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Inspirations PA I N T I D E A B O O K

Save up to $20 on your next painting project! Buy 3 Gallons

receive $10 mail-in rebate

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receive $15 mail-in rebate

Buy 5 Gallons

receive $20 mail-in rebate

*Mail-in rebate for PRATT & LAMBERT® Accolade or Redseal, BEST LOOK® and/or Color Solutions™ paint products purchases made through February 1 – December 31, 2013. Limited to a maximum of 5 gallons of per person, household and/or street address except where prohibited by law. MANUFACTURER’S MAIL-IN REBATE FORM For faster processing pre-qualify online at Follow the online instructions and mail in online rebate form with original receipt(s). —OR complete this rebate form entirely and mail it in with original receipt(s). BUY: UP to 5 gallons of Select PRATT & LAMBERT® Accolade or Redseal or BEST LOOK® and/or Color Solutions® paint products at a participating Do It Best Retailer through February 1 – December 31, 2013.* SEND: 1. This mail-in rebate form flled out completely and clearly (both front and back), including name, address (no P.O. Boxes without accompanying street address), city, state, and ZIP code. 2. The original dated store receipt(s) with the purchase price(s) circled. 3. Fill in the UPC number(s) on the reverse side. UPC numbers can be found on the label of each paint container. You must include all duplicate UPC numbers where you have purchased the same product multiple times. MAIL TO: Do It Best, PRATT & LAMBERT®/BEST LOOK®/Color Solutions™ Paint Rebate Department H942837 P.O. Box 100550 White Bear Lake, MN 55110 Receive By Mail: You will receive up to $20 for 5 gallons, $15 for 4 gallons, and $10 for 3 gallons of PRATT & LAMBERT® Accolade or Redseal, BEST LOOK® or Color Solutions™ paint purchased. You may combine the BEST LOOK® and Color Solutions™ products (up to a maximum of 5 gallons, minimum of 3 gallons). *See reverse side for terms and conditions.



KItchen & Bath


Faux FInIshes


hInts & tIps






InterIor staIn


exterIor staIn


Colors shown are printed in ink and depict color as accurately as possible. See store to view actual paint swatches before making your final color selection.

D032 Las Rojas

CT047 Siesta Beach

Inspirations PA I N T I D E A B O O K


) -




E-MAIL (Optional) Fill out both sides completely and legibly. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Limited to a maximum of 5 gallons per person, household, and/or address except where prohibited by law. Ofer limited to PRATT & LAMBERT® Accolade or Redseal, BEST LOOK® and/or Color Solutions™ paint products purchased, in any combination, at a participating Do it Best® retailer through February 1 and December 31, 2013. Purchases may be made in multiple transactions. All products must be listed on one rebate form and all receipts must be sent in one envelope. Requests from P.O. Boxes without accompanying street address, and lost, late, damaged, misdirected, incorrect, illegible, incomplete, mutilated, or postage-due requests will not be honored, acknowledged, or returned. Commercial or group requests will not be honored. Original receipts must be submitted with rebate form. Void if copied, transferred, purchased, or sold. May not be combined with any other ofer. Void where prohibited, licensed, after verifcation, or taxed by law. Ofer only available in the United States. Must be postmarked by January 31, 2014 and received by February 14, 2014. Allow 8-10 weeks (unless specifed by law) for delivery of rebate check by mail. PROOF OF PURCHASE REQUIRED. If you wish to check on the status of your rebate, go to: or call 1-866-615-0678





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Please write in the UPC number for every product purchased. You must include all duplicate, 12-digit UPC numbers, where you have purchased the same product multiple times.



Sample bar code — 12 digits

Make your home look its best. H151 Frog’s Leap

J011 Bright White

Quality really does matter when it comes to things that are meant to last. So when you decide to paint your home, choose from our selection of top performing Do it Best Quality Paints™ and watch it stand the test of time. After all, you’re not just investing the efort to paint – you’re investing in the beautiful results. 3

K061 Pumpkin Soup

D092 Pumpkin Spice

DW30 White Lullaby

Inviting When you choose Best Look® interior paint, you get the best of both worlds. Its low VOC formula means it won’t harm the environment and its rich, luxurious color delivers the beauty and performance you expect. It’s also backed with a lifetime warranty. 4


Contemporary CT018 Tomato Bisque

H193 Dober Farm


Organic D153 Underbrush

E104 Desert Springs

F144 Deep Roast


Moisture prone areas don’t have to be a painting challenge anymore. Best Look® Kitchen & Bath uses the latest coating technology for exceptional adhesion and coverage. With its low odor and low VOC formula, you’ll fnd it’s as easy to work with as it is to live with!

C293 Icelandic Dawn

C173 Lunar Green

DW34 Stone Arrowhead

Serene 7

Vintage C114 Brush of Gold

F112 Bran Mufn

There’s nothing fake about the rich-looking efects you can achieve with Best Look® Faux Finishes. Once you dabble with the sand, suede, or glaze techniques in one room – you might want to do them all. 8

D181 Sonoran Green

B143 Calitania Gold

B084 Flaming Embers



Get Inspired With Endless Color Possibilities


We all know that color can bring about a subtle mood change when you frst see it. After all, who can remain sad in a sunny yellow room or resist a moment of relaxation in a soothing lavender room? For every color in the rainbow, there is usually some association with familiar things that evoke certain feelings. Think of valentine pink, robin’s egg blue, or sunset gold – and then think about how each color makes you feel. As you select paint colors for each room, think of the things that capture the feeling you want to convey and use them as inspiration. The result will be colorful reminders that make your home feel as good as it looks.

Choose a Color

Choose a Finish

Trying to decide which color would work best in a room depends on several things. Is the room large or small? Light colors expand the space visually and dark colors shrink it. The paint color should complement (not match) the items in the room that won’t change – such as furniture, carpet, and drapes. Two-thirds of the color in the room should come from the walls and the rest should come as accent colors from furniture, carpet and accessories. Bring home paint swatches and view them in the light of the room. The swatch you see in the store may vary from what you see in the lighting of your home. View the swatch at diferent times of day to see how the color changes as the amount of light in the room changes.

The type of room you are painting and the way you use the room will determine the fnish you need.

Using More Than One Color If you like the idea of using two complementary colors, in most cases it is better to use the darker color on the bottom and lighter colors on top. The light color will open up the space visually and the dark color will have a grounding efect. However, if the ceilings are quite high and you want a cozy efect, paint the ceiling and the top portion of the wall a dark color and use the lighter color at the bottom. Keep in mind the feeling you want to achieve – open or cozy.


Flat: Because it absorbs light, a fat fnish makes minor wall imperfections less noticeable. It also gives a softer feel to the room. It’s not as washable as other fnishes, so it is better to use it in rooms that receive little wear and tear. Satin and Eggshell: These in-between fnishes are popular for walls because of the light sheen. They combine the desirable characteristics of soft, minimal shine with better cleaning ability. Semi-Gloss or Gloss: Both are quite shiny and refect a lot of light. They also hold up extremely well to cleaning. These fnishes are often used in kitchens (for washability) and on trim to make it stand out.

B131 Honey Nectar


Lively 11

Admit it! Paint is the least expensive way to give your home a very expensive new feel. With smart Color SolutionsŽ paint, you can experiment with stately colors without breaking the budget. That’s what we call a great paint value!


K251 Bluebird

DW31 Ultra White

F111 Apple Pie Filling

Extraordinary 12

D243 Teal Feathers

CT132 Flip-Flop



H203 Lucy

DW31 Ultra White


B14 Pumpkin Frost

How long is a lifetime in regard to paint? Quite simply, that is the amount of time you expect your exterior paint to look good on your home. Choose top-quality Best Look Exterior paint not only for its performance qualities but also for its lifetime warranty.


D124 Owl’s Eyes

K051 Brown Peak

G091 Chalk White



Beautiful Real wood should remain real beautiful. To keep it looking that way over the long term, trust your interior wood surfaces to Best Look速 Wood Stain. The oil based formula penetrates into the wood grain for a smooth, even color.


Stately 17

Magnificent There’s nothing more inviting than the warm, natural color of stained wood. To keep your exterior wood surfaces looking their best, use Best LookŽ exterior stain to maintain its beauty against the harsh elements of sun and weather.




Inspirations PA I N T I D E A B O O K

Colors shown are printed in ink and depict color as accurately as possible. See store to view actual paint swatches before making your final color selection. Do it BestÂŽ stores are committed to truthful and accurate advertising. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this advertisement, descriptive, typographic and photographic errors are subject to corrections and Do it Best stores shall have no liability of any kind for such errors.

2013 Paint Idea Book (RC) Š2013 Do it Best Corp.

Paint Idea Book 2013  

Paint Idea Book for 2013

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