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ISSUE 7 l MAY 2014 l CNH BEES l D28S


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SECTA learned a lot to bring back to discuss and

implement with the new board as we move forward. Noemi and Elisa gained new friends, created a bond with another club (Valley High School) with whom they are looking forward to working with on may interclub events in the upcoming school year. And Ms. Forrester survived a 10-hour bus ride on the stinky bus! //1//



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“@daniki: #becauseofkeyclub  I  have  changed  someone’s  life,   and  have  met  someone  who  has  changed  mine”  


Event Recaps Â

‌nachos, carnivals and dresses oh my!


DCON Written by, Noemi Hernandez Key Club Vice President This was my first year attending DCON and I really wished I had gone last year! The trip was an amazing learning experience; not only that, but it was a great way for me to come out of my shell. At first I wasn’t really comfortable talking to other Key Club members from different schools, but through this experience I was able to make new, exciting friends! This is definitely not the last time I will attend DCON; in fact, our club will be fundraising much more in order to give others the opportunity to experience this GOLDEN convention! Aside from making new friends and enjoying the beautiful, breathtaking view we had from our hotel room, the workshops were wonderful! I had the opportunity to learn so much more and also to learn how to make our OHANA stronger! DCON is a must go to Key Club experience!


Jack Dailey Elementary School

Written by, Hyacinth Ruiz Key Club Member


It's really nice and fun to help out others, but it's probably even better when you get to help out kids! On May 9th, SECTA Key Clubbers including myself went to Jack Dailey Elementary to help out at their school carnival. Personally, I had an absolute blast. Each Key Clubber was assigned a certain station with games to play with the kids such as beanbag toss, soccer kick, and tic-tac-toe. I, on the other hand, had the station of the ladder toss. There was a game stand that had three ladder rungs that were blue, red, and yellow. Then the kids were given two golf balls connected by a string. In order to win the grand prize of fling-able foam rocket ships, they had to toss the golf balls onto the ladder rungs. It was really awesome watching the kids play because sometimes the balls would twirl around the rungs in a really cool and impressive manner! While in comparison, I would try and demonstrate how to play the game and just plain miss. Whoops! Nonetheless, it was really great helping out at the carnival, and it was really nice seeing how relieved the faculty members were. They were really thankful, but to be honest, they didn't need to thank me for playing with kids and having a great time!


Written by Deborah Diaz, Key Club SAA

Mary Hill Elementary School Carnival

On May 2, 2014, Noemi, Elisa, and I went to Merry Hill Elementary School. We helped Ms. Nancy promote her Food Plus booth by giving free samples to everyone. The samples included protein shakes (chocolate or vanilla flavor) with almond milk. Other samples we gave include small fruit snacks made out of 12 fruits and vegetables. I tried it myself and would recommend it to anyone who would want a sweet, healthy snack. While giving samples, we went around the carnival and saw a lot of fun games and activities. There was even a petting zoo with ducks, goats, chickens, and bunnies! The bunnies were so cute! It was a really hot day that day, but thanks to Ms. Nancy she gave us snow cones to be relieved from the intense heat. Thank goodness I wore a skirt that day! While eating our snow cones, we found a tortoise! It was really random, but funny! For a short bit, Elisa and I went around the carnival asking for donations toward the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We probably made over twenty dollars. Shortly after we finished asking for donations, we went back to giving out samples. For a few hours it was really fun!



Written by Elisa Loden, Key Club Secretary

On Tuesday, April 29th, 2014, Key Clubbers and our board officers go together to help an elderly woman move on to a new chapter in her life. We were assigned with tasks that involved our teamwork, leadership, and thinking skills. When packing up her belongings, we had to use extra care. Some of this care involved using the-ever-so-loved and majestic bubble wrap and the evertemping air packs. Sadly, there were no packing peanuts available for her fragile belongings. We were taught how to pack correctly and learned what not to stack on top of each other. The motion of packing reminds me greatly of a bagger in a grocery store. Not only did we tape boxes, but we also taped ourselves in an attempt to correctly tape boxes. Seeing the smile on her face as we all worked together made the service worthwhile. All in all, the service that we, at SECTA, completed that day helped a woman in need to continue on her life in a new and bright manner. Learning the valuable skills needed, such as achieving a new level in Box Tetris, to work with others while helping those in need, is something that I will never forget. It was an amazing, sophisticated, and a valuable experience for all that attended.


Thank you for your service! Â


Keep on being Awesome! //8//


















Don’t forget to tell your friends and family of this awesome shirt!! All shirts are $20 plus $5 shipping in total and all money raised will help to fund your fellow members to go to awesome events like DCON next year. Please check it out at!

Leukemia/Lymphoma Society As May is coming to a close, don’t forget to turn in all your money to the banker by May 30st! Don’t forget the whole

we are kids working to help kids! purpose,

Hours Current members! Don’t forget that if you wish to attend RTC next year, you must have at least 10 hours earned by the end of June!!

No exceptions!


Brain of the Month

@terriewhy: #becauseofkeyclub I’ve gained more confidence and motivation to serve my community with enthusiasm

Terrie Truong,  Key  Club  Treasurer    

Since she’s become officer, Terrie has thought up of so many ideas that Key Club can do. From collecting bottle caps, to suggesting recycling bins for the school, Terrie has been more than awesome to the club. Congratulations and we love you!

What is “The Brain?” “The Brain” is a reward given monthly to show our appreciation to our members. It is give to the person who has displayed an awesome use of their brain each month. Members who receive the brain get to write their names on it and keep it for that month. Previous Brain Holders: Hyacinth Ruiz and Deborah Diaz //13//

HEART OF THE MONTH Hyacinth Ruiz, Key Clubber/Former Bulletin Editor

Just last week, Hyacinth, who drove to the Jack Dailey Carnival, patiently waited alongside a fellow member and waited for the other member’s ride to arrive. Hyacinth exhibited so much love for her fellow key clubbers, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better!!

What is “Che’rish, the Heart?” Because Hyacinth is the first to be receiving this award, she has decided to call this little fellah, Che’rish. This little guy is awarded each month to the member with the biggest heart. Members who receive this have displayed immense love for their fellow key clubbers and get to hold on to this adorable fellah for the rest of the month. //14//

Word from your PRESIDENT New term, new board members! Hello all, my name is Tra-Mi Bao, and I am proud to be appointed as SECTA’s new Key Club President! I have been in Key Club since freshman year, and I am currently a junior. Joining this club has been the best decision I have made in my entire high school career. Not only has it helped me establish more long-lasting relationships, but it has taught me how to be a better person. This club has taught me to be compassionate, selfless, and hard working. I hope to make next year’s experience as amazing as my past three years have been. Furthermore, I want to stress one simple fact— Key Club officers are here to serve their members. As Secretary Elisa Loden has said, Key Club is an inverted pyramid. The bulk of the club, comprised of paid members, is at the top of the pyramid, whereas the small fraction of officers is at the bottom. Officers are here to support and guide our members. Our whole purpose is to put others before ourselves; it is crucial that members realize that officers are not superior in any way. Danika Manguiat, our diligent Bulletin Editor, came up with a perfect analogy: officers are like waiters and waitresses and members are like customers. In a restaurant, the waiters’ job is to serve his customers. The customer has a right to suggest new ideas and voice his concerns. It is the exact same reasoning when it comes to Key Club. As a club, we need to improve on communication between officers and members, so I hope this clears up any misconceptions. Our sole purpose is to help our members reach their full potential.

Cheer loud. Serve Proud. D28S. Tra-Mi Bao //15//


Tra-mi Bao President

Noemi Hernandez Vice President

Elisa Loden Secretary

Danika Manguiat Bulletin Editor

Terrie Truong Treasurer

Jessica Le


Deborah Diaz


Faculty Advisor

Ms. Forrester


Thank you for reading!

“Caring - our way of life.”

SECTA Key Club // May 2014 Key Club International // Cali-Nev-Ha District // 8390 Red Oak Street #201 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 // (909)-989-1500 57


SECTA Key Club May 2014  

Nachos, carnivals, move outs, and more!

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