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Protector UTM Firewall – VPN Server Protector UTM Firewall – VPN Capability


VPN Server

The VPN function allows to establish a VPN tunnel between 2 Protector units. Protectors must be on public IP’s and must have a subnet each. One of the 2 Protectors will be the Head, the other one the Branch. A Head endpoint will actively try to establish a connection with the Branch counterpart, a Branch endpoint will enable the service and will wait for incoming connections from the Head counterpart. To create a connection, click on the VPN menu or on the Setup link in the Control Panel. When you then click on Add a new VPN Tunnel, next window will show:

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Protector UTM Firewall – VPN Server Here you can enter the Tunnel Name and the Pre-shared key, which must be exactly the same as the other endpoint, and the IP information of the local subnet and the remote server. The Keep Alive check box must be checked, otherwise the Protector will not establish a connection. When all parameters have been set up correctly, you can enable the VPN Module on both Protectors. If you enable the Head endpoint only, it will fail to establish a connection. If you enable the Branch endpoint only, it will enter a wait state until the Head endpoint is started. When the Tunnel has been established, it will show like this:

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Protector UTM Firewall – VPN Server

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