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Local business owners are desperate to get their businesses online, and are willing to pay big money to figure out what you already know about Internet marketing - even if you're an absolute newbie! There are several ways to do it. Here are 5 ways to get your Local Marketing business up and running: 1. Angie's List Angie's List is THE go to resource when people want to find painters, plumbers, electricians, and all sorts of other contractors and service people. These contractors, and service professionals list their businesses with Angie's List because they WANT new business, and they know they can get it online! You can find many local businesses to contact using this one source alone! 2. Use Affiliate Marketing You can use affiliate marketing to both introduce your services to local business and make a little money at the same time. Here's how: run an ad in your local paper offering a free website to local business owners looking for an online presence and put your email address in the ad. Next, when they respond to you by email, just tell them to get hosting at HostGator through your affiliate link and when they do, you'll install a "Portfolio" site for them. (You will, of course, need a HostGator affiliate link and know what a Portfolio site is.) 3. Post Local Notices Ok, so one this a bit Old School, but hey it still works. Post an ad on corkboards at grocery stores (laundry mat, etc) telling your potential clients that you can get them noticed online - this is a VERY a good way to find truly local business owners that are right in your own backyard... We're talking about clients in 10 mile radius here, just the kind of business owners you want to get started with. Then, once they contact you, sell them on the "Portfolio" sites we talked about above... again, you're getting paid an affiliate commission by HostGator, so you'll only have to install these websites AFTER you've earned your money. 4. Look for listings on Google Search that are not on Pages 1-3 Here's a simple trick you can use if you want to know which local business owners are the most desperate, and it's pretty simple. You can figure out who needs the most help first, because they'll be the ones on pages 4 and lower in Google when you search for the kind of business they're in. More than 97% of the traffic Google sends to websites comes from the listings on the first 2 pages.

That means that if a business is listed on page 5, or 6, or even lower... They're not getting results. While their competitors are sitting pretty on the first page, the guys that need your help are just waiting for your call, on pages 4 and lower. 5. Use Social Media Being on Facebook is not a fad any more. "Facebooking" has become a verb. With hundreds of millions of users, chances are you have your own Facebook page, and do a little "Facebooking" for yourself. If so, and you enjoy communicating with people this way, you can be what's called a "Social Marketing Consultant"... what's that? As a social marketing consultant, you're getting paid to manage small businesses' social media presence... which is really a glorified way of saying, "I get paid to play on Twitter and Facebook all day! And yes, there really are people getting paid for this.

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==== ==== Easily Create Your Own Local Marketing Business Check this out NOW! ==== ====

5 Local Marketing Tips You Need To Know.