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3 March 2014


Benedict Makes Surprise Appearance At Cardinals' Consistory

Retired Pope Benedict XVI joined Pope Francis at a ceremony Saturday creating the cardinals who will elect their successor in an unprecedented blending of papacies past, present and future. Benedict discreetly entered St. Peter's Basilica from a side entrance surrounded by a small entourage and was greeted with applause and tears from the stunned people in the pews. He smiled, waved and seemed genuinely happy to be there, taking his seat in the front row, off to the side, alongside the red-draped cardinals.

A Unique Bicycle That Rides On Water M o h a m m a d Saidullah is an inventor unlike any other you’ve ever met! His inability to meet his wife on time due to overcrowded boats made him become an inventor – and he invented an amphibious bicycle – one that runs both on land and water! Saidullah is a serial inventor and his inventions include this amphibious bicycle, Mini tractor, Spring loaded cycle, Fodder cutter operated Mini water pump, Key operated Table Fan, Conserved Energy operated bicycle and Mini turbine for electric generation. Mohammed Saidullah grew up in a small village called Jatva-Jeneva (Purvi Champaran) of Motihari district, Bihar. Initially he spent Rs. 6000 on the development of the floating bicycle. But now he says he will be able to build it at a cost of Rs. 3000.


Pope Tells Cardinals They Are 'Not A Royal Court'


n a forceful message to more than 100 scarlet-clad cardinals arrayed before him, Pope Francis on Sunday (Feb. 23) warned them that they are “not a royal court” and told them to avoid “habits and ways of acting typical of a court: intrigue, gossip, cliques, favoritism and preferences.” Francis has repeatedly called on clerics to live simply and humbly, and at a service a day earlier in which he added 19 new members to the College of Cardinals the pope also told them to work together and avoid “rivalry, jealousy, factions.” Benedict attended Saturday’s ceremony, his first public appearance at a liturgy since he stepped down, but he was not at Sunday’s mass. “Dear brother Cardinals, may we remain united in Christ and among ourselves!” Francis said on Sunday, repeatedly imploring the men knows as “princes of the church” to forgive every insult so that “our way be that of holiness.” “To be a saint is not a luxury. It is necessary for the salvation of the world,” Francis said. In an unscripted remark he looked up from his text and challenged them to undergo a “heartfelt conversion: this is something that all of us – especially you Cardinals and myself – must do. Conversion!” More than 150 cardinals – the exclusive club of highranking bishops who advise the pope and gather to elect a successor from among their ranks – have been in Rome for much of the past week in large part to discuss how to reform the Curia, the papal bureaucracy. Anger over curial dysfunction and scandals was one of the reasons the cardinals turned to Francis, formerly Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, because they believed he was an outsider who could finally overhaul the centuries-old court system. “A heart without love is like a deconsecrated church, a building withdrawn from God’s service and given over to another use.”

3 March 2014

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‘Thought for the week’

Just because you do not take an Interest in politics doesn’t mean Politics won’t take an interest In you!


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3 March 2014

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Facebook Has Just Acquired WhatsApp In A $19 Billion Deal,

Here’s How It Affects You!

The story: Facebook, the mighty giant of the internet sphere which rose through the ranks of social networking and now sits on the top of the table has just made another acquisition: our favorite messaging app, WhatsApp is Facebook’s WhatsApp from now on. This time the acquisition has happened for a humongous amount of money but the user base it gains through the deal is big enough to probably justify $19billion. Yes, 19 billion dollars for an instant messaging app. It is notable to observe that the amount Facebook has paid for WhatsApp is almost 10% of its total value! Instagram was 1%, when YouTube was acquired by Google 10 years back, it was also less than 2% and Android acquisition was worth only 0.08% and this should put it in perspective on how aggressive Facebook is getting with each passing day. Mark Zuckerberg announced the acquisition and then did an investor call to emphasize on Facebook’s endeavor to build “a more connected and an open world”, and we agree. It is notable to note that WhatsApp is bigger in users than Twitter or LinkedIn and hence offers a great extension to Facebook’s already burgeoning user base. If the deal doesn’t go through, Facebook will have to pay $1 billion breakup fees that is more than what it paid for Instagram. The Opinion: Facebook’s another acquisition and another social internet service most people use is gone in their hands. What this company is trying to do is to turn everything that we use internet for into Blue (its theme color). The recent launch of Paper App, that’s a replacement for a news reader, and acquisition of Instagram were only ways to keep hanging on to people who seem to be moving away from one next big thing to another after every few years. What Facebook did to Instagram after acquisition might be repeated here and we can expect the ability to share status updates through WhatsApp very soon, though a revenue model is expected to be put in place while Zuckerberg has categorically declined advertising. What this means for us is that now Facebook and Google are the two big giants who control almost everything we spend our time on the internet for. With this, Facebook has reached even the last consumer who still uses a Nokia phone based on Symbian OS. This implies greater reach for the company and better connectivity for us. While most people who complain of internet addiction always make Facebook the devil and deactivate but almost nobody ever went offline from WhatsApp after joining and this tells us the great deal about Facebook’s intention. It just wants to be indispensable and take over our digital lives, or maybe real life as well?

by Mayank Jain


US Court Jails 84- UN Special Rapporteur On Freedom year-old Nun For Of Religion Visits Gujarat Breaking Into rof. Heiner Bielefeldt, the United ways for the last several years. Nations Special Rapporteur on Among the civil society organizaNuclear Plant Freedom of Religion or Belief tions which made presentation to the

United States: An 84-year-old nun was sentenced to nearly three years in prison Tuesday (Feb. 18) for breaking into a Tennessee nuclear facility in 2012. Sister Megan Rice and two other anti-nuclear activists in July 2012 broke into a federal complex that stores enriched uranium. “Please have no leniency on me. To remain in prison for the rest of my life would be the greatest honor you could give me,” Rice told the federal judge at her sentencing hearing, according to USA Today. U.S. District Judge Amul Thapar in Knoxville said he wanted the sentence to persuade others to work for change within the bounds of the law. The three activists have been in custody since last May, when a federal jury convicted them of damaging the Y12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, and could have received up to 20 years for the crime. In addition to their sentences, the three will receive three years of supervised probation after they have served their time. Unexpected snow delayed the original sentencing, scheduled for Jan. 28. Then, a federal judge ordered that the three pay nearly $53,000 in damages to cover facility repairs. The Tennessee facility, also known as the “Fort Knox of Uranium,” was used in the development of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in the summer of 1945. The protestors belong to “Transform Now Plowshares,” an interfaith group that advocates non-violent resistance to nuclear weapons. Rice — of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus — along with Greg BoertjeObed, 58, and Michael Walli, 64, used wire cutters to slice through multiple fences at the Tennessee facility. Boerjte-Obed and Walli were each sentenced to 62 months. Once inside the fence, the three spray-painted messages, including “the fruit of justice is peace,” and splattered blood on one of the buildings. Source: Religion News Service



visited Ahmedabad, Gujarat on February 23rd and 24th 2014. During his visit, he met and interacted with a whole range of victimsurvivors from the minority communities and civil society group and leaders. Heart-rending accounts were narrated by several victim-survivors and witnesses of the Gujarat Carnage of 2002 and of the attacks on the Christians in the Dangs and other parts of South Gujarat in 1998-99 and subsequent years. Prof. Bielefeldt also listened to the presentations made by several civil society organizations and other experts. Besides the first-hand accounts, the presentations also highlighted the anti-conversion law of Gujarat very strangely called the Freedom of Religion Law 2003 which is one of the most draconian laws in the history of the country; the re-conversion programmes being undertaken by right-wing fundamentalist groups with full patronage of the Gujarat Government and how the minorities of Gujarat State have been consistently discriminated against in very subtle and direct

UN Special Rapporteur were the Alliance for Peace and Justice consisting of six civil society organizations in Gujarat [Centre for Development (CFD), Utthan, Darshan, Institute for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution (IPSCR), Social Action Forum Against Repression (SAFAR) and St. Xavier’s Social Service Society (SXSSS) working on the issue of Freedom of Religion and Belief in 21 districts of Gujarat]; JESA-Gujarat also working in several villages and urban slum settlements; Prashant, Centre for Social Justice, Movement for Secular Democracy and others. Experts who made presentations included academics, scholars, theologians and some journalists. Prof. Bielefeldt expressed his shock listening to all that was shared of the reality of Gujarat. He assured the various individuals and groups that he would do all within his mandate to ensure that freedom of religion or belief which is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights truly becomes an important dimension in the life of the people of Gujarat and in other parts of India. Fr. Cedric Prakash sj, Director

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Aam Admi Pope

Importance of Pre-nuptial Enquiry Form In a Catholic Christian marriage, there is a very important and mandatory procedure of Pre-nuptial Enquiry. According to the instructions written in the “Pastoral Handbook for the Clergy” published by the Archdiocese of Bombay in 2004 with forward by the Cardinal Oswald Gracias, filling up the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form is part of the priest’s responsibility. The priest should have the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form filled in his presence, or himself fill it up (if the party is unable to do so), guiding and instructing the party at every step with regard to the true meaning of marriage as taught by the Church. Also, regarding Question No. 19 of the pre-nuptial enquiry form, which reads as follows: Are you aware that concealing of a serious ailment (e.g. AIDS, mental illness, impotency, etc.) could result in the nullity of your marriage?, the parties should be made aware by the priest that since marriage is seen very much as a relationship of mutual self-giving and openness, obviously anything like deceit or concealing of serious ailments would be inimical to and destructive of these qualities and could result in the declaration of nullity of the marriage. According to Canon 1098, a person contracts invalidly who enters marriage deceived by fraud, perpetrated to obtain consent, concerning some quality of the other party which of its very nature can seriously disturb the partnership of conjugal life. The error need not be the result of a positive fraud, but can be concealment of some quality which the other party has a right to know and which would either gravely disturb the marriage either objectively or subjectively. A person who conceals an objectively or subjectively grave quality deprives the other party of freedom in choosing to marry. There are cases where one spouse has concealed certain physical ailment from the other spouse and from the priest while filling up the prenuptial enquiry form before marriage

3 March 2014

and later claimed that the physical ailment is common and hence it was not disclosed. However, if the person had remained silent about the physical ailment for the fear that it might affect the other person’s willingness to marry, then the silence amounts to fraud. If the purpose of the concealment was to elicit consent of the other spouse, then the marriage would be declared annulled by any ecclesiastical tribunal. The priests therefore need to take utmost care while filling up the prenuptial enquiry forms to prevent piling up of cases before the tribunals. —Vincent Bagul, Mumbai

While Kejriwal’s ‘Aam Admi Party’ (AAP) has made waves in our country, Catholics too can rejoice now as they have an AAP (Aam Admi Pope) in the Vatican, Pope Francis. The short time he has been in office has won him accolades and worldwide adulation from all sections of society, despite the cries in the church for more transparency, accountability and change growing louder by the day. A church for the poor has now arrived it seems, unlike the hypothetical and much peddled ‘Option for the poor’ church- caption of the past, which was diametrically opposite to the existing ground realities. Pope Francis has himself shown us the way in all simplicity by divesting himself of all the paraphernalia and trappings of papal power in the Vatican and living a down-to- earth life, in the simplicity of Jesus Christ. It is for this reason that Pope Francis advised the 19 newly ordained Cardinals to avoid behaving as if they were in a royal court. The message then is clear: we do not need Princes or Lordships in the church of Christ, but shepherds who know their sheep, and their sheep who know their masters. —A. F. Nazareth, Alto Porvorim.

Indian Bishops Urge Government To Invite Pope

New Delhi: The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) today urged the Indian government to invite Pope Francis to visit India. In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the top body of bishops requested him to invite the pontiff at an appropriate time, suitable to all concerned. CBCI deputy secretary general Fr. Joseph Chinnayan and Oscar Fernandes,union minister for surface transport and highways met the prime minister at his office today and handed over the formal request to him. The four Cardinals from India, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Cardinal Baselios Cleemis, Cardinal George Alencherry and Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, met Pope Francis on different occasions in Vatican and invited him

to visit India. The Pope showed interest in visiting India but the formal invitation has to come through the Indian government with pope being the Head of the State of Vatican, a press statement issued by the CBCI stated. The recently-concluded CBCI Plenary Assembly at Palai, Kerala, discussed the prospectus of Pope’s visit to India and decided to approach the government to invite the pope. The prime minister told the delegation that his Government will do whatever needed to invite the pope to visit India. Singh also said that Pope Francis is an outstanding personality of our times and India will be honored by the visit of such a great person. Source: Press statement


Out Of The Political Wilderness...!

Many in our community have never done anything terribly wrong, but they never accomplish anything significant. And it is said, “That’s the way many in our community live their lives.� We lack this fundamental knowledge of living and keeping up with democratic competition, and have become victims of stress and strain, gossip and jealously. The Christian community thus goes through a mechanical way of living merely following a routine set by our predecessors and, as a result, is not present in the mainstream of political parties despite substantial contribution to society and the country with the finest schools, colleges and hospitals. Our efforts towards nation building have been grossly overlooked. The elections are still a few months away. But it is the communalists who alone are canvassing. Yes, it’s looking bad, but they are not in power. Not yet! And what are we doing? Can we, Christians of Mumbai in general and Catholics in particular just sit back and allow people of other faith persuasions to do injustice to our community? And this after having had themselves educated in institutions run by us, not to mention the use they make of so many other facilities we offer? Does the privilege of participating in civic and political activities belong to the


... The Christian community thus goes through a mechanical way of living merely following a routine set by our predecessors and, as a result, is not present in the mainstream of political parties despite substantial contribution to society and the country with the finest schools, colleges ... hospitals ... Can we, ... just sit back and allow people of other faith persuasions to do injustice to our community?... people of other faiths? The answer is a big NO. Any and all activity, whether civic, political or any other that brings about peace and happiness in and general uplift of our

 Don Aguiar community per se belongs to all of us individually and collectively. Therefore, all of us who believe in Christ, are duty bound to lend a helping hand towards changing, building and improving our community’s conditions rather than merely uttering or singing “We are the body of Christ� or “We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord�. If we, as a community of believers fail in our duty, how we can call ourselves Christians? Your home and community should be the centre, not the boundary, of your affection. In this respect, it may be argued that the Church does not guide us or tell us as to what to or drink or when/where/how to sleep. So then why do we need to wait for the Church to guide us or tell us who to vote for? You ought to vote as per

your conscience for those who understand our needs and indeed the needs of the people general rather than their own selfish wants. It is in this context that we need to understand the CCBI’s assertion, viz.: “At the outset the Catholic Church wishes to make it clear to all, that the Catholic Church does not identify herself with any political party. But the Catholic Church has a responsibility as bishops to urge every eligible citizen to exercise his/ her right and duty to vote and do so prudently, carefully and judiciously. We must be convinced that every vote does count. We owe it to ourselves, our children and our country not to let go of this opportunity to get involved in bettering the history, culture and destiny of our nation.� Very frankly, the Church in India— and, certainly, the Archdiocese of Bombay—has all the resources anybody could possibly hope for to consolidate and guide Christians in general and Catholics in particular. If only the Church could stand her ground, the diocese would have the weight of our enlightened community opinion behind her, and the

3 March 2014

support of most—if not all—of her members. Although our community does have the Bombay Catholic Sabha (an NGO) as well as the Civic & Political Cell of the Archdiocese of Bombay, neither has covered much ground from where they have started. Nor are they able to take under their fold the local parish groups operating under different names though having the same agenda and are visibly very active. Frankly, it’s rather difficult to believe that this is happening at all given the tremendous talent our community has and the contribution it has been making to the nation. Isn’t it time we consolidate ourselves into a valuable vote bank and determine how we go about doing what we so rightly should with politicians and political parties of every hue masquerading out there in the open with their own selfish, self-centred and self oriented agenda!

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3 March 2014

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Why We Need The AAP?


pete for power and position will realize their responsibility.

urs is a country with Rich people dominating the scene. Much effort has gone into reducing this anomaly but with little success. Not that this cannot be achieved but it can definitely be decreased. It is the system created by corrupt politicians that needs a complete overhaul and to achieve these goals, we all must work unitedly in getting rid of: 1.

The rogues, rascals and free booters who amass wealth at the cost of the common man.


The cult of the VVIP culture, created by selfish politicians with tax payer’s money that even supersedes the culture of the British Raj.


Important decisions of governance taken by elected representatives to suit their own needs while ignoring the basic needs of the very people who voted them into power.


Scamsters and corrupt politicians who have mastered the art of their game.


Unwanted security being provided to those in power, creating a vacuum in areas vital for the common man.


Free lavish homes to politicians, while the aam aadmi struggles to seek a roof above his head at an exorbitant cost.


Free luxury transport to elected representatives while the junta fights to get a foot hold in an overcrowded train or bus.


Election tickets being given to tainted candidates.


The politician who is responsible for increase in prices of essential commodities

10. Elections being conducted by offering of Freebies The above are just a few of the ills that have existed in our country for the last 60 years and if eliminated will certainly go a long way in improving the lifestyle


For over 60 years our elected representatives have fooled us. Amassing huge wealth is their only aim. Logically how can a crorepati serve us? We need persons of our class and stature to understand our problems and needs.

of the common man. This is not a tall order. Making it a reality is in our hands. The power of the people until now restrained by clever politicians, needs to be exploited to the full potential, who knows that if the same is leashed to the people will spell disaster to the elected representative. Thus they keep alive their nefarious activities to suit their own needs. We the people have the power and must resolve to put an end to this game if we desire to make our country shine like never before. We, in India have the privilege of being rated as ‘the world’s largest democracy’ but this privilege is restricted only to numbers by virtue of our population. In participation we rate as lowest in the world. The only privilege we enjoy is the right to vote. And once having cast our franchise we have to sit back and endure what is in store for us for the coming 5 years. However the AAP is all set to change this. The very concept of ‘elected representatives’ handling all decisions will be a thing of the past. Making the people involved in the actual running of the country is the hallmark of the AAP This change will soon herald DTH Democracy. Fortunately, the ‘winds of change’ are slowly blowing over the plains and people are getting more and more aware of their rights. Hopefully, the right to recall an elected representative for non performance will soon be enacted as a ‘Law’ and those who com-

Remember the issue on attempts made to protect convicted politicians. Thanks to the judiciary these politicians were kept in place. The current set of politicians are experts in manipulating the entire system to suit their corrupt practices. A few days back we have witnessed what has taken place in parliament. From pepper sprays the day is not far when blood shed will be the order of the day. Do we want to elect such people? And just be a bystander to the events that bring shame and disgrace to our country. We now have an alternative, let us use it. For 60 years we hardly had a choice. Most of us felt that it was better to let the known ‘devil’ govern us and the political party coming to power was fully aware of this. It gave them enough ammunition to build their own empires. Today the choice to vote for a party that believes in ‘Secularism’ ‘Peoples democracy’ and most important the willingness and ambition to curb corruption is right before us – The AAP. We must not allow this opportunity to slip away. Finally, we the people must not forget our duties and responsibilities if we are hoping for a change. Our duty to vote and vote for the right candidate/party is a responsibility we cannot ignore if we wish to make our country a better place to live. Let us make use of the wonderful alternative at our disposal. Or else let us accept the government we deserve.

—Jude Chaves

3 March 2014

Faith Is An Attitude I

heard the Sunday gospel reading and questioned whether it was really sound advice. “Love your enemy. When you are slapped on one cheek, offer the other. Walk the second mile, etc. etc.” I have tried some of it and it works. When people come to hit me, I go up to them and say “Hit me”. They stop, wondering what’s going on. “Is this guy crazy or something?” Faith is belief that the impossible can happen. Hence, in our stupidity, we don’t stop even when everything is going wrong. I am considered a simpleton if I say I shall try to get things done without paying a bribe. The truth is I just don’t have the money. I once was trying to clear some goods through customs. The officials had slapped a heavy duty on the goods. Logic didn’t work. Only some monetary consideration could do the needful. I was young and enterprising in those days. I decided to meet the top man. He was having his lunch. I sat outside his office and caught him as he went to the wash-room. Experience has taught me that, no matter how high up you are, you need to go to the wash-room occasionally. After hearing my elevator pitch he called the person concerned admonished him for harassing me and told me to go down and the job would be done. I say it was the Hand of God. Others may say it was just Good Luck Faith removes Fear. They say the worst fear is of death. At my age I think “Eternal Rest” may not be such a bad idea after all. I have survived several operations including a heart by-pass. In management you are taught about planning and controlling the future. I now live from day to day as everyday brings new challenges. I now know what the phrase “Give us this day our daily bread” means. Daily we have to tackle new situations for which there are no pre-

3 March 2014

cedents to fall back on to determine how they are to be handled — Your gas connection is cut as your Aadhar card has revealed that you have multiple connections. The bank account of your daughter is frozen as it hasn’t been operated for 3 years as she is in Canada. You got to submit a KYC form for any service you want. And you got to manage all this while handling the house-hold chores, which has become necessary as the maid servant didn’t turn up. Faith teaches us to control your tongue and your temper. You believe

 Francis Lobo that God will rectify the situation of the way you have been treated and the things that were said about you. He has placed you in a sea of friends and relations and often help and support come from the most unexpected quarter. Faith is the belief that you are Unique — After all you are a Child of God, made in His Image and Likeness. Who cares if the media doesn’t consider you a celebrity? You are winning hundreds of contests and

internal struggles. Why hanker after a medal from someone who doesn’t even know what you did and what you are worth. Faith prevents you from enjoying the feeling of “Hurt”. It is a good feeling to make someone realize that they have done you a wrong. It is nice to feel sorry for oneself and look forward to some evil to befall the one who has hurt you. Sulking is a good Time Pass, but we can’t afford this luxury when there is so much to do Faith is believing that whatever happens, good or evil, to them that love the Lord all things whatsoever turn together unto good. It is consoling to know that there is someone powerful looking after your interests. After all at my age I realize that even being alive is a miracle. When I hear the stories about those who have had to overcome insurmountable odds and disabilities I salute the human spirit. God never destroys. He creates new life out of what we consider useless. When I was depressed my wife would always say, “When one door closes, God opens another” and so far it has always come true.




ach one of us craves to be happy, to be blissful and con tent. However, today a number of us are slowly slipping in the arms of anxiety and stress. Ask the psychologists - they are witness to the level of growing anxiety and stress. Depression which was known only among adults is now seeing a slow but steady trend of children falling victim to it. Life keeps getting more convenient than ever, what with sophisticated gadgets like washing machines, cars, smart phones, dishwashers, air-conditioners and the like on the rise even as our dispositions keep getting sadder. Could the reason for the prevailing state of affairs be that we have more time on hand today than ever before? Perhaps we are too heavily conditioned by our parents and peers, educationists and the media to keep looking for ways and means to get better, richer and whatever in every facet of our life so as to be happy in our present and get ready to be happier in the future. And so we land up in the rat race saying to ourselves, “I do need to have the best! My job, my spouse, my children,


 Reshma Lobo Gideon friends and social media interactions have to explicitly replicate my expectations!” My suggestion here may not be the answer to all problems related to stress and anxiety but will definitely help many who suffer with it become better in some way or other. We are all constantly thinking about something. If we change our thoughts consciously to think only positive thoughts, maybe affirmations or planning for a better day, closing procrastinated tasks, giving time to those who love and value you – then, slowly, you begin to realize that life cannot but get better. Also helpful in this regard would be, keeping ourselves busy with something profitable or learning something new. Further, parents need to frequently tell their kids that they love them uncondi-

tionally, instead of constantly complaining about what they are unhappy about which, by the way, some kids end up learning from their parents. They need to work towards positive goals (not nagging, exaggerated, unachievable ones) for their kids and for themselves. You’ve got to teach your young how to value people more than things what with the growing trend these days being just the opposite. Once spouses are bored with each other they cheat or head for a divorce, love coming to be treated more as a temporary feeling, not something that is consciously worked on for life. So, though this may sound cliché, we are, however, going to live this life just once. Let us de-clutter our minds of all negativity, forgive people including ourselves, realize and reaffirm to ourselves that we certainly are the best! That we are doing just fine and gather all our energies culminating into positive thought and vice versa! After all, haven’t we often heard it said, “You are a product of your own thoughts”?

3 March 2014

Letter To Pope Read 'With The Heart' Vatican City:- According to Vatican Radio, Pope Francis receives a few thousand letters a week, which Correspondence Director Msgr. Giuliano Gallorini notes are read more with the pontiff’s “heart” than his “mind.” “He reads these letters more with the heart than with the mind; to share the suffering” of others, Msgr. Gallorini told Vatican Radio on Jan. 28. The letters, packages, drawings and objects that arrive at the Vatican on the Pope’s behalf are sent from all over the world, and are sorted by the Office of Correspondence of the Pope, located in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, which Msgr. Gallorini directs. In their letters people ask for many things, the priest explained, whether it is advice on how to manage a turning point in their lives or asking for wisdom in the midst of hopeless situations. Some have even written the Pope a poem, or sent gifts, such as a scarf. Most of the requests made are for “support and prayer,” he stated, but many also regard “the moment we are living - difficulties, especially diseases...asking for prayers for children, also describing situations of economic hardship.” Reflecting on why so many people write to the now-famous Saint Martha house of the Vatican where the Pope resides, Msgr. Gallorini observed that it is because the people of today feel that Pope Francis is “near” to them in a special way. “They try to feel the closeness of the Pope who captures their suffering, their distress, who is close to them in prayer.” “Then, for what is possible, we help by directing requests to specific offices,” the priest continued, adding that “for example the requests for economic help are forwarded to the diocesan Caritas so that they can be verified, either immediately or more operational."” Managing the high volume of letters is a small team of four, consisting of Msgr. Gallorini, a Religious Sis-

3 March 2014

Pope Francis' sister Maria Elena Bergoglio receives letters to her brother from children in Argentina in March last year. ter, and two others, Vatican Radio reports, revealing that the first step in the process of sorting is to divide everything by language. Afterwards the letters are opened and read by the Office of Correspondence due to Pope Francis’ time constrictions, and the office then distinguishes the simple letters of greeting from those who seek solace and spiritual support from the Pope, or have and urgent need. These are the letters that arrive to his desk, the bishop explained. “There are a little more delicate cases like cases of conscience,” Msgr. Gallorini noted, and “in this case, a note is made and passed to the secretaries because the Pope examines the content directly.” “He definitely reads them, puts his initials and directs us on how we should respond.” Although Pope Francis is unable to respond personally to all of the letters he receives, the priest assured that all who write the pontiff do receive a response expressing gratitude in the Pope’s name. Writing the response of the Pope is a special task for those who do it, Msgr. Gallorini observed, because it

requires a reply done with the specific tone of the Pope’s own style. “He reads these letters more with the heart than with the mind,” the priest expressed, highlighting that their job then is “to share the suffering” of those who write “and search to find the right words to express how the Pope really wants to express himself.” “Proximity, sharing...and truly in the style of sharing,” are the key themes to keep in mind when the responses are written, he continued, adding that “moreover the Pope has always said that the priest should live among the flock, the sheep. Hear and live the experience with them.”

My heart felt thanks to Holy Family for the favours granted

—D'Mello Family, Vasai West



3 March 2014

3 March 2014


Creating future leaders in the community through the project:

‘Leaders in the Making and Reaching to the Top’ Youth are the pillars upon which a nation’s future is built. It is true that in this challenging era of globalisation, our youth must be nurtured, educated and guided towards the right path. There is a need for the youth of our community to strengthen their faith by adopting the right mindset and acquiring a wealth of knowledge. With this objectives in mind we have been conducting special youth seminars entitled ‘Leaders in the Making and Reaching to the Top’ since 10 years. So far over 8000 youth have participated and benefited in the 12 seminars which have been guided by expert resource persons. Guiding our youth as effective future leaders and shine in top positions within and outside the country is our dream which we want to turn it into reality, The Entire project is conducted absolutely Free for the participants. This appeal is an invitation specially for people who are concerned about our youth and their bright future to be a part of this project : THE SECULAR CITIZEN 99, Perin Nariman Street, 1st Floor, Fort, Mumbai 400001. Tel.: 22693578, 22654924 Emails: /


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Thanks to Sacred Heart of Jesus for the favours granted —A Devotee, Bandra


Our lady of Vailankanni, pray for us for we are suffering, give us peace and protect us from outside attacks. —Your servent and devotee

Thanks to

Infant Jesus for the favours granted —Baby John, Bangalore

3 March 2014

Jesus Triumphs Over Satan And Temptations


nd there, almost without noticing it at first, the devil confronted the Jewish Messiah. A sandstorm was gathering its force as is common in the desert wilderness. Christ stood up to meet the dramatic moment which would appear to challenge his humanity after his forty days of fasting, prayer and meditation. The New Adam was weak not in spirit but in the flesh. He was hungry Scripture informs us as he looked at the Evil One. Satan was determined to destroy Jesus, who was like man in every way, except sin. What the demon did not consider was the fact that Christ had been nourished inwardly after forty days of fasting and prayers. “If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become loves of bread,” said the tempter. Christ replied, “One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Mat.4:3). The devil was severely wounded by what he heard. Satan tried another devious temptation. He took Jesus to the holy city, to the top of the temple, while the sandstorm grew in strength. “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, for it is written, ‘He will command his angels concerning you,’ and on their hands they will bear you up, so that you will not dash your feet against a stone”. (Mat.4:6). Jesus calmly replied “Again it is written, ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’ “ The storm of swirling sand grew in intensity and howled with potent rage – its dust burned the eyes. For the third time Jesus was taken by the Evil One to

3 March 2014


Lent : 1st Week

the top of the highest mountain, and was shown the ‘Kingdoms of the world and their splendor’. “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” Christ, the Messiah stood firm and unruffled, saying: “Away with you, Satan! For it is written, ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve only him.’ (Mat.4:9-10). Jesus was triumphant. The devil was shamed and screamed in defeat when he was blown into the fury of the raging sandstorm. Changing man from his environment of sin, temptation, greed, violence and hate has never been easy. God promised a Messiah. A Redeemer who would bring the Good News to help mankind regain heaven, and receive his destiny. In the Book of Isaiah 35:4 the prophet addresses the fainthearted not to fear, to have courage for God will come to save us. The Catholic Church found in the turbulent history of the Jewish people dramatic stories of temptation, sin and the intense desire for redemption. Texts enriched with facts and prophecies of the coming Messiah grew in volumes. Christ was to be the New Adam, the God-Man with an infinite and supreme vision giving humans the power to understand the out-pouring of God’s love for him, and to discover redemption in

The Gospel of St. Luke informs us that “all flesh shall see the salvation of God”. (3:6). The prophet Isaiah went on to declare the word of God: A Virgin would conceive and have a son and his name would be Emmanuel. (7:14).

Throughout Advent the Saving Gift of God is in the liturgy. John the Baptist was the son of Zachary, and in the desert the Word of God came to him, the promise of redemption. John preached the baptism of penance for the remission of sin. This had also been predicted by Isaiah (Luke.3:2-6). The Christ conquered Satan and his temptations, after forty days of fasting. Jesus showed his followers the power of faith. The spiritual preparation during lent is in many ways the cornerstone of the liturgical year. The forty days of prayer, penance and abstinence is our pilgrim journey towards Easter. The Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy states: “The two elements which is character-eristic of lent – the recalling of baptism, and penance (No.109).” The Redemption promised by God, makes the desire for God become a desire for Christ. Christians can unreservedly rejoice in the Word of God with impunity and passion – His promise fulfilled – His love and forgiveness, a supernatural gift to meditate on in this season of Advent to Easter. In the next installment we will delve into the Transfiguration and Suffering of the Messiah to better understand His Path to Glory. Now is the moment in time for us to renew ourselves in reflective prayer.


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Natural toothache remedies for pregnant women Beside from seeing a doctor and taking pain killers, pregnant women can try some of these effective natural home remedies to relieve toothache. Clove for toothache: One of the most effective toothache remedies for pregnant women is using a clove or clove oil to alleviate the pain. One can chew on a clove or soak a cotton ball in a clove oil and placed it over the aching tooth. The antiseptic properties of the clove will alleviate your toothache immediately. Hot compression: Soak a damp cloth in warm water and pressed it on the pain area outside the mouth near the cheek. This can allay toothache for some time. Cold ice compression: One of the safe and effective toothache remedies for pregnant women is using a cold compress over the pain surface. One can soak a cloth in ice cold water and apply it on the outside pain area or a pack of ice can be placed over the toothache. It would relief the pain by numbing the nerves causing toothache. Onion: Chewing some raw onion for about 3 minutes will allay the pain. If the toothache is too hurting to chew, one can directly place a slice of onion on top of the affected tooth. Garlic: Garlic is an ancient old natural remedy for toothache. Pregnant

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women can chew on garlic or directly apply crushed garlic clove on the toothache. Garlic contains antibiotic compound allicin which reduces the bacteria. Once the bacteria are reduced the pain will alleviate on its own. Garlic remedy is effective in relieving toothache immediately. Guava leaves: Guava leaves can be chewed till the juice oozes out from the leaves or one can put few guava leaves to boiling water, cool it and add pinch of salt to it. Use this solution to gargle the mouth. Repeat gargling several times to make sure the solution completely penetrates the aching tooth. Spinach leaves: Chew on the raw spinach leaves against the toothache or simply crush the leaves into a paste and apply it directly on the affected tooth. Avoid sugary foods: Pregnant women with toothache should avoid eating sweet and sugary foods. It can cause increased plague build up and worsen the toothache. Rinse with warm water: Very simple home remedy to relief toothache is to rinse the teeth with warm water. One can add little bit of salt to lukewarm water and enhance its effectiveness. Rinsing will soothe the pain as well as remove the lodged food particles in between the teeth.

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3 March 2014

DO YOU KNOW? What is meant by a fixed maturity plan? It is basically a closed-end fund that invests in debt and money market instruments of the same maturity as of that stated maturity of the plan. The focus of a fixed maturity plan is to provide a stream of income through interest payments, while exposing the investor to a lower level of risk.Investments are made in fixed income securities which mature in a year. These are close ended funds and once the new fund offer closes no further investment is allowed. These funds are open typically for a couple of days and no new offers are accepted once the new fund offer closes. The prevalent yield of the underlying security minus the expense ratio mainly cost of running these funds gives the indicative yield. Expense ratio may be in the range of 0.51.0% in a typical fixed maturity plan. A bank fixed deposit actually prints the amount thereby indicating the actual return .In a fixed maturity plan the returns are indicative albeit higher than a fixed deposit.Unlike the bank FDs, where one can opt for premature withdrawal by paying a small penalty, the exit from a fixed maturity plan is very difficult.

Entrepreneurship and Business

Key Elements of a Successful Business Plan

Executive Summary Within the overall outline of the business plan, the executive summary will follow the title page. The summary should tell the reader what you want. This is very important. All too often, what the business owner desires is buried on page eight. Clearly state what you’re asking for in the summary. The statement should be kept short and businesslike, probably no more than half a page. It could be longer, depending on how complicated the use of funds may be, but the summary of a business plan, like the summary of a loan application, is generally no longer than one page. Within that space, you’ll need to provide a synopsis of your entire business plan. Key elements that should be included are:

Business concept – Describes the business, its product and the market it will serve. It should point out just exactly what will be sold, to whom and why the business will hold a competitive advantage.

Financial features. 3 March 2014

Highlights the important financial points of the business including sales, profits, cash flows and return on investment.

Financial requirements Clearly states the capital needed to start the business and to expand. It should detail how the capital will be used, and the equity, if any, that will be provided for funding. If the loan for initial capital will be based on security instead of equity, you should also specify the source of collateral.

Current business position – Furnishes relevant information about the company, its legal form of operation, when it was formed, the principal owners and key personnel.

Major achievements – Details any developments within the company that are essential to the success of the business. Major achievements include items like patents, prototypes, location of a facility, any crucial contracts that need to be in place for product development, or results from any test marketing that has been conducted.




he Bombay Catholic Sabha had its annual ‘SABHA DAY’ on 23 February 2014 at St. Paul’s, Dadar East, to usher in its Silver Jubilee Year. The Thanksgiving Eucharist was celebrated by the Ecclesiastical Advisor, Fr. Edward D’Souza, and was attended by many Sabhaites. This was followed by the Awards function and Fellowship evening which was attended by around 700 Sabhaites and their families. The Chief Guest for this occasion was Smt. Janet D’Souza, ViceChairperson of State Minorities Commission. After the Prayer Dance and Sabha Anthem, the President, Mr. Gordon D’Souza, welcomed all the Chief guest, other distinguished guests, awardees and sabhaites. He thanked all the past presidents and office bearers and introduced the new Executive Committee. He expressed gratitude to God and said, “Working for Him is working for Civic, Political and Social issues.We have succeeded because we have worked in UNION with HIM… ie in unity with each other. This is the secret of our success. And if we work like this we will surely achieve many more milestones for the organization.” The Secretary -General presented glimpses of the activities of the Sabha in the past year in the various Thrust Areas and also gave reports of the Membership Growth, Out reach activities of Sr. Citizens ID Cards, RACE, Training and Formation and resource mobilisation. On this occasion, as in previous years, we recognised and awarded the Units that have excelled during the year and the following awards were given:

Best Unit Of Deanery Award 1. O L OF GLORY, BYCULLA South Bombay Deanery 2. ST. DOMINIC SAVIO, WADALA EAST North Bombay Deanery 3. ST. JOHN BOSCO, BORIVALI WEST Borivali Deanery 4. O.L.P.SUCCOUR, CHEMBUR Kurla Deanery 5. ST. JOSEPH, VIKHROLI Thane Deanery



This year the Sabha gave a unique award, the BRAVEHEART AWARD posthumously to Wg. Com. Darryl Castelino who lost his life in Operation Rahat for the relief and rescue work in the Uttarkhand floods last year. The Award was accepted by his widow, Jyothi Castelino along with his daughter and mother. The BCS also honours individuals from the community who excel in a particular field of activity and contribute to society. This year the POWER OF ONE awards were given to Arun Ferreira for his work for the upliftment of trials and marginalized, Sr. Seema - Jagruuti

Kendra - for her work in Community development, Mark D’Souza - Director Audience Marketing at Microsoft - for professional excellence, Royston Braganza - CEO, Grameen Capital - for excellence in Corporate Leadership and also for financial empowerment of people. The Chief Guest, in her address, appreciated all the activities of the Sabha in the various parish units as well as the Centre, making special mention of the Inter-religious programmes held in some places. She also singled out the achievements of the St. Joseph, Vikhroli unit in which she has also participated, which resulted in bringing relief to thousands who use the Vikhroli station today. She said it was an encouraging example of sheer determination, hard work and persistence for a worthy cause. She specially urged all units of the Sabha to start Help desks in their parishes to assist students and people with the documentation to avail of the many schemes offered by the Government, both Central and State, for the minorities. She offered her whole hearted support to alleviate the problems that the community faces and hoped that together we could uplift the community and empower many. The programme was well anchored y Vice-President, Ms Rita D’Sa and the Vote of Thanks was given by the Jt. Secretary, Mr. Raymond D’Souza, after which followed the Sabha March, fun and the fellowship dinner. It was indeed a good beginning to a year of celebration and thanksgiving for the Sabha. —Anand Castelino

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3 March 2014

The Most Effective Method of Motivation


The Wisdom of Sharing


here are m a n y variations on the story of stone soup, but they all involve a traveler coming into a town beset by famine. The inhabitants try to discourage the traveler from staying, fearing he wants them to give him food. They tell him in no uncertain terms that there’s no food anywhere to be found. The traveler explains that he doesn’t need any food and that, in fact, he was planning to make a soup to share with all of them. The villagers watch suspiciously as he builds a fire and fills a cauldron with water. With great ceremony, he pulls a stone from a bag, dropping the stone into the pot of water. He sniffs the brew extravagantly and exclaims how delicious stone soup is. As the villagers begin to show interest, he mentions how good the soup would be with just a little cabbage in it. A villager brings out a cabbage to share. This episode repeats itself until the soup has cabbage, carrots, onions, and beets— indeed, a substantial soup that feeds everyone in the village. This story addresses the human tendency to hoard in times of deprivation. When resources are scarce, we pull back and put all of our energy into self-preservation. We isolate ourselves and shut out others. As the story of stone soup reveals, in doing so, we often deprive ourselves and everyone else of a feast. This metaphor plays out beyond the realm of food. We hoard ideas, love, and energy, thinking we will be richer if we keep to them to ourselves, when in truth we make

3 March 2014

the world, and ourselves, poorer whenever we greedily stockpile our reserves. The traveler was able to see that the villagers were holding back, and he had the genius to draw them out and inspire them to give, thus creating a spread that none of them could have created alone. Are you like one of the villagers, holding back? If you come forward and share your gifts, you will inspire others to do the same. The reward is a banquet that can nourish many.


f you reward someone for do ing something, they will usu ally respond by getting it done. We often adopt this concept in life from childhood on into adult hood, but is this the most effective method of motivation? The best way to motivate people - at school, at work or at home — is to support their sense of autonomy. Explaining the reasons why a task is important and then allowing as much personal freedom as possible in carrying out the task is far more stimulating. It leads to a greater sense of commitment. It has also been show to be a much more effective approach than the standard system of reward and punishment. We are all inherently interested in the world so why not nurture that interest in each other? Instead of asking, how can I motivate people? We should be asking, how can I create the conditions within which people will motivate themselves?


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Regd. No. ROYAL CHRISTIAN FAMILY, 99, Perin Nariman Street, 1st Floor, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.

Please renew your membership at lease a month in advance before its expiration date. 21

MATRIMONIALS MUMBAI : Tamilian Roman Catholic Spinster aged 27 years, Ht. 5’ 7”, Average built, Tan Complexion, Edn. Dip. in Hotel Management, Seeks a guitable match. Contact email : OR 9158622614 (Regd. No. 6013) NAVI-MUMBAI : Mangalorean Roman Catholic Spinster, aged 31 years, Ht. 5’ 1”, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. B. Com., employed as an Admin., Contact Email : OR Mob: 9820579253 (Regd. No. 6011) MUMBAI : Goan Roman Catholic Spinster, aged 35 years, Ht. 5’ 5”, Wt. 60 kgs, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. B.A., employed as a Secretary. Contact : Mob: 9833120168 (Regd. No. 6010) MUMBAI : Goan R.C. Spinster, aged 30 years, Ht. 5’ 5”, Wt. 65 kgs, Fair Complexion, B.Com., working as a SME, Seeks sober, well settled bachelor. Contact : email : OR 9820264984 (Regd. No. 6007) MUMBAI : Goan R.C. Spinster, aged 26 years, Ht. 5’ 2”, Wt. 60 kgs, Tan Complexion, Edn. B.Sc + PGDQA, working as a QA Personnel in Pharmaceutical, Seeks a good looking, understanding, responsible, well settled bachelor. Contact email : OR 9892394604 (Regd. No. 6006) AHMEDABAD : Goan R.C. Spinster, Wheatish, slim, good looking, aged 29 years, Ht. 5’ 4”, Wt. 49 kgs, Edn. B.A., PGDMFI, Pursuing MBA, working as a Senior Officer in Bank. Seeks a educated, well settled bachelor from decent and respectable family. Contact email : / OR 079-


22162694 (Regd. No. 6004) MUMBAI : Mangalorean R.C. Spinster, fair, good looking, aged 29 years, Ht. 5’ 2”, Wt. 62 kgs, Edn. Post graduate (MBA), working as a Manager in MNC, Seeks a well educated and well settled bachelor. Contact Mob.: 9930441402 / 9769678734 Email: (Regd. No. 6003) MUMBAI : East Indian Roman Catholic Spinster, aged 32 years, Ht. 5’ 3”, Wt. 58 kgs, Fair Complexion, good looking, smart, Edn. M.M.S., B.Com., working as a Manager - Marketing. Seeks a handsome, intelligent, well settled bachelor. Contact email : OR 9167650179 (Regd. No. 6002) MUMBAI : Roman Catholic Divorcee, age 30 years, Ht. 5’ 4”, Wt. 56 kgs, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. M.Com/MBA, Sr. Executive with a reputed firm, seeks a suitable match. Contact email : OR 9323628370 (Regd. No. 6001) GOA: Goan RC Spinster, aged 26 years, Ht. 4’ 9”, Wt. 42 kgs, Wheatish Complexion, Edn., MBBS, Diploma Anesthesa, working as a Anaesthestist. Seeks a well settled bachelor below 31 years, Doctor or Engineer. Contact email : OR 8600306139 (Regd. No. 6000) MUMBAI : Mangalorean Roman Catholic Spinster, aged 39 years, Ht. 5’ 3”, Wt. 70 kgs, Fair Complexion, Edn. B.D.S. Dentist by profession. Email : Tel.: 25633474 (Regd. No. 5997) MUMBAI : Mangalorean Roman Catholic Spinster, aged 27 years, Ht. 4’ 11”, Wt. 58 kgs, Wheatish

Complexion, Edn. T.Y.B.A., Teacher by profession. Contact email : OR 9819126871 (Regd. No. 5995) KOLHAPUR : Goan Roman Catholic Spinster, aged 25 years, Ht. 5’ 7”, Wt. 52 kgs, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. MBA (HR), MBA (System), Lecturer by profession. Seeks a well educated with good family background. Contact email : OR 9226088408 / 9226944426 (Regd. No. 5991) MUMBAI : Mangalorean RC Spinster aged 32 years, Ht. 5’ 5”, Fair Complex, Edn. Doctor, working as an Asst. Manager in Pharmaceutical company. Only Child. Contact: email: OR 9930550318 (Regd. No. 5786) MUMBAI : Mangalorean Jacobite Syrian Catholic Spinster, aged 32 years, Ht. 5’ 4”, Wt. 62 kgs, Fair Complexion, Edn. B. Com., MBA (Fin) working as a Customers Service. Seeks a suitable match. Contact email : OR 28954976 (Regd. No. 5891) MUMBAI : Goan Roman Catholic Spinster, aged 27 years, Ht. 5’, Wt. 46 kgs, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. B.Com., working as a Customers Service. Seeks a suitable match. Contact : 9820251612 (Regd. No. 5890) U.K : Goan R. C. Spinster, 31 yrs., 5’ 4”, Wt. 50 kgs, Fair and goodlooking, Edn. B.Sc., M.Sc., M.B.A., studied in U.K. and working as a IT Analasist. Contact email : / OR 9096690309 / 91-95-27261969 (Regd. No. 5887)

3 March 2014

Come, make the best choice of your life-Partner

Royal Christian Family happy to announce the next


Places are limited! Book Your Seat Early !!

on Sunday 6th April 2014 from 10 A. M. to 4 P.M. at, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050. A grand gathering to get acquainted with boys and girls of matching age group who are in search of a suitable Life-Partner of their choice with an ultimate view to matrimony. O Participants list and other details will be sent 15 days prior to the get-together. O Lunch, snacks, etc, will be provided at the Get-together. O Royal Christian Family is having the experience of organising over 60 get-togethers O The meet covers good family boys and girls

in the past.

Royal Christian Family 99, Perin Nariman Street, 1st Floor, Near GPO., Fort, Mumbai 400001 Tel.: 022 - 22693578, 22654924 Email:,

‘The Secular Citizen’ and ‘DIVO’ Instituted Awards

DIVO, sister publication of The Secular Citizen presented its first ever ‘DIVO Puraskar’ award which includes Rs. 50,000 cash in the year 2001. Since then so far 21 individuals have received cash awards of Rs. 25,000 each and honoured with a Citation, Memento, Shawl and fruits in the presence of large audience. Subsequently other awards are added and jointly presented by both the periodicals from time to time. The awards are received due publicity through print and electronic media. Some of these awards are sponsored by generous well-wishers. Some of our awards list is given below. Creation of more awards from generous sponsors are most welcome. The awards are given in recognition and appreciation to individuals who have made excellent contribution to the society.

‘The Secular Citizen Life-time Achievement Award’ ‘The Secular Citizen Writer of the Year Award’ ‘DIVO Puraskar’ ‘DIVO Life-time Achievement Award’ ‘DIVO P. D'Souza Smarak Puraskar’ ‘DIVO Sahitya Puraskar Smarak Maria Jayanti Bahuman’ ‘Leaders in the Making and Reaching to the Top’ - Free Youth Seminar (over 12 seminars in 10 years covered over 8000 youth in Mangalore and Mumbai)

99, Perin Nariman Street, 1st Floor, Fort, Mumbai 400001 Tel.: 022 - 22693578, 22654924 Emails: /

3 March 2014



RNI No. 56987/92

Published on every Monday & Posted on Monday & Tuesday of every week Posted at Mumbai Patrika Channel Sorting Office, Mumbai - 400001.

3 March 2014

Registered No. MH/MR/South-139/2012-14

The Secular Citizen and Divo Weekly Friendly Group Organising

18 days 9 Countries Tour of WESTERN EUROPE

Italy, Vatican, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain Highlights: Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, Museum, St. Peter's Basilica. Veneice, Padova - St. Anthony's Shrine, Assisi - St. Francis Shrine, Rome - Coloseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, St. John the Latern Church, St. Mary Major Church, St. Paul Church, Holy Steps, Rotondo - Padre Pio. Engelbert - Mt. Titlis with Titlis Rotair and Ice Flyer. Cologne - Schaffhausen Rhine Falls, Cathedral. Amsterdam - Brussels. Parish - Eiffel Tower, Lourdes - Catholic pilgrimage centre. Loyola - St. Ignatius of Loyola. Fatima - visit Our Lady of Fatima Church, visit to holy sites. and more.

Includes all important sights and pilgrimage centres

Group Leaving on 19th May 2014

Includes OAirfare O Visas OAccommodation in Hotels O Travel Insurance O Luxury A/C coach O sightseeing O Tips & Gratuities O Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner O Water O English Speaking Licensed Guide. A Few Seats Are Available, Book Early

For more details Contact :

The Secular Citizen / Divo : 22693578, 22654924

Susan: 9820473103 O Cyprian : 9821589600, 28899609 O John : 9820384060 Printed and Published by Lawrence Coelho at The Secular Citizen, 99, Perin Nariman Street, 1st Floor, Harihar Nivas, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001. Tel.: 2269 3578, 2265 4924 3 March 2014 Printers: The Secular Citizen, Fort, Mumbai 400001. Editor : Philip Myaboo


Secular Citizen Vol.23 No.9 dated 3rd March 2014  

The Secular Citizen, A National Family Weekly published from Mumbai, India

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