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The Biz Life ~ Promoting Unity and Comradery Among All Business Organizations ~ Monthly newsletter

Volume 1– November 2011

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Message From the Student Relations Coordinator Yanyn San Luis Welcome CBA Student Leaders! At last we have our Very own newsletter to share with the CBA community and showcase your accomplishments. We will use this as a platform to inform the faculty, staff, and external community about the all-star business organizations we have. I look forward to reading the secrets, hints and successes of each and every one of your groups. Keep in mind to make this your own, this is YOUR newsletter. In Service, Yanyn

Table of Contents Pages 2-4 Meet Your SLG Board!

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Page 14 November 2011 Calendar, and the “Keep an eye out!” Section.

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Meet Your SLG Board

Bruno Cevallos Alumni Relations Chair FIU Business Student Leadership Group

My name is Bruno Cevallos and I’m a senior here at Florida International University. I’m currently working on a triple major in Finance, Economics, and International Business. My hope is to use this education combined with my leadership skills to land a position within an investment bank. Down the road, a professional aspiration of mine is to become the Executive Dean of the FIU College of Business. In addition to my current duties as SLG Alumni Chair, I’m also completing my second term as President of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda. I’ve been involved in this organization for three years now and I’m looking forward to continuing my involvement in it for many years to come. Outside of academic activities, I also enjoy mentoring and coaching high school students. Also, whenever time allows, I enjoy traveling, reading political and economic history books, and playing sports. A fun fact about me is my obsession with the numbers 5 and 10. This implies I will only start an activity as long as the time ends on 5 or 10. I do this for meetings, tests, lunch, dinner, and any other activity I may complete during a regular day.

Michael Perez Public Relations Chair FIU Business Student Leadership Group

I’m currently a junior majoring in Marketing with a minor in Hospitality Studies. People will often recognize me for being involved on campus. I’m the current President of the American Marketing Association ranked “Platinum – International Collegiate Chapter of the Year”, meaning the #1 chapter (of over 300+) in the world, only achieved one other time back in 2005. In the Fall 2010 semester I was an active participant in the Chevrolet Campus Promotions Campaign and led the Nintendo Case Study team to earn the distinction of “Honorable Mention”. Also within the College of Business, I’m an active member with FBLA-PBL (Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda). In my first year with the organization, I achieved first place at the National Leadership Conference in both the Free Enterprise Project competition and the inaugural year for the Integrated Marketing Campaign competition, setting the standard for years to come. Recently, I started my position as the Public Relations Chair in the Student Leadership Group. I’m responsible for creating activities to join the organizations, strengthen community relations with the college, and oversee all Homecoming festivities. Outside the College of Business, I’m an FIU Student Ambassador. This group of elite individuals serve as the representatives to all of FIU at major functions such as the Annual Alumni Association Fishing Tournament, give tours of the university to prospective students, donors, potential dean candidates, and promote that “Panther Pride” within all of us. My long term goals after graduation include pursuing a career in the marketing/promotion department to a major film studio, like the Walt Disney Studios, Pixar Animation, or TV network such as, NBC. I’m an avid traveler having been to almost every corner of the world including, Alaska, Egypt, Spain, Hawaii, Turkey, and Panama. 2

Meet Your SLG Board My name is Claudia Capdesu単er, I am currently a student at Florida International University studying Political Science. I was born in Cuba, but raised here in Miami. I have always loved reading and writing, so much so that recently I have begun to write scripts for the College of Business, a new passion I am working on expanding. Besides English, my other passions are business and law. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Future Business Leaders of America organization in high school and now as a college student I am part of the collegiate level Phi Beta Lambda. Leadership has always been part of my life and I strive to be a great leader every day. As Recruitment Chair for the Student Leadership Group at FIU, I am responsible for leading the College of Business student organizations towards stronger membership bases and exposing new opportunities to students. I hope to one day have my own business- a legal practice and Name: Claudia Capdesu単er expand into the courts as a judge. Ultimately I would like to be a Florida Supreme Court Justice or the Governor of Florida. Recruitment Chair Fun Fact: I have Coulrophobia- a fear of clowns. FIU Business Student Leadership Group

Hello College of Business! My name is Daniel Torrens and I am proud to serve as your 2011-2012 Funding Chair for the Student Leadership Group. I am a transfer student form Palm Beach State College studying International Business and Finance with a concentration in International Banking. As the Fundraising Chair I shall be responsible for upholding, promoting, and improving the current funding structure created by the Student Leadership Group. This funding structure will be used for business student organizations within Florida International University. In Addition, I shall assist in the development of the FIU Business Annual Giving Campaign for students. I am also part of the Student Government Association as the Student Lobbying Coordinator tackling different legislative issues that students face on a daily basis.

Daniel Torrens Funding chair FIU Business Student Leadership Group

Currently I work for the College of Business as the Student Relations Assistant as well as a personal banker at Amtrust bank in Coral Gables. After graduation, I plan on working in the field of international banking, working for a large bank as a regional executive. Apart form academics and work, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family and going to the beach. I look forward to getting to know you and I am very excited to see what this year will bring!


Meet Your SLG Board

Ruel James Secretary FIU Business Student Leadership Group

Hello Everyone! My name is Ruel Andrew James, and I am the new Secretary for the FIU college of Business Student Leadership Group. I’m truly honored to have this position within the College of Business to promote and advance the welfare of our business students and organizations! As Secretary, I compile all information and initiative records gathered throughout the given school year, and maintain a scrapbook of SLG memorabilia as well as a history of the events. I am also responsible for posting photos, videos, and other memorabilia, as well as taking accurate and complete minutes of all meetings. I follow up with deadlines assigned for each position, and send notifications to all chair positions when necessary. I’m currently majoring in International Business and Finance with a Minor in Economics, and I am an out of state student raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, born in Leeds, England. I have had internship experience within public utilities, retail, and corporate finance, and last year I completed my full year term as President of Alpha Kappa Psi, Professional Business Fraternity. Service is a core value of mine that I hold very close to my heart, and I believe giving back to one’s community on a local and global level truly refines a person, in that it offers a perspective that increases the ability to be a positive influence on fellow peers. I have traveled to Costa Rica for Environmental service, Dominican Republic for Disadvantaged children, and participate in several other service initiatives within the university. After Graduation, I plan to become Chief of Staff of a major corporation that holds Service as one of their core values. I would love to be in a position where I can utilize my financial and technical ability to enhance efficiency within the workplace, and also work to maintain a strong company culture. Fun Fact: I had an afro for most of my high school career; I was often referred to as “the Sprite guy.”

Hello! My name is Maximilian Staedtler, and I am an International Business and Finance major with a minor in Economics. I am currently involved within the College of Business and the Housing and Residential Life Department at Florida International University. My positions include Professional Development Chair in the FIU Business Student Leadership Group, Vice President of Professional Development for the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, Financial Analyst for the Phoenician Investment Fund and Resident Assistant for the Honors Place 1 Community in the Lakeview South residence hall. As an international student from Germany, I am also an International Student Ambassador, working with the International Admissions Office to answer questions of prospective incoming international students. In addition, I have been part of the Honors College since fall 2010. Maximilian Staedtler Professional Development Chair FIU Business Student Leadership Group

Apart from academics, I am very passionate about traveling, international exchange of ideas, and cultural empathy. Throughout the years, I has traveled to and attended conferences in various countries such as the U.S., China, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Portugal and France. Next to traveling, one of my major interests is sustainability and new energy technologies. For three years, I have been blogging about topics ranging from the international energy industry, new individual transportation solutions and green energy solutions. 4

Student of the month Mr. Daniel Fernandez

Information technology is not one of the attributes that stand out when one hears the name of major investment bank or any financial services company for that matter. However, it turns out that IT is a vital component of this industry as it is to many others. This past summer I had the opportunity to showcase the knowledge and skills I acquired at Florida International University by interning at Deutsche Bank. As a double major in Finance and Management Information Systems, this opportunity allowed me to enhance my knowledge in both areas due to the nature of the company. For ten weeks, I had the privilege to work in the Deployment Automation team where I developed automation scripts using UNIX shell languages. The experience was extremely rewarding as I gained tremendous skills by working in a relevant project that will add value not only to the team in which I worked but the organization as a whole.

Officer of the month Mr. Jose Nunez Young, ambitious, determined. These three words define Jose Nunez, Vice President of Professional Development of FBLA-PBL. As a sophomore aspiring to earn a major in Marketing, Jose has set the standard in terms of professionalism and involvement for young College of Business leaders. His efforts have allowed FBLA-PBL to add professional development opportunities to its portfolio of activities. In just his first year, Jose has been able to secure the presence of companies like Northwestern Mutual and Procter &Gamble at FBLA-PBL meetings. In the future, Jose hopes to work as a member of the marketing team for any of the major sports teams in South Florida. 5

Our Business Student Organizations have fantastic things to offer Florida International University and beyond. Here we will highlight the recent contributions these organizations have made.

ALPFA Honors: Ahead of the Game Ahead of the Game is an amazing event in which companies come to FIU in search of new and upcoming talent. There are 2 sessions that allow students to network and display their skills to employers in hopes of receiving an internship or job offer. Bank of America, Prudential and the Big Four were just some of the companies that were in attendance. Ahead of the Game puts all the students “ahead” of their peers. Every year it continues to blossom and provide opportunities to students. There were over 200 students and 30 firms that jampacked the GC Ballroom in this great, bi-annual event.

Finance Summit Finance Summit is geared towards Finance students but helps all students in the business field. This year’s Finance Summit was amazing! Georgia Pacific, Deloitte, State Farm, KR Financial Services, and Cargill came together to give the students an opportunity to hear a panel discussion of a life time. The professionals answered questions from students and gave them a tip and pointers on how to get advance their professional careers. This is an ALPFA event that continues to give students opportunities to jump start their careers.

Alpha Kappa Psi – Xi Sigma Chapter: The mission of the Xi Sigma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi - To provide an environment that fosters professional interpersonal development while emphasizing on integrity, service and brotherhood. By sharing diverse knowledge and experience the Xi Sigma chapter contributes to the advancement of the local community. The Xi Sigma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi currently has 60 members, with a pledge class of 32 potential members. We recently held our 2nd annual Family Founder’s Day event, which gave us the opportunity to celebrate our professional accomplishments within the university alongside our families on the 107th anniversary of our Fraternity’s founding date. The event exceeded all expectations with a turnout of over 100 attendees.



Alpha Kappa Psi Pics!


American Marketing Association (AMA): The American Marketing Association (AMA) for the second year in a row has been selected to participate in the Chevrolet Campus Promotions. Members who are part of the in-house marketing agency, Creative Edge, have begun working on a campaign for Chevrolet to promote three cars on campus. The three cars include the Cruze, Equinox, and Volt. At different points throughout the campaign, members have a chance to win various prizes including a Flip camcorder, GPS, and a netbook computer. Be on the look out for the campaign November 9th and 10th in the Graham Center, November 12th at the FIU vs. FAU tailgate next to the FIU Stadium, and November 16th in the Betty Chapman Plaza (area in front of GC) where the three cars will be showcased. For more information about AMA go to or "like" us on Facebook at

Beta Alpha Psi: Beta Alpha Psi is an international scholastic and professional society for financial information professionals. The emblem of the Beta Alpha Psi Fraternity denotes the promise of careers for financial information professionals. The rising sun signifies these professional positions as rising ever higher among economic activities. The crossed keys symbolize knowledge as a means of opening the doors of the financial world. The letters Beta, Alpha, and Psi denote scholarship, social responsibility, and practicality, respectively. Ahead of the Game: A career fair is offered to Accounting, Finance, and MIS students, this year there were over 300 attendees and 30 firms present. This event provides students with a chance to learn about career opportunities within their major as well as to interview for internships and full time positions. Homecoming Tailgate with Firms: This event allows students to interact with firms and potential employers while showcasing their school pride. There is food, games, and giveaways available not only to Beta Alpha Psi and ALPFA members, but also any other students who chose to participate. After the tailgate students and firm representatives enter the stadium to enjoy the game together. Women in BAP: The theme of this event is Taking Risks in Your Career. This event showcases speakers from different walks of life who represent the hardships of being a woman within a business setting. Knowledge, wisdom, and insight into the success behind the speaker will be shared, with a networking session available at the end of the event.


AMA Pics!

Beta Alpha Psi Pics!


Delta Sigma Pi: Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. On any given day you will find our Brothers meeting up at the Alehouse for a fun evening, working out together at the FIU gym, hitting Miami’s finest clubs, studying for exams, spending the weekend away for chapter retreats, having BBQ cookouts at parks, and doing pretty much everything else imaginable. In addition, spending time together at community service events, professional events, and school-wide events helps create the bonds of brotherhood.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA): Leaders… In Training On Friday September 30th, over 400 FBLA chapter officers and advisers from high schools and middle schools from across south Florida attended the annual Miami-Dade FBLA Officer Leadership Training conference to enhance the skills they need to lead their chapters. The conference held by FIU’s Phi Beta Lambda chapter gave FBLA chapter officers’ hands-on workshops, networking opportunities with chapters and a motivational keynote by Bert Oliva and his student motivational group BOWA International. Workshops included “Social Media: Can You Dig It?” a workshop designed to enhance students understanding of social media, “Unlocking FBLA Secrets” a workshop that focused on helping chapters on improving their national standing and “The Million Dollar Deal” a unique panel that focused on learning about the different aspects of the organization following the classic game show format.


Delta Sigma Pi Pics!

FBLA Pics!


International Business Honor Society (IBHS): Our mission is to add value to Florida International University and be highly respected in the world as an Honor Society that develops professionals with the personal dedication, integrity, and leadership needed to succeed in today’s international environment. We strive on providing our members an individualized educational and social learning experience to develop the business skills and global awareness necessary to compete in a dynamic international economy. Recently, IBHS hosted it's first Professional Development Workshop which was a great success! We look forward to continuing to provide our members with more opportunities to enhance their professional development skills as well as exposing them to professionals and multinational corporations through corporate visits and our guest speaker series.

Phoenician Investment Fund (PIF): Profile The Phoenician Investment Fund (PIF) is FIU's premier, "hands-on", finance organization. Through the practical application of financial and investment knowledge, PIF offers its members the opportunity to gain relevant experience and specialize in some of the most competitive and lucrative finance tracks such as private equity, investment banking, hedge funds, proprietary trading, and equity research. The Phoenician Investment Fund is composed of three divisions operating both independently and interdependently: the Research Division, the Investment Banking Division, and the Trading Desk. Recent Developments Founded in spring of 2011, the Phoenician Investment Fund has already accomplished unprecedented milestones. This semester, Fall 2011, PIF will be representing FIU in the CFA Institute Global Research Challenge, a wellknown finance competition. This marks the first time ever that FIU will be represented in this internationally-recognized competition. During its inaugural semester, PIF received an award for the "most promising emerging organization of 2011" and established connections with several investment banks. PIF takes pride in all that it has accomplished in such a short time and vows to continue accurately reflecting FIU's academia. 12

IBHS Pics!

PIF Pics!


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Keep an eye out! 2011 Fall Remaining Dates Transfer Orientation Dates Wednesday, November 16th (8am-9am) Thursday, December 1st (4pm-9pm) Monday, December 5th (8am-9am) Wednesday, November 30th (6pm-8:30pm): “Beyond Your Major”- Marketing, Finance, IB

2012 Spring Events Monday, January 23th GC Pit (11am-2pm) Business Organization Recruitment Fair Saturday, January 28th ALL DAY Business Olympics Tuesday, January 31st CBC SEC (5pm-8pm) College Of Business—New Student Orientation Wednesday, February 1st CBC SEC (6pm-8pm) Faculty/Student Networker Saturday, February 25 Dean Elam’s Home (11-12pm) Dean’s Round Table Discussion 14

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November 2011- THE BIZ LIFE Newsletter (1st Edition)  

This is the 1st Edition of the FIU College of Business Student Leadership Group Newsletter.