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You may have been filled with envy watching a friend's garden full of flowers and ripe tomatoes, and immediately you have this bit of inspiration that you can easily have a successful garden right in your own yard. Well, before you even head to the nearest garden store, think about how you will go about making your garden an attractive and productive one. Here are some reminders that can further inspire you: 1. Picture in your mind how you would want your garden to look like. It's more difficult to work without a plan, and doing so may lead you to go on a shopping spree and end up with things you can't really use for your garden. 2. Check the quality of your soil, and find out what plants will survive in it. If you are left with an untillable soil, don't despair! You can either purchase soil enhancers or use containers that you can move around and position in the best area of your space. You can even put containers in elevated places that will accentuate your favorite plants. If the area is too small, you can also try having a "vertical" garden where you can have shelves of plant containers. Just make sure that your plant containers will receive the right amount of sunlight that will be good for their growth. 3. If you are lucky enough to move into a property that already has a successful garden, then simply choose the plants you want to keep, and decide on new plants that can complement what is already in your garden. 4. Try to create a theme - do you want a garden full of flowers, or a garden full of colorful vegetables or both? You can try putting in paper the sections you want in your garden and put the names of plants that you want in them. If you're not familiar with plants' names, leave the area blank and fill them up after you've done your research. 5. Try your local library to find out more about plants that will suit your soil quality and the climate in your area. Better yet, find out from a neighbor who already has a successful garden, and who can share some gardening tips with you. Use the information you have gathered to plan your garden better. Remember to start small and then take one step at a time. Do not get frustrated when you don't see results right away, as the joy of gardening comes only with the right combination of hard work and patience.

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==== ==== For Guide to Successful Gardening All Year! Click Here: ==== ====

5 Planning Tips For a Successful Garden  

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