiting • Easy one-motion entry by key or via access control system (on electric models)

Durability & Vandal Resistance

• Tested for over 1 million cycles • Stainless steel lock body and internal parts • Stainless steel breakaway slip-clutch lever • Lower bolt projects into the frame, eliminating hole in the floor

Full Access Control Integration • Electrical Release • Request-To-Exit Signal • Door Position Switch

• Bolt Position Switch • Key Usage Switch

Easy To Install

• Ideal for retrofit or new construction • Internal or stainless steel surface-housing models • Inswing & outswing models available


Fire Rated Models Available: • Maximum opening size 4’0”x8’0” for single and 8’0”x8’0” for double doors
 • Category C (up to 3 Hrs)
 Applicable Standards: • UL10(c) (2015) Standard for Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies • CAN-ULC-S104-15 (2015) STANDARD METHOD FOR FIRE TESTS OF DOOR ASSEMBLIES • NFPA 252 (2017): Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies Tornado and Hurricane Safe Room Applications Available for Concealed Models: • Size Limitations (subject to change): Minimum 2’6”x 6’8”Maximum 4’0” x 10’0” Applicable Standards: • FEMA P-361, Third Edition / March 2015, Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes, Guidance for Community and Residential Safe Rooms • ICC 500-2014, ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters

Securitech received recognition for its AUTO-BOLT™ MAX as a winner in the 2017 SIA New Product Showcase During ISC West in Las Vegas. The (SIA) Security Industry Association awarded honors to best new products in the showcase in an awards ceremony on April 5. 2017’s New Product Showcase received 120 entries from small, medium and large companies in the security industry. This number represented roughly a 20 percent increase overall last year and set a record for entrants in recent years. The NPS judges presented awards in 29 product and service categories. (The full list of SIA New Product Showcase award winners is available at www.sianps.com)

Securitech exhibitors visit with Sarah Soliman, of MJBizTV, to introduce Securitech’s innovative AUTO-BOLT™ MAX at 2017’s MJBizCon in Las Vegas. (View the interview at www.securitech.com)

Multi-point locking enters the 21st century with the award winning Auto-Bolt Max™, Securitech’s newest forced-entry resistant locking system. Dead bolting the door at 4 locking points each time it closes, Auto-Bolt Max™ features single motion retraction to meet all life safety codes. (Continue reading at www.securityinfowatch.com)

AUTO-BOLT MAX™ | Surface & Concealed Models

ith bly w sem kset s a ed ed loc ount all ace m pre-inst f r u S y r o fact

Conc e


Upper horizontal deadbolt and trigger

Escutcheon Trim

Upper deadbolt and trigger

Sectional Trim (Concealed Only)

Control Trim

Stainless Steel Trim And Levers

Edge view of main lock body and trims

Edge view of main lock body and trims

Lower horizontal deadbolt

Lower horizontal deadbolt



AUTO-BOLT MAX™ | Model Builder

*= Concealed models only Wire harness included in all electrified and signal models.


Hinge-Side Bolts

Trim Sets



Lever Designs


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