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Electrically-Released Trim With Latch Lock & Electromagnetic Lock Control


Code Compliant Release Action Allows Use Of Electromagnetic Lock Dual Locking Principle Provides Locked Door In The Event Of Power Failure Reliability Protects Against "Negligent Security" Lawsuits Electric Release Within Trim Instead Of Strike Offers Greater Durability And Vandal-Resistance Durable Design Of Trim, Levers, Simple Strike & Electromagnet Withstand Abuse In The Roughest Neighborhoods Reduced Service And Maintenance Costs Due To Patented Design

UG Style Trim

Single Action Release Of Latch & Electromagnetic Lock (Invisible Magnet Action)

How Does It Work? MAGLATCH™ is an integrated locking system featuring positive latching and electromagnetic locking for "Dual Locking." Retracting the exterior or interior lever releases both locks simultaneously providing easy "No special knowledge" operation and code compliance.

GG Style Trim with architectural finishes

Vandal-Resistant LeverEx™ SlipClutch Within Stainless Steel Exterior Lever Handle Breaks Away When Forced Without Damage

MAGLATCH™'s patented design creates the most rugged and durable lock for high-traffic and vandal-prone locations.

Cutaway view of electric release solenoid within exterior trim

The slipclutch lever handle breaksaway if forced, but will not open the door and is not damaged

Thermasol™ Solenoid Cuts-Off Automatically If There Is A Stuck Button On The Intercom Cutaway view of interior trim & switch

9032 9034-HA 9020

Includes trim; mortise latch lock; 1,200 lbf. electromagnetic lock #9030 elements with heavy-duty trim package #9032 modified with additional elements for NYC Housing Auth. Includes trim; mortise latch lock; electromagnetic lock by others


Mortise Latch Lock Physically Locks The Door Each Time It Closes For Fail-Secure Protection Patented Quick-Switch Cylinder Change Method And Removable Spindle For Easy Service


Switches Within Trim Units Invisibly Release The Electromagnetic Lock


Standard 1-¼x8" Mortise And 4-7/8” Strike Prep. HANDING: LH, Rh, LHR, RHR CYLINDER: Mortise Cylinder Required (By Others).



Ideal For Apartment Building Entrances Card Access Controlled Doors Public Housing Entrances/Exits Office Building Stairwell Doors Integrates Perfectly With All Card Access & Digital Keypads

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MAGLATCH MODELS ADA Compliant NFPA Compliant The MAGLATCH Principle

Fail-Safe Exiting “No Special Knowledge” Exiting

Depressing either lever instantly releases the electromagnetic lock by interrupting the power

No Special Wiring No Relays - No Timers DUAL LOCKING

Positive latching at the center of the door and electromagnetic lock at the head… the door is held in place at two-points with two-technologies… but only one action to unlock! Regular Doors BIG, HEAVIEST DUTY TRIM Features "Removable-Spindle" for quick mortise lock service. Available with standard powder coated black finish AESTHETIC, ARCHITECTURAL FINISH NARROW TRIM Variety of finishes available.


24vAC, 30va transformer required

Heavy Duty Deadlatch

AML 1-1/4"x 8" faceplate ANSI type, Fire-Rated Lockset

Medium-Stile Alum. MML 1-1/4"x 6-7/8" faceplate FML 1-1/4"x 8" faceplate

Lock By Others XML Contact Factory For Requirements 4-7/8” Stainless Steel Strike Supplied With All Lock Bodies

Access control systems can be complicated to program and turn on and off. Frequently a computer is needed to change status, time zones, etc. The cut-off switch feature allows a clockwise rotation of the key to toggle the access control system on or off. The supervisor does not need to have any programming skills to turn the system off for a defined period (after hours, weekend, etc) or turn it back on.

24vDC transformer required 24vDC, Fail-Safe Re-Entry Function Latch position switch for use with alarms

(UG Trim Only)

Full face steel cylinder protector is standard for regular cylinders.

How To Order Build a model number using the matrix to the right. Sample Model: 9030-UG-AC-AML-676-RH

MODELS 9030 9032 9034-HA 9020

Includes trim; mortise latch lock; 1,200 lbf. electromagnetic lock #9030 elements with heavy-duty trim package #9032 modified with additional elements for NYC Housing Auth. Includes trim; mortise latch lock; electromagnetic lock by others

made in usa by (800)622-5625

Key unlocks lever for extended Optional signal switch for interior period, until key is used to retrim for use with alarmed or lock lever. Lock functions in passage mode access control doors. Depressing the while exterior lever is in unlocked mode. interior lever actuates the switch. “BEST”-type IC core cylinders require a “8” plug opening

Yale IC core cylinders require an oval keyhole opening


9030, 9032, 9034-HA, 9020 Model/Function Trim Style UG, GG Electric Release AC, DC, RE Mortise Lock AML, MML, FML, XML Cylinder Protector UG models Only; RC, YC (Designation needed only if other than standard) F Special Options CF, CS, CX, LL, LPS, KU G Finish UG= 676 GG 630 (satin stainless steel) or 606 (satin brass) Contact factory for cutom finishes H Handing LH, RH, LHR, RHR

SECURITECH GROUP, INC. 54-45 44th St. (718)392-9000 (718)392-8944 fax

Maspeth, NY 11378


Custom Dual-Locking Solutions


Only Securitech offers this wide an array of features and options

UG Trim Only

Both the interior and exterior levers contain independent switches, rated at 5Amps, 30vDC. These can interrupt the electromagnetic lock’s power and have a mechanical life of 10 million cycles. Depressing the lever opens the circuit.

Replacing a vandalized mortise lock can be accomplished quickly and easily without removing the trim from the door. The round cap on the interior lever may be removed via a special allen key. The spindle can then be pulled out, which allows the lockset to be replaced.

Changing a cylinder also does not require removing the trim from the door. An access hole in the interior trim allows an allen key to be inserted into the cylinder locking post of UG Trim the exterior trim. The locking post can be turned, which Only releases the cylinder and allows the switch.

A full range of exit devices, including rim, mortise, surface vertical rod and concealed vertical rod models are available. See High-Security Exit Device Section for catalog cut.

For use on inswing doors, MagChannel allows installation of the electromagnetic lock without unsightly “Z” brackets.

Securitech offers a full range of power supplies for the MAGLATCH system. Custom requests can be accommodated. See the full catalog cut.

MAGLATCH can work with existing or new electromagnetic locks. MAGLATCH models which include an electromagnetic lock are furnished with a slim design 1,200 lb. holding force magnet and armature. Custom electromagnetic locks can be furnished with options such as “Bond Sensors” and “Door Status Sensors” to meet access control system needs. Contact factory for details.

KU Key Usage Signal Switch For use with access control systems. Sends a signal to the access control system that a key was used for entry as opposed to the access control card. LL

8' Lead Length For Easy Wiring

Eliminates wiring connections in the lock area of the door.

Special Models: Functions & Operating Modes Designation Name 9041 9042 9027 9051 9052

DoubleLock 1 DoubleLock 2

Normal Operation

Loss of Power Exit Entry

Locked Exit & Entry Locked Exit & Entry

Key or Card Required For Exit Exit Only-Locked (No Entry) Free Exit, Exterior Unlocked By Timed UnLock 1 Timer For Defined Time Free Exit, Exterior Unlocked By Timer For Defined Time Timed Unlock 2


Fail-Safe Fail-Secure Includes electromagnetic lock with bond sensor Fail-Secure Fail-Secure Includes electromagnetic lock with bond sensor Check code requirements! Fail-Secure None Electromagnetic lock by others Requires custom Securitech power supply Fail-Safe Fail-Safe Include electromagnetic lock Requires custom Securitech power supply Fail-Safe Fail-Secure Include electromagnetic lock

Additional functions can be created to meet specific needs. Please check local codes and requirements prior to specification and installation. Securitech assumes no responsibility or liability for code compliance.




(718)392-8944 fax

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