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I am not endorsing a product here, but I have to tell you I like this Kindle. My buddy gave me a Kindle for my birthday which I thought was kind of useless until I started using it. I was very skeptical when I received this new device thinking it was just a gadget. I thought I would make him feel good and order a couple of things and tell him how great it was. I am now hooked on my Kindle and I love it. The Kindle for those of you who do not know is an electronic wireless book which you can wirelessly download books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, etc., anywhere, anytime. It is small, fast, and convenient. When you download an item, it is almost instantaneous. The cool thing is that everything I have downloaded since I have had it is cheaper than the bookstore and or the news stand. You do not pay for the wireless service it is included with the device and or your purchases. I like to pick up a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, or Financial Times occasionally, but I would never subscribe to them because I would not read them everyday, with the Kindle I can just download one when I want one. I have to tell you, I read so much faster on the Kindle; as well. It must be because of the font or the format, but I promise I read substantially faster. If you are like me, one thing I have always enjoyed about Amazon is the way they profile you and push books that fit your profile. With the Kindle, they continue to profile you and push content that they know I am interested in which again is very convenient. I wanted to say something about it because I really did not think I would enjoy it as much as I have. I am not a gadget person, and I doubt that I would of ever bought it myself. I am sure you can do much more with the Kindle, but so far all I have been doing is reading tons of books. If anyone has a Kindle, and knows what else you can do with it let me hear from you. I am pretty sure you can surf the web and get your emails from this device as well, but I do not know how to do it.

Danny Bogar has spent his career building and leading companies. He was an entrepreneur on the fast track in the wireless industry, and road the wave into a successful career, eventually selling his company to a multi-billion dollar wireless distributor, CellStar. He was part of the management team which took CellStar public in 1993. He entered the financial services industry in 2000 where again he executed and build a successful business. He is a strategic thinker who knows how to make money.

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==== ==== For Great Amazon Kindle, Check This Out: ==== ====

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