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SecPoint速 Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner V 24.0 Firmware Release

January 2014

Penetrator 24.0 Firmware release

Penetrator 24.0–January 2014


New Scan - Improvements

A few improvements have been made to the Create New Scan, Create Scan Template and Create Schedule Scan functions.  When a user has a predefined number of IPs to scan, it is possible to add them at once with the new Add all button.  When a number of IPs have been added to the scan, it is possible to change their profiles at once with the new dropdown menu. A new button has been added to allow import multiple IPs from an external CSV file. This button is normally hidden and can be displayed clicking on the link Import IP List from CSV file.

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Penetrator 24.0 Firmware release


Scan Notification

The Scan Notification has been improved by allowing to attach a report to the mail sent at the end of a scan, if vulnerabilities have been found. The report is the standard Vulnerability Scan Report without solutions, which is also available through the web interface at the end of the scan. Moreover, it is possible to enter multiple recipients, separated by comma, who will receive the same mail. It is also possible to change the sender’s email address. This function is available through the new Scan Notification Sender submenu in the System menu. When you change the default sender’s email address, the notification mail will arrive as sent from that address. The subject and the body of the notification mail have been improved as well, using the html format.


Offline Helpers

To help users in the process of getting online with the Penetrator, a variety of helpers have been created. The first one is a new Popup that appears at the topright side of the page, to explain what is possible to do when the Penetrator is not online. The same information is also available dragging the mouse over the Internet: Offline text, as shown below.

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Penetrator 24.0 Firmware release

Another Popup will appear with the link to a page with some videos on how to get online. The same page can be reached clicking on the icon of a little camera that appears next to the Offline text when the unit is offline.

Videos are stored locally on the Penetrator and can be viewed with any web browser with the Flash plugin installed.

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Penetrator 24.0 Firmware release -

New Firmware Popup

A new popup will appear when a new firmware is available. It comes in addition to the text that you can usually see in the System Messages area. This popup allows to install the new firmware immediately or to plan the installation at the next Database Update, which is typically once a day, at Midnight. If you are not interested in installing or planning the firmware update, just click on No, Thank You and the popup will close. If you click on another part of the video, the popup will appear again next time you load a page.



Offline Nodes: New info about offline nodes on the 1-page PDF report New check boxes on Factory Reset to choose to reset the unit ID and shutdown the unit Better paging system on the scan pages, to allow to jump to the first/last page, select a page number, prev, next etc.

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Penetrator 24.0 Firmware release Penetrator Videos: New link to Penetrator videos on Youtube New X button to hide the link to the current firmware video in the System Messages. Appearance and usability: Fonts and Widths unified in the right column Wifi Network List: New text to explain that the second Wifi list is that of connected users Ticket menu added to non-admin users Under the hood Users' statistics are turned ON by default, to avoid missing statistics by mistake Login IP check is turned OFF by default for new users. The same on Factory Reset New check to verify that the web server is running with SSL enabled Slackware 14 compatibility Bugfixes On WPS scans, it could show 0% on completed scans with password found Fixes on text alignments and typos.

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