Knowledge Matters Volume 5 Issue 3

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Volume 5 Issue 3 August 2011 Welcome to Knowledge Matters Hello and welcome to this Carnival Edition of Knowledge Matters. I hope that our readers have enjoyed restful summer breaks. I have a rather unusual holiday planned in September which I will tell you about in the next issue….. I’m really excited to announce that we are participating in a national pilot (see page 3) to support commissioners increase their skills and knowledge in commissioning intelligence. We are hopeful that the queries received during the pilot will increase our understanding of the needs of Clinical Commissioning Groups, which will in turn enable us to design support packages to assist this key group of customers moving forward. In addition, for the remainder of the year, the Quality Observatory will be supporting two CCGs within Surrey with business intelligence services. I have developed a draft service specification for analytical services to CCGS which I am happy to share with anyone who is interested. You will of course be aware that SHA clusters will be established as of 3rd October 2011. South East Coast becomes part of NHS South of England. We are already in close contact with our colleagues in South Central and South West and will be getting together over the next couple of months to explore whether there are more effective ways of providing analytical services across the new geography. In advance of this, the 3 SHAs have already requested (and received) access from the Department of Health to Unify for all organisations within NHS South of England. No doubt more on this next time. I would like to finish by saying a big personal thank you to Brian Derry for his help, advice and wisdom over recent years. I am sure that many readers have come across Brian who joined the NHS Information Centre in 2008 as Executive Director of Information Services. Brian retired earlier this month after many years of dedicated service to the NHS, having held a wide variety of posts in the field of Informatics and having been a great champion of Information Management. We did of course need to mark this important occasion in some way….. Have a look at the back page to read ‘Ode to Mr Derry’. I look forward to seeing you again in October!

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