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MAXIMUM SECURITY WITH MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE • Superior Protection Against break-Ins In One Lockset • One Action Locks Or Unlocks All The Deadbolts Simultaenously

Elevated Edge Plate Fits Easily Into Inverted U-Channel

• 5/8” Dia. 5” Long Stainless Steel Vertical Deadbolts With 1” Projection • Meets ADA & Local Code Requirements For Single Motion Exiting • Lock Body Fits Into Standard ANSI Mortise Lock Preparation

The Top & Bottom Deadbolts Are Connected To The Main Lock

• Elevated Edge Plates Eliminate Need For Special Preparation In Vertically Stiffened Hollow Metal Doors • Accepts 1¼" Length Mortise Cylinders (Standard & High-Security) • Wide Variety Of Standard And Custom Functions To Meet Specific Locking Requirements

How Does It Work? Multi-point mortise locks provide safety & security in one lockset. The traditional lock operation (key, thumbturn or lever retraction) operates all the deadbolts simultaneously. The wide variety of available functions meet almost any need. Lever Trim

• Exterior Lever Contains VandalResistant Slip Clutch


-No TrimCylinder Only

Meets ADA Code

Custom Trim

For Storage And Special Rooms

Sectional Knob Trim (Such As Baldwin) Can Be Adapted

Order A Securitech Single-Point Mortise Lock(#5100). Add On The Top & Bottom Rods And Deadbolts At A Future Time When Greater Securiity Is Needed- A Securitech Exclusive

A Wide Variety Of Functions Is Available Including • Panic Retraction With One Movement Of Interior Lever Handle • Rigid Exterior Lever— Key Always Required For Entry • No Latch Models— For Use In Psychiatric Seclusion Rooms




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SECURITECH has designed the first mortise lock which answers security, safety and design needs Securitech's 5000 Series Multi-Bolt mortise locks are convertible; they can operate as single-point or multi-point locks. When the multi-point feature is added, up to three deadbolts can be added for greater protection against forced entry. The vertical deadbolts are concealed within the door to meet aesthetic requirements. For added vandal-resistance, the exterior lever contains Securitech’s LEVEREX system slip-clutch; the lever can be forced downward, but, it will not break or open the lock! It can be easily reset by hand without damage.

Specify The Right Level Of Security LOCK SERIES 51XX





Single Point

Primary & Top Deadbolts

Top & Bottom Vertical Deadbolts

Primary & Both Vertical Deadbolts

Primary, Vertical Bolts & Hinge Side Stationary Deadbolt


OR SURFACE-BOLT OPTION (-SBO) Choose the vertical deadbolt option that meets your security and aesthetic needs

Optional Lever Designs Special lever designs are available on special order. Standard lever style is #11 (see cover).

SAFETY & SECURITY Remember the TV show "Get Smart"? Remember all the locks on the apartment door? Think about exiting that door in an emergency. You'd have to unlock 5 or 6 different locks. And if one or two of those locks were in a different state than the others when you began the process, imagine how many permutations you would have to go through just to exit! Imagine doing that while inhaling smoke or being chased by fire. Nothing is safer than the Securitech mortise lock with the multi-point feature. While you enjoy the security benefits of bolting the door to the frame at up to 4 independent locations, the swift, smooth panic retraction feature ensures speedy exiting. This can be a life-saver in the event of fire or medical emergency.

PROTECTING THE ARCHITECT'S DESIGN Too often the architect's design is ruined by the installation of additional locks on the door. The result is an unsightly, unsafe amalgam of different holes, guard plates and locks. The uniformity of the doors on a single floor is destroyed. By specifying the Securitech mortise lockset as the basic lock, you leave the tenant the ability to add the multipoint feature for greater security at any time! The look of the door will not change and the tenant will have the benefit of the highest level of protection against break-ins.

MEETING YOUR SPECIAL NEEDS Innovative applications for models without lever trim include locking the inactive leaf of a pair of doors, concealed security closets, public parks buildings and other areas subject to heavy vandalism. Special models for "Hurricane" or "Tornado" doors are available.



F13 Entrance


Latch bolt by lever either side.

Latch bolt by lever either side.

F07M Storeroom

Deadbolts by key outside and turnpiece inside.

Deadbolts by key outside and key inside.

When deadbolts are projected, latch bolt is deadlocked and outside lever is locked.

When deadbolts are projected, latch bolt is deadlocked and outside lever is locked.

A turn of inside lever retracts latch and deadbolts simultaneously, automatically unlocking outside lever.

A turn of inside lever retracts latch and deadbolts simultaneously, automatically unlocking outside lever.

Latch by lever inside and key outside.

F14M Stockroom

Latch bolt by lever either side unless locked by key.

Outside lever always rigid.

Deadbolt by key either side.

When deadbolts are projected, outside lever is locked. Interior lever always allows exiting.

Both outside and inside levers are locked when deadbolt is projected.

Deadbolt-Only Functions



Latch bolt by key outside and lever either side unless outside lever is locked by toggle-action stop.

Latch bolt by lever either side unless outside lever is locked by toggle-action stop or projecting deadbolt.

Deadbolt by key outside and turnpiece inside.

Turning inside latch retracts latch bolt and deadbolt simultaneously. Outside latch remains locked.

Deadbolt by key outside and turnpiece inside.

Auxiliary latch deadlocks latch bolt and prevents manipulation of locked toggle-action stop.

VANDAL-RESISTANT TRIM #11-LEVER • ADA Compliant • Separate Lever Springs In Trim To Prevent Sagging • Thru-Bolted • Internal Slip-Clutch In Lever • Satin Chrome Or Satin Brass Standard Finishes




Deadbolt by key outside. No inside operation.

Deadbolt by key outside and turnpiece inside.

Deadbolt by key either side.

CUSTOM FUNCTIONS AVAILABLE TO MEET SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS CAM INFORMATION “Wing-type” cloverleaf cam is required for proper operation.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CYLINDERS: Securitech Mortise Locks Will Work With Cylinders From Most Manufacturers (Standard Or High-Security). See Cam Requirements. KEYING: If Mortise Cylinders Are Supplied By Securitech (Ordered Separately), Keyed Different (KD) Standard. Available Keyed Alike (KA), Masterkeyed Or Grand Masterkeyed Are Available. DOOR PREPARATION: (5” Is Needed From Edge Of Door For Lock Installation) Vertically-Stiffened Hollow Metal Recommended. 1¼ X 8" Mortise Opening. U-Channels On Top & Bottom For Elevated Edge Plates. Hinge-Side Bolt Is Not Connected To The Lock Mechanism. FRAME PREPARATION: 47/8" Strike Standard. Dustproof Strike Standard. Strike Holes In Header & Hinge Side To Be Field-Drilled & Stike Plates Are Not Required. HANDING: Order LH, RH, LHR Or RHR

made in usa by (800)622-5625


PULL HANDLE TRIM Used For Special Security Applications, Such As Psychiatric Seclusion Rooms. Also Used With Deadbolt-Only Functions. Stainless Steel Trim & Pull.

HOW TO ORDER: 53 11 - F12 - LH - 605 - HM - P - ____ AB C D E F G H I, J

A) Mortise Lock Series B) # Of Moving Deadbolts: 1 = Primary Bolt Only 2= Top & Bottom Bolts Only (No Primary Bolt) 3= Primary, Top & Bottom Deadbolts C) Trim: 11 = Vandal-Resistant Lever 12, 13 Or 14 On Special Order XX= No Trim (Deadbolt-Only Models) 70= Pull Handle Trim D) ANSI Function Number E) Door Swing (Handing): LH, LHR, RH, RHR F) ANSI Finish Number G) Door Type H) Frame (P=Prepared, N=Retrofit, W=Wood) I) Door Height (If Over 7') J) Special Keying Info, Special Cylinder, Etc. SECURITECH GROUP, INC. 54-45 44th St. Maspeth, NY 11378 (718)392-9000 (718)392-8944 fax


MULTI-POINT LOCKING DOOR & FRAME INFORMATION Current templates are available at SURFACE-MOUNTED LOCKS • 4800 & 4900 Models No Factory Prep Required For Lock Or Frame • 5000 Or 8000 Locks With "SBO" (Surface Bolt Option) Standard ANSI Lock Prep (1-1/4" X 8") Standard ANSI Strike Prep (4-7/8") For All 8000 Locks And 5000 Locks With Primary Bolt

5000 & 8000 SERIES Non-Prepared Vertically Stiffened Hollow Metal Doors Elevated Edge Plates Fit Within U-channel. Holes For Vertical Deadbolts May Be Field Drilled. Elevated Edge Plates Are Pop-Riveted Within Channel. OR

Elevated Edge Plate Fits Into U-Channel. Factory Prep Not Required For Vertical Bolts If The Door Has U-Channels OR

Top & Bottom Sealed Caps On Hollow Metal Doors Standard Edge Plate (1-1/8" X 2-1/4") Preparation Required At Proper Backsets

Edge Plate For Factory Prepared Doors

Top Frame Prep None Required. Hole May Be Field Drilled. Optional Strike Prep: 1-1/8 X 2-3/4" At Appropriate Backset

For Prepared Doors Or Wood Doors

Requires Door Prep: 1-1/8” X 2-1/4" (For Edge Plate With Bolt) and Frame Prep: 1-1/8” X 2-3/4" (For Strike Plate)

made in usa by (800)622-5625


For Non-Prepared Doors Or Wood Doors

No Prep Required. All Holes Are Field Drilled (See Photo)

Optional Prep

HINGE SIDE STATIONARY BOLTS FOR INTERNALLY MOUNTED LOCKS Hinge side bolts are not connected to the lock mechanism. The door swings away from the frame. The bolt does not have to retract as it is moved out of the frame by the door movement.

SECURITECH GROUP, INC. 54-45 44th St. (718)392-9000 (718)392-8944 fax

Maspeth, NY 11378


CAT 5000 Series Multipoint Lock  

CAT 5000 Series Multipoint Lock

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