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An incredible way to build up a mail list extremely quickly is by providing viewers with a free PDF report, commonly known as a whitepaper or blueprint. The benefits of providing this free resource in the format of a PDF report is that it's easily downloadable, processed and read. Providing a free resource will enable you to gain many new subscribers to your mail list in a very short period of time and will keep new subscriptions for the long haul. Your businesses mailing list is an essential asset that will grow and enhance your business. As your list grows so too will your business. Here are 2 simple and incredibly effective methods to enhancing your list by providing a free resource: Strategy #1: Offer Free Report in Exchange for Subscribing to Your List This strategy of offering a free report in exchange for a subscription to a mailing list is by far the most common method used by the bloggers of today. It has been proven to be one of the most effective methods to gain list subscriptions. You simply outline the benefits of your report on a squeeze page. If your viewer decides to opt-in to your mailing list they in turn will be given your free report. The key thing to remember here is your report needs to be of a high standard, and contain relevant, high quality content. If you're smart, it's a good idea to provide a limited time offer after a subscriber has opted-in to your mailing list. If your offer if a quality offer or product your new subscribers will often purchase the offer. Some ideas could include a membership site like a coaching program, something of value and quality is the key here. Strategy #2: Offer Free Report and Link to Your List Within the Free Report This strategy is not as common as the first strategy however it has still be proven to be quite effective. With this strategy you simply allow the visitor to download your report for free without having to subscribe to your list. However with this strategy opposed to the first one is that you provide and link within your report to opt-in to your mailing list. This is not a very aggressive strategy to gain new subscribers however some viewers like this as they are able to acknowledge whether or not you're a credible source, and whether or not you're trustworthy and know what you're talking about. If the viewer likes your content they are given option to choose whether or not they want to opt-in to your mail list.

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==== ==== Weird Secret Video on How This Guy Makes $2,000 A Week with PDF Marketing WWW.BUSINESSGROWTHSECRETS.NET ==== ====

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