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"Although it is true that only about 20 percent of American workers are in unions, that 20 percent sets the standards across the board in salaries, benefits and working conditions. If you are making a decent salary in a nonunion company, you owe that to the unions. One thing that corporations do not do is give out money out of the goodness of their hearts." --Molly Ivins-What’s Inside... Officer’s Corner page 2 Union Meeting Highlights page 3 Transit Safety & Security page 5 page 8 page 10 page 17 page 18 Ron Kochsiek Reirement page 20 Nicollet Holiday Photos page 21 St. Paul Retirement Club Holiday Party page 22, 23 Retirements and Anniversaries page 24 Obituaries page 27

The 1005 Line For The People Who Know Where They Are Going

January / February 2010

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LOCAL 1005 OFFICERS President/Business Agent

Michelle Sommers


Dorothy Maki Recording Secretary/Asst. Business Agent

Dan Abramowicz Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Tommy Bellfield

Union Office 312 Central Ave. Suite 438 Mpls. MN. 612-379-2914 email: website:


Education Committee Meeting11:00 am Feb. 16th, Mar 16th Executive Board & Union Meetings Feb. 23 - Mpls. Mar. 23 - St. Paul 10:00 AM / 7:00 PM

OFFICER’S CORNER Dan Abramowicz Recording Secretary/Asst. Business Agent

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Union Meeting Highlights November 2009 - in the St. Paul Labor Center. RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD A motion was m/s/c to permit Bobby Kasper to appear and speak to the membership. He conveyed his thanks for our support in his victory as president of the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation. The minutes of the Special Executive Board Meeting on November 23rd, today's Executive Board Meeting and the A.M. membership meetings were read and approved. ARBITRATION REQUESTS Dorothy Maki presented the request for arbitration of East Metro Operator. After an explanation in which grievant appeared, a secret ballot was cast. This case will not be going to arbitration. Michelle Sommers presented the request for arbitration of Nicollet Operator. After an explanation in which grievant appeared, a secret ballot was cast. This case will be going to arbitration. Dorothy Maki presented the request for arbitration of Nicollet Operator. After an explanation in which rrievant appeared, a secret ballot was cast. This case will be going to arbitration. Michelle Sommers presented the request for arbitration of the Union Office concerning Metro Transit's new Post-Employment Practices Policy. After an explanation a secret ballot was cast. This case will be going to arbitration. Michelle Sommers presented the request to continue to Letter of Agreement with Metro Transit regarding incremental sick leave payouts. This proposal was accepted by the membership. Michelle Sommers presented the request to change the wage progression for building maintenance mechanics (facilities maintenance technicians). This proposal was accepted by the membership. FINANCIAL SECRETARY - TREASURER'S REPORT The following names are members who passed away since last month's meeting: Kenneth Parent, #2578 - Retiree PRESIDENT'S REPORT AFSCME Council 5 has reneged on their agreement not to try to raid on our employees. Metro Transit is close to hiring a new Director of Transportation. They're down to three candidates with a final decision coming soon. The Contract Committee has completed their task and has compiled a package which will be exchanged with the company next month. Local 1005 and Metro Transit have met and conferred on a new cell phone policy for bus and rail operators. It is being grieved starting at Continued on Page 4

Education Committee Advisor Dorothy Maki Chair Melanie Benson South Liz Goldberg Vice Chair Heywood Office Ilona LaDouceur Rec. Secretary Nicollet Alec Johnson Ryan Timlin Twaya McIntosh Debbi Sievers Stephen Babcock Layout Overhaul Base Open Ruter Scott Lindquist East Metro Philip Jarosz Lisa Callahan Heywood Garage Open LRT Margo Trujillo 725 Bldg. Open Editorial Board Ken Dolney Mark Lawson Gary Bier

Page 4 Union Minutes Continued from page 3 3rd step. December 2009 First Transit mechanics have Minneapolis Labor voted for ATU representation at their Spring St. and Como Ave. Center. facilities. Contract negotiation READING OF MINUTES / meetings are being discussed. RECOMMENDATIONS OF Members are urged to look for the THE EXECUTIVE BOARD "union label" in their holiday ARBITRATION REQUESTS shopping this year by trying to Dan Abramowicz presented buy union made and/or American the request for arbitration of FTH made products. Operator. After an explanation in An effort is being made at the which grievant appeared, a secret Legislature to make spitting on an ballot was cast. This case will be operator a more serious crime. going to arbitration. Pedestrian accidents that have happened lately were discussed Michelle Sommers presented and members were urged to take the request to change to C.B.A. special care while driving this holwith Metro Transit to reflect the iday season. same as the "Best and Final Members were reminded about Offer" in 2008. After a brief submitting by-laws. explanation, a secret ballot was I.B.E.W. is sponsoring their cast. This case will be accepted holiday lights show in Phalen by the membership. Park. Door Prizes: JACKET Ron Tucker GOLF SHIRT Jerome Paul T-SHIRT Alec Johnson HAT Wendell Montgomery VICE-PRESIDENT'S REPORT The Hardship Fund will present three proposals at next month's meeting. NEW BUSINESS Dan Abramowicz read the contract proposals submitted by the membership for information only. The proposal package was accepted by the membership. A motion was m/s/c to recess at 10:10 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Daniel S Abramowicz Recording Secretary

Michelle Sommers presented the request to change the date of our monthly membership meetings from September 28th to September 21st due to the scheduling of the ATU International Convention and the Minnesota State AFL-CIO Convention, both being held on the week of Sep. 28. After a brief explanation, a standing vote was taken. This case will be accepted by the membership. Tommy Bellfield presented the proposed budget for 2010. After a brief explanation, a standing vote was taken. This case will be accepted by the membership. Communications were read. FINANCIAL SECRETARY TREASURER'S REPORT The following names are members who passed away since last month's meeting: John Truhler, #3102 - Retiree

Obligations . . .three new First Transit Mechanics took the obligation: Dave Walker, Sam Abernathy and Jim Rusnacko. PRESIDENT'S REPORT The company's new cell phone policy was implemented. A grievance was filed immediately with both sides agreeing to go right to 3rd step. Contract negotiation dates scheduled for January, 2010, have been canceled. They will start in February. A contract campaign committee will be formed soon. First Transit Mechanics have voted to be part of ATU 1005. ATU and management have met and will soon start negotiating their first contract. Members were encouraged to submit by-law proposals which are due into the office by Jan. 20, 2010. Members were also wished a pleasant holiday season and to be careful when driving. Door Prizes: JACKET Hall GOLF SHIRT T-SHIRT HAT

Cheryl KienetzRich Neseth Twaya McIntosh Joseph Mitchell

A motion was m/s/c to adjourn at 8:20 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Daniel S Abramowicz Recording Secretary

RLC Membership meeting minutes Continued on Page 10

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Transit Safety/Security Committee (TSSC) Disclaimer: Due to format changes, these columns are not exact replicas of TSSC minutes. The exact minutes are posted after each meeting at the operating garages. December 3, 2009 Members of the Committee Present: Darrell Hanson , Acting Committee Chair Danielle Julkowski, Management Advisor David Hanson, Management Advisor, Street Ops Stephen Leko, South Brenda Himrich, Safety Dorothy Maki, Union Christina House, LRT Melodie Zehn, Heywood Operator Eric Isakson, TCC Others in attendance: Michael LaVine, Police Michael McNamara, ATM LRT Debra Sisneros, Temp. Recording Secretary Don Wolf, Bus Maintenance Chuck Wurzinger, Maintenance CALL TO ORDER Darrell Hanson called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. in Chambers. REVIEW OF MINUTES November Minutes were approved. VISITORS

Don Wolf from Bus Maintenance. OTHER Danielle Julkowski will be taking over as Management Advisor. This is David Hanson's last meeting. POLICE REPORT Mike LaVine in attendance: County Attorney's office is currently reviewing the fatality incident at the 46th St. Paul Rail Station. Captain LaVine explained all fatalities are reviewed as procedure. If Criminal Charges are charged, it will become public once the investigation is complete. Covert alarms were discussed. Trying to reduce the number of unnecessary covert alarms. Operators are asked to fill out an incident report every time a covert alarm is made. Incident report will be reviewed to see if action was necessary. Mike LaVine stressed that Operators do not put personal bags in isle or on storage area on the wheel to prevent stolen items. Trespass list and picture list were discussed. It was determined that picture list distributed to garages be current with the trespass list which TCC has. TCC will work with Captain LaVine on creating a trespass list where there is more detailed information when necessary. TCC REPORT Eric Isakson in attendance: TCC New Pick will take place the first week of January. Will be posting position available to replace Becky.

Internal applications only. Northstar was discussed. TCC is able to monitor Northstar Stations using cameras and speakers to notify passengers Three Transit police will be monitoring the Northstar in the morning and at night. Mike LaVine mentioned tailgating issues taking place on the Northstar. SAFETY REPORT Brenda Himrich in attendance: Worked with Transit Supervisors on safety issues at the Cedar and Washington Bus stop. Bushes were blocking entrance onto the road. Within 2 days the City of Minneapolis trimmed the bushes and cleared out the area. The bus stop was taken away as it was not being used Ice Scrappers were discussed. Could be perceived as weapon. Suggested to remind drivers to only use for actual purpose. Operators believe that they will be unable to clear away the ice build up on stairs and will be unable to clear ice away to open windows/doors. Prototype mirror on busses as for demonstration only at this time. Committee went to garage area to observe and learn more about mirrors Marketing is in the process of creating new stickers asking riders to not distract drivers and to remind customers of proper passenger etiquette. Top 10 Claim Count YTD Heywood - 24 (Will add FTH Garage to this location as it is the same) Leamington Ramp - 11 MOA - 10

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Ruter / MJR

Scott Lindquist #6401 TV FUND If MJR drivers wish to continue with the satellite TV service, you will need to start to donate money towards it. In another month or two Harlan may have to pull the box out. If you wish to donate there is a can by the dispatch window as well as a box below the TV. Mention it to drivers who you see watching TV today. FLOWER FUND When a family member or close relative of a driver dies, flowers are sent from MJR Driver flower fund. This fund is kept up by donations- mostly from our potlucks. Drivers sometimes complain about the cost not realizing the good the money is doing. Next time there is a potluck dinner please participate and maybe even put in a donation if you don’t eat. RETIREMENTS James VanHofwegen (Van) #934 (hired in 1976) and Gary Dahlberg #500 (hired in 1974) are both retiring soon. Good luck to both of you. Look for their retirement notices. New Safety and Security Representative Dereje Tafesse #64154 has been elected MJR’s new Safety and Security Rep. If drivers have any concerns about the buses or other area of safety DJ would be happy to hear from you. Thanks to Pam Hamlow for her past 2 years of work. NEW MANAGER Doyne Parsons is now MJR’s new manager replacing recently retired manager Mark Johnson. Please welcome him.

South Garage - 8 Vehicle and Customer Bus Accidents per 100,000 miles by garage (September year to date) SYS - 4.02 (goal of 4) NIC - 5.02 (goal of 5) HEY - 4.05 (goal of 4) MJR - 3.04 (goal of 3) EM - 3.58 (goal of 3.5) SO - 3.90 (goal of 3.5) RISK David Larrabee not in attendance: No report available. LRT Mike McNamara in attendance: 46th St Station traffic lights were discussed. Lights were observed and checked. All in working order Light Rail is preparing for the American Boulevard platform. Trains are stopping for 15 seconds Operators are not opening doors until opening date, revenue operation. Split Platform safety concerns were discussed. Reminding riders to follow proper signage regarding safely crossing track area Wiper Blades on trains were discussed. Currently ice and snow is building up where wiper blades are unable to reach. This may be a concern for shorter operators. It was suggested to look at a different model of blade which will go up and down or have blades mounted from the top of the window, rather than in a round motion. It was also suggested to try RainX on windows which maintenance would provide and apply STREET OPERATIONS David Hanson in attendance: MARQ2 will open on December 12th.

MAINTENANCE REPORT Chuck Wurzinger in attendance: 40 foot busses will be added to the fleet in July, August, and September. It was explained that the PA system switch cannot be put on the microphone and must be kept on the floor. The voice annunciation would become overridden. Drivers will have to put their hand on the microphone to use the PA system, thus causing them to remove their hand from the steering wheel Stanchions were discussed. It was asked if these should be allowed for rider storage or should be kept clear. It was asked if their should be a design change to help accommodate riders and their items It was determined that a sticker be located on the wheel well storage area next to the Stanchion to explain to customer that neither Metro Transit or the Bus Operator is responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items placed in that area. Driver storage area discussed. Mike LaVine reminded everyone that operators should lock their jackets, lunch boxes, and other personal items away on the bus Chuck mentioned there is a locked cubby area behind the driver which can be locked and unlocked using the bathroom key OTHER Lights on new low floors stays on. This makes it hard for driver to see coming passengers due to the glare Chuck reminded everyone to write up their concerns so that they are handled properly and more efficiently Riders are complaining that

Page 7 there is no longer yellow stripping on the floor to help guide riders on scooters Three buses have had new January 7, 2010 Please help me welcome Danielle Julkowski as the new Management Advisor. She will assume her duties with January meeting. Welcome Sharon Peterson, the new TSSC rep for FTH Garage Election Day was 1/14/10 for MJR Garage. Let’s welcome Dereje Tafesse (DJ), #64154 as the new representative. Thanks to all for your guidance, insight & participation, it truly has been a growth experience for me. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. David A. Hanson Transit Supervisor #15 612-418-2062 Mon – Fri: 11:00am-7:00pm Members of the Committee Present: Stephen Leko, Acting Committee Chair Danielle Julkowski, Management Advisor, Street Ops Christina House, LRT Darrell Hanson, Nicollet Sharon Peterson, Heywood Operator Others in attendance: Visitors: Michael LaVine, Police Tony Elia & Lowanda Aaron, Customer Service Michael McNamara, LRT Chuck Wurzinger, Maintenance Brenda Himrich, Safety Dorothy Maki, Union Emily Anleu, Recording Secretary

CALL TO ORDER Stephen Leko called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. in Chambers.

East Metro

REVIEW OF MINUTES December minutes were approved. OTHER Tony Elia and Lowanda Aaron Customer Advocates in attendance: Customers with oozing sores was discussed. Operator should inform their manager or the coordinator and they can decide if it is a police issue or if a customer advocate needs to meet with the customer. Operators should call TCC for assistance and make them aware of the situation. Bus Operations management has talked about this topic. Danielle will research this topic and bring findings to the next meeting. Advocates can also meet with schools to talk with unruly kids. POLICE REPORT Mike LaVine in attendance: Department of Homeland security training for Bus Operators Train operators on what to look for and what to report during this time of heightened security. 13 of 16 assault cases solved at the years end. Trespass lists were discussed We have the most extensive list, because we trespass the most people. Dorothy would like a detailed list that includes the pictures and the specific details of the trespass. Garage managers get an updated trespass list and it is posted at the garage. Sharon will bring a copy of the

Philip Jarosz, Dr. #65015

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trespass list from FTH to next months meeting. TCC REPORT No TCC Report

Stephen Babcock Melanie Benson #854 Twaya McIntosh #9002 Debbi Sievers #64222 Alec Johnson #66034 Ryan Timlin #66279

SAFETY REPORT Brenda Himrich in attendance: Vehicle and Customer Bus Accidents per 100,000 miles by garage (November year to date) SYS - 3.93 (goal of 4) NIC - 4.93 (goal of 5) HEY - 3.88 (goal of 4) MJR - 3.04 (goal of 3) EM - 3.47 (goal of 3.5) SO - 3.82 (goal of 3.5) Top 10 Accident Locations, Brenda will bring 2009 year end report to the next meeting Signage on low-floor buses for the area above the wheel well. Brenda will check with Steve McLaird. Bus Maintenance wants to see the signage before it is installed Ramps on the low-floor buses are difficult to use when the curbs aren't clear of snow. The ramps are steep and there aren't any handles. Operators should: Make sure they are kneeling the bus as much as possible. Find a clear spot to load customers. The ramps meet ADA requirements. 7105 and 7140 have longer ramps that are being tested. They are expensive to retro fit, but the new buses will be ordered with longer ramps if the ADA requires. Future bus procurement contracts will specify this new ramp. Low-floor buses windshields fog and ice up. Maintenance sent a bus to be tested at the Thermo King facility in Bloomington, MN and they found some potential solutions. Several test buses at E. Metro are

using a "reheat" mode that keeps the air conditioning compressor on longer in order to reduce humidity. Gillig is continuing to work on a solution. Bus Maintenance installed dual windshield fans to assist with keeping front windows clear. There are electrical switches on the dash that control temp and air flow, but some operators are not using them because the switches rotate so easily. These switches actually help control the climate control system and operators should use them. There is a 10 minute delay before the Webasto heater turns on. Bus Maintenance might look at altering this feature, but air quality inside the garages could be compromised if this is changed. RISK No Report LRT Mike McNamara in attendance: Done with platform extensions. Now they are working on moving the lights to the end of the platforms. Still running two cars. They will use more cars in the Spring They are installing more bar signals Windshield wipers don't clean a small area, and that can not be changed. Operators would like the windows tinted in the operator room, but management has decide against it. They want people to be able to see in the room. STREET OPERATIONS Deb Downing in attendance: MARQ2 has been running for a month. Overall it is running smoothly.

Page 9 Dave Hanson issued Route Infos There are still motorists that are using the bus lanes. We are working with the police to address this situation. In March there will be more routes using MARQ2. MAINTENANCE REPORT Chuck Wurzinger in attendance: Area over the wheel well was discussed. OCTA is using that area to store safety items. There are buses out of MJR that are storing safety items in a black box in that area. Chuck will call OCTA to see if they have had any assaults with the items that are stored in that rea. Mirror location on the 2008 model-year 40' buses. We talked about moving them down. We have talked to the mirror manufacturer to fix the issues with these mirrors. i.e corroding, breaking mirror heads, etc. Curbside: Stainless steel tube arm with fixed mirror head. Mirror glass heated and remotely adjustable. . Street Side: Lower mount, heated glass, can be manually adjusted. Chuck will bring more information next meeting We will test lower mirrors with turn signals on 50 of our buses when parts become available. Curbside mirrors on the Coach buses. There are two sets of mirrors. The top mirror is your main mirror. Bottom mirror is to let you see closer things. OTHER There is an issue with operators pulling out without a working radio. Sharon pulled out and her radio quit working by the time she got to her terminal. She is concerned because operators aren't allowed to use cell phones. What should operators do?

She advised an operator if you get a bus with a radio that doesn't work you should call TCC before you leave the garage and tell them that you don't have a radio and that you need a bus change right away. At Nicollet there was an operator that realized that her MDT was dead. Dispatch was getting her another bus, but an assistant manager stepped in and told her just to take the bus. She refused and was sent home and the next day taken off her work. This is a discussion that needs to happen between Safety, Management, and Street Operations. These buses are going out at rush hour because there is a greater demand for buses and not that many buses available. Danielle will talk to the TCC about an issue that an operator had with a supervisor yelling at them and email the members the response. Respectfully submitted, Emily Anleu, Recording Secretary


Liz Goldberg #1630

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Union Minutes Continued from page 4


Gary Bier # Ilona La Douceur # In December of 1999 the Transit Information Center (TIC) installed a new computer system ATIS (Automated Travel Information System) since 2005. The center as logged over 1 million calls per year Since 2005. To put that in respective before 1999 the avg. calls was about 800 thousand per year I would like to take a minute to thank Ilona LaDouceur and Meredith Tvrdik for all their hard work who organizes a fund raiser to help a fellow union member. I also would like to thank all those who donated their time and prizes as well as all those who participated to make it a big success. The Transit Information Center. has awarded Ilona La Douceur the 2009 Reps Choice Quarterly Employee Award!! She is honored to recieve such an aware from her peers.

Rochester November 2009 Membership Meeting

Rochester December 2009 Membership Meeting Minutes

The Rochester membership meeting was held on Wednesday, November 25, 2009, at the Rochester Labor Temple. Dave Gosha called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

The Rochester membership meeting was held on Wednesday, December 23, 2009, at the Rochester Labor Temple. Dave Gosha called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

READING MINUTES A motion was m/s/c to dispense with the reading of last month's minutes.

READING MINUTES A motion was m/s/c to dispense with the reading of last month's minutes. The minutes from the Executive Board Meeting and the P.M. Membership Meeting were read. A motion was m/s/c to accept the minutes as read.

COMMUNICATIONS Communications were read for information only. FINANCIAL SECRETARY'S REPORT Copies of budget and financial statement were made available to members. REPORT OF THE LOCAL Two operators have been disciplined under RCL's new cell phone policy. The membership agreed to "pass the hat" for a fellow member who has been out of work and won't be back for quite a while. Health insurance premiums for employees in 2010 are rumored to increase by approximately $60,000. The company would like to open the contract to renegotiate. Bids for the new Rochester Public Works facility are due by Jan. 1st.

COMMUNICATIONS Communications were read for information only. MEMBERSHIP ACTION Dan Abramowicz presented the request to change the date of our monthly membership meetings from September 28th to September 21st due to the scheduling of the ATU International Convention and the Minnesota State AFL-CIO Convention, both being held on the week of Sep. 28. After a brief explanation, a standing vote was taken. Passed. Dan Abramowicz presented the proposed budget for 2010. After a brief explanation, a standing vote was taken. Passed.


FINANCIAL SECRETARY'S REPORT Copies of budget and financial statement were made available to members.

A motion was m/s/c to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Daniel S Abramowicz Recording Secretary

Report of the Local RCL's cell phone policy was discussed. Dept. of Transportation investigator was sent to RCL.

Page 11 Requests for proposal have been published for the new public works facility in Rochester. Starting in 2010, Rochester membership meetings will be held on the 2nd floor of the Labor Temple. Health insurance premiums for 2010 are increasing by approximately $60,000 for ALL employees at RCL and Richfield Bus Co. ATU members will still only be

required to pay contractual amounts. One member's father passed away.

Abramowicz - Recording Secretary

DOOR PRIZES JACKET Kanye En SHIRT (GOLF or T-SHIRT) Marielsa Wilson A motion was m/s/c to adjourn at 8:40 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Daniel S

Black History Celebration Friday, February 26th 11:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. Program starts at 11:45 a.m. Heywood Driver’s Room SPEAKER: JUDGE PAMELA ALEXANDER (Daughter of the Late Robert Bellesen Driver #2627) President, Council on Crime & Justice Pamela Alexander grew up in South Minneapolis and graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Law. She began her legal career as a criminal defense attorney with the Legal Rights Center and then moved to the Hennepin County Attorney's office as a prosecutor in the Criminal Division. From 1983-2008 she served as a Hennepin County District Court Judge where she presided over the Juvenile Division and served as Assistant Chief Judge for the Court as a whole. She sits on many community boards and committees including The Minneapolis Foundation Board of Trustees, the Children's Defense Fund, and the Juvenile Judges Leadership Council. She has been awarded numerous community service awards ranging from the University of St. Thomas School of Law Dean's Award for Outstanding Teaching to the NAACP Profiles in Courage Award. Judge Alexander, currently with the Council on Crime and Justice, is the Council's third President in its 50-year history. EMCEE: Jackie Williams Driver #66180 WELCOME ADDRESS: Brian Lamb ENTERTAINMENT: XXXX Band (I will get name soon) Come join us and enjoy the celebration! $6 minimum donation. If there are any questions please contact Tracey at ext. 7567

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The 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference Ryan Tinlin This last December in Copenhagen The 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (successor committee to the 1997 Kyoto Accord) also known as COP 15. This conference came at a time when more and more research is showing the sever danger from global warming! This last September the UN Environment Program released an update of it's climate change assessment. The assessment comes to a disturbing conclusion that the "pace and scale of Climate Change my now be outstripping even the most sobering predictions of the last report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC)" James Hanson at NASA's Goddard institute for Space Studies states "If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced from its current 385 ppm (parts per million) to at most 350 ppm". This is far below the IPCC's 2ยบC target of a maximum of 450 PPM. In a report that came out before Copenhagen by The Global Humanitarian Forum says that the climate crisis is already here! Around more then 90 per cent of the costs and 99 per cent of all deaths occurring in the socalled developing countries, despite the fact that only one per cent of the emissions up till now come from the 50 poorest countries. Out of the 300,000 annual deaths that are already caused by the crisis 9 out of 10 die indirectly from consequences, such as malnourishment, diarrhea and malaria, the rest directly due to weather Catastrophes. By 2050 the number of deaths is predicted to increast to at least half a million. For those who assume that Global Warming only means warming Temperatures they are wrong. Global Warming has an effect of unpredictability. For instance the flooding in Iowa last summer along with a Tornado that leveled the town of Aplington. Along with increasing damage from hurricanes in the coastal areas such as Katrina. And even more recently we will see some food prices increases because of the freezing temperatures that covered Florida recently that damaged crops in the region. What happened in the last days of the conference was a historic failure! There had been no agreement reached between the 193 countries there and what ended up being the agreement was a disgrace. It was a threepage accord which was the result of a back room negotiation between President Obama with the leaders of China, India, Brazil and South Africa, leaving a majority of the world out of the discussion. An then later gained approval for the EU so only 25 out of the 193 countries that had delegations where present. The accord fell far below the goals that the Conference had set! It didn't even meet the modest goals that the leaders set for the meeting, such as reaching a binding international treaty to seal the provisions of the accord. It was and agreement to an agreement that in a future date they would set goals what date who knows! The plan doesn't even firmly commit the industrialized nations or the developing nations to firm targets for midterm or long-term greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The accord allows the commitments of individual nations to act on their own to tackle global warming. We saw how that went when the banks had no regulations and regulated them selves. Again the Politicians have shown that we can not rely on them what needs to happen is a mass movement of organizations and labor to push forward on the environmental front! An as members of ATU we are on the front lines. Mass Transit has been underfunded for too long! An as Union members we need to fight with the community for a well funded Transit system. In this time of environmental and economic crisis we should be demanding for a green jobs program. An true nationalization of the automotive industry where to a green industry for mass transit and other green technology where the works and engineers democratically make decisions on what to make for the betterment of society and not for profit!

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CRAVEN FAMILY RAFFLE BENEFIT UPDATE Ilona LaDouceur Sometime in early November, Meredith Tvrdik (TIC) and myself (TIC) decided to put together a raffle benefit to raise money for union members and drivers Kelly (Heywood) and Mike (MJR) Craven. We found out that they were both ill (Kelly - ongoing vertigo and Mike - cancer). Because of these illnesses, financial hardship issues have followed. We didn't have much time as we wanted to start the raffle December 1st. We contacted some local businesses and coworkers for donation. In the short time we had, we were able to receive a good number prizes. The executive board members donated personally money to buy our "football weekend package"; ($50 Papa Johns, $25 MGM Liquor & $25 Cub Foods); Dunn Bros package, Victoria Secret package, Aveda products & message; homemade afghans, homemade pies and homemade wine just to name a few. In all we raffled more than 30 prizes.

Meredith Tvrdik and Ilona LaDouceur presenting benefit money to Kelly

I am happy to report that we raised a total of $1,083 to give to the Cravens'. We presented the cash to her on December 18th; the day of the drawing. When Kelly opened the card with the money she was overwhelmed. She was ever so grateful. The $1,083 was a blessing but it was the knowledge that their coworkers from all the garages showed their well wishes and hope for them. It was a moment I will always cherish. Thank you again to ALL those who sold tickets from the all the garages. Thank you to those who donated prizes, who bought tickets or gave money to this benefit. Without you, this would not have been the success it was‌.and it TRULY was. A special shout out to Phil Jarocz who on his days off went to several different garages and sold tickets for us.

CRYPTO Each letter stands for another. If you think X=O, for example, it would equal O throughout the puzzle. Clue: K=O (Answer on page 26 ) Submitted by Pat Kelehan, Facilities Tech. #5470 X




O K Z K.












W K Z K.

G X Z X, H J B

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EM Operators Ron Kochsiek #2738 Retirement

Surrounded by family make a great picture. Does Ron look happy? You bet!

Friends and privious retiree congatulate Ron. Steve Jaeger, XXXXXX congratulates Ron

Dorothy Maki, Vice-President presents Ron with his complimentary union jacket.

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First Shift Nicollet’s Holiday Party The festive dinner took place on Wednesday, December 16. It is the major cookout for first shift. People do not transfere out when this dinner is coming up.

Think the pie was big enough? I heard it was his second piece.

This dinner is so good that people are known to come in for it - even if they have the day off. The leftovers are known to have lasted a day or two for additional dinners.

Of course the obligatory speech of thanks to the troops was presented by Rob Milleson, Asst. Director of Bus Maintenance.

Of course outside vendors who are in the know about the festive dinner happen to show up. (and they are also welcomed.) It is a GOOD time! Maybe we will see you there next year.

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The Cake Says It All The Annual Retiree’s Christmas party was finally held on Wedensday, December 16th, after a one week delay due to snow. The Holiday cheer was evident among the crowd. The food was supurb with a salad, potatoes and gravey, roast beef, stuffed chicken, roll, mixed vegetables, and a strawberry filled cake that was great!

The oldest retiree was thought to be Merle Seils and his wife Romona (sitting). He has been married for sixty-three years and when I asked him how he did it, he said “Her warranty hasn’t run-out, she is still good to go.” Merle was hired as a Streecar driver in 1947 and then switched to buses for a total of 41 years with Metro Transit. He is 87 now. Next to them standing is Donald and Beverly Oshman a former 30 year 11 month retiree. He retired in January 1st, 1993. Also in the group was Larry Beyer with his wife Lucille. Larry drove, first streetcar, then bus from 1952 till 1985. They are the proud parents of Ed Beyer, manager of payroll and inlaws to Judy Beyer of accounts receivable.

Michelle Sommers and Dan Abromowizc greet former union president Arnie Ensle and exchange holiday wishes. XXXXXX among the crowd

The line was long but went by quickly with a lot of food for everyone.

Page 23 The soothing holiday music was provided by Eric & Thomas Duo. The reason that the club is so sucessful is because of it’s president, Terry Kelly, Vice President, Val Brantner, Treasurer/secretary:Paul And Mary Hubert, Tommy Bellfield and XXX exchange season greetings The “Big Four” union officers, Michelle, Dan, Tommy, and Dorothy sit down and share a meal with retirees. The retirees mention graditude to the union for their benifits that they are enjoying in retirement. XXXX ? need something. Is he the oldest member?

Manny prizes were annouced by Terry Kelly, President and handed out by Val Brantner, Vice President.

Mary Hubert and Donald Goetzs [2964] at the table, checking in the guests.

Two of the prize winners: Paul and Mary Hubert.

For retirement Club contact information please see box on page 25

Page 24

Retirements Congratulations to November Retirees 11/7/2009, Ralph Lewis, South Op. 67315 11/12/2009, Leo Schwintek, EM Op. 751 Congratulations to December Retirees

There were not any retirees this month Last issue had wrong titles corresponding to the employee dates, here is a correction of those titles with the dates. Congratulations to Employees Celebrating Anniversaries

October 2009 Five years 07/12/04 Nha Vang Khang, 2415 Twenty-five years 10/22/84 Mary McEnaney, 1684 10/22/84 Charles Borden, 1685 10/22/84 Richard Wegner, 1693 10/22/84 Thomas Egan, 1688 10/08/84 Karin Warren, 3310 10/29/84 Peter Moore, 1700 10/29/84 Wayne Eastman, 1766 10/31/84 Patrick Leach, 3311 Thirty-five years 10/07/74 James Hannon, 2721 10/03/74 Donald Schmidt, 5162 10/21/74 Gary Dahlberg, 500 10/21/74 David Lunderborg, 507 10/03/74 Don Schmidt, 5162

December 2009 Fifteen years 12/10/94 Reaneah Miller, 7408 12/10/94 Don Madison, 7410 Twenty-five years 12/10/84 Thomas Durand, 2614 12/03/84 Greg McLaren, 5269 12/17/84 Jerome Mirelez, 2644 12/03/84 Gary Coleman, 5311 12/26/84 Thomas John Loughran, 5327 12/10/84 John Marroquin, 2612 Thirty years 12/26/79 Gordon Courneya, 5452 12/03/79 Larry Brady, 1263 12/11/79 Frederick Snelson, 5449

12/07/79 12/03/79 12/10/79 12/24/79

Robert Bierwerth, 5447 Ronald Fontaine, 1268 Ann Marie Deneen, 1274 Ramona Shafer, 3193

Thiry-five years 12/11/74 Robert Graham, 5253 *****************************************

January 2010 Five years 01/03/05, Patricia Williams, 65004 01/03/05, Chue Xiong, 65006 01/03/05, James Carlson, 65009 01/08/05, Philip Jarosz, 65015 01/03/05, Justin Moonen, 65001 01/03/05, Mary Clark, 65003 01/08/05, Al, Sesler 65025 01/03/05, Xaviser Bradley, 65005 01/08/05, Gordon Barsaloux, 65020 01/24/05, Kari Sachs, 65029 01/03/05, Brian Willenbring, 65008 Ten years 01/22/00, William McCoy, 2016 01/31/00, Ramona Foster, 2017 01/03/00, James Pastuszak, 2001 01/03/00, Kelly Craven, 2005 01/18/00, Henry Amos, 2011 01/22/00, Henry Pulliam, 2013 01/22/00, James Babcock, 2014 01/31/00, Lori Goldman, 2018 01/31/00, Leon Montoya, 5585 01/22/00, Mark Aszmann, 5584 01/03/00, Roy Tardiff, 2000 Fifteen years 01/09/95, David Olson, 9503 Twenty years 01/02/90, Richard Stocke, 9001 01/02/90, Melvin Johnson, 9000 01/02/90, Kenneth Grubba, 9007 01/02/90, Twaya McIntosh, 9002 Twenty-five years 01/21/85, Jeffrey Goodwin, 180 01/09/85, David Richards, 5399 Thirty years 01/14/80, Mike Schwintek, 82 01/14/80, Daniel Lavalle, 89 01/28/80, Thomas Yost, 364 01/14/80, Vincent Miller, 5462

Page 25 01/21/80, Charles, Pierce, 167 01/28/80, Gregory Gaustad, 455 01/28/80, Robert Buck, 3000, 30 01/08/80, Jeffrey Hawkinson, 5459 01/11/80, Michael Fadden, 5460 01/14/80, Kim Wassing, 136 Thirty-five years 01/22/75, Jeffrey Kimpton, 5278 01/06/75, Clifton Hammock, 17 01/27/75, Timothy Coglianese, 119

February 2010 Five years 02/07/05, Dennis Johns, 65032 02/17/04, Gary Miller, 64071 Ten years 02/14/00, James Minelli, 2027 02/26/00, Harold Wright, 2028 02/26/00, Douglas Herrala, 2030 02/14/00, William Andre, 3656 02/14/00, Judy Koch, 3658 02/12/00, Theodore Bellfield, 2019 02/26/00, Hugo Fuentes, 2031 Twenty years 02/05/90, Bruce Hintz, 9011 02/10/90, Timothy Bowman, 9025 02/19/90, Tyler Stoutenburg, 9049 02/05/90, Terry Johnson, 9010 02/19/90, Robert Birmingham, 9034

02/19/90, Robert Patkoff, 9038 02/19/90, Duane Moore, 9045 02/19/90, Mark Coon, 9036 02/05/90, Gloria Hunt, 9015 02/17/90, Lawrence Witz, 9028 02/19/90, Thomas Myers, 9039 02/19/90, Bertha Green, 9044 02/05/90, Roy Ellsworth, 9012 02/17/90, Gary Cassida, 9033 02/19/90, Daniel Thompson, 9047 Twenty-five years 02/11/85, Phyllis Wade Myers, 273 02/18/85, Duane Lundgren, 289 02/18/85, Terry Whitson, 304 02/11/85, William Graham, 247 02/18/85, Mark Sutherland, 302 02/11/85, Terry Olson, 253 Thirty years 02/04/80, James Leas, 479 02/18/80, Beth Fischer, 705 02/25/80, Terence Doherty, 760 02/11/80, Robin Betland, 5509 02/20/80, Jeannene Forshee, 727 02/19/80, Cornelis Braam, 5471 02/04/80, William Wormwood, 561 Thirty-five years 02/10/75, Mark Leier, 2745 02/22/75, Roger Haas, 5312

Retired Members Clubs Northside Breakfast Club Meets 8:30 AM the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Barnacle Bills, Shingle Creek Parkway and Freeway Blvd Brooklyn Center. Southside Breakfast Club Meets 8:00 AM the 1st Wednesday. And the 4th Thursday of each month at the VFW Post 67th Street & Lyndale Ave in Richfield. St. Paul Retiree Lunch Club Meets 12:00 PM the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Matties ( Formerly Wells Lanes ) So. Concord St., South St. Paul 55075 Metro Transit Mechanic Teammate Meets at 12:00 PM the 3rd Tuesday of the month - Old County Buffet (by Petco) 2000 South Robert St. West St. Paul

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Letters To The Editor No letters were sbmitted

Submissions for Letters to the Editor are subject to approval of the Editorial Board and space considerations. Letters to the Editor are solely the opinion of the author and do not represent endorsement by ATU Local 1005 or the Education Committee. If you have an editorial to submit, please contact a committee member or our advisor Dorothy Maki at: Ralph Kramden

Played by Jackie Gleason; a bus driver for the fictional Gotham Bus Company. He is never seen driving a bus (except in publicity photos), but is shown multiple times at the bus depot. Ralph is frustrated by his lack of success, and often develops get-rich-quick schemes. Ralph is very short tempered, frequently resorting to insults and hollow threats. Well hidden beneath the many layers of bluster however, is a soft-hearted man who loves his wife and is devoted to his best pal. Ralph Kramden was the inspiration for the animated character Fred Flintstone. Ralph was an avid bowler.

Do you know what/who this is a picture of? An 8 ft tall bronze statue of Ralph Kramden in front of Manhattan's midtown Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York.


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In Memoriam James W. Leyde Age 91 on Nov. 29, 2009 WWII Navy Veteran Preceded in death by wife, Bernice; son, Theodore; great-grand-son, Taylor; parents, Edward & Mary Leyde; and sisters, Marie Schadegg, Fran Peterson & Dorothy Meyers. Survived by daughters, Gloria Kulenkamp & Lynette (Steve) Johannsen; sons, Kenneth (Cassie), Gerald (Debbie), James R. (Karen) & Thomas (Michelle) Leyde; 11 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren; and brothers, Richard (Donna) & Ronald (Sandy) Leyde.

Mel passed away peacefully on Dec. 20, 2009. He is preceded in death by his parents, Frances & Neil Burton and brother, Idan. He is survived by wife, Sharon; son, Allen; stepchildren, Cam Abel and David Peterson; grandchildren, Alayna, Abby, Maddy, Jessica and Cody; brother, Leonard; sisters, Sandi Doyle and Priscilla Deveau; companion and loving dog, Gizmo and numerous other relatives. Mel graduated from Central High School and went on to work for the State Corrections department later on retiring from the Minnesota Transit Commission. He and his wife enjoyed dancing, traveling and recently kayaking. Burial at CHESED SHEL EMES CEMETERY, Christie Place at Hazelwood, St. Paul. In lieu of flowers memorials are preferred to the Humane Society. Hodroff-Epstein 651-698-8311

John Truhler 34 Year Member, John was hired Dec 1969 and retired Feb 2003; his last work assignment was the 701 Bldg. No further information was available

Bigger and Better! ATU 1005 PICNIC Sunday, August 15 11 am - 3 pm BATTLE CREEK PARK 2300 Upper Afton Road Maplewood Activities will be announced in future 1005 issues Water Park Next Door! (Added cost) Please bring a salad or dessert to share. Food will be--hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, baked beans, chips & water. Bring your own refreshments or other items for the grill. We have wonderful door prizes---Just ask the winners of last years picnic!!

AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY ‌ Where else will you have the chance to dunk Michelle in the tank?! Volunteers for 1 hour increments WELCOME! Email or Call Dorothy Maki 612-379-2914

DRUG TESTING RIGHTS If you do not use the specific wording when you request results from a positive drug test, the agency has no obligation to comply. All they are required to do is give you a paper stating the results are positive. Every employee has the legal right to request, in writing to the Medical Review Officiers (MRO), copies of: the Litigation Package* of the initial test. (this will tell you how your test turned up positive); the Confirmation (breaks results down into specific levels); the Threshold levels (baseline of all tests) The Litigation Package can be nearly 100 pages of technical data, which cannot be analzed or understood by a layperson, including union officers. Professional interpetation is available at member’s expense, starting at about $50 minimum.

WEINGARTEN RIGHTS STATEMENT If disciplinary action is suspected, read this statement to your foreman: I request to have a union representative present on my behalf during this meeting because I believe it may lead to disciplinary action taken against me. If I am denied my right to have a union representative present, I will refuse to answer accusational questions and any I believe may lead to discipline.


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