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CONTROL TRIM: 2C Lock Out Access Control With A Turn Of A Key Life Safety, Security, & User Control

Applications: Sensitive Information Areas Personnel/Medical Records IT Rooms Evidence Rooms Courthouses Weapons, Drugs, Data & Other High Value Asset Areas

Critical Information Applications: Airports, Marine Terminals, Energy Plants, Water Treatment, Communications Centers & More

Control Trim: 2C Series What is 2C?

2C, meaning two cylinders, is a mechanical method of locking out access control.

Easily Disable Access Control

Projection of deadbolt by key or turn-piece disables access control

Easy Access Control Integration

12vDC release standard on trim. 24vDC on request.

Superior Forced Entry Protection

Dead latch at all times. Deadbolt at the end of the day.

Request-to-Exit Signal

Switch on interior lever or panic bar

The secret is in the trim... Upper Cylinder:

-Projects and retracts deadbolt -Provides access control lockout

Lever Handle Unit:

-Vandal-resistant lever with resettable, breakaway slip-clutch -Fail Secure -Solenoid (12vDC) located within -Access control signal momentarily releases lever -Lever movement disabled when deadbolt is projected

Lower Mortise Cylinder:

-Momentarily unlocks lever, except when deadbolt is projected

Code Compliant

Single motion egress at all times Description:

Custom Model Requests

Securitech can provide customized models to meet specific functions

Interior Lever or Exit Device Series MLY Series


Interior Lever

-Thru-bolted to exterior mounting plate -Mortise lock body is UL Fire Rated -Interior turn-piece projects the deadbolt and locks out the access control system

-Dead latch at all times EDD Series Exit Device

-Entry by key, key & access control or exit only models -Models featuring alarm lock PG30

Initially designed in 2014 to meet a specific end-user requirement, 2C has grown into a robust line featuring a mechanical method of locking out access control. Projecting the deadbolt (by key or turn-piece) disables electric unlocking of the exterior lever, and locks out the lever trim key as well. Provides senior management with the ability to instantly secure doors that are normally accessible to authorized employees’ keys or access control credentials. Provides instant and maximum protection to doors securing sensitive or high value items while maintaining full life safety compliance.

How 2C Series Works:

The upper cylinder connects directly into the cylinder opening in the mortise lock body and can project or retract the deadbolt. The lever trim unit (with a cylinder on the bottom) can be released by key or access control system, except when the deadbolt is projected. When the deadbolt is projected, the access control system is “locked out.” When the deadbolt is retracted, users can enter by using the bottom cylinder or by access control.

Passage Function During Construction:

-Latch, dead latch, and deadbolt elements as in MLY series -Deadbolt monitoring in all models

-Interior turn-piece projects the deadbolt and locks out the access control system

2C series can function as a passage lock (unlocked exterior lever) during construction, and later converted to storeroom function (key or electric release required). The conversion is made via an adjustable screw on the back of the exterior trim. Users of the space may want to convert back to passage mode during certain period of the lock’s life on the door. Trim can be adjusted to return to passage mode.

Automatic Door Operator Integration:

Exit doors may be dogged during the daytime for push/pull operation via the latch hold back option (AWD option when ordering).

Popular Models Information Mortise Lever by Lever Models

See 2C Model Guide for up-to-date list of available models and options

Entry model

Model with extra large mounting plates

Model with bolt position switch for signaling

Vandal Resistant Model with 5� backset lockbody

ML Series Interior Trim

All exterior lever trim models include a vandal-resistant resettable, breakaway slip clutch

Mortise Exit Device by Lever Models Entry model, not alarmed

Exit only model, with alarm


The APG30 alarm lock provides exit alarm functionality and keypad shunting for authorized exiting. It also allows remote signal output, if needed.



Keyed shunting available with APG21

Wiring Information

The interior lever and exterior trim have connectors, short wire harnesses are provided. The exit device and lock body do not have connectors.


Other Models The 2C principle can be used for a variety of special functions

Lavatory Model: 2C Keyed Privacy Lock Mechanical Model with blinking LED (Privacy Use)

Courthouse Applications:

Judges Chambers, where projecting the deadbolt sends an alarm signal in addition to locking out the access control and standard cylinder.

Dual Verification Applications: Multi-user entry can require the simultaneous presence of the user of the top key as well as an access control system or the lower key.


-Allow privacy while the restroom is occupied -Provide emergency cylinder for entry (different than regular entry cylinder) -Provide LED to indicate the room is occupied Upper Cylinder: Emergency entry is possible via the upper cylinder. It will retract the deadbolt, the lower cylinder can then be used for entry. Lower Cylinder: The lower cylinder is used for entry. The cylinder momentarily unlocks the exterior lever and allows entry. Removal of the key relocks the lever. Interior Lever: Single motion exiting by lever will retract the deadbolt and latch simultaneously. Note: This is a mechanical system- There is no solenoid (electric release) or REX switch.

Two Cylinder Lockset with Lavatory Function

Technical Information ANSI mortise and strike prep Doors over 1-3/4” thick: Add “-2.5” after model # for 2.5” thick door, etc. 2-3/4” backset standard, 5“ backset available for lever by lever models Surface-housing model available for use on doors without mortise preparation


Power: 12vDC/0.65 amps, 24vDC on request Cylinders: 2C series locks require 2 cylinders, and will accept mortise cylinders (regular, high-security or removable core) from most manufacturers. Minimum length is 1-1/8” for 1-3/4” door. Note: Longer mortise cylinder for lock body may be required based on door thickness Cam: Required cams (not included)

Schlage “L” cam for upper cylinder

Cloverleaf cam for lower cylinder

-Allow privacy while the restroom is occupied Provide emergency cylinder for entry (single key emergency entry) Special Lavatory Function: Includes 2nd mortise cylinder, used for emergency entry and to lock out exterior lever. Interior Lever: Single motion egress at all times. Interior Thumbturn: Turning thumbturn projects deadbolt and locks out regular cylinder (privacy). Exterior Lower Cylinder: Used for entry. Rotating key allows depression of lever in G54 trim to retract latch. Exterior Upper Cylinder: Used for emergency entry and locking. Rotating key projects/retracts deadbolt and retracts latch.

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2C: 2 Cylinder Lock  

Lock out access control with a turn of a key

2C: 2 Cylinder Lock  

Lock out access control with a turn of a key

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