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I have been using Nitro PDF for about 6 months now, and I can honestly say that it does EVERYTHING I want a PDF printer to do. I am an internet marketer and design and publish everything from ebooks to videos about industry topics, so take it from me when I say you MUST have a PDF printer to do internet marketing. I can explain the necessity of having a PDF printer in just a few words, product creation. In order to create "how to" guides and ebooks, you have to print them into a format that is easily transmittable and download-able. A PDF if the natural solution to any format questions that you come across. The functionality of Nitro is unsurpassed in any PDF printer I have seen. Nitro will allow you to take any ebook and re-brand it with your own graphics and links, so there goes the $97 branding software. It will also allow you to modify, add or delete any text in the PDF document, which will allow for personalization of another marketer's ebook. Keep in mind, when I am mentioning rebranding ebooks, or changing them in any way, I am doing so with the assumption that you first get permission to do so. I don't have enough time to go over each individual feature so I will provide the abridged version. I want to tell you about my most recent usage of Nitro to give you the full spectrum of how useful it can be. A friend of mine granted me permission to re-brand an ebook he published, but hadn't had overwhelming success with. I immediately took the PDF version of the ebook he gave me, and loaded it into Nitro. I used the "search" feature to locate all links to his website and changed them to point to my URL. I also swapped out all of his images with my logos and various other images. Presto, chango! I had created a brand new ebook in about 5 minutes. Honestly, it took a little longer than 5 minutes because I made some changes to a little bit of the text, and I updated some out of date information as well. You get the idea! It didn't take long to have my own ebook from what was some other web authors otherwise unused inventory. There are many web-authors out there with outdated ebooks who would gladly sell you the right to their ebooks, and you could quickly update them and put them out as your own using Nitro PDF! I wanted to point out to you that Nitro PDF isn't free. I think I paid about $97 for it, but I am not aware of the current asking price for the product. There has been 2 updates that I haven't purchased but they added some features with those updates as well, so I am confident that the product out now is even better than what I have. I definitely recommend anyone purchase Nitro PDF if they are strapped for product and want to put something together quickly. It could help tremendously.

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==== ==== Weird Secret Video on How This Guy Makes $2,000 A Week with PDF Marketing WWW.BUSINESSGROWTHSECRETS.NET ==== ====

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Wierd Secret Video Shows Guy Making $2,000 With PDF Software

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