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Instant Deadbolt Classroom Lock “Deadbolt Lockdown, Not Latchdown”


Instant Locking At The Press Of A Button


Deadbolt and Latching


Free-Exiting At All Times

One Full Inch Stainless Steel Deadbolt!

Instant Locking!

Inside View

The QID intruder lock is designed to provide maximum deadbolt protection when an intruder is identified within the school. We deadbolt our homes against forced entry; Why wouldn’t we deadbolt our children’s classrooms to better withstand an attack? Simple Locking One simple push of the button below the lever assures the teacher that their door is properly secured. This one punch approach allows the teacher to instantly focus on either sheltering in place or evacuation of the children. Precious seconds and minutes are saved with this system.

Everyday Use The QID works as a regular classroom function lock for everyday use, and jumps to deadbolt and lock the door for emergency use. QID series locks can retrofit to existing doors or be used in new construction.


Bolt Projects At The Press of A Button


SAFETY FIRST! “Children are never locked in the classroom, you can always pull the lever down to leave. One push of the button provides deadbolt lockdown, NOT latchdown”

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1 Inch Stainless Steel Deadbolt And Latch

Key & Lever On Both Sides

Attack Resistant Outside Lever

Lockdown Indicator


fax 718.392.8944

Models & Additional Information Standard Mechanical Model

QID-MVI SGI Elements QID Mechanical Intruder Lockset with Visual Indicator, 1 Inch Stainless Steel Deadbolt, and Vandal Resistant Lever. Handing Required When Ordering

Interior Trim

Exterior Trim

Visual Indicator & Emergency Button

Deadbolt & Latch

Interior Trim: Located on the inside of the classroom, contains a cylinder, visual indicator, emergency pushbutton, and free-egress lever Interior Cylinder: Locks/Unlocks the exterior lever (classroom function) using a key (Standard Operation) Exterior Trim: Located on the hallway side of the door, containing the exterior cylinder and vandal resistant slip-clutch lever Exterior Cylinder: Locks/Unlocks the exterior lever (classroom function) using a key (Standard Operation) Emergency Press Button: Projects Deadbolt and Locks Exterior Lever when pressed Visual indicator: Displays a red indicator when the deadbolt and exterior lever are locked through pressing the emergency button Deadbolt: 1 inch stainless steel, projects when the emergency button is pressed Latch: Secures the door during everyday use Required By Others: 2 Mortise Cylinders with Adams Rite Cam

Additional Options and Custom Functions Available Also Available: QID Electrical Instant Deadbolt School Lock

CAT Instant Deadbolt Classroom Lock  

Deadbolt Lockdown, Not Latchdown

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