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June 24, 2013


Bamboo Coffins Help Curb Indian Deforestation

One of the world’s fastest-growing plants, bamboo is a versatile renewable resource with wide ranging applications including bamboo coffins. India is the second largest producer of bamboo in the world producing 135 million metric tonnes of bamboo every year. Kolkata: Constructing coffins out of bamboo could be one way to curb rampant deforestation in northeastern India, according to a youth group in Mizoram that has launched

World’s Longest-serving Cloistered Nun Dies Madrid: The longestserving cloistered nun in the world has died after spending 86 years in a convent in Spain. The 105-year-old Spanish nun, Sister Teresita, from the Basque Country in northern Spain, died on Tuesday 11th night at the Roman Catholic convent Buenafuente del Sistal in the centre of the country. Sister Teresita had entered the convent in the municipality of Guadalajara on April 16, 1927, when she was 19. She left the convent only once in the following 86 years, on August 20, 2011 during Roman Catholic youth celebrations, to meet with visiting Pope Benedict XVI, who was born on the same day she had joined the convent. That meeting, held at the Vatican's nunciature in Madrid, was "very short but very emotional", the convent's abbess, Sister Maria, told a news agency. During her long stay in the convent, Sister Teresita held posts of abbess, prioress and mistress of novices. "She was very lucid and healthy but she got weaker because age does not forgive," said the abbess. Sister Teresita lived "an exemplary life," she added.


a movement to develop eco-friendly methods of burial for the state’s Christians. The idea, mooted by the Young Mizo Association (YMA), has been lauded by the state’s Environment and Forests Minister, H. Rohluna. Some 98 percent of the state’s population is Christian, many of whom use expensive teak and sal trees for coffins because of their durability and high density. But the YMA, who launched the “Green Mizoram” initiative three years ago, of which the coffin campaign is this year’s focus, thinks a change to bamboo coffins would help check the rate of felling there. "The campaign for green coffins will continue until every single dead person in the state is laid to rest in a bamboo coffin," said Vanlalruata, general secretary of the YMA. The most recent forestry survey of Mizoram shows that from 2009 to 2011, the state lost 66 square kms of forest. Continued deforestation will adversely affect the livelihoods of people living there. Bamboo forests on the other hand cover around 57 percent of the state's land area, according to government records. Although the cutting of bamboo will also have some impact on the environment, Vanlalruata argues that this "largest grass" grows faster than any tree and thus would take less time to replenish. He adds that many coffin makers are beginning to switch to bamboo. As an introductory move, the association recently donated some 200 coffins to hospitals, mostly in the state capital of Aizawl. The bamboo coffins are also cost effective. While hardwood coffins go for between 9,000 and 14,000 rupees (US$160-250) a bamboo coffin costs on average 2,500 rupees.

June 24, 2013

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‘Thought for the week’

Concentration and dedication are the intangibles, the deciding factors between who won and who lost.

Contents pg. 4 - State Minorities Commission Meet On “Issues of the Christian Community” pg. 4 - Modi, Advani Split Opens Door For Congress pg. 5 - National Youth Policy: Here Are 6 Ways The Government Can Make Youth Matter pg. 8 - Ready For The Next Digital Quantum Leap? pg. 9 - Pope Throws An Open Challenge pg 11 - India Most Populous Nation By 2030 pg 9 - Reader's Views pg 19 - Inspirations pg 20 - Can A 53-yr-old HC Order Solve Church Property Scams? pg 21 - Matrimonials


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June 24, 2013

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State Minorities Commission Meet On “Issues of the Christian Community”

The Maharashtra State Minorities Commission thru its Chairman, Mr. Munaf Hakim invited 300 Christian Representatives from all over Maharashtra at the Sahyadri State Guest House, Malabar Hill, to discuss the issues & problems the Christian Community faces in the State of Maharashtra on 15th June’13. This was for the first time that the State Minorities Commission has called for an exclusive meeting of Christians in the State of Maharashtra. The Chief Guest of the meeting was the Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay, Bishop Agnelo Gracias & also present on the dias were Mr. Munaf Hakim (ChairmanMaharashtra State Minorities Commission), Dr. Augustine Pinto (Chairman – Ryan’s International Group of Schools), Mrs Thanksy Francis Thakkekara (Addl Chief Secretary, Minorities Development Dept-Govt of Maharashtra), Janet D’souza (President - Mumbai Regional Mahila Congress) & various State Govt Officers. All Christian Denominations were present & represented in this meeting. The SOUL Team too was invited & was represented by Dolphy D’souza (who was also on the Dias), Adv. Godfrey Pimenta, Alex Dmello & Stanley Fernandez. Various issues pertaining to Christians were raised during the meeting by various representatives starting from persecution & violence against Christians, land grabbing by hooligans/politicians, lack of representation in State & Local Bodies (incl Legislature), dadagiri of politicians against Christian schools for admissions, dadagiri of the education dept. & police depts. against Christian schools & priests, lack of cemetery spaces, grabbing church/school lands in the name of development, issues of the East Indian community including OBC Certificate, Gaothan’s as slums, etc., closure of Christian institutions due to high property taxes & many other issues. On behalf of the SOUL Team, Adv. Godfrey raised the issue of the unjust land acquisition both at SAC, Malwani & OLAC, Kandivali on the dais. Stanley Fernandez handed over a memorandum personally to Mr. Munaf Hakim & Mrs. Thanksy Francis Thakkekara on behalf of the SOUL Team regarding the Unjust Land Acquisition issues both at St.Anthony’s Church, Malwani, O.L of Assumption Church, Kandivali as well as the land for cemetery on the Eastern side of the Western suburbs. Personally speaking later to Dolphy D’souza, the Chairman, Mr. Munaf Hakim has agreed for a separate meeting with the SOUL Team to understand the issue both at Malwani & Kandivali. Mr. Munaf Hakim also promised to resolve most immediate solvable issues raised in this meeting, within the next 2-3 months. He has also promised to keep another round of meeting with the Christian representatives to know how much (Contd.. on p. 5)



June 24, 2013

(Contd.. from p. 3) of the current problems & issues mentioned have been resolved. Mr. Dolphy D’souza while speaking on the dais, thanked Mr. Munaf Hakim for the initiative that he has started & undertaken. The meeting was well attended also by both the print & television media. We the SOUL Team would like to thank Mr. Munaf Hakim, for taking a just & much needed initiative for the Christian population of the state of Maharashtra. He has personally asked us to pray for him & we collectively pray that the lord bless & protect him & see that the purpose with which he has taken his role as Chairman of the State Minorities Commission is fulfilled & bring much needed relief for the Christians & all minorities of Maharashtra. —Stanley Fernandez SOUL Team

The CSF Object to Policegiri Actress with Rosary in Seductive Pose

Activist Community NGO Calls for Removal and Apology The Mumbai-based activist community NGO, The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (CSF) has taken strong objection to the photo alongside of actress Kavitta Verma, which is on the internet, which mentions her hot 'item' song in the to be released movies Policegiri - which is a Sanjay Dutt starer. Policegiri was completed just before Sanjay Dutt went back to serve his prison term and is scheduled to release on 5th July 2013. The CSF general secretary, Joseph Dias has taken up the issue with the producers, besides the authorities and will keep you informed of the developments.

Mangalore: Foundation Stone laid to Presbytery and Community Hall at Kateel Sunday, June 9th was the auspicious day to the parishioners of Kateel Parish. The Foundation Stone to Presbytery and Community Hall was

Aranha laid the Foundation Stone as a mark of the commencement of Rs. 1crore project.

blessed by the present Parish Priest of Kateel Parish as well as the director of Samanvaya Rev. Dr Ronald Cutinha in the Presence of building committee members headed by the vice president of the parish Mr Lionel Lobo and Parishioners gathered in large numbers. A recognized donor couple of Kateel Parish Mr & Mrs Henry Cecilia

Kateel Parish is situated at a distance of 27kms north east of Mangalore Town. It is having 155 families with a total Christian Catholic Population of 753. It is surrounded by Kinnigoly, Kirem, Niddodi & Permude Parishes. The parish came into existence in 1971 and is served by 11 priests so far.

June 24, 2013

As you can see actress Kavitta Verma, is scantily clad in a seductive pose, but what concerns the community is the Rosary (religious beads used for praying), which she wears around her neck with the cross positioned on her belly. Joseph Dias in a memorandum to all concerned said this was unacceptable, as Christians respect the Rosary, which is used by Catholics to intercede with Mary, the Mother of Jesus and reflect in prayer on the various stages in the life of Christ. The CSF has called for no such provocative shots to appear in the movie, its posters or publicity material since it stereotypes the girls of the community as those of loose moral character too. Joseph Dias has in his communication to the producers, censor board and the the actress, Kavitta Verma called for immediate action to undo the harm done and tender an apology for hurting religious sentiments. The CSF general secretary said that if this is not done, they would take legal and necessary action against all concerned.


Modi, Advani Split Opens Door For Congress


ndia’s Congress party and its United Progressive Alliance coali tion, which has ruled India for the past nine years, can perhaps breathe easy. Despite being on the verge of collapse under the weight of a series of corruption scandals involving half a dozen ministers; a melting economy reeling from low industrial production and high inflation; and the collapse of some of its major policy initiatives, Congress has reason to be confident about winning a third term in elections due next year. Its main challenger, - John the right wing Bharatiya Janata party and its delicately woven National Democratic Alliance (NDA) suddenly find itself on the verge of an ideological split. It stems from a dispute between two leaders who have, in their own way, shaped its policies and inspired its cadres in the years since it lost national elections in 2004 after six years of government under former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. The dispute between the highly divisive Narendra Modi -- three-time chief minister of Gujarat state and a self-styled prime ministerial candidate for 2014 -- and Lal Krishna Advani has been brewing for months, but erupted with volcanic force this week, throwing the party and its middle class and corporate supporters into a tizzy. The highly ambitious Modi was hoping he would be declared the BJP nominee for prime minister, but was instead elected chairman of the less glamorous election campaign committee last week at the party’s Goa conclave. He now finds that even this transient glory has been sabotaged by his b?te noire Advani who astonished the leadership by angrily resigning from three apex party councils of which he was the senior member. Advani said


he was unhappy with the direction the party was taking. Advani, a former deputy prime minister, is a co founder of the modern BJP with Vajpayee following the collapse of the Janata Party in 1979. With the moderate Vajpayee as a nationally acceptable face, Advani quietly set about recapturing Hindu support across the country in a national rath yatra journey. The journey was a bloody one, with numerous antiMuslim riots marking its course across India, culminating in the demolition of the historic Babri Mosque in the city of Ayodhya on Dayal Dec 2, 2012. That cataclysmic event marks the beginning of Islamic fundamentalist violence in India, leading to many acts of terrorism, and in turn unleashing police barbarity and the persecution of innocents. Advani’s attempts to reincarnate himself as a more moderate politician, with a visit to Pakistan and more temperate rhetoric, has disturbed the party’s main ideological patron. The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh’s political vision for India is as the world’s only hard core Hindu nation with only a marginal role for religious minorities. Their candidate to challenge Advani was their card-holding activist Narendra Modi. He was handpicked to be chief minister of Gujarat and successfully used this position as a springboard for a tilt at the top job. Modi successfully wooed the emerging and ambitious middle class and the corporate sector with tax incentives and crushing the organized industrial labor movement and “teaching Muslims a lesson” by allegedly unleashing a bloodbath in 2002. But Modi’s ambitions and his ruthlessness have made him a divisive personality, with the BJP’s NDA allies making it clear that they will go their separate ways if he is chosen as the

coalition’s leader. The real struggle in the party, and in fact the nation, is between the forces that see India as a monolithic cultural bloc with the supremacy of the Hindu faith and the leadership in the hands of a stentorian ideological ruling core, and groups that recognize the need for a temperate political doctrine that nurtures the country’s complex ethnic, social and religious fabric in a modern idiom. Modi scares this group. Moderates within the BJP understand that with Modi as their prime ministerial candidate, the party will never get the broad support it needs to win power. In fact, it may also mean the end of the NDA, as we know it. For them, his ambitions have to be nipped in the bud, even at the cost of a temporary internal rupture. For the Congress Party, it seems a win-win situation. The spotlight is no longer on its corruption or other failures. And the divisions in the BJP can only dilute the challenge further. The ruling coalition now has to determine how it can capitalize more on its rival’s discomfiture. John Dayal is the general secretary of the All India Christian Council and a member of the Indian government’s National Integration Council.

June 24, 2013


glance at the National Youth Policy Draft 2012 will tell you how poorly done the piece of policy is. With very little focus on enforcing other ministries working with the youth to implement their strategies and recognize different diversities of youth, or implement their programs, the policy formation process is at question. Does holding a bunch of consultations with organizations working with young people qualify for

needs of young people are. 2) Using volunteer forces to do offline consultations: If the Commonwealth Games can create a cohort of over 10,000 volunteers in Delhi alone, I am sure the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs can create a channel of at least a 1000 volunteers in 28 states, who target 100 young people each for a survey with multiple questions. The ministry can make use of Government colleges,

this group can file a review report to the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs about the situation in the respective states, and give suggested solutions to be implemented for a better functioning of the youth policy recommendations. 5) Awareness drive through national,

National Youth Policy: Here Are 6 Ways The Government Can Make Youth Matter enough representation of the youth? I do not believe so. Moreover, most of the people involved in the consultation process for the formation of the policy come with their respective experience baggage and are not youth themselves – as per how the Indian Government defines young people. There is a need for a deeper understanding of the needs of young people and a more cohesive process needs to be put into place for the formation of the national youth policy. Below are 6 ways through which the Indian Government can form a better, more informed and more consultative National Youth Policy in India. 1) Urban youth outreach through social media: If the PMO can reach out to Twitter users for recommendations for a 5th year plan, and if the Justice Verma committee can make use of emails and Facebook for public recommendations on the rape law, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs can definitely create channels through social media to seek mass recommendations from young people across the country through Facebook and Twitter. Putting out a series of questions that are simplified and put forth in layman language through a period of time can enable various sections of young people to engage with the Ministry and share opinions on what the

June 24, 2013

Municipal schools and universities to create channels for these volunteers to engage with young people and seek recommendations from them. 3) A team of young researchers for data assessment: Once the data is collected through online and offline channels, a team of young and talented researches who come with the latest knowledge of data assessment can be put to use to analyse this data and come up with the top 20 recommendations that have been most talked about by a majority of young people. Once these recommendations are set in place, they can be worked upon from a policy level, and the National Youth Policy can have more specific expert consultations on these topics to finalize 10 to 15 final inclusions in the National Youth Policy, and put out the draft for review. 4) Regional review groups: Once the draft has been put out and the recommendations have been given to various ministries, central and state governments, the Government can make use of the same volunteer force, or recruit a small regional staff with more expertise who work on a state by state level to review whether the state governments are implementing the policy at their level or not. The sole task of this review group will be to monitor the functioning of the youth ministry cells at the state level and review and asses their performance on an yearly basis. At the end of every year,

regional and community media: Last but not the least, out of the funds that the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs receives, it should set out a chunk of it to invest in awareness drives through national media, regional media as well as community specific media to reach out to young people across the board and inform them about their rights, the facilities offered to them, and the recommendations by the Ministry, and generate interest in civic participation and various other aspects of the National Youth Policy. As is evident from the poll conducted by Youth Ki Awaaz here, nearly 80% young people have no clue that something like the National Youth Policy even exists. 6) Consult youth organizations on setting indicators: This is precisely where experienced youth organizations and NGOs can be consulted. The National Youth Policy needs to work on certain indicators and criteria for the survey, and the above 5 points should be used to collect the exact needs of young people against these indicators. ItÂ’s high time young people are given opportunities and platforms to become better and more informed stakeholders in the way the democracy functions.


Ready For The Next Digital Quantum Leap?


o you realize that as you read this column you are involved in something changing the Church in ways that were impossible to imagine just a few years ago? Now before you say “what a silly question”, or “who does this guy think he is?” think about this: according to the head of Google, Eric Schmidt, seven billion of us, up from two billion right now, will be accessing the internet , mostly by hand held devices – smart phone and tablets - inside five years. That’s not the way most people reading this column will do it – through desktops and laptops. The coming generation of web surfers will be doing it through smart phones and tablets that are the devices most - Michael used for accessing social media platforms and using-interest specific applications. Now we all know that people use the web for lots of different things – from banking and conferencing to aimless chatter and watching pornography. But we have had instances already where the interactivity that the web was founded for has brought political change as we saw in the Arab Spring. What is really new about what web access will be for the coming generation is how it will enable them to interact directly with others who share common concerns – social media platforms. It is the medium that will enable interactivity on a scale never known in human evolution. As the last pope put it, the web is the new gathering place or assembly point – the agora. It is the place where messages can be transmitted. To participate in it requires a changed mindset for Church leaders who are used to being listened to. Social media is now the tool for listening to the heartbeat of the Church. Miss it and you are just


ignored. And paradoxically, its capacity to provoke change is highest in closed societies that delude themselves into the belief that they can control the flow of information and contain interaction. Frustrations are highest among people who are blocked from what they want to do. And people who are frustrated always find their way through or around blocks, which, in the cyber world, are called firewalls. It can be done if you know how. Just look at the mayhem the Chinese are creating for US and Australian intelligence services. The Chinese want to know what the Americans are up to! What difference will it make to Catholics and the Kelly SJ Church’s operations when more than two thirds of the planet’s population is interacting in cyberspace? And before you dismiss my question, just consider that at every turn of civilization, it’s technology that has driven not just economic change but also cultural change as well. It’s happened from the creation of the wheel to the creation of air travel. And what we are witnessing is the exponential growth in the capacity of ordinary individuals – up to seven billion of them – to share a technology for information distribution and interaction. This is not only a technical change but the trigger to a cultural change that has always been the Trojan Horse in the advent of the web – the power of interactivity and the democratizing of access to information and the formation of opinion. Cultural change is what makes or breaks the Church’s ability to proclaim the Gospel in compelling and persuasive ways. And our record isn’t great on that score. It took 150 years for Vatican authorities to wake up to the invention of printing by Gutenberg. It was Luther

who saw its potential, translated the Bible from Latin into national languages and put the Word of God into the hands of anyone who could read it. From this and for other reasons, the Protestant reformation flowed. In Asia, one of the continents where the Catholic Church is growing, we are familiar with the impact of cultural change and its relevance to the mission of the Church. The Church’s mission to proclaim and display the message of Jesus has never done so well as it has since the end of the colonial era in the middle of the last century. Becoming their own nations, Asian societies and their Catholic Churches have not had to carry the burden of being seen as a European import. Many have taken on shapes and languages and customs proper to the people of each country and nationality. But now, by 2018, the communications landscape of Asia will be transformed by what the net can offer through cheap smartphones and tablets. Interactivity will so impact Asia that previously hierarchically structured and centrally controlled nations and cultures will be under an attack, the likes of which they have never faced before – from within. This is, of course, why countries like Vietnam, China and Myanmar exercise the most intense vigilance of what their populations access and block anything that the central authority deems to be a threat. But it is the dog chasing its tail. The initiative is always with the person accessing the web and not the one trying to control the population. People are smarter than bureaucracies and cyber police think they are. (Contd.. on p. 15)

June 24, 2013

Po pe T hr o ws A nO pen C hal lenge hro An Open Chal hallenge


n a rare and blistering moment vert to God. “ The Holy Father said between speeches and blessing these words a day after the beatification on Thursday, Saturday and Sun- of Fr. Giuseppe “Pino” Puglisi , who day last the people were was killed by the mob 20 surprised when Pope years ago, when he was 56 years old. Fr. Giuseppe had Francis threw the gauntlet become a martyr , he had at three Catholic groups in spoken against the Mafia in his weekly address. the Sicilian capital The pontiff spoke On Saturday morning calmly and with moving passion in a voice con- - Melvyn Brown the pope was ‘strongly critical of Church administrators trolled with critical and stern appeal. He was deeply driven to , who often showed no charity towards speak of the mafiosi and mafiose (men the helpless. ‘ Pope Francis said , “ the and women) who terrorized and ex- doors (of the church) should open and ploited people through suffering and not find people who want to control the pain, in prostitution and slavery. The faith.” Furthermore , he felt compelled pope said , “ the pain suffered by men, to add : “We are many times controllers women and even children…..through of faith, instead of becoming facilitators of the faith of the people.” The pope many social pressures “. Pope Francis appealed to the mentioned of a single mother who went mobsters to change and to help build to the church to baptize her child and a stronger link to God. “Let us pray the parish secretary says “No, you canthat these Mafiosi and mafiose con- not because you’re not married”. She

met with a closed door. This is not zeal ! It is far from the Lord! It does not open doors. “ He went on to say Jesus created the seven sacraments, “ and we are establishing the eighth : the sacrament of pastoral customs.” The pope added, “Jesus is indignant when he sees these things.” The pontiff spoke as strongly and firmly to the bishops of Italy on Thursday at St. Peter’s Basilica on their 65th general assembly. He asked the bishops to “put aside…any form of arrogance “. And told them to take greater responsibility for their flocks. Pope Francis ended by asking Mary to “ remove us from the torpor of laziness , of pettiness, and defeatism. Help us burn away the sadness, impatience, and rigidity of those who have not known what it means to belong.” - Courtesy The Catholic Herald, London and David V. Barrett).


UNDER CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS ARUNUDAY COMPLEX @6000 per sq ft. 1 BHK - 600 sq ft., 2 BHK -900 sq ft. IDEAL ENCLAVE @ 6000 per sq ft. 1BHK - 630 & 660 sq ft. DEV PARADISE @ 6500 per sq ft. 2 BHK - 945, 1050 sq ft., 3 BHK - 1295

READY POSITION IDEAL ENCLAVE @ 6000 per sq ft. 1 BHK - 590 to 630 sq ft.

RITU GLORIOUS @ 5700 per sq ft. 2 BHK - 910 & 1000 sq ft.

RESALE FLAT 1 BHK - 32,50,000 - IDEAL ENCLAVE 1 BHK - 36,00,000 - MIRA BHAYANDER Rd. 2 BHK - 65,00,000 - MIRA BHAYANDER Rd. 2 BHK - 66,00,000 - SHANTI PARK. 2 BHK ROW HOUSE - 81,00,000 with front & back open place.

CONTACT : Mr. Fernandes - 9322632712 Ph : 28123473 / 28125222 A/16, Shanti Shopping Centre, Opp. Rly. Station, Mira Road (E). June 24, 2013


(Contd.. on p. 15)


June 24, 2013

India Most Populous Nation By 2030 75 thousand children are born every day

Mumbai : - With a current population of 1.2 billion people and 75 thousand newborns per day, India is preparing to become the most populous country in the world. According to the forecasts of the United Nations, by 2030, the South Asian giant will overtake China whose birth rate is declining because of the one-child policy - touching 1.45 billion people. This figure, Pascoal Carvalho, a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life points out to AsiaNews, which "reflects the existence, even today, of cultural values that encourage family and community survival." According to the Catholic doctor, the demographic picture presented by the UN "matters to the pace and process of economic growth and development in India". It is then interesting to note, he points out, that this baby boom "is not caused by an increase in births, but rather by the sharply re-

duced rates of infant and child mortality". Despite the positive aspects arising from the current demographic profile, family planning policies for birth control are in place throughout the country. Among these, says Carvalho, "even sterilizations [often forced, ed], that take us back to the black days experienced by the country in the 1970s." At the time, the government of Indira Gandhi promoted an aggressive and targeted sterilization program, which provided eco-

nomic incentives for those who participated, but also mandatory vasectomies for men with two or more children. "However - he recalls because of widespread corruption and abuses, however, many other men were tricked or forced to get the operation, and many women, too, were compelled to undergo much more dangerous sterilization procedures. In the course of one year, rough estimates state that eight million sterilisations were recorded: 6.2 million vasectomies and 2.05 million tubectomies, Dalits being particular targets. Recently, one of the dispatches of Wikileaks revealed that in those years the government clamped down on Catholic organizations and the clergy, who tried to oppose the mandatory sterilization program. (AsiaNews)

80th Birthday Anniversary Congrats on completing 80 fruitful years Daddy, You are more than just a father to us We are so blessed to be under your wing Learning important life lessons from a great king.

Wish you Happy 80th Birthday

With Love from Wife Matilda Moraes

Sons, Daughters-in-law & Grandchildren : Merwyn / Gracy - Roshan Joseph / Audrey - Ayesha; Alisha; Aaron & Adrian J.B. Moraes Hector / Olivia - Hershel Peter / Linda - Denise & Trisha 29-06-1933 29-06-2013


June 24, 2013




June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013


Jalandhar, Eluru Dioceses Get New Bishops New Delhi: Pope Francis today appointed two new bishops for the Jalandhar and Eluru dioceses. The appointments were made public in Rome and in the respective dioceses at 3.30 pm IST. Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who is the auxiliary bishop of Delhi, has been appointed as the bishop of Jalandhar in Punjab. Bishop Jaya Rao Polimera will take over the Eluru diocese in Andhra Pradesh. The appointments came as the two dioceses were vacant. The Jalandhar diocese was vacant following Archbishop Anil Couto’s elevation to the Delhi archdiocese. Bishop Polimera was born on Aug 27, 1965 and ordained a priest of Warangal diocese in Andhra Pradesh on April 2, 1992. The 49-year-old Bishop Mulakkal, who was born on March 25,

Bishop Franco Mulakkal 1964, was ordained a priest in 1990. “For me it is a homecoming as I was ordained a priest for Jalandhar diocese and had come to Delhi as auxiliary Bishop a little over four years ago,” Bishop Mulakkal said in a statement. He has a double post graduate degree in English Literature and Sociology from Guru Nanak Dev University

(Punjab) He also has a Ph. D. in Moral Theology from Rome. “I am familiar with the culture, the language, the people, the institutions, the government of the area and I will feel much more at home to function there, especially now that I have an independent charge of a diocese,” he added. Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi congratulated Bishop Mulakkal on his appointment. “After serving efficiently the archdiocese of Delhi for over four years, he is in a much better position to lead a diocese that he is familiar with and therefore he is the best choice for Jalandhar diocese. I wish him all the best in his work there,” the archbishop added.

First Death Anniversary Mass

1st Anniversary Mass will be Celebrated at 6 p.m. At The Everard Grotto on 22 nd June 2013. Eliza D’Souza Konkani Drama Artist & Winner of Several Awards

Wife of Mr. Joe (Joseph) D’Souza writer and Producer of Konkani Dramas 14

Deeply Moaned by her Husband : Joe, Daughter : Janet, son-in-law: George, Grand Daughters: Greshma and Grafleen & all other family members June 24, 2013

(Contd.. from p. 8) The most immediate and obvious opportunity for the Church is to take seriously the Vatican II notion of the Church as the People of God and not define the Church beginning with the hierarchy. Whether you like it or not and whether it’s an improvement or a deformation, the web means everyone has the opportunity to pose as an authority, to propose their campaign, to unite or divide communities and nations. The capacity to publish and interact and win and persuade whole populations is now in the hands of anyone who wants to grasp it – for good or for ill. Miss this change in style and substance to the culture created by the web and the Church will do itself lasting damage. Of course, virtual interaction is no substitute for actual, face-to-face encounter in the Church’s life. Just as you might make friends online, no one develops real relationships unless they can actually meet and learn about someone else in the flesh. Even online dating goes nowhere until there are real meetings. It’s the same with the Church. But coming generations of Catholics will not take the word of authorities just because they’re authorities. The next generation of leadership of the Church will need to be skilled in offering invitations and being persuasive, rather than believing compliance with their directives will come simply by virtue of their office. However, there’s an upside. With so many Catholics online in Asia, what connected people to parishes in the past (sodalities, prayer groups, social service outreach, administration, schools and many more) will have another layer to them – continuous virtual and interactive connection. A French historian, Charles Peguy, said early last century of the Church that at the turn of each age, “she arrives a little late and a little breathless.” This time, what can be done with the changes in cyberspace are only restricted by the way we limit the possibilities.

June 24, 2013




Auto Rickshaw Refusals

I call upon all the residents of Mahakali Caves road area to raise their voices against the unscrupulous rickshaw and cabbie drivers for their refusal to carry passangers despite the steep rise in the fare. No autorickshaw driver on road can refuse any commuter's request. Recently when I was returning from walk at 8.30 AM one young girl tried to stop 4 rickshaws at the Model Town junction,none stopped,and I was anxious to know the place where she wanted to go, So I carefully approached her with a smile and good morning asking her to which place she wanted to go,she said "Green Fields". This prompted me to write this letter. later on I checked with couple of rickshaw drivers, as to why they refuse to go to "Green Fields" and the replies I got was "Udersay Koi customer milta nahi Hai" ( We do not get any customers from there) According to me it is absurd, as there is no shortage of commuters in Mumbai. Very often autoes refuse commuters to ferry short distances, which is unfair,and we have to fight against this. Rs 15 minimum is not a small amount, deducting fuel cost, wear and tear, insurance etc from Rs 15,he can definitely save Rs 10, and if a rickshaw driver gets 50 minimum paying customers, which he can easily get in 8 to 10 hours of working per day he makes a cool Rs 15000 profit per month, which many of our educated friends may not get,this excludes long diatance trips. If we include a couple of long distance trips their profit will be still higher.


driver took me from one cabbie to other covering 9 of them, none willing to come to Mahim, and the reason was short distance, then I had to board a local and reach Mahim.They are not sympathetic, do not mind waiting and idlying but do not want to work. Rs 19 is not an ordin ary amount, they can save substantially as I said above in the case of rickshaws. If you happen to travel for a minimum distance in a Cab either you give him the exact change or wait for him to give back that Re 1,do not leave it to him, they are merciless, you can give that Re 1 to a poor man, he will be thankful to you. If the BMC water pumps are not working, and if there is a flooding why Sharad Rao is asking the commuters to pay 4 times more, let him collect the amount from the BMC Union leaders should conduct refresher courses for cab and Auto drivers, teaching them how to behave with senior citizens, women and other commuters. They are rude and refuse without reason. We should never allow them to increase the fare as it is already high. I thank all the NGO's, activists and other groups who are fighting for this cause. —Victor M. Fernandes Andheri Eat.

Same refusal comes from cabbie's too. Week before Last I had to make daily trips to Mahim to see a ailing relatives of mine. I took a rick and went to Bandra and as you all know rickshaws do not go further, and I saw a number of cabbies at the road side and the rickshaw


Being kind to others

Like a gentle breeze and a cool drink on a hot day, kindness and goodness are refreshing. Within the family, they contribute to a pleasant atmosphere. Kindness is an endearing quality that stems from genuine interest in others, an interest that is manifested in helpful acts and considerate words. Goodness, like kindness, is a positive quality that is expressed in actions that benefit others. It is marked by a spirit of generosity. But goodness involves something more. Goodness is more excellence. It involves not just what we do but more important, what we are. Picture of woman preparing fruit of her family examining each piece as she slices it to make sure that it is sweet and ripe all the way through, without defect inside or out. Similarly, the goodness produced by holy spirit permeates a Christian's entire way of life. —Prof. Valerian Sequeira

Isai Maha Sangh Demands Increase of Scholarship for Christians from M.P

Bhopal: June 07 2013. A delegation of Rastriya Secular Manch and Isai Maha Sangh met President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee to apprise him of the state of affairs in Madhya Pradesh. Isai Maha Sangh Coordinator Fr. Anand Muttungal in his memorandum requested the president to increase the scholarship allotted to Christian students in Madhya Pradesh. Another request put forward by the delegation was that procedures of granting scholarship to students are very tough that most of the students do not get through it and the official report of the Government says that they could not reach the target. Fr. Anand Muttugnal said, “the number of scholarship allotted is much bellow the applicants but through tough procedure most them are denied. We asked the Government to implement these schemes through schools in the model of SC/ST scholarship.”

The Rashtrya Secular Much delegation handed over a memorandum to the President pointing out that the BJP government of the state, during its rule for the last nine years, has taken such steps which amount to subversion of secular democracy. The state government has taken a policy decision to allow the state government employees to participate in the activities of the RSS. The Memorandum also said that besides this, financial resources of the state are being used to patronise one particular religion (Hindu). Most of the developmental activities are named after Hindu rituals and gods and goddesses. When the delegation informed the President that the State Government has decided to build Sita Temple in Sri Lanka the President came out with a comment "in a foreign country". The denial of implementing the Sacchar Committee was also a matter brought to the notice of President. Rastriya Secular Munch Convener L S Herdenia said, “ the State Government is working against the spirit of the Constitution of India. We will do everything possible to safeguard the secular credentials of this Country.” The delegation was also joined by Shailendra "Shaili", and G. S. Asilval. —Richard James Bhopal District President ISAI MAHA SANGH


June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013


No More Telegrams From Next Month New Delhi: Come July and telegrams would no more be a source of quick and urgent communication. With the advent of technology and newer means of communication in the form of smart phones, emails and SMS, the BSNL has decided to discontinue the 160-year-old telegraph service from July 15. As per a circular issued by Shameem Akhtar, Sr. General Manager (Telegraph Services) Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) Corporate office, New Delhi, the telegraph service is to be discontinued with effect from July 15, 2013.


The circular sent to various telecom district and circle offices as per the instruction of a competent authority denotes that telegram services will be closed and as a result all telegraph offices under the management of BSNL will have to stop booking tele-

grams from the said date. The circular has also directed the telecom offices to maintain the log books, service messages, delivery slips only for six months from the date of bookings. However, complaints, press reports and other messages from different consumer forum are to be kept for one year. "We had asked the government to support the service as it was not commercially viable and the government said the BSNL board should decide on it,” Sources at BSNL in Delhi said. "We have taken a decision to close the service after consultation with the Department of Posts. They also said that there are better options available," the sources said.

June 24, 2013


You Always Have A Choice In any situation there are three choices for action

How we are treated by others depends largely on our own actions, just as our actions are dependent upon our beliefs and perceptions. If you believe you have no choices in any given situation, you will not take action to change the situation. If you perceive yourself as powerless, you will do nothing to change your situation. It's time to understand that you always have choices in any situation three of them. Whether at work or at home, these three choices always exist, and you always have the power, not to mention the responsibility, to make your choice from among them. Even the decision to do nothing is a choice, as we will see.

1. Accept, stay and do nothing

As mentioned above, the decision to do nothing to change your situation is also a choice you've made, and you are accountable for it. If your situation at work is particularly stressful yet you do nothing to change it, who is responsible? Since you cannot change the behaviour of others, including anyone who makes work an uncomfortable place to be, you must change your own actions or decide to live with the stress. If you do nothing, it is highly likely the situation will never change and your stress level will never decrease. This is the choice you make by doing nothing.

2. Accept, stay and work for change

If that time situation persists beyond a level you can tolerate, you can work to change it or you can leave. By working to change the stressful situa-

June 24, 2013

tion at work, you become a proactive force for change. By speaking calmly and reasonably and reasonably with the person who is causing the stress, you may improve your own situation. If this does not work, speaking with your supervisor or the other person's supervisor may be the choice you need to make. Taking action to effect change in an unhealthy workplace can only improve the situation for everyone, including yourself.

3. Refuse to accept and leave

The third choice for taking action in a stressful situation is to simply leave it behind. Especially if you've worked for change and the powers-that-be have refused to work to improve it, this may be the only course of action remaining to you. This does not make you 'quitter', regardless of other's judgment of you. In-fact, it proves that you are a healthy individual who seeks a healthy environment in which to prosper. Leaving an unhealthy, unchangeable environment is a healthy action. The choices we make are determined by our perceptions and beliefs. When we feel powerless, we accept the situation and live with it. When we feel stronger, we work within the system to change it. Accepting these choices is the first step we must take in improving our situation.

A Tale Of A Reporter

People tend to believe that journalists live a life of luxury and dignity and that they do not need to be afraid of anyone, as everyone is afraid of them. However in reality, everything is different. Before entering this field, I also thought the same thing. After entering into this profession, I realised how tough the work of a journalist is. Initially in my training period, my seniors used to give me assignments, which were not at all easy, but anyhow with the help of their guidance, I managed to somehow do them. I often made mistakes while reporting stories, but instead of shouting at me, they rectified my errors, which helped me to learn in the long run. During my internship, I found my job profile difficult. Also, I had to cover stories which were quite difficult. Reporters have to work cautiously to remain in good books with the police. A reporter works for the welfare of the common man and also acts as a professor by educating them about the happenings of the other world. Every day a reporter covers many stories just for the common man and for covering them, he has to struggle a lot. He is also not paid a good salary and has to run from pillar to post for gathering information about a particular case or to follow up a story. To create good stories, he has to meet people too. Besides, a reporter has to submit his stories before a particular deadline. If by chance he misses out a story or the same story is published in another newspaper or if he misses out an important point which appears in other newspapers, then he has to face the wrath of his editors. Hence, every day a reporter has to face a fresh challenge which is not easy. Crime reporters face threat from all sides, be it the police, a politician, or the common man. As for me, I love my job and am not at all afraid of writing against our corrupt politicians, policemen and MLAs. —Jubel D’Cruz, Dombivili


Can A 53-yr-old HC Order Solve Church Property Scams? (From Hindustan Times, Mumbai edition dated 14th June 2013) Last month, the office of the charity commissioner ordered one of its senior officials to inquire into complaints by a community group that Roman Catholic churches in Mumbai were not implementing a 1960 order of Bombay High Judgment which said that church properties should be managed like ‘public trusts’. Groups like the Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC) have been opposing the current system of estate administration at churches where the parish priest, as the ‘sole trustee’, enjoys unlimited powers in the management of church property. Though property disputes in the Roman Catholic Church is not on the scale of the scam that has hit Protestant churches in Mumbai, there have allegations that priests have entered


into illegal deals to sell church land. At least two churches — St Michael’s in Mahim and Our Lady of Egypt in Kalina — have figured in these allegations. In case of the Kalina church, a former parish priest was among three people named in an FIR about illegal sale of church property. Community groups say that priests have unbridled powers. They have suggested that a larger group of trustees, including members of the community, elected under provisions of the Bombay Public Trust Act, could be a deterrent against such scams. Arcanjo Sodder, an advocate and member of AOCC asks, “Priests are being allowed to function as sole trustees. Why do they not have community representatives in the trust?” The 1960 judgment that these groups are talking about was given by the Bombay High Court in response to an appeal filed by the vicar of Sacred Heart Church, Worli, who opposed his church’s definition as a public trust under the Bombay Public Trusts Act. The priest argued that they were governed by the Canon Law, their personal law, for appointment of religious officials and also for administration of church properties. So, the priest concluded, there was no need to register those churches as public trusts.

The priest’s arguments were first rejected by the Charity Commissioner and later by the City Civil Court, after which he had filed an appeal in the High Court. It was also pointed out that, while the act specifically mentioned a temple, Math and Wakf (Muslim religious property) as public trusts, the term ‘church’ was not included. Also, other characteristics of a trust — an author, beneficiary and an instrument or document of trust — was absent in case of church properties, it was claimed. The judge relied on judgments from Madhya Pradesh, Wales and even the Magna Carta — the AD 1215 charter on political and civil rights drawn up in England — to say that a parish church was also a public trust. While the court agreed that the Canon Law was not an instrument of trust, it said that the churches are public religious trusts because an instrument of trust is not always required for the existence of a trust. The court said that the Canon Law is not the law of the land. Another argument by the priest that the Bombay Public Trusts Act offends religious freedom was rejected by the court which said that the Constitution, while recognising religious groups’ rights to administer their property, says that administration of its property must be in accordance with the law of the land, in this case the Public Trusts Act. It is not clear whether the Worli church appealed against the HC order, but community members say the judgment has been ignored by churches. The spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Bombay was not available for comment. “If the churches are not implementing this order, what laity participation do you expect?” asks Sodder.

June 24, 2013

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June 24, 2013

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June 24, 2013



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