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June 10, 2013


Indian Priest To Address UN Council On Human Rights KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – Salesian provincial of Guwahati Fr V.M. Thomas (Vattathara), who heads India’s more than 130,000 Catholic Religious, will address the 23rd session of UN Human Rights Council now underway in Geneva. Fr. Thomas will present a paper on “Youth and Employment – Don Bosco Institute Kharguli” – at a parallel session held at the UN Headquarters in Geneva, 4 June. The institute which he founded caters to youth of northeast India. “I will highlight the talented, intelligent, capable, and diverse youth who are second to none in the world… but unless taken care of will be a wasted potential,” writes Fr Thomas from Geneva giving a preview of his talk. Fr Thomas says, “The DBI was a response to youth situation of Northeast India offering many vocational courses and leadership trainings to prepare them for the world of work, and wean them away from the malaise of militancy, insurgency and social deviant behaviours.” “Empower them with knowledge, equip them with skills and positive attitudes to take on the world and lead,” says Fr Thomas explaining the strategy he uses to stimulate the environment created for hundreds of tribes to learn to live and work together. Over the years some 8,000 youth were trained and employed by DBI; 1,500 Below Poverty Line youth were trained in driving, weaving, embroidery and animal husbandry; 45,000 youth trained in soft skills and leadership for democratic living and participation; 3,500 Government School teachers empowered to give quality education to rural youth as well as 1,000 Government School Principals were trained at Gov’s request. The UNHRC council began its 23rd session on May 27 and will conclude on June 14. The council will hear a wide range of human rights issues presented through more than 100 reports at the sessions. It will also study the human rights situations in more than 40 countries.

Planning and Social Policy from the Harvard University (USA), is the president of the Conference of Religious India, a national association of India’s nearly 600 religious congregations. Since 1962, he has been working in northeastern India, a strife-torn region where security forces and secessionist groups have been accused of indulging in gross human rights violations. The 62-year-old priest is known for innovative initiatives for human right promotion of children and young people. He has been involved with peace promotion in conflict areas such as Assam and Odisha state in eastern India. The Bodo areas of Assam had last year witnessed large scale violence between Bodo tribal people and Muslim settlers. Odisha’s Kandhamal was the scene of unprecedented anti-Christian violence nearly five years ago. Fr. Thomas is a certified trainer in Human Resources Development from the American Society for Training and Development, and a visiting faculty member of Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration that trains India’s candidates for civil services. The multifaceted personality is also a member of the Indian government’s National Resources Group for Education Guarantee Scheme and Innovative Education.

Fr Thomas, a graduate of Educational Administration,


June 10, 2013

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Cover : Why We Can't Talk To Our Children

June 10, 2013

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Why We Can't Talk To Our Children Stray Thoughts

There are not too many things we Goans can't do besides not being able to throw up good community leaders and then following them loyally through thick and thin. But one of those things must surely be our inability to maintain a dialogue with our children. I am not referring to the western ideal of trying to be their friends, but merely to being freely able to talk to them when they want to or if we want to. We have painted ourselves into a corner where our children will not even consider the possibility of approaching us for more than a superficial matter, let alone a deeply intimate one. Perhaps it all starts when the children are young. We tell them the truth except when it really matters. Take Mum and Dad going for an evening to the races, or to visit some friends. Nothing sinister here, but they will tell the young ones a fairy tale. "We are going to an office party" or to make it weighty, "we need to go to the doctor". Children may be gullible but they have a mind even at that age. They have a suspicion even at say 7 years old that doctors are unlikely to consult at 9pm. Coming to the subject of beating and violence, I can only talk about the Bombay Goan experience where this was a given. There were boys in my school who were regularly given the 'backhand' by their Goan fathers and in some cases the leather belt or bamboo cane treatment when the parents were fuelled by alcohol around dinner time. This was of course in addition to being whacked in school by the priests and teachers using a bunch of metal keys or being made targets of wooden dusters which primarily existed to erase blackboards but were imaginatively used as torture tools. It's not hard to imagine that a sure outcome of such reprimand styles was a clamming up of any desire to communicate freely with one's parents and even a loss of affection and love if continued unabatedly. Children grew to depend and trust on friends and neighbors however good or bad which then molded their future characters accordingly. Not all bad resulted. Along with fear, discipline became an outcome, accompanied by respect for authority. There were better ways to achieve such results, ways that didn't include physical punishment, but that was how it was then. Granted that Goans may not have been the only culture that inflicted such (Contd.. on p. 4)


Pope Made Apartment Choice To Avoid Isolation

Vatican City: Pope Francis told his friend he lives a normal life as pontiff and that he decided not to move into the Papal Apartments so would not become isolated. “I let people see me and I live a normal life; (I have) public Mass in the morning, I eat in the dining room with everyone, etc.,” he wrote to his friend Father Enrique Rodriguez in a letter dated May 15. “This does me good and prevents me from being isolated,” he explained to his friend “Quique.” Pope Francis also told his friend that he tries “to keep my nature and (Contd.. from p. 3) labors, but much of it was stereotypically Goan. We came from a colonial heritage that was Catholic and therefore puritanical. Portuguese rule and the Church with its eternal damnation instilled fear in our elders and they in turn ruled us with the rod rather than with the mind. The latter was the easier way but then in those days easy was never the way to go. I suppose education or the lack thereof had much to do with it but on reflection, perhaps this is not true. I knew as many educated parents who did what they should not have done as parents who were knowledge deprived. In the scheme of things played out on us in the future did the gross abuse really matter? I think it did. If we forgave our parents, it was due to time that healed, not the parents that asked for forgiveness, believing to the end that what they did was right. We transferred that burden to our children not through the hand or the stick but through the psychological ineptitude and confusion (did my parents do right after all? No they didn't) that has chained us from maintaining healthy relationships with our progeny. Perhaps, like we once did, they in turn will forgive us one day, but we must ask for it.


my way of behaving that I had in Buenos Aires because if I change at my age, I would surely make a fool out of myself.” And despite all of the changes to his life, the Holy Father said, “I’m well and I haven’t lost peace after a totally surprising event, and I consider this a gift of God.” According to the Argentinian daily El Clarín, which published the message on May 28 in Spanish, Fr. Rodriguez gave an interview on radio La Red La Rioja saying he received the letter without a return address. “That called my attention and I immediately opened it, which gave me a nice surprise that it was the Pope’s response, whom I knew from a long time ago,” he said. Fr. Rodriguez received the letter just before saying Mass and decided to read it at the end of the Eucharistic celebration, according to El Clarín. “It made the community happy, so much that the congregation clapped after I finished reading it,” he said. Pope Francis told his friend that his May 1 letter that he was responding to “brought him a lot of joy” and that Fr. Rodriguez’s description of a national feast day gave him “fresh air.” Pope Francis also explained that he did not want to live in the Papal Apartments because it would isolate him and that he only goes there to work and for audiences. “I stayed to live in Saint Martha House, which is a guest house (where we stayed during the conclave) for bishops, priests and lay people,” he wrote. “I ask you, please, to pray for me and to ask others to pray for me,” he stated. Pope Francis also offered his “greetings to Carlos and Miguel.” “May Jesus bless you and the Holy Virgin take care of you,” he said. “Fraternally, Francisco.”

Christian Beheaded For Refusing To Convert Agartala: A 35-year old man was beheaded by his father-in-law in a village near Agartala for his refusal to convert from Christianity to Hinduism, police said on Thursday. "Gobinda Jamatia, 55, beheaded his son-in-law Tapas Bin with the help of Krishnapada Jamatia on Saturday night. They threw the body into a rivulet at Teliamura in western Tripura," Chandan Saha, a senior police official here, told IANS. Police arrested Krishnapada, 42, Wednesday night. However, Gobinda, who is employed with the science and technology department of the state government, remains absconding. Krishnapada, who allegedly practises sorcery, confessed to the crime and gave a detailed account of the brutal killing, the police official said. "According to the preliminary investigation, Gobinda killed Tapas with the help of Krishnapada after Tapas refused to convert to Hinduism from Christianity," Saha said. Tapas, 35, used to give private tutions to Gobinda's daughter Jentuly and married her about three years ago. The couple has a one-year-old son. "My father did not recognise our marriage and had been pushing Tapas to convert to Hinduism, which he refused. My father might kill me and my son too," Jentuly told the police. Before beheading Tapas, Gobinda and Krishnapada conducted a 'puja' as per a traditional ritual, police said.

June 10, 2013

Demands Of Christians Permanently Withdraw Notices Of Acquisition!!! St. Anthonys Church, Malwani. St. Joseph High School Grounds & Our Lady Of Assumption Church. Shri Sunil Prabhu, Mayor and Dr. Ram Barot heard the issues very patiently. We expressed to the Mayor the injustice done to the community and the church in this unjust land acquisition notices. Mayor assured that he would sympathically look into all issues. The Mayor directed Dr. Ram Barot, Chairman of the Improvements Committee to do a site visit along with the concerned Municipal Officials at the earliest and revert back to him with his findings so that further course of action could be determined. Mayor assured the delegation that he would sympathically look into all issues and ensure no injustice is done to the community. Among the members of the delegation were: Fr. Austin Norris, Parish Priest, St.Anthony Church, Malwani,

Heaven Mendes, SOUL Team consisted of Co-ordinators - Stanley Fernandez, Greg Pereira, Ms Bernadine Dcosta, Darryl Gomes , Bosco Patel, Anil Mendes and Dolphy DÂ’souza, Spokesperson, SOUL Team. Dolphy D'souza Spokesperson. "Save our Land" SOUL Team

Improvements Committee Chairman's Visit Dr. Ram Barot, Chairman, Improvements Committee, of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai visited the St. Anthony's Church Site along with a team of BMC Officials today, June 01, 2013. SOUL Team urged him to consider realignment of the Roadline to protect the heritage structures. Cited that there was a precedent of a road re-alignment done by the BMC at Hill Road to protect the heritage Parsi Aguiary, St. Andrew's Church and St. Peter's Church in 2007. Details of this precedent and the decision by BMC are attached and handed a copy of the same to Dr. Barot. Dr Barot has promised to re-look at the whole issue and will also discuss with the Mayor. Has also assured that no injustice will be done to the Church and the Community.

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June 10, 2013



Compassion Is The Hallmark Of The Soul

hree professors from a local college were discussing an in cident they had witnessed earlier at the tube-station when a student left her classmates and reached out to assist a cripple with baggage to board a crowded train. That simple, charitable act had thrust a powerful question : where did that spontaneous response lie buried ? They tried brainstorming to find an answer.

“The Lord has compassion. “ We are informed in the Gospel of Mathew that when Jesus, “ saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless , like sheep without a shepherd. “ Mat. 9:36.

The more they contemplated on the issue, a series of possibilities rose : was it the influence of parents , relative, the Faith of the child, teachings at school, or something more dramatic, a closeness to a cripple in her life. It could be endless. At this point the professors found it hard to imagine an absolute reply.

Blessed Mother Teresa had compassion for the poorest of the poor. The author, of Mother’s book, Something Beautiful for God (Malcolm Muggeridge) wrote : the Missionaries of Charity “live a life dedicated in service of This unusual dovetailing Christ” . All her co-workers of thought could not take have one thing in common : away what was already - Melvyn Brown sympathetic pity and conevident in their minds : cern for the sufferings of oththe sorrow-factor , the pity ers. They have compassion for suffering humanity , the concern – the hallmark of the human soul. for pain, torment and misery in others. Where did it all come from ? There We, in the 21st century know much had to be a reasonable answer hid- about the DNA in the human body. We den in the cloister of the heart. True. It do not know anything about the soul was Compassion. and compassion in its spiritstream. The word comes up in psalm 103 : 13


St. Paul in his letter to the Hebrews said, “ For you had compassion for those who were in prison …” One wonders how At. Paul would react to Pope Francis and his philosophy of a “poor Church to help the poor “ ? In this case the Jesuit-oriented compassion could backfire, as the pontiff tries to pry open the Vatican’s doors of mundane affluence which helps bring stability and security to the Church , its worldwide pastoral duties and missionary obligations, especially to Third World Countries. The Holy Father’s straight-

jacket could destroy the true values of a legitimate compassion and balm for the poor and suffering. There is a formidable chapter in the Old Testament of King Haza-el of Aram who oppressed Israel. “ But the Lord was gracious to them and had compassion on them…” (2 Kings 13:23 ). Compassion is the Spirit of God. In today’s life experience, compassion is a reality which cannot be equated or delivered on a silver plate. The professors, however, drew their own conclusions. They felt it was from first-impressions, or inherited, or taught through personal contact with the suffering. It all boils down to the soul having a quiet corner in the chapel of one’s spirit. “ When the Lord saw her, he had compassion for her and said to her, “Do not weep”. To those who are afraid, He says, “Do not fear, only believe” The Lord has compassion for all humanity .

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June 10, 2013

Riyadh Expels Nepalese Migrants

Kathmandu - Illegal migrant workers from Nepal will have until July 3rd to leave Saudi Arabia. It is expected that about 120 thousand Nepalese will be forced to return home as a result of the ultimatum issued on May 10 by the authorities in Riyadh. The Nepalese government is attempting to negotiate terms for their expulsion. From Kathmandu, the Foreign Minister, Arjun Karki, calls the situation 'worrying' and has stated that "the Nepalese authorities are trying to persuade the Saudi government to reconsider the position of migrants." The sudden return home of 120 thousand workers to the kingdom, would risk plunging the Himalayan country into an abyss of hunger and poverty. Binod KC, director general of the Department of Foreign Employment in Nepal, explained that "it is a serious problem and that it is unrealistic to think that this huge labor force can be absorbed by the local industry." According to some experts a surplus workforce would drag Nepal into a severe economic and social crisis, when you consider the total dependence of many families from the monthly financial contributions from migrant workers. At the moment, there are more than 400 thousand migrant workers spread out among Malaysia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, two of the nine million immigrants are believed to be illegal. In June 2011, the Minister of Labor in Riyadh launched a campaign of 'Saudization' of the country to facilitate the recruitment of young Arabs, replacing a small percentage of the foreign workforce. Even Qatar, next to Malaysia for the large presence of Nepalese immigrants, has implemented a strict policy against illegal workers, arresting them and sending them to forced labor camps. AsiaNews

June 10, 2013

Singing D ur ing T he Dur uring Of f er tor yA t Ma ss Off ertor tory At Mass

The debate on a section of the Catholic press concerning the singing of the ‘Offertory Hymn’ at Mass. Here is my humble though studied submission on the subject, based on the first course on Liturgy basics conducted by Father Aniceto Nazareth at the Bombay diocesan Seminary some years ago. Just because we Catholics have been singing ‘beautiful’ hymns during the Offertory in Ontario or Orlem, Aurangabad or Amravati, Dadar or wherever for donkey’s years [sometimes literally!] it doesn’t necessarily mean we have been doing right and so do not need to consider a re-think on the issue. Liturgical norms as clearly spelt out in the General Instructions in the Roman Missal [GIRM] prescribe that singing of hymns during the celebration of Holy Mass is to be largely “processional” (and not meant to provide the feel-good factor as some might like to imagine). Thus the Presidential Procession at the commencement of Mass, distribution of Holy Communion, and the recessional of the President from the Altar to the Sacristy after Mass, each of which is essentially processional in nature, are all accompanied by the singing of hymns. Even what is called the ‘Gospel Acclamation’ is meant to be sung as the Celebrant ‘proceeds’

from the Presidential Chair to the Table of the Word as the Lectern/ambo is sometimes referred to. Likewise, as far as the Offertory is concerned, singing takes place only during the Offertory Procession – that is, if and when there is one – and continues until the conclusion of the preparation of gifts on the altar, the loud recitation of the prayer over the gifts by the Celebrant then taking over. Frankly, it would be in the fitness of things if the Liturgy Committee of the Bombay diocese—which conducts courses in the Liturgy, both basics and advanced—could come out with a comprehensive statement on the issue, clarifying the correct position so as to clear the air of all misgivings and bring the debate to an informative conclusion. —Ladislaus L D’Souza, Malad West


Catholics In The Arabian Peninsula Seek Places To Worship Washington: As he oversees the missionary territory of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, apostolic vicar Camillo Ballin outlined Catholics’ need for religious toleration as well as a physical home for ministry.

portunities for the spiritual formation of migrant workers in the area, he said. While the countries “are tolerating the presence of Christians,” the bishop noted that his ministry also requires that he “respect the laws of the country and not forget that the religion of the country is Islam.”

A native of Italy, Bishop Ballin set out to study Arabic and Islam in order “to discover another world” after his ordination as a priest of the Comboni Missionaries. In a May 29 interview with CNA, he noted that his travels have taken him to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan and eventually to his 2005 appointment as apostolic vicar of Kuwait. His vicariate — otherwise known as an ecclesiastical jurisdiction within the Church where a hierarchy is not yet fully organized — was expanded in 2011 to include the whole of the Northern Arabian Peninsula, which oversees Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The area has supported a Christian population since before the advent of Islam, a fact that many Christians in the area look to for inspiration, Bishop Ballin said. As an example, he pointed to a church within the vicariate that is dedicated to St. Arethas and the 400 martyrs that were persecuted and killed over a century before Islam came

to the area. Today, ministry within the vicariate focuses upon the spiritual sustenance of 2.5 million Christians in the area, Bishop Ballin said. A major concern for the vicariate, he noted, is promoting religious freedom for Christians in the area. Most of the Catholic faithful in the area are guest workers from countries such as India and the Philippines. “We don’t ask for particular laws for the Christians,” the bishop said. He explained the concept of religious freedom in the Arabian Peninsula, noting that the Church in the area does not seek to entice Muslims within the country to abandon their faith. “We ask just to have places for worship,” and op-


The bishop said that though creating a unified Catholic community among parishioners from such different backgrounds is challenging, it is a priority for the vicariate. Thus, the vicariate holds many events to help bring Catholics together as a unified community, such as an annual unity conference held in Kuwait that draws together over 400 faithful to discuss topics related to the faith.

Convenient for the Passengers carrying the stocks abroad.

While the vicariate faces these challenges, it has also received support from some countries within the area that have developed a relatively strong respect for the freedom of religion.

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“Bahrain is not only tolerating but encouraging” Christianity, said Bishop Ballin, commenting that the country has granted the vicariate land for a new cathedral, and supports a small population of local Christians in addition to Catholic guest workers.

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Another challenge the vicariate faces is the diversity of the guest workers within the area. “All our faithful are from many countries and many rites,” he said, adding that in Bahrain alone, weekly masses are said in five different Catholic rites and a dozen languages.

June 10, 2013

Israeli Sources Say Pope Plans Peace Meeting Between Abrahamic Religions Vatican City: Israeli government sources claim Francis is apparently thinking of calling a meeting between leaders and faithful of the world’s three biggest monotheistic religions, in Rome, to launch a message of peace, countering violence and the use of God’s name to justify hatred and terrorist acts. The sources say the Pope announced his intentions during an Audience on April 30, but there was no mention of this in the communiqu? the Holy See’s issued after the Audience. President Shimon Peres of Israel “told the pope that there are people who use God’s name to justify terrorism” and religious leaders should “say out loud that God did not give anyone permission to kill their neighbor.” According to the information contained in a summary of the Audience received by the Israeli government, Francis told Peres he “whole-heartedly supported” his appeal against violence and that “he wanted to promote a meeting between religious leaders and faithful of the three major religions” founded by Abraham, “in Rome”. The aim would be to “make people see” that the religions “oppose violence and terrorism.” If these statements were indeed made during the Audience, it looks like the pope is thinking about possible peace initiatives that would be restricted to the world’s three major monotheistic faiths. It would not be an interreligious meeting involving all faiths, like the Assisi gatherings organised by John Paul II and then by Benedict XVI in 2011. Readers will remember that in January 2002, just a few months after the 9/

June 10, 2013

11 attacks in the United States, Pope John Paul II convened a special meeting of religions in Assisi, in order to make it crystal clear that in no way could violence and terrorism be justified on theological grounds. But in Israel, there are those who would like religions to nudge politicians to come up with viable solutions to the conflict in the Middle East. Rabbi David Rosen, president of the International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ, has asked the pope to help leaders of the Jewish and Muslim religions to promote an initiative for peace in the Holy Land. Speaking to a group of Italian journalists, Rosen suggested the pope convene a meeting between the Holy Land’s religious leaders, in Jerusalem, to pray for peace in the region. “2015 could be a perfect time to do this as it will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the promulgation of “Nostra Aetate”, the Second Vatican Council declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions. Rosen said an initiative like this was important because it would “boost political efforts to resolve conflicts in the region.”

Tourists At Bom Jesus Basilica Asked To Cover Up

The church authorities have started providing shawls to visitors who are dressed inappropriately. Panaji: The authorities at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa have started screening the visitors who come to see the interiors of the 16th century baroque-styled monument. The church authorities have begun providing shawls to visitors at the Basilica who are dressed inappropriately. The tourists who are inappropriately dressed have to wear the shawl before they go in and return once they conclude their visit to the Jesuit monument housing the sacred relics of Jesuit saint and patron of the missions St. Francis Xavier. The rule applies for both men and women, as it was found that it was not only women who dress scantily but men too saunter in wearing singlet and are made to either wear a shirt if they have one or a shawl. Rector of the Basilica Fr. Savio Barreto said that the move was a result of a decision taken ‘long ago’ following complaints from the faithful that it was unacceptable and portrayed a complete lack of respect and decorum on the part of the tourists, both in their attire as well as their talk as it was not in keeping with the decorum of the place. “This was something we had said we would do and would put up boards that all tourists should be dressed appropriately if they wish to enter the Basilica. Many people had complained that the tourists were not dressing properly and were offended by it,” Fr Barreto said, adding that the shawls were being handed over by the volunteers at the Basilica. More than a year ago, the church authorities had installed a signboard asking tourists to dress appropriately and maintain decorum. However, the written directions did not work, bringing about the need to give shawls to the tourists.


Catholic Church's Chief Exorcist Urges Francis To Allow All Priests To Continue The Rite Says he has purged the world of 160,000 demons and that atheism is strengthening the devil's power The Catholic Church's leading 'exorcist' is calling for all priests to be allowed to conduct the ritual after Pope Francis apparently performed one in St Peter's Square last week. Father Gabriele Amorth, head of the International Association of Exorcists, wants the current rules requiring all priests to obtain permission to perform exorcisms from their bishop to be relaxed. Father Amorth, who claims he has carried out 160,000 exorcisms, said his request has been prompted by Pope Francis performing what he insists was an exorcism on a Mexican man “possessed by four demons”. He told the Sunday Times: 'I will ask the pope to give all priests the power to carry out exorcisms, and to ensure priests are properly trained for these starting with the seminary. There's a huge demand for them.' His comments come after Pope Francis was captured on film performing an apparent exorcism on May 19. The footage shows Pope Francis placTiny Parties or Lavish Weddings we take care of them all

"The Express"


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ing his hands on the head of a disabled man who appears to go into a frenzy of convulsions and shaking, before slumping as Francis prays over him.

He added: "We live in an age in which God has been forgotten. And wherever God is not present, the Devil rules."

Father Amorth, 88, told La Repubblica newspaper “The Pope is also the Bishop of Rome, and like any bishop he is also an exorcist.

"Today, unfortunately, bishops don't appoint sufficient exorcists. We need many more. I hope that Rome will send out directives to bishops around the world calling on them to appoint more exorcists."

Those who dismiss exorcism as superstition were wrong he insisted. “There was now, more than ever, a need for exorcists to combat people possessed by ‘sorcerers’ and ‘Satanists’.” The Pontiff was introduced to two men in wheelchairs after Pentecostal mass on Sunday. When a priest leaned across to tell Francis something, the Pope's expression took on a serious tone. Francis then took hold of the top of the man's head firmly, pushing him down into his wheelchair. As he delivered an intense prayer, the man's mouth dropped open and he heaved deeply half a dozen times, visibly shaking.

The former pope, Benedict XVI, never officially performed an exorcism but John Paul II is known to have carried out at least three exorcisms during his tenure. Father Amorth claimed Pope John Paul II had been a powerful exorcist. "John Paul II fought many times against Satan."

After the ritual Francis continued with his usual meetings with the sick who come to St Peter's. The Vatican downplayed the incident with spokesman Father Federico Lombardi saying the Pope “did not intend to perform an exorcism” but a “prayer for a suffering person”. But Father Amorth insists the “prayer” was an exorcism ritual. He told the newspaper: “The priest told Francis: ‘Look, this is a young man who is possessed by the devil’. And the pope blessed him and prayed over him; it was a real and proper exorcism”. "The Pope's exorcism is a splendid sign because one of the main causes of today's atheism is that people don't believe in the Devil any more. Jesus said: "Who is not with me is with Satan'."

June 10, 2013

An International Wedding In Pune


hen I got a call that Victor D’Mello was getting mar ried to Oksana Kuchma from Ukraine I was proud to belong to the enterprising tribe called Goans [In the recent past the Microsoft Spell Check would point out that it should be spelt Goons] Goans had made their mark and exit from Africa, the Gulf countries, where they still survive, America, where they are making money and now Eastern Europe. My niece had told me the trouble she had in Kolkata in getting a burial certificate for her father Mervyn D’Souza because the doctor had not put an apostrophe between the D & the S. Fortunately in Pune the authorities are not that advanced. Nobody has educated them that putting a prefix like D or De or de can tell a lot about a person’s background. Prefixes can be a symbol of aristocracy, a title conferred for special services done to the nation, indicate that you are somebody special. I haven’t dared to show my ignorance by trying to find out what the D in D’Mello stands for. The priest started his homily by reminding those present that the D’Mello’s had set the trend with an

June 10, 2013

Ecumenical Wedding with Christians of different church affiliations joining together. The children had gone one better with the bride and groom being from different countries, speaking different languages and showing various manifestations of cultural differences. The bride is a stunning beauty, who makes you feel that she has just stepped out of the latest fashion magazine. With the tall handsome groom

- Francis Lobo

they could win any International Made for Each Other Contest. They would not only score on looks, fashion, style but in their ability to adjust to various foods and communication requirements. According to Veena D’Mello her daughter-in-law loves Indian food and proves it by imitating in a Ukrainian accent “Mama you cooking very good!” I have disproved the myth that liquor goes to the head. For me it goes to the feet making me very unstable. This prevents me from participating in the dancing, other than the fact that I am no good at this art anyway. But what I can’t do with my feet my mind makes up for bringing back past memories and fantasizing about what is possible.

Oksana rose to the occasion participating in every type of dance whether it was a Goan Mando or the Masala. Here we had a Ukrainian girl having 50 Indian boys dancing around her. I fantasized what a Fat Ukrainian Wedding would be like. While snacks are served where you sat, for drinks you had to walk to the bar [if you were still able to]. There you could have the drink of your choice made to your taste. I learnt the difference between a Bloody May and a Virgin Mary, a mocktail and a cocktail. Decision making is impossible when you see the gastronomical landscape in the buffet spread at a 5 Star Hotel. The selection process is made easy by asking those who have already tasted the food what they would recommend. The morning after the wedding I looked out of the window and saw a pair of squirrels chasing each other on the trees outside. What struck me was that getting to each other was only possible by taking a leap. This I thought is what marriage is all about — Taking the leap, facing risk, bridging the gap so that you can be close to each other.



June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013


UAE: Consecration of new Ras Al Khaimah Church on Jun 14 Ras Al Khaimah : Friday June 14, 2013 will be a red letter day in the history of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Catholic community, because, on this day, their newly constructed Church will be consecrated. On the previous day, June 13, a brief official inauguration ceremony will be held in the presence of local dignitaries. The Church is dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua and one could not have chosen a better time for consecration/inauguration, as it coincides with the patron Saint’s Feast on June 13. The consecration of the Church will be solemnized by the Papal representative Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples, the Archbishop Petar Rajic, Apostolic Nuncio to the Arabian Peninsula and Bishop Paul Hinder Vicar Apostolic of Southern Arabia, in the presence of dignitaries from Vatican, Provincials, Vice-Provincials, priests, religious and faithful from the RAK and neighboring parishes within

the UAE and GCC countries. Ras Al Khaimah is one of the seven Emirates of UAE Federation located in the north closer to the Strait of Hormuz, the entry point to the Gulf. The long time Catholic residents of RAK have sweet memories of how they kept their faith alive in the initial years of their living.


They Prayed and Favours Granted

All your family problems, financial needs, purity, dangers, job, housing, happy death and other needs, pray to your favourite Saints from the bottom of your heart. Announce the favours granted.


Thanks to Divine Mercy, Infant Jesus, O.L. Of

Perpetual Succor and Sacred Heart of Jesus for the favours granted

—Mrs Margaret A. Gomes, Dadar (W)


Thanksgiving Ads & Anouncements: Favours granted minimum

Colour Rs. 600

B/W Rs. 400

each additional block Holy Spirit Prayer Other small prayers (upto 100 words)

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Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony

Thanks to

Infant Jesus for the favours granted —P. M. S,, N. Delhi

O holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for his creatures, made you worthy, when on earth, to possess miraculous powers. Miracles waited on your word, which you were ever ready to speak for those in trouble or anxiety. Encouraged by this thought, I implore of you to obtain for me (request). The answer to my prayer may require a miracle, even so, you are the Saint of Miracles. O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the Sweet Infant Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms; and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. —Mrs Pramila Fernandes, Andheri

June 10, 2013




B.M.C.Â’s Dual language policy

The newspapers recently reported that the B.M.C. is introducing a ‘Dual’ Language policy in the B.M.C. run schools in the next academic year (B.M.C. moves in with English Storm Troopers - TOI dt.19.5.2013). The report goes on to say, “Faced with the aspirations of a burgeoning middle class, vernacular schools today are left with just two options: either adopt English or shut shop.” And so, the BMC authorities are introducing a dual language curriculum in some of its schools from the coming academic year - Maths, EVS and Science subjects would be taught in English. So, have the authorities woken up to reality ? Are they now under-

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standing the importance of English in this fast changing world ? Or is it that they are doing this only for vested interests ? On the one hand, politicians, prefer to send their children to ENGLISH medium schools in order to enable them to take on the world. On the other hand however, they continue to play their petty politics by demanding wider use of Marathi in the city of Mumbai and in the state – for example, sign boards in the local language. In the meanwhile, Marathi continues to be the official language in the BMC administration. Will they switch over to English in the near future ? —Melville X. D’Souza Science says, by boiling water the germs in the water are killed! But science does not know that by boiling water the dead germs remain in the water and are consumed by!

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June 10, 2013

Men's Style l A good watch, a smart pair of sunglasses, a rich pair of cufflinks - these are simple accessories but they can add a great lot to your look. l Your dress pants are a perfect blend of wool or woven wool and this fabric is good for the summers and winters. Gray flannel pants are a classic choice. l Match your black, blue or gray dress pants with tan or oxblood coloured shoes, your khakis or browns with earthy tones. Leather boots are perfect to go with your formal pants. l Your belt should just let your pants hang smoothly from the waist and not make it too tight.

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“But I’m the Pope. Sit down.” Pope Francis continues to break Vatican traditions, this time it involves the Swiss Guards. According to reports, the new pontiff left his apartment at Domus Marta and went out into the hall where he found a Swiss Guard standing at attention outside his door. He asked him, “And what are you doing here? Were you awake all night? “Yes,” the guard answered. Surprised to learn that the guard had been standing all night, with only a brief break when a colleague relieved him, the pope asked the guard if he was not tired, to which the former replied, ”It’s my duty Your Holiness, for Your safety.” The returned to his apartment, and after a few minutes came back with a chair in his hand. “At least sit down and rest,” he told the shocked guard, who replied, “Forgive me, but I can’t! The rules don’t allow it.” He explained he could not because of the rules set by the captain of the guards. “Oh, is that so? Well, I’m the Pope and I am asking you to sit down,” the head of the 1.2-billion Roman Catholic Church replied. The guard happily complied with the papal bull and even partook of some bread and jam that the former Buenos Aires archbishop known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio also provided him, with the parting words,

Wedding Invitation, Christening, First Holy Communion, Mortuary Cards & Religious Goods Contact:

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Vatican Wants Speedy Probe In Seminary Rector’s Murder Bangalore: The Vatican is taking keen interest in the investigation into the murder of seminary rector Fr. K J Thomas and is reported to have pressurized top political leaders to speed up the probe.

“Buon appetito, brother.” That incident, shared over Facebook, is one of the many stories indicating how humble and different is Pope Francis from other high and mighty Vatican officials, including his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Besides shunning red Prada shoes, the luxurious papal apartment and a Mercedes Benz popemobile, Pope Francis in his one-month reign, had broken protocol by straying away from his security, breaking barricades and embracing the pilgrims at Vatican Square. The different style of the pontiff prompted one Italian newspaper to comment that if he continues to break Vatican tradition, it would drive the Swiss Guards crazy. However, a Swiss Guard who protected Pope John Paul II in the 1980s, admitted that while the pope has to balance security issues with his mission of engaging the public, it is the guards who has to adjust, not the pontiff. “The first priority of the papacy is not security. The first priority of the papacy is his ministry. Having the pope go in St. Peter’s Square and things like that - that’s never going to change. That’s part and parcel of what he does,” WPTV quoted Andreas Widmer, a former Swiss Guard. Pope John Paul II proved that when despite the assassination attempt on him in 1981, agreed to use a bulletproof popemobile afterward, but refused to wear bulletproof vests in public.

“The pressure to solve the case increased after the Vatican ambassador began pursuing the matter with certain political leaders in the country,” said a police official. The St. Peter's Seminary in Bangalore, where the priest was a rector, works under the direct supervision of the Vatican. His murder has therefore been of particular concern to the Vatican. “Our higher-ups told us they had received special orders from state Home Minister K. J. George that this particular case had to be given special attention. However, we have not found any leads that could help us,” the official added. Fr. Thomas, 62, was found by another priest lying in a pool of blood in a corridor near his room at St. Peter's Seminary in Bangalore on April 1. Preliminary investigations suggest that Fr Thomas was attacked after answering a knock on his door. The city police and the city crime branch are probing the case and have questioned nearly 50 suspects. But they haven’t made any headway. Police are not ruling out that the murderers may have been just first-time offenders who came merely to steal and killed Fr. Thomas when he caught them in the act.

June 10, 2013

Permanent Account Number PAN CARD

10 digit alpha numeric number, where the first 5 characters are letters, the next 4 numbers and the last one a letter again. These 10 characters can be divided in five parts as can be seen below. The meaning of each number has been explained further. 1. First three characters are alphabetic series running from AAA to ZZZ 2. Fourth character of PAN represents the status of the PAN holder. • C — Company • P — Person • H — HUF(Hindu Undivided Family) • F — Firm • A — Association of Persons

(AOP) • T — AOP (Trust) • B — Body of Individuals (BOI) • L — Local Authority • J — Artificial Juridical Person • G — Government 3. Fifth character represents first character of the PAN holder’s last name/surname. 4. Next four characters are sequential number running from 0001 to 9999. 5. Last character in the PAN is an alphabetic check digit. Nowadays, the DOI (Date of Issue) of PAN card is mentioned at the right (vertical) hand side of the photo on the PAN card. .........!!!--

for Mangaloreans, Goans, Anglo Indians, East Indians, North & South Indian Catholics and all Christian Communities

Apocryphal Books of the Hebrew Scriptures

These are the writings that some have included in certain Bibles but have been rejected by others because they do not bear evidence of having been inspired by God. It was not until as late as 1546, at the Council of Trent, that the Roman Catholic Church definitely confirmed as acceptance of these into its catalogue of Bible books. These additions were: Tobit, Judith, additions to Esther, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, three additions to Daniel, First Maccabees, and Second Maccabees. " All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial" book makes following note in conclusion: "... we confidently accept the 27 books of the Christian Greek Scriptures along with the 39 of the Hebrew Scriptures as the one Bible, by the Author, Jehovah God. His word in its 66 books in our guide and its entire harmony and balance testify to its completeness.

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June 10, 2013

—Prof. Valerian Sequeira


Brain Teasers Q. A woman shoots her husband and then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later, they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner. How can this be? A. The woman was a photographer. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it up to dry (shot; held under water; and hung). Q. A manufacturer of a confectionery store has a work force of thousands of workers. They never go on a strike, or demand better working conditions. They work up to twenty hours per day and receive no wages, except food and shelter. Yet every year, a completely new work force is brought in and none of the existing workers are re-employed. Why? A. The workers are bees in a beehive. —Jubel D'Cruz, Dombivili

Treating Skin Infections with Neem Leaves

God helps those who help themselves Life will put you in difficulties, but the strength to survive and pull through them lies within you. Don’t whine about what’s happened. Get up and take action. The rain gods had been smiling the whole night. The roads were muddy and the potholes were filled to the brim. It was the day for the market and Raju the farmer was riding his cart along the country road. He had to reach the market early so that he could sell his hay. It was very difficult for the horses to drag the load through the deep mud. On his way, suddenly, the wheels of the horse cart sank into the mire. The more the horses pulled, the deeper the wheel sank. Raju climbed down from his seat and stood beside his cart. He searched all around but could not find anyone around to help him. Cursing his bad luck, he looked dejected and defeated. He didn’t make the slightest effort to get down on the wheel and lift it up by himself. Instead he started cursing his luck for what happened. Looking up at the sky, he started shouting at God, “I am so un-

lucky! Why has this happened to me? Oh God, come down to help me.” After a long wait, God finally appeared before Raju. He asked Raju, “Do you think you can move the chariot by simply looking at it and whining about it? Nobody will help you unless you make some effort to help yourself. Did you try to get the wheel out of the pothole by yourself? Get up and put your shoulder to wheel and you will soon find the way out.” Raju was ashamed of himself. He bent down and put his shoulder to the wheel and urged on the horses. In no time the wheel was out of the mire. Raju learnt his lesson. He thanked God and carried on his journey happily.

Do You Know That Mala Sinha Is Roman Catholic?

Boil a few neem leaves till they turn soft. You will notice the water turning green because of the discolouration of the leaves. Strain this water and add some of it in your bath water. Regularly taking bath with this water will help in keeping skin infections under control. Neem leaves have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties and hence they are quite effective on skin infections. It also soothes irritation and reduces inflammation without drying the skin. —Jubel D'Cruz, Dombivili


Former Bollywood actress Mala Sinha’s real name is Alda. She is a Roman Catholic of Nepali origin. Her father’s name was Albert Sinha. She changed her name to Mala after her friends started teasing and making fun of her by calling her ‘Dalda’, which is a brand name of a vegetable ghee. —Jubel D'Cruz, Dombivili

June 10, 2013


How To Boost Confidence At Work ingly. If you are pulled up for it, be prepared to take harsh words from your boss. But at the same time, do your best to never let the same mistake happen again with you. Not only this will make you humble, it will also give you the confidence to remain calm through all the downs of your career too.

Celebrate your successes

Fortune favours the curious at the workplace. You have your targets and goals in front of you but unless you are curious about why are doing and what you are doing. Your work will not amount to anything great. Finding answers to nagging questions and knowing with absolute certainly what you are working on will help to become more confidence about your work and in turn, this will help to transform you into a confidence person.

Accept mistakes

At each stage of your career one will always commit errors, even if unknow-


When you have achieved something and have successfully beaten the deadline and made a lot of money and respect for yourself, it is time to reward your support staff in the office. Be social and outgoing in the office by throwing regular parties whenever you achieve a milestone and watch your confidence soar in front of your colleagues.

Trust your instinct

One of the most under-utilized skills at the workplace is gut instinct. This is ironic considering how many great ideas actually occur when you are not just thinking from the safe shores of logic. When acting on instinct, be flexible about the implementation. The basic instinct stays the same but the idea changes and evolves. Watch how many people respond and modify your idea accordingly. You will have an easier time trusting your instinct when you give yourself the freedom to adapt. Garlic is one of the important herbs used in the kitchen. It gives immunity to many diseases, particularly cancer. It also helps in protecting the freezing of platelets, removing blood clots and in keeping the blood pressure under control.

Magic With Letters (Compiled by : Celine D’Souza)

DESPERATION When you rearrange the letters: A ROPE ENDS IT. GEORGE BUSH When you arrange these letters: He bugs Gore. THE MORSE CODE When you arrange these letters: HERE COME DOTS SLOT MACHINES When you arrange these letters: CASH LOST IN ME. ANIMOSITY When you arrange these letters: IS NO AMITY. ELECTION RESULTS When you arrange these letters: LIES. LET’S RECOUNT. SNOOZE ALARMS When you arrange these letters: ALAS ! NO MORE Z’S A DECIMAL POINT When you arrange these letters: I AM A DOT IN PLACE. THE EARTHQUAKES When you arrange these letters: THAT QUEER SHAKE. ELEVEN PLUS TWO When you arrange these letters: TWELVE PLUS ONE. MOTHER-IN-LAW

When you arrange these letters: WOMAN HITLER.

— Jubel D’Cruz, Dombivili

June 10, 2013


15 Foods To Beat Stress

Five Travel Tips And Pack Your Bag

Everyone needs a break from their monotonous life and the best solution to escape from this daily routine is to take off on a vacation! You get an opportunity to head to a much happier place, unwind, chill and relax. Nevertheless with the rising prices of hotels and flights, your vacation plans can get quite stressful. This can be avoided by using the following tips to save money on your next trip.

1. Milk: Surprised again? Well, milk contains tryptophan, which helps in the build-up of serotonin, thereby helping the mind stay relaxed. 2. Green tea: Nothing can have a calmer effect on the human mind than a cup of green tea to kick start the day. In fact, it is known to have an immediate relieving effect on many. 3. Bread made from whole grain has the same effect as pasta, that is, the reduction of magnesium deficiency. So, make sure you include toasts or sandwiches in breakfast to lead a stress-free day. 4. Oats: Greatly beneficial in enhancing the levels of serotonin required by the body, oats are a great way to lower cholesterol levels as well as spend a calm-minded day. 5. Rice: A carbohydrate that has an immensely calming effect, rice is also easy to digest and low in fat. 6. Spinach: Popeye’s favorite food is also rich in magnesium, which keeps the mind from overreacting. The correct dosage of vitamins A and C as well as iron ensures a healthy diet intake as well. 7. Broccoli: Go green! With broccoli,


you get your required dose of potassium, the low levels of which can cause tiredness and stress. 8. Blueberries: A delicious fruit, blueberries are also packed with antioxidants, which are known to be highly effective in relieving stress. 9. Kiwis are also known to convert tryptophan into serotonin, thereby inducing anxiety-relieving experience for the brain. 10. Bananas: Low in fibre, bananas reduce the risk of gas, thereby increasing chances of staying calm and stress-free through the day. 11. Nuts contain selenium, a mineral whose deficiency causes crankiness, anxiety and fatigue. Therefore, a handful of nuts help you stay calmer. 12. Almonds: The zinc and vitamin B12 content of almonds makes them super-eligible to make it to this list. These nutrients help maintain a balanced mood and keep anxiety at bay. 13. Pasta made from whole grain is rich in magnesium, the deficiency of which increases stress levels.

1. Buy your ticket in advance. You should avoid booking your flight tickets during high vacation season. It is advisable to plan ahead by purchasing travel insurance, booking your tickets and hotel accommodation. 2. Buy your tickets late. If you have not been able to plan ahead, then itÂ’s better to wait until the last moment as you can avail of last minute discounts. If you are flexible about travelling on any of the best deals offered, you are sure to save some cash. 3. Shop on discount sites. There are several discount travel websites, where you can buy your tickets online. You get a chance to compare the prices of each site and accordingly opt for a site that has a bargain deal to offer. 4. Travel with a group. There are several discount deals if you travel with a group because the tickets are purchased in huge volumes and the hotel rooms are reserved in bulk. You need to first arrange for a group and then make your reservations together. 5. Social networking sites. Register yourself with travel pages on social networking sites such as twitter and facebook, wherein you can get notifications on some fantastic destinations and great travel deals.

June 10, 2013

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MATRIMONIALS OR 98205 07447 (Regd. No. 5886) MUMBAI : Mangalorean Roman Catholic parents staying at Vasai invite alliance for their spinster daughter, 26 yrs, 53 kg, 5’ 3” tall, simple, slim and good looking, holding a double post graduate degree in chemistry and working as a lecturer in an Engineering College. Alliance is sought from suitably qualified Mangalorean RC bachelors upto 30 yrs, with good family background kindly reply with details and a recent full size photograph to or Contact 9421428286 between 4 - 9 pm. (Regd. No. 5885) MUMBAI : Mangalorean R. C. Spinster, 32 yrs., 5’ 4”, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. HSC., working with MNC has an Executive Assistant to MD, Seeks a suitable well settled match. Contact : Email : OR 9820661181 (Regd. No. 5884) NASIK : Goan R. C. Spinster, 25 yrs., 5’ 6”, Wt. 55 kgs, Fair Complexion, Edn. B.Com., MBA, working as a Marketing Executive. Contact email : OR 9860082311 (Regd. No. 5883) MUMBAI : Goan R. C. Spinster, 37 yrs., 5’, 3”, Wt. 55 kgs, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. B.Com., working as a Crew Logistic. Contact Email : OR 9820059399 (Regd. No. 5882) MUMBAI : Goan R. C. Spinster, 36 yrs., 5’, Wt. 53 kgs, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. HSC, working as a Crew Logistic Contact : email : OR 9819220429 (Regd. No. 5881) MUMBAI : Mangalorean R. C. Spinster, 35 yrs., 5’ 6”, Fair Complexion, Edn. Post Graduate, working for a Foreign Bank Seeks a suitable match. Contact Email : (Regd. No. 5879) MUMBAI : Mangalorean R. C. Spinster, 26 yrs., 5’ 4”, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. M.Sc., Micro, working as a Officer in Nationalised Bank. Seeks a

suitable match. Contact Email : OR 9769485550 (Regd. No. 5878) UDUPI : Mangalorean R. C. Spinster, 26 yrs., 5’ 4”, Fair Complexion, Edn. BDS, Lecturer by profession. Seeks a suitable match. Contact Email : or 9448480469 (Regd. No. 5876) MUMBAI : Mangalorean Roman Catholic Spinster, 28, 5’ 2”, Wt. 62 kgs, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. B.D.S., (Dentist), Doctor by profession. Having own Dispensary. Seeks a Professionaly qualified bachelor. Contact : email : OR Tel.: 9920283957 (Regd. No. 5850) VALSAD : Goan + Mangalorean RC Spinster, Godfearing, faithful and understanding, aged 27 years, Ht. 5’ 5”, Fair Complexion, Edn. D’Ed., BA, B.Ed., Teacher by profession. Contact Mob.: 09377099024 (12 a.m. to 2 p.m. & 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.) (Regd. No. 5830) MUMBAI : Mangalorean RC Spinster, aged 31 years, Ht. 5’ 1”, Wt. 80 kgs, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. B.Com., woking as a Customer Service. Contact email : OR 9819099817 (Regd. No. 5826) MUMBAI : Goan RC Spinster, aged 37 years, Ht. 5’ 2”, Wt. 77 kgs, Wheatish Complexion, Edn. B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A. (Edu) Asst. Teacher. Contact Email : OR 9892165299 (Regd. No. 5825) Address your replies to :

Regd. No. ROYAL CHRISTIAN FAMILY, 99, Perin Nariman Street, 1st Floor, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.

To Place Your Matrimonial Advertisement Call: 2269 3578 OR 2265 4924 June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013


Group Photograph of Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour Jointly organised by The Secular Citizen and Divo Konkani Weekly in association with Zion Tour and Travels, from 15th May to 25th May 2013. The group consisting of 128 people including 4 priests, from Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other places. The next pilgrimage tour will be held in the month of October 2013. Those interested can contact the office of The Secular Citizen and Divo Konkani Weekly.

The Venue: Jerusalem, The Church of the Agony or Gethsemane is sometimes referred to as the ‘Church of All Nations' because several Catholic nations, twelve in all, donated funding for the construction of the church.


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