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Software testing the final step Testing in terms of software testing does not mean only finding bugs in the software it has a lot many aspects depending upon who is doing it and what is the end result that one is looking for. All have different set up of mind while testing software. Programmers, administrators, users, and consultants will follow different strategies and will come up with different results and different suggestions. It's up to the coder whether he follows all the suggestions or a select few. There are some basic things that need to be followed while testing which will make the act quite fruitful and take it to the logical end. the first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is that testing is not done to find defects with the code as defects will crop up with almost all those who are using the code. Testing is generally a quality control measure that determines if the software is working as it was desired to work. Testing will provide a report about the variation that exists between the actual codes in comparison to the desired code or the one that is mentioned in the blueprint. There needs to be a benchmark against which the product is being tested.

One needs to prioritize the things that he is testing as each and every aspect of the code can't be tested and measured. Thus the aspect that has a far reaching effect on the code should be taken into consideration while testing. You need to keep a log of what was tested and how it was tested to prevent duplicate testing and keep a track of the testing activity for future use and use of other testers in your team who will surely rely on your abilities and methods to have an idea of how to do things the right way. Testing should be balanced to meet the written requirements or the blueprint of the code. Apart from the written version there will be a lot of unwritten or implicit requirements that have to be met and have to be kept in mind by the tester. Bias in the tester may lead to the ruining of the whole testing process. Although the end users requirements are top priority along with the requirements of the administrator, support team and the marketing team as they all will be working towards the common goal of making the code more marketable and usable among the end users. All in all Code testing forms an integral part of the software development cycle and testers are a part of the development team. This is the most crucial part of the software development and can make or mar the chances of the software in the long run. For more details on Code Protection technology, .net Obfuscator, .net Code

Software testing the final step