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Protector  10.0.1  Firmware  release  




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Protector  10.0.1  Firmware  release  


New  Protector  10.0.1  ready.   The  new  firmware  gives  you:  

  Protector 10.0.1 - 17 February 2012 - Improves some parts of the time setup for webfilter group policies. Now you have to type 00:00 and 00:00 to specify a 24-hours active filter, and dansguardian is not launched at midnight. I have also improved the input check of hours and minutes using javascript.

Protector 10.0.0 - 16 February 2012 - Added time-based activation for webfilter group policy profiles. - Created a new area to store System Messages. - Added an alert on interrupted firmware updates. - Made message Upgrade in Progress clickable. - Improved license verification by accepting expiry dates in many formats. - Enlarged LDAP fields in Anti-spam configuration. - Improved System status page by showing current values while loading new ones. - Made links on the welcome page displayed on rows of the same size. - Improved delete commands all over the code by removing possibly faulty "rm *". - Bugfix: the restore function didn't work correctly and made restore unusable. - Bugfix: the change date/time function did not work properly - Bugfix: the Message size window in Anti-spam configuration did not show - Cosmetics: bad blue color in Intrusion prevention - spam statistics - Cosmetics: bad colors in Anti-spam configuration - Official black lists - Cosmetics: removed blue line under Youtube logo in Anti-spam quarantine

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